Best Podcast Apps for Android

June 7, 2013
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    best podcasts apps for android

    Podcasts are great for many reasons, such as self-improvement or just a way to get a good laugh. Have you ever wanted a good app so you could listen to them while you’re out and about, though? We’ve gone to the Google Play Store to find just that, and we’ve got a few awesome ones to share! As usual, if you’d rather watch the video, just head to the bottom of the article.



    First up on our list is DoggCatcher. This app has a very busy and cluttered interface, but that’s so we can see all the information that this app offers. Even with that said, the cluttered UI may or may not be a big turnoff for some who prefer more organized options. Like most podcast apps on this list, you’ll be able to listen to your podcasts straight from the app, and it was able to find all of the ones we searched for.

    DoggCatcher has a few customization options, though, not ones that will help clean up its very busy interface. You can tap an option to have it automatically download your podcasts to your device, and if you prefer video content, DoggCatcher has support for both audio and video podcasts. It’s a very easy to use app, and aside from the busy UI, it’s one of the most solid podcast apps for Android.

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    Podcast Addict


    Next up is Podcast Addict, and unlike DoggCatcher, this particular app takes a cleaner and more simple approach to a podcast app. However, it makes up for this by having a lot of areas to navigate. As with all of the apps on this list, finding the podcasts we searched for was quick and easy.

    When adding podcasts, there’s quite a few options to choose from. You can search for them manually, add an RSS feed, browse by top podcasts, import via OPML, and even browse podcast networks like Twit, Revision 3, BBC, and others. All in all, it’s definitely a great podcast app if you’re looking for new podcasts and listening to your old favorites.

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    Pocket Casts


    Pocket Casts is yet another solid Podcast app. Like Podcast Addict, this podcast aggregator lets people browse for a variety of options, including top audio, top video, featured, by network, and by category. It makes finding podcasts extremely easy.

    Once you’ve found what podcast you’re looking for, playing them is easy as ever, and you can even categorize your podcast subscriptions for better organization and easier listening. It’s a beautiful app and it’s very easy to use — what more could you ask for?

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    Podkicker Pro


    Podkicker Pro has a very simple interface combined with easy controls, and the all around design of the app is outstanding. It’s a very easy to use app, and the only real downside to it is that there are far fewer features than what the rest of the podcast apps offer.

    The podcasts that are available to listen to are entirely user driven. So if there’s a podcast you search for and it isn’t there, you have to submit that podcast’s RSS link to the official Podkicker website to get it on there. It’s a neat way to handle podcasts, however, it can be a minor inconvenience for some. All in all, Podkicker is a great app despite not having the bells and whistles of other offerings.

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    RSS Demon


    Last up is RSS Demon, which is more of an RSS news app than a podcast app, however, it has the functionality to search for , and play, podcasts. The downside is that RSS Demond doesn’t have its own dedicated player, so to listen to a podcast you need to use music app to listen to the various podcasts.

    Much like the other apps on our list, finding podcasts is a breeze. On the other hand, you’re not able to discover new podcasts, so you can only search for the ones you know by heart. If you’re looking for a mix of a podcast and news app, RSS Demon will get the job done.

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    Wrap up


    If you take a look at our leaderboard (image above) you can see how these apps stack up against each other. Our rankings are solely based on Google Play Store ratings and downloads, so there’s no bias on our part. It’s how you, the people, rated them.

    While the podcast apps are all highly rated, they may not be for everyone, so we’ve included a few honorary mentions. These include BeyondPod Podcast Manager, iPP Podcast Player, PodTrapper Podcast Manager, Feed+ News and Podcast Manager, and Slacker Radio.

    As always, if you have a favorite podcast app that wasn’t listed here, be sure to tell everyone about it in the comments below!

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    • iamtravis182

      I still rep Beyond Pod. Very solid app.

      • JosephHindy

        It has 4.3 why are you lying to me?

    • John A

      I’m very surprised ‘Beyond Pod’ didn’t make the top five. I have tried most of the above, but found BP to be the best overall.

    • FiZh

      I’m using BeyondPod and fully satisfied!

    • Romius T.

      No stitcher? Surprised.

    • jamesinkorea

      I like Beyond Pod the best.

    • bambou51

      I updated Podcast Addict with a new UI. New improvement will soon follow

    • Sampath Kumar Dindi

      Pocket casts is my favorite and I included it in my list

    • Sanjeev Mohindra

      I was using Doggcatcher for some time but now moved to Pocket Casts…Good UI, offline sync, file management is really good….