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Podcasts seem to be making a return as a main source of information gathering in the age of the Internet. It’s a great way to listen to experts talk about the topics you care about and it’s relatively easy to find great podcasts. If you’re a fan of the medium and are in the market for a new podcast app, here are the best podcast apps for Android!

beyondpod best podcast apps for androidBeyondPod Podcast Manager

[Price: Free / $6.99]
BeyondPod is a solid start to our list and has most of the features you want in a podcast app. You’ll find access to audio as well as video podcasts from a ton of big names including CNN, ESPN, and others. Some of the other features include Chromecast support, smart playlists, control over download preferences (including downloading over WiFi only), widgets, support for Feedly, and more. The design is Holo-inspired and looks pretty good. It’s one of the more simple podcast apps for those who just want to listen.

doggcatcher Best Podcast Apps for AndroidDoggCatcher Podcast Player

[Price: $2.99]
DoggCatcher has been around for a very long time and is one of the more recognized podcast apps on the list. Thankfully, despite its age, the developers have done an excellent job updating the app over the years and it now currently supports the latest tech such as Chromecast, Android Wear, and even Android Auto. It comes with a light theme and a dark theme, support for video and audio podcasts, various settings options to control download preferences, playlists, and a lot more. The app also has no in-app purchases.

doggcatcher best podcast apps for android

google play music best podcast apps for androidGoogle Play Music

[Price: Free / $9.99 per month / $15.99 per month family plan]
Google Play Music launched their podcast platform in mid-2016. Since then, it’s quickly become a great place to find good podcasts. Big names and small names alike are slowly migrating their work to the new service and it shouldn’t be long before it rivals places like iTunes. It also supports notifications when new podcasts that you’re subscribed to are released. Alongside that, you’ll get the entire Google Play Music experience which only gets better if you decide to pay for it. It’s quickly becoming one of the best podcast apps.

Pocket Casts best podcast apps for androidPocket Casts

[Price: $3.99]
Pocket Casts is definitely one of the best podcast apps on Android. It comes with a modern, Material Design inspired interface, a light and dark theme, and settings to control your download preferences. There is also playlist support, video and audio podcasts, and Chromecast support. Perhaps our favorite feature is the ability to create an account and sign in on any Android device to get your list of subscribed podcasts back quickly. The developers are active and it’s an overall solid experience.

podcast and radio addict best podcast apps for androidPodcast and Radio Addict

[Price: Free]
Podcast and Radio Addict is a popular option for podcast apps thanks to its non-existent price tag and it’s decent set of features. This one comes with Android Wear, Pebble (RIP), Android Auto, and Chromecast support along with download preference settings, audio and video podcasts, widgets, themes, and a lot more. The interface can look cluttered from time to time, but everything in it works as it should. This is a great podcast app to try out, especially if you’re a little short on money.

podcast and radio addict best podcast apps for android

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rssdemon best podcast apps for androidRssDemon News and Podcast Reader

[Price: Free]
RssDemon News and Podcast Reader is another older app that has aged rather gracefully. This one not only has podcast support, but also support for RSS feeds which could, conceivably, put all of your news and podcasts in a single spot. You can follow a variety of feeds and podcasts, download them for offline playback, and you can even add your own sources with RSS importing. It’s a little more of a learning curve than most podcast apps, but it’s highly configurable and customizable once you get used to it.

rssdemon best podcast apps for android

stitcher radio best podcast apps for androidStitcher Radio

[Price: Free]
Stitcher Radio has worked hard over the last couple of years to improve their mobile offering and the effort has shown positive results. The app has a relatively modern interface and a ton of podcasts to choose from. The app allows you to create custom “stations” that are essentially souped up playlists that look really cool. Stitcher also has a breaking news function, sharing, and a lot more. It’s a little simple, but sometimes simple is good. You can also check out the Android Authority podcast on Stitcher!

stitcher radio best podcast apps for android

Soundcloud best podcast apps for androidSoundCloud

[Price: Free]
SoundCloud is becoming an increasingly popular site for independent podcasters to post their stuff. It’s a little harder to find given the wide range of audio content, but everything works nicely once you’ve found the podcasts you’re looking for. It has a good looking, modern interface with solid controls. You can “favorite” tracks to listen to them later. It’s simple and you’ll almost exclusively be streaming podcasts here rather than downloading them. It’s a decent experience and you can find the Android Authority podcast there as well!

soundcloud best podcast apps for android

spotify best podcast apps for androidSpotify

[Price: Free / $9.99 per month]
Spotify is one of the world’s best and most popular music streaming services. Starting in early 2016, Spotify has also started offering podcasts. There aren’t a lot of available podcasts there yet because the service is so new but we’ve no doubt that the number of available podcasts are going to skyrocket over time. You can download and use the service for free as long as you don’t mind some audio adverts or you can fork out $9.99/month for the full, ad-free experience. If you already use Spotify, there will likely come a point where a second podcast app will be redundant.

TuneIn Radio best podcast appsTuneIn Radio

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
TuneIn Radio has been a long time favorite for many people who enjoy podcasts and Internet radio. The service comes with a ton of options for podcasts although the podcast owner will have to make them available on TuneIn before you can listen to them. On top of podcasts, you can also enjoy AM/FM radio talk shows (the original podcasts), and plenty of other stations with varying types of content. If you get the pro subscription, you can also live stream NFL, MLB, and NHL games which is fantastic if you’re into sports. It’s one of the best podcast apps out there, hands down.

tuenin radio best podcast apps for android

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