CyanogenMod 11S unofficially arrives to the Oppo Find 7a, effectively transforming it into a OnePlus One

by: Andrew GrushMay 15, 2014

oppo find 7 7a unboxing first impressions (16 of 27)

OnePlus has made a lot of waves for a new company, in large part thanks to its excellent word-of-mouth-based marketing strategy and aggressive pricing tactics. Of course, you have to wonder how a company can go from non-existence to producing a product in well under a year.

Part of the reason that the company was able to get up and running so quickly is their close relationship with Oppo. While OnePlus is ran independently on some level, Oppo also is undeniably connected to company and the actual handsets are produced in the same production facilities as Oppo devices. Furthermore, the OnePlus One shares many of the same components with the Find 7a, though whether you consider this a good or bad thing is probably a matter of preference.

Regardless of your take on the situation, the reality is that the OnePlus One is a close cousin to the Find 7a, albeit without microSD and with the addition of  CyanogenMod 11S over Oppo’s Color ROM. But what if you want the best of both worlds? Thankfully, you can have your cake and eat it too, as CyanogenMod 11S has now been successfully ported over to the Find 7a.

Thanks to the efforts of several XDA forum members including graffixnyc, rayfin and ayysir, the Find 7a can essentially transform into a OnePlus — though not without a few flaws. While many things do work just fine, voice wake functionality and NFC currently don’t work at all. The rear camera also has the image turned upside down, and the handset only reports 3GB os storage.

Of course, these are still early days and its very possible some of these issues could be resolved with time. For those curious about how the process works, you can find full instructions for updating your phone to CyanogenMod 11S via the XDA Developer’s forum.

  • MasterMuffin

    They should’ve been more open about this Oppo-OnePlus thing. It’s not like we’re losing anything (the opposite, it’s a win-win), but still.

    • Kula

      Wow, you’re everywhere xD

      • MasterMuffin

        I’ve been hearing that a lot for some reason :D

      • Anonymousfella

        He’s got the most comments in the AA community. He’s bound to be everywhere! :P

  • RH

    I see the OnePlus, as the Nexus 5, as the Find7 is to the LG G2.

  • John Williams

    Surely, there will only be 3GBs of OS storage. The Find 7 has a diminished partition farmework, rather than a unified framework. I don’t think that changes just because you put a different ROM on it.