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Google is good at a lot of things – including making beautiful wallpapers. Nexus wallpapers are known for their minimalist beauty, and judging by some of the leaked Nexus 2016 wallpapers, this year will be no exception.

We don’t know a whole lot about the upcoming Nexus phones: codenamed “Sailfish,” the alleged 5 inch FHD smartphone will be made by HTC, sporting a quad-core chipset and a 12-megapixel rear camera. Rumor has it Google will also unveil a bigger Nexus phone – just like last year – codenamed “Marlin” with the same chipset and camera but a bigger 3,450mAh battery.

Although Google’s upcoming Nexus phones have been very camera-shy, what seems like the wallpapers from Google’s upcoming devices have been leaked online. Here are the 15 gorgeous wallpapers that will be on the upcoming Nexus phones:

Some look pretty familiar: abstract and minimalist design with popping colors. Some, on the other hand, look quite refreshing: surreal wildlife captured from a bird’s eye view. Perhaps they have something to do with the marine-life-inspired codenames for the upcoming Nexus phones.

Along with the Nexus Launcher that leaked earlier, Google is said to bring some changes to the wallpaper department. Not only will the upcoming live wallpapers be filled with the usual animations, but they will also be functional.

Though we don’t quite know what “functional” may entail, perhaps they will incorporate elements from already-existing third-party functional wallpapers. For instance, they could feature built-in sticky notes, picture frames, weather, or news updates.

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December 12, 2011

In the meantime, these leaked wallpapers look very nice and could give your phone a new look. You can also click here to download the original files.

Let us know which ones are your favorites by commenting below!


Brian Reigh
Brian Reigh is a contributor at Android Authority, covering all Android-related news and features. He has always been passionate about technology, especially mobile phones. He is a recent alum of Dartmouth College and is currently in law school.
  • Kunal Narang

    Hey, Brian, why didn’t you provide a download link?

    • subm

      Drag the image u want to the search bar if u r using chrome

    • DDD

      Uh, they did by pasting the pictures.

      On PC: Right click -> Save Image As
      On Mobile: Hold -> Save Image

  • Charles Fair

    only problem is androids wallpaper cropping is shit

    • spence1997

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      • Michael


  • Javier Ignasio

    they look very Sony like to me

    • Ekansan Pikachan

      I do not know what Sony wallpapers look like but these look Samsung-esque to me

      • Loser.lon

        they’re a combination of sony, samsung, and marshmallow

        • Ekansan Pikachan

          I don’t see ANYthing marshmallow there

          • Loser.lon

            those bird eye view wallpapers look quite marshmallow

        • Ekansan Pikachan


  • Fernie

    These walls aren’t as beautiful as the previous generation Nexus’.

  • cryptochrome

    How two different “news sites” can’t put all of the wallpapers in a zip file for convenient download is beyond me.