The best N64 emulators for Android

by: Joe HindyApril 22, 2014

n64 emulator android
The Nintendo 64 was in a class all on its own. It was one of the last consoles ever to use cartridges and featured some legendary games such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now you can play those classics on your Android phone using N64 emulators. Which ones are the best? In this list, that’s what we intend to find out.

n64 emulator androidM64 Emulator

[Price: Free]
First up is M64 Emulator. This is based on the Mupen64+ source code (like every other app on this list). Most user reviews state that it’s a pretty good start but there are some bugs here and there that can get pretty bad. Some complaints include on-screen buttons not working sometimes, save states not saving, and game incompatibilities. It is free so you won’t waste any money trying it out and it does seem to work pretty well for some people.
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n64 emulator android

n64 emulator androidMupen64+AE (N64 Emulator)

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Mupen64+AE is the app from which all these others base their code. So if you’re looking for the experience that is likely the furthest along in development with the latest updates, it’d be this one. The reviews seem to reflect this as they all say that this feels like a more solid offering than most of the other ones. There is a free version and a paid version. They’re totally identical but the paid version funds development of the project. It’s fairly solid but there are still a lot of bugs that need to be worked out.
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n64 emulator android

n64 emulator androidSuperN64 (N64 Emulator)

[Price: Free]
Of the emulators on this list, SuperN64 seems to be the most complete. Based on user reviews, there are fewer bugs and incompatibilities than pretty much all of the others. This is the one you ought to try first when getting an N64 emulator. It’s the most solid even if it still needs a lot of work before it’s stable.
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n64 emulator android

n64 emulator androidSuper N64 Emulator

[Price: Free]
Last up on our list here is Super N64 Emulator. Like the rest it is Mupen64+ based so don’t expect any miracles. It’s not the best spin off from the original but it is one of the better ones. As with the rest of these, it comes with pretty much the same bugs and incompatibilities as the rest of them. This app gets bonus points because instead of posting a paid version, they link to the original Mupen64+AE donate version and tell you to go donate to them to fund the project as a whole. We kinda liked that. If none of the others are working for you, it’s worth giving this one a shot.
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n64 emulator android

Wrap up

Unlike many other emulators, the N64 series of emulators is almost universally based on the same open source app (Mupen64+). This is both great and terrible. It’s great because that means when the original source gets better, all the other apps get better. It’s terrible because any improvements the spin offs make may or may not end up in the original source code. As with any emulator platform, it’ll take some time for these developers to work all the bugs out. Until then, patience is a virtue. If we missed a good N64 emulator, tell us about it in the comments below!

  • MasterMuffin

    Mupen64+, Mupen64+, Mupen64+ or Mupen64+? :D

    • JosephHindy

      Yeah pretty much lol.

      • Lisandro O Oocks

        All i heard is: “no you can’t easily hold on to your banana when you’re playing mario-kart and steer at the same time while you’re holding on to your device”
        how hard is it to do: one tap on Z to hold Z, a second tap to release Z

        • gils001

          I just position my index and thumb on the screen like a pincer. Works Great!

          • Lisandro O Oocks

            Not sure why html isn’t working, but you may click link.

    • TechTinker11

      N64oid is also a good one, I never really had much trouble with it, some issues with some games but heh.

      • Oskya

        Yeah I also still use N64oid. Only switch to Mupen64+ when games failed to run on N64oid.

        • NejiHyuga900

          I used to use N64oid. It was my favorite when I was playing just on a phone. But when I got an Nvidia Shield Portable, a drawback that N64oid has it that I couldn’t map the triggers or the right thumbstick to the shoulder buttons and C-buttons. Well, I could through touchscreen mapping the Nvidia Shield has but it didn’t go out the way I wanted. I just use Mupen64Plus AE now.

    • gils001

      Hahaha That’s what you get when you go opensource. COUNTLESS CLONES.

      • Backspace119

        Open source code helps the community in so many ways, I say this as I am a developer myself and I absolutely love it when others make their projects open source.

      • Nik

        Forks, not clones. I suppose they’re often synonymous, though.

  • Brenden Keene

    Still using N64oid (not on Play Store)… works fine on my Nexus 10 with 4.4+

  • k

    Were do u get games from?

    • TechTinker11

      Well you rip the ROMS of your N64 cartridges of course. Or google if you want, coolroms is where I get all mine.

      • k

        Thank u sir, can’t rip cartidges, but right on for the website name!

        • Lisandro O Oocks

          If the feds ask, tell them your original cartridges were stolen by some punk.

          • Pouf

            Lol, Don’t worry, feds won’t get you unless your cartridge contains nuclear warhead activation code.

          • OniKyanAE86

            Hahaha, don’t think that would hold up in court….

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  • gils001

    N64oid> Mupen64+ this is still true even after Mupen64″s countless updates.

  • James Childress

    Without a physical controller, none of these emulators work well. Touch control is too imprecise for the precision moves needed to play games meant for a controller successfully.

    • TechTinker11

      Heh, the one I use (not on this list) does pretty good with touch. A controller is better though, it seems like my Mega Pro sometimes plays worse, maybe its not set up right.

  • Tomas kennedy

    A very nice guide on a working emulator:

  • ToVine

    Feeling honored to have contributed to this project – I just translated the strings, but still… :D

  • AD

    What game is in the bottom screenshot? (Super Nintendo 64)… Looks like DBZ on Gamecube…

  • Alex

    The game klip it is a phone and a ps3 control mount u can get pun at Amazon or e bay there good. You can play ALL you games in it

  • Peter Dennis

    Do any of these n64 emulators support a cardboard VR headset. That is, will they run 2 cloned screens of the game?

    • Joe Holliday

      None of them do yet. The only emulator on android I’ve seen that has this feature is FPSE (ps1 emulator).

  • Hrachyan Yeghik

    Classic boy is the best amulator for N64 but it’s not mentioned here

  • Blane

    Could you possibly update this post so that it covers some of the more recent emulators that have been created and put out for android devices? (and even for other emulators as well)

  • Blake Good

    Does anyone know which emulator runs Mario Party 1 well with little to no graphical glitches at full speed? Nintendo is too stupid to release it due to that retarded “control stick mini-games” controversy!

  • Bryan Rodriguez

    which game is the one on the last picture?