Tired of the same news stories in Google Now? You can now turn off updates from specific websites

by: Edgar CervantesMarch 19, 2016

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Sometimes I wonder where the heck the Search Giant grabs its Google Now news stories from. For how much the company knows us, it seems they are doing a lackluster job in this particular department.

The issue is not being fixed quite yet, but at least you can make that stream of random news a bit better with time and a bit of effort. As Redditor user Knight-Adventurer noticed, Google Now is now allowing you to further customize your news feed.

It’s more of a manual approach, as opposed to today’s usual (and also basic) way of telling Google what you are interested in. Now you can tell Google what you are not interested in.

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Whenever you see something you don’t like in your Google Now news feed, simply tap on the 3-dot menu button and select “Not interested in stories from ____”. After that, you shouldn’t be bothered by posts from that particular publication anymore.

To be clear, the new feature here is the ability to stop seeing posts from specific publications. Google has long allowed you to turn off updates based on your interests, but now it takes things further with per-outlet filters. The reasons we’re excited is that Google Now tended to surface posts from spammy, third-rate websites that were somehow able to game the algorithm to show up in users’ feeds. Now you can shut those off.

This is definitely not the best solution we could envision, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe Google will continue working on improving this in the future. But tell us, guys – how many of you are annoyed by the news you get on Google Now?

  • WestFiasco

    I had no idea that this feature wasn’t available to everyone, I’ve used it before. Though I don’t remember how long ago.

    • It was always there for me …

    • benoita74

      Pretty sure I’ve had that for months too :-)

    • monsterdonutkid

      Exactly. My first thought was, hasn’t this been around for months now?

    • Dono

      Me too.

  • East Honco

    I hope Google Now will have a blacklist news/keywords because I keep getting news that irrelevant from the news I like (wrong profile?).

  • jimmyniceguy

    I would like to block the news SOURCE – so I can block all Christianity Today or International Business Times…

    • Meri

      THIS, so much.

    • Aaron

      And Salon. That garbage gets old fast.

    • Spencer Rhodes

      You can, now. That’s what the story is getting at. That’s what is new.

  • Louis D.

    “Note interested in stories from…”, umm that isn’t one of the choices, maybe fix your story? And, way to break need about something that’s been around for at least months.

    • top_swatta

      Basic tenet of Internet commenting – if you’re going to call out someone else on a typo, make sure you don’t have any typos in your own comment.

      • Louis D.

        Except that I’m just commenting, not writing a story, pretending to be a journalist, and getting the PRIMARY item I’m writing about wrong.

    • Louis D.

      Well, thanks for updating the story to reflect something that’s actually new… Still not available on my phone. Is there a Google App update?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This feature has been there for a long time. Though Google does a great job of getting the consistent stories I’d want to read.

  • I’m hoping they allow us to block entire sources, or come up with a list of sources we can choose to get news from.

  • Ed Lessard

    How about a way to stop news stories altogether… EDIT: that’s one of the options. Gone!

  • Lucky Armpit

    I would like specific blocking. For example I enjoy the NFL but don’t really care about any other sport. When I said to not show me anything like this anymore to a college basketball story, I stopped receiving ALL sports related news stories. So I had to turn it all back on again.

  • Fiorta

    Been able to do this for a very long time… I guess this is why I don’t frequent this website. Time to tell Google to block it…

  • Patrick

    It’s been there for at least the better part of a year

  • K_i_l_g_o_r_e_T_r_o_u_t

    This feature was present about a year ago, but didn’t work properly… I reported an issue with it about 30 times trying to get brietbart to stop showing up (probably related to the area I live in). I was happy to see it return about a month ago.

  • I noticed that if you went to the Google News and Weather page, not the app, there were a lot of settings that you could fiddle with to control what news you received in the the Google News & Weather app. However the plus side is that it also seems to have some effect on what you receive via Google Now – which stands to reason!

    • Sean Brown

      I didn’t know that! I’ll have to try that out and see how it works.

      • Did you give it a go? Did it make a difference, or is it all in my mind?

  • Erik Pendleton

    I hate that many of the stories are links to subscriptions only.. Need a way to block sources.

  • Unboludomas

    it’s funny because I came to this story by Google now :p

  • Lofi

    If you want to control your newsfeed go to Google news and weather app and you can edit your newsfeed through there and that’s pretty much what comes through the Google Now feed.

  • Steve Louzon

    This is good news, been wanting to get rid of all these Trump stories!

    • jaxim

      And for others they don’t have to read the Sanders/liberal stories.

  • Goblin Shark

    I used this a few months ago when Google started thinking I wanted to read all kinds of crazy right wing blogger garbage. It’s worth the effort you have to put into it, trust me.

  • LynX

    Finally I can now block all the stories about Drumpf …!!!

    • John Doe

      Would like to block him entirely!! lol

    • jaxim

      Or socialist Sanders!

  • KS

    What I really want to see is the news feed with stories from the correct location. I am in Canada so my keyboard is/was set to “English(uk)” as our our spelling is the same as theirs. But by doing that, my news articles come from the UK. So I have had to change it to the US English to avoid that.

    • AllanJC

      Why not just settle for the best spelling?

      • KS

        You’re missing the point, if I do that, I get feeds from the UK…

        • AllanJC

          So, be happy with US spellings.

          • KS

            I tolerate it now, but that isn’t the point. There shouldn’t be a need to do that. Using the keyboard to determine what sites are used for news feeds is simply stupid.

          • AllanJC

            Tolerate? I’m not American, but i enjoy reading their spellings. A great if minor improvement, to be enjoyed and thankful for.

          • KS

            Yes, tolerate. Why would it be anything else? Why would I want to use spelling from a different country than my own? Granted, aside from removing the occasional “u” from some words, there is virtually no difference, but that isn’t the point

            Who the hell “enjoys” the spelling of another country…

          • AllanJC

            I do. As English is now a world language, indeed THE world language, why should we continue to be restricted to countrys spelling?

          • KS

            I think we have very different ideas about what it must mean to enjoy something.

            That being said who ever said anything about restricting anybody about anything?!?! Pick whatever country, language or spelling option you want.

            I think you are missing the point of my original message entirely… All I was suggesting, which frankly should be a no-brainer, and in fact goes hand in hand with you actually wanting to use spelling from a country other than your own, is that the country’s origins for news feed stories shouldn’t be shown based on what keyboard you use.

          • AllanJC


  • Hassam Tahir

    Not only has this been this feature there since ages..but I have always found news on Google now to be relevant at least 80% of the time. PS I reached here from Google now..

  • Curtis Bond

    Yeah, this has been a round for a while.

  • jaxim

    This is great! I’ve been asking for this feature for quite some time. There have been news from sites that I don’t share the same political ideology leanings. I’ve been wanting to stop seeing articles from those sites.

  • Leslie Page

    Goodbyyyyye ibtimes.

  • jaxim

    I still cannot see this feature. I guess they are slowly rolling out this feature our something.

  • JeffD

    Google Now can’t be all that bad. That’s how I got here.

  • TBwonder

    I do hate that while it is great that it knows I am interested in politics, it thinks that telling me what Fox News and Brietbart think is acceptable.
    On my way to block those publications right this second…

  • Natalya Drake

    I think I’ve had this for a long time now too. But I’ve never really had issues with my news. I like it.

  • TheJeebus

    I’m not sure this story is quite accurate. The screenshots show a feature we’ve had for a while, which is content based blacklisting. What’s described here sounds like specific site blacklisting, which I’ve been begging for, for a long time, but there’s no evidence of arriving anytime soon.

  • My Galaxy Prime

    Great! No more suggestions from BGR.

  • Bruce Wayne

    Yes! At long last. Finally, I can block all these annoying posts from Android Authority. ;)

  • Bruce Wayne

    Also, I’ve had this feature for a long time.

  • ichuck7

    I’m wondering how I get the stories to come back. I enjoyed the random stories that would pop up; however, I haven’t had any stories for a couple of months.


      Same here

  • gladia

    Huh? We all know that already for months now.

  • Like a lot of you I’ve had this feature for months and it doesn’t always work. If I could opt in the main news sources myself or have it share rss data from Newsstand then I’d be happier.

    • Actually, even Newsstand needs work. A lot of the sources for sport and current affairs come from junk sites like The Mail with no way of stopping it.

  • Ben Larsen

    I’ve seen this feature for months, but I would say it’s extremely limited – I rarely see this option and very frequently want to use it…

  • Manhattan123

    See ya International Business Times. Not sure what this was but it somehow always showed up in my Google Now feed. Clicked on it once and it turned out to be some bizarre right-wing site. Gamed the algorithm indeed.

  • Travis Halfman

    Oops, I clicked “Never show stories to read” and now my Google Now is mostly blank (save for weather, stocks and primary news). How do I get random stories to come back?

  • Gp

    For Some reason I have not had Google Now News cards in months. I wish they would but this in Google News. Super spammy tech news all the time in there

  • Saint

    This has been around for quite some time, sadly it doesn’t work. The same sites & stories still pop up.

  • netguru2000

    I may be curious about politics during an election but I don’t want every bloody detail showing up in Now. I want to tailor it for a PLEASANT experience. Sometimes my curiosities aren’t pleasant, don’t make me regret them! Subjects on cards could be more thorough, I need something more defined then “Not interested in stories from NY Times” when I’m really trying to scrub Trump from my feed.

  • Aidan

    It was great when I lived in my home country, but now I’m in Malaysia and I’m getting local news stories and loads of spam about K-POP and soccer, neither of which do I have the slightest interest. There should be a feature allowing you to choose the news sources that show up in your feed. The ‘not interested in stories from…’ doesn’t work well either. I’m still getting stories from sources I’ve vetoed time and time again. Using a three month old Nexus 6P as well, so I’m not too impressed.

    • KIMI

      Seems that I’m not alone, before reading your post I’ve always had an assumption that someone somewhere is using my account to browse kpop content. Worried? Very much, the news just keep on pumping even after mashing the not interested option.

  • Michael N

    How hard is it to have a filter: never show articles with _____ in the title. I love Google stories, but it’s only 25%ish effective at finding me articles I like. It just means a lot of swiping. You’d think they could learn from articles I click into vs. quickly swipe away, but seem not to. I constantly get articles about people killed or crimes in my city. I don’t ever want to see that, but I can’t just tell it to ignore the origin site because other really good things come from there. Come on Google…. You can make this what it should be! I just don’t get why they must allocate so few resources to feature development that so many people would love to have and use. They seem to release basic versions of many many apps, and it takes forever to get some decent feature sets. I always feel like they have Apple write their stuff (little to no customization) and then months after release come back and spend just a little time on a little upgrade. I’m an Android guy because they let me customize so much. Maybe I’m just spoiled because of that?

    I read through a full set of “more stories” every day. I give Google everything they want to know about me. I just wish it knew me better. Till then, I’ll keep swiping.

  • Brian M. Ross

    This method is still pretty infuriating. When I see a subject I don’t want to see by a news source I like, there is no option to ignore the subject (like freaking Pokemon).

    Additionally, I don’t want to see 30 new news sources per day. I read a variety of news sources so I can get as unbiased news as possible… But most of my time is spent dismissing the sources and/or the subjects (when the subjects are available to be dismissed).

  • Jezwinni

    If I have dismissed a story then I don’t to see it appear again within minutes.

    OK I can see if the same story has been covered by a different site then that may appear but the exact same article appears?