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It’s true that RSS isn’t as popular as it once was. Even so, it’s a great way to stay up to date on the latest news and pull together a ton of news stories from various websites and sources. There are still plenty of people who use it and it’s one of the best power user tools available for those who need to stay current. Do keep in mind, though, that not every website keeps an updated RSS feed anymore. Here are the best RSS reader apps for Android!

feedly best rss reader apps for androidFeedly

[Price: Free]
Feedly became the RSS champion once Google Reader went down the tubes a few years ago. It has a ton of features and most commonly known news websites can be found there. Some of the other features include cross-platform support with most web browsers, integration with a variety of other services like Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, OneNote, Pinterest, and others, and you can even follow podcasts and YouTube channels. It’s mostly simple to use, but it does take a few minutes to make your way around and learn how it works. It’s entirely free and intensely popular.

Feedly best RSS reader apps for Android

Flipboard RSS reader apps for AndroidFlipboard

[Price: Free]
Flipboard is one of the other RSS reader apps that made it big shortly after the demise of Google Reader. Flipboard has a gorgeous design that tries to be like an actual, digital magazine. Much like Feedly, you can find most commonly known websites and news feeds here and you can also follow podcasts if you’d like. It also comes with a “daily edition” full of news that you may find interesting. It’s best used on tablets, but still looks really good on phones as well. It’s also entirely free to use.

gReader RSS reader apps for AndroidgReader

[Price: Free / $4.69]
When it comes to doing RSS how it used to be done, gReader is probably the best. It’s a good old fashioned RSS reader that just works and also works very well. It has a modern interface with Feedly integration so you can quickly move over if you’re an existing Feedly user. It comes with two-way sync, offline reading, support for podcasts, a variety of themes (including dark!), night mode, and various other customizations to make it work how you want. It also works really well on tablets. There is a free and paid version and both of them work really well.

gReader RSS reader apps for Android

GrazeRSS RSS reader apps for AndroidGrazeRSS

[Price: Free]
GrazeRSS is a relatively newer RSS reader that is based on the once-popular, open-source app NewsRob. This is a very lightweight RSS reader and comes with only a few features including offline reading, per-feed downloading, scheduling options and integration with NewsBlur, The Old Reader, and Feedly. The interface is simple, but effective and nobody should have trouble moving around the app. It’s entirely free, open source, and a great option if you need something very lightweight.

GrazeRSS RSS reader apps for Android

Inoreader RSS reader apps for AndroidInoreader

[Price: Free]
Inoreader is a well designed RSS reader that allows you to browse news based on categories that suit your interests. It also features the ability to save news for later reading, archiving of your subscriptions, and it will only show you unread items even when you log on to other devices. It sounds simple, but several RSS apps have had problems with that particular feature. It’s free to use with no in-app purchases and it’s a good looking app.

Inoreader RSS reader apps for Android

news360 RSS reader apps for AndroidNews360

[Price: Free]
News360 has been around for a while and it’s a capable RSS reader. It contains more than 100,000 sources in a variety of categories so you can follow the blogs, websites, and news sources that you want. As a bonus, News360 will pick up on your interests and recommend other websites and articles for you to read to further enhance your news reading habits. It’s now always perfect, but it works well and it’s free to use which means it’s worth a shot.

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news republic RSS reader apps for AndroidNews Republic

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
News Republic is another self-contained RSS reader that a lot of people seem to really enjoy. It aggregates news based on topic so you can check out whatever you want and find articles for that topic. It also has a complex trending news and tag navigation system that allows you to follow all kinds of topics and then other topics based on those topics. There is a ton of content in this app and it’s all set up pretty well. It also supports account creation using Facebook, Google+, and email.

Palabre RSS reader apps for AndroidPalabre

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Palabre is actually a Feedly client. It works directly with Feedly integration to bring you the same content as Feedly, but in a different application. The app features offline reading, a dark theme, syncing directly with Feedly, and you can import RSS feeds from OPML if you prefer. It also has support for Twitter, The Old Reader, and Flickr using extensions. It’s clean and has a few more features than the stock Feedly app. Those who use Feedly may want to give it a try.

Palabre RSS reader apps for Android

Pocket best rss reader apps for androidPocket

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
It’s true that Pocket isn’t an RSS Reader per say. However, it can act like one if you use it the right way. Pocket allows you to save online content for later viewing in a quick, manageable way that is easy to use. It also has a tag system to help you stay organized. Using this, you can take all the articles you want and store them away safely and ignore all the stuff you don’t want to read. It also features offline reading, unlimited space, and it has cross-platform support.

Podcast Addict RSS reader apps for AndroidPodcast Addict

[Price: Free]
Podcast Addict is a sort of all-in-one news aggregation app. You can use it to listen to radio stations, podcasts, audio books, live stream radio, and it also has support for RSS feeds. Using this app, you can put all of your listening and reading sources in one spot and get a ton of content delivered all to one place. The interface is simple and everything is nice and easy to use. It also has a metric ton of features and it’s free to download and use.

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