CM9 RC2 is now available, with support for Galaxy S3 i9300

by: LucianJuly 19, 2012

Just 3 weeks ago the CyanogenMod team launched the CM9 RC1 version, a day before Google I/O where Google announced the new version of Android, Jelly Bean. “RC” means Release Candidate, which is a way of saying that as far as they know the bugs have been fixed (so it’s not in beta anymore), but it’s not the “final” version yet, because there may be some other issues with the ROM that they may have missed.

The RC stage is the phase where they make sure the software is stable. This could mean there will be one more RC version or two or three, before the final one arrives. But from what I understand from the CM team’s post, this RC2 version is the last one. The final CM9 is “just around the corner” and will probably be released in another 2-3 weeks. Then, they could focus solely on CM10, which all CM9-compatible devices should be able to get, considering Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is not a dramatic change from Android 4.0.

Besides all the devices CM9 is supporting so far, the CM team has also added support for the following smartphones in CM9 RC2:

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII – i9300 (International GSM model)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (all variants)
  • Samsung Galaxy SII on AT&T – Skyrocket
  • Samsung Galaxy SII on T-Mobile – Hercules
  • Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T

You can download the CM9 RC2 version for your supported device at Get.CM. Also, the CyanogenMod team is doing all this work for free, in their free time, so don’t forget to donate a few bucks as well, so they can continue to support all these devices, and more, in the future.


  • BuLuT

    the SGS3 version is not released yet…

    • It’s def there.

    • Lyndon Bredenkamp

      Downloading it directly from within Rom manager now.

  • BlaineMagee

    Skyrocket build isn’t out there either

  • There is NO RC2 build for the Galaxy S3 i9300!!

  • It seems that Android Authority have a problem today! This is the second news article that is messed up today! Somebody’s been drinking too much???

  • No build for hercules either

    • Brandon Wann

      The build for Hercules is there. I’ve been following their nightlies on my Hercules until the RC. It’s on the list

  • Most of the RC2 ROMs are now online!

  • MasterMuffin

    I’m gonna wait for CM10

  • Greg

    I feel stupid… but how do you um… do this upgrade? I’m on the E4GT and I absolutely HATE the official ICS build. I want a CM build on it, but I have Alpha 5 which was really unstable for me (had to constantly reset my data connection, apps would freeze, etc).