Bolt! Browser App Comes To Android But Still In Beta [Private Invite Included]

by: Aerol BibatJune 23, 2011
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[Update] If you want to try this blazing fast browser, can use the code ‘androidauthority’ to participate. Bolt! is starting this private beta off very small, and are only giving away a select number of invites to you, our readers! Enjoy, and you’ll find the link at the bottom.

The Bolt! browser maybe a new name on the Android platform, but former Blackberry users should be able to remember the super-fast browser that was available on that particular platform. It was also available on Windows Mobile, but since we’re talking about phone browsers, they weren’t exactly in the majority. Anyway, if you want to feel the same experience of zipping around pages at a blinding pace, here’s some good news: the Bolt browser has been ported to Android and is ready for download, although only those in the private beta can enjoy its use.

For those unfamiliar with it, the Bolt browser is designed to be fast mobile browser that’s packed with features. With its speed, you can say its “lightning fast”, if you catch my drift. It does all the things that you expect a browser to do: quick-loading websites, provides support for Adobe Flash and HTML5. It also keeps your favorites backed up on a cloud account so as to easily access them. It also features a “PC-style” browsing experience that is optimized for mobile phones and provides easy access to search. Right now, HTML5 and web apps are Bolt’s focus, which mean users can get access Google Docs or Facebook with equal ease.

Still in beta, it still has a few miles to go before it’s ready for public consumption. With a little polish though, this may give Dolphin, Skyfire, and others of the mobile browser set, a run for their money. You can sign up for the private beta at, although it’s invite only. Better call up your friends if you want to try it out.

  • Hacchin

    downloaded, gonna give it a whirl. So far looks like it may replace Dolphin as my default. It’s exactly as described, lightning fast. I am seriously impressed with this browser.

    • Hacchin

      (After a bit of testing) however it is rather buggy, but such is the expectation with a beta, having difficulty playing back youtube, scrolling feels jerky and over-sensitive, and zoom function needs a lot of work. Also lacking full flash support. It looks like this browser has a long and bumpy ahead of it. But it does the one thing that was promised, lightning fast speeds.