Drag and drop text between apps in multi-window mode [Diving into Android N]

by: Jimmy WestenbergMarch 10, 2016
Multi-window mode Android N

So we all know by now that one of the headlining features in the first Android N developer preview is multi-window support. It’s not perfect in its current form (this is a developer preview, after all), but it is a very promising start. For those unaware, multi-window mode allows for a more fluent multitasking experience throughout the entire operating system by making it possible to run two apps side-by-side at the same time. It’s easy to activate, and so far, it hasn’t been extremely buggy. There is one major feature that’s been overlooked so far — one that will bring the already solid multitasking experience to the next level.

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If you happen to have two different applications open at the same time, say Google Keep and Google Messenger, Android N will allow you to drag and drop text between the two applications. Once you type something out in one app, just select the text that you’d like to move, and drag it over to the other app. It’s really that easy. There’s no need to press the copy button (although you can copy/paste between apps) or anything of the sort. Just drag and drop. Below you’ll find a short video showing off this feature in action.

While multi-window in and of itself isn’t too buggy at the moment, this drag and drop feature is. I’ve only gotten it to work with smaller pieces of text that are 1-4 words long, and not all apps play nice with it as of yet.

Looking past the bugs though, this is one killer feature that I’m really happy Google is focusing on bringing to Android. It’ll make multitasking on mobile even easier, especially on Android tablets like the Pixel C or Nexus 9.

How have you been liking the Android N preview? More specifically, is multi-window mode working out for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • saksham

    ive been using this feature since 2013

    • God dammit, I’m tired of seeing these posts. Can’t you just be happy stock is getting these features? Not everyone buys a phone just to root and install some buggy custom ROM on it.

      • saksham

        never rooted a phone samsung ftw

        • I enjoy this feature on my LG and I’m not rooted either. But it’s great Google is finally being it to stock, and more importantly. All apps and not just Samsungs (And LG’s) select fewapps.

      • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

        You don’t need buggy Rom to have these features. Just use Xposed with Your stabil Rom. That’s the beauty of Android. You don’t need to wait until Google adds that feature to Android.

      • Jesus

        He means the Galaxy S3, chill…

    • Josh

      on your pc?

  • doloresanto

    … And that ugly ad at the bottom that covers the story.

  • Ainārs Lejietis

    Finally. At last. Nice to see this feature coming to stock / possibly every Android smartphone that will run the newest N software.
    Currently there has been options, that require rooting like Xposed, but rooting voids guarantee.
    Other than that Samsung and running second besides LG also have been offering these features to flagship and mid tier offerings. But other smartphones, especially those with big screens and fast processors, who could take advantage of multiwindow feature, like the Nexus 6, Nexus P6, Huawei Mate series, One Plus series and many others have been limited to live without such possibilities.
    Well now they will can, especially Nexuses, soon enough, when N will come, Nexus P6 will become a little bit more perfect.