BlackBerry improves Priv’s Camera, Launcher, and Keyboard

by: John DyeMarch 1, 2016


BlackBerry has just launched an array of updates for key stock applications on the Priv smartphone. These include serious upgrades to the BlackBerry Launcher, the default keyboard, and the stock camera app. The updates are now available in the Google Play Store, so you can head over there to grab them right away or just wait for the updates to hit your device in due course. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what these updates bring to the table.

For the camera app, we get slow motion capability. Once updated, the Priv’s camera app will support smooth slow motion that’s up to four times slower than normal speed. This can be accessed through the “Mode” button, and will record video at 120 fps. When this is played back at 30 fps, you can get some pretty sweet slo-mo effects. Unfortunately, audio is not supported yet for this feature. In addition to slow motion, there have also been some general improvements to stability and performance.

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The keyboard is getting better at predictive typing. Like Swiftkey, the Priv’s prediction engine will now prowl through your email and message history to get a better read on the kinds of words you use more frequently. The keyboard can now suggest names from your contacts as well. Some tweaks and modifications have also been made to improve accuracy and control.

For the launcher, we’re looking at a new organizational scheme that separates Recent, Personal, and Work apps. It’s easier than ever to clean up a cluttered home screen, because now you can just flick them away. Overlays providing users relevant information are now smarter and cleaner looking, and if you’ve installed apps on an SD card but currently have that card removed, the Priv will still display the app’s icon but it will be inactive and grayed out.

To grab these updates, click the buttons below to head over to the Play Store. Also, let us know what your thoughts are about these updates to the Priv’s stock apps. Will this be enough to make them competitive with third party apps? Tell us your opinion in the comments below.

Update the Camera
Update the Keyboard
Update the Launcher
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  • 4ron

    The Priv already has some great messaging apps – The Hub and separate email icons on the home screen. Its camera earned an excellent rating from DxOMark and Consumer Reports puts the Priv on par with the Nexus 6P and iPhone 6S Plus. How much more is there to prove to be “competitive” ?

    • Andrew Wallace

      Get Marshmallow on that bad boy is what they need to do to prove they are competitive. Especially when they tout their “superior” security when compared to other android phones. They are only shooting themselves in the foot by delaying the MM update. That being said, I am super happy that they are optimizing and actively improving their experience. I wonder how much this update helps the camera in a real world sense.

      • 4ron

        Andrew – BlackBerry Marshmallow for the Priv coming this month! I am also waiting for it for my Samsung S6 Edge.

    • blafunk

      From your disqus profile, I can see that you still going to many sites PROMOTING bb. I guess, BB pay you well to encourage people to buy their junk

      • 4ron

        I am not paid by anyone. Just giving the FACTS. BlackBerry doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

        • blafunk

          BB really getting what it deserve. A bad BB OS7 that always have problem. A stuck up attitude that think by having BBM they have the whole world and don’t need to innovate. Their new OS 10 also show that they don’t know how to compete with others. They really deserve the fall of their brand.

          • 4ron

            You are talking previous history. BlackBerry has moved to Android and a new device called Priv. Enough said!

          • onstrike112

            BlackBerry’s Priv and DTEK50 run ANDROID, you dolt.

        • Karly Johnston

          It gets everything it deserves.

      • saksham

        lol do u have a life ?

  • disqus_tf4UzgHbWj

    Now all it needs is IOS

    • onstrike112

      You mean the os of a criminal? No thanks.