Blackberry Passport shown off in video running Lollipop

by: Andrew GrushAugust 24, 2015

Last week the Blackberry Venice was shown off in several new leaked images and videos, and this morning we learned that Blackberry may be bringing BB10 features to its Android build. The evidence continues to pile up in favor of a Blackberry Android device, but if you’re still not convinced that Blackberry is toying around with Android, perhaps this latest video will serve as enough evidence.

As you can see, the unique Blackberry Passport is shown in the video above rocking Android Lollipop. Aside from taking us through the UI, not a lot is known about what we are looking at here. While it’s certainly possible that Blackberry is working on an Android-powered version of the Passport, that’s far from the only explanation.

Android-Blackberry hype and speculation won’t slow down any until Blackberry either releases the Venice or publicly denies it is working on Android devices.

For one thing, Blackberry could actually be using the Passport as a testing bed for its Android activity in preparation of the Venice, and not necessarily because they are planning an Android Passport variant. Another possibility is that this is nothing more than the work of an enterprising ROMer and isn’t an official Blackberry-supported Android build at all. In other words, don’t take this one at face value just yet, though anything is possible.

Regardless of what Blackberry is planning internally, it’s pretty obvious that the Android-Blackberry hype and speculation won’t slow down any until Blackberry either releases the Venice or publicly denies it is working on Android devices. Even the latter might not stop the rumors at this point. It is a bit curious that a company many wrote off as dead not long ago is now stirring up some much intrigue. Of course, it could just be that we’re all curious to see if Android can be the company’s saviour. That or we are just feeling nostalgic.

What do you think, would you ever consider a Blackberry Android device? If so, what kind of implementation would you prefer – a bottom-slider like the Venice, a side-slider, a Passport-like design, a traditional Blackberry keyboard device, or a full touchscreen model? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • Malaka

    Fake. the pixels on the phone’s screen are so blatent

    • Anthony Roberts

      Explain……the pixels is to block the PIN so that the original user of the passport doesn’t get traced…and this is a video how can it be fake when it’s showing the phone being used with android.

      • Nerdologist Jon

        the block on the pixels are all over the place, corner of the screen where there is no pin or imei, at the top next to the wifi bar the phone is nt connected to a service but that is blurred out. the screen transitions aren’t right from an android point of view especially going to the hidden lollipop game. and this is coming from an ex blackberry blogger fan boy etc… i tore these device apart and i use to own the developer versions of these devices. so this definitely looks fake to me!!!

        i know when the developers Alpha device came out. we would load launchers and all that we could to run apps and make it look like android since it was running the android runtime. So I had a honeycomb and ice cream sandwich launcher and I had a bunch of android apps on my deice. Some ran and some didn’t. it was the nature of the beast back then, a few years ago. I really feel this is a fake video.

        • Karly Johnston

          you can only deny the truth for so long… BB10 is dead.

          • Nerdologist Jon

            with as little market share as it has i couldn’t agree with you more. I actually got back on BBM to ask some good dedicated bb users about bb going android and they all feel like bb10 is the way to go but if forced to go android they would. so even they are quietly admitting that android is the way to go and that bb10 is on its way out

    • Renascienza

      I follow this channel since the beginning, is from my country… :)

      Besides the fact that Eduardo Rocha is a well known and honest professional, he would have to be a true David Cooperfield to fake all interactions with the system on video…

      He said the leaked device was borrowed from a canadian channel subscriber, which for obvious reasons declined to be named.

  • Dani C .

    Both devices (Passport & Venice) looks awesome! I hope this will come true sooner than later. We all know that the Blackberry build quality of their devices is great (as Nokia’s) but I think with Android they will become serious competition for those crappy plastic Samsung devices.

  • GreatTimesAreComing

    That’s perfect! All shown in the video and true, and Android is not a custom ROM. this device will be released soon.

    • julierstratton

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  • Karly Johnston

    BB10 is history… Android is the mandatory upgrade.

  • John Doe

    I don’t know why many users are so unhappy about the chance that BB MIGHT be making a come back (at least a stab at it ..)??
    If the rumors are true (and I hope that they are ..) we might see a little more competition in the Android Phone department, and maybe
    the addition of more/better security to boot.
    Even tho the retail part of BB is dead (at the moment), the business side is still rather strong even tho we rarely hear about it.
    I know a lot of my friends that would jump at the opportunity to get a physical k/b back on an Android device again.
    I know one of them that is actually waiting to see if the Venice will actually be a K/B enabled Android phone or not! If not then she will purchase the BB Classic ..

  • crutchcorn

    This is awesome! Looking forward to it! Might even buy it!