Exfoliate for Facebook: Tool for pruning old Facebook posts on Android

by: Paul NuñalMarch 21, 2012

Facebook has become the social networking hub of many users these days and since its mainstream launch way back in 2006–2007, many users have already considered it a place to call online home. Today, Facebook hosts about 600 million active accounts ranging from mid-teen users to adults.

Throughout Facebook’s lifespan, the social networking site has made numerous changes and upgrades, the most notable of which is the Timeline feature.  Facebook has already captured the hearts of many of its users with its most memorable updates and photos. And, with the Timeline feature being implemented, many users have found themselves in awkward situations, as some of their past, embarrassing status updates have been dug up and are neatly displayed in an orderly fashion on the Timeline. What turns out to be a safe haven to express your thoughts and share updates of your life may turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Luckily, there is now a way to delete those embarrassing status updates of yore with a simple application known as Exfoliate for Facebook.  The application works like a charm in wiping out all traces of past status updates, not just on your own page but also on your friends’ profiles.

Setting the application is easy. All you need is to log-in to your Facebook account and give Exfoliate permission to access your Facebook data so it can start with the cleaning process.

The application lets you choose what data to delete and the type of posts you want to get rid of.  Posts may range from comments, likes, photos, and status updates. All you need to do is set the preferences and indicate the age of the items that you wish to be removed.

Exfoliate acts like a web transaction that accesses your Facebook profile and purges unwanted content. To do this, the app needs you to login with your Facebook credentials. The login is not accessible to any other application, as it is solely used to delete content that matches your chosen preferences. Exfoliate works by communicating with your Facebook account and deleting the unwanted content that you have specified.

Exfoliate can eradicate almost all items that match your preferences, saving you time from manually deleting them one post at a time.

Also, if you’re running the Exfoliate application on a Wi-Fi or home network, then you’re in luck as the application performs well in those environments. For users on the go, Exfoliate runs when background data is enabled, so it is highly advisable that you set your Android device for a much smoother process.

Don’t expect Exfoliate to delete posts in an instant.  It may take time to clean unwanted data. Cleaning entire posts that you’ve accumulated throughout the years can be a tedious process and Exfoliate runs one clean sweep of the area you have selected. So, as more content is added by the minute, you may want to run Exfoliate another time to clean up the latest posts. Also, the new added Timeline feature may take some time as the app still needs to adapt to the new Timeline feature.

Thinking it’s time to prune your old Facebook posts?  Try this app.  Get Exfoliate for Facebook free from the Google Play Store.

  • Bob Tests

    This is a great app that I’ve used, but it seems to have vanished! I still have it on my android devices, but I’m getting errors trying to use. I cannot find it for new download anywhere! Do you know what happened to it? Has it been killed?

    • Fred Confused

      I’ve also been trying to figure this out. It seems Facebook has blocked their “app” in FB as previously it authorized as an app. No idea how to fix it, and there seems to be no way to contact the software devs. Bummer :(

    • Cap’n Crunk

      I still have it installed but it just sits and spins with no results. seems it was pulled from the app list on the facebook end so it cannot authorize to access your data to delete it. I can’t understand why FB is so aggressively against us deleting our own content. even if i pull it off my wall, they never really delete it so why do they care so much?

  • Anybody know how I can get the exfoliate app? Where did it go?

  • OmegaSin

    The search bar on the Play Store does not return the app. You need a direct link. I don’t know why. Maybe Facebook asked Google to bury it, seeing as it’s not working anymore.


  • Kyle

    Facebook must have bought it someone needs to make a new one please!!!