Google has officially taken the wraps off Android O, and there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of new features and improvements to dig through. Most of them are neat under-the-hood changes that will make your Android device run smoother and last longer, but there are a few aesthetic changes too. A revamped settings menu and notification shade tweaks are present in this new update, and of course, Google also bundled a new stock wallpaper with this release, as well!

There’s only one new wallpaper in the Android O preview, but as always, more will likely be added as more developer previews are released. I’m really liking this wallpaper so far, and already have it loaded up on my phone.

To download the full 1.7MB image, head to the MediaFire link below to grab the .zip file.

So, who’s downloading?

Jimmy Westenberg
Lover of all things Android, Star Wars, dogs, coffee, and music.
  • Xlor1009 man

    I want to see the picture

  • Aaron Bell

    someone please explain to me why it downloads as some weird “Dictionary Tool thing and then says “operation failed” when I try to load it

  • ravzir

    Wtf is this? The quality is horrible. It might be 2880 X 2560, but it’s just a blown up small image… waste of time

    • Francesco Vaccarella

      It’s so bad lol, I managed to edit it with VSCO and now looks kinda good.

  • yorke_and_vedder

    I’m confused. If the wallpaper is a single 1.7MB image, why is the download a 6.22MB zip?

  • Bernard Matthews

    corrupt file!

  • Sethu Senthil

    Why is the image quality soo low?

    • william.carmichael

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  • tryfe

    looks pretty bad

  • Rashid Iqbal

    looking at the comments im not downlaoding it at all!