10 best music player apps for Android

by: Joe HindyJuly 23, 2014

Music is what feelings sound like and because music inspires so many people, it’s important to get a music player that works well for you. There are hundreds out there and finding the best ones can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are the ten best music player apps for Android. If you’re looking for apps that stream music like Spotify or Pandora, check out our music streaming app comparison!

doubleTwistdoubleTwist Music Player

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Solid is as solid goes.

  • A capable music player with an up-to-date design.
  • Core app is free (no trial) with premium features being unlocked via in-app purchases.
  • Magic Radio is a subscription music radio service that isn't bad.
  • You can get an optional alarm clock app that integrates directly with doubleTwist.
  • If you subscribe to Magic Radio, you'll also unlock the premium version of the app. That's a win-win if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Some (not all) of the in app purchases really should've been just included in the core app.
  • Users have been posting some weird bugs. YMMV
  • Because doubleTwist tries to cater to all audiences, there is a certian blandness that comes with trying to make everyone happy.
doubleTwist is a solid music player with a long running pedigree of excellence. They manage to stay on top of trends like evolving design standards and features. There is even a radio station you can get for a monthly subscription and the in app purchases are simply extra features that other apps would charge a premium for anyway. It’s solid and stable and even comes with an alarm clock add on!
google play

Equalizer+ MP3 PlayerEqualizer + mp3 Player

[Price: Free / $4.90]

When in doubt, more equalizer!

  • If you dig equalizers then this is definitely an app to try.
  • The visualization is pretty colorful and enjoyable to watch. Perfect for tablets.
  • As a music player it functions well enough. You select tracks and then it plays tracks.
  • Vintage design is a step away from the norm and frankly, it's refreshing.
  • Allows you to earn points to unlock the full package instead of purchase. That was interesting.
  • How this app displays your artists and songs could be a little more organized.
  • If you're not into equalizers you're going to hate this app.
  • The developers are trying their best but there are some bugs that users are reporting.
Equalizer is an MP3 player application that keeps the equalizer prominently displayed at all times so you are always within a few swipes of altering the sound to match your tastes. It’s unique because most music players don’t display their equalizer this prominently. The core app is free but to get all the features you’ll have to fork out $4.90 for the full version.
google play


Google Play Music - Android apps Music PlayerGoogle Play Music

[Price: Free]

The official music player of Google.

  • Competent local music player with a constantly up-to-date design.
  • The real win here is being able to upload your music to Google Play Music and stream it from anywhere (must be done on your computer).
  • The subscription service is among the best music subscription services out there.
  • You can save your online music for offline play if need be.
  • Comes with an integrated music store to add more to your collection.
  • It focuses more on its online content than your offline content so if you're looking for something that's solely for offline content you'll want to look elsewhere.
  • Some people don't like the newer UI because it is quite busy.
Google Play Music is Google’s music player. Along with being able to access your local content, you can also upload up to 20,000 songs to the Google Play Music website and have them available to stream at all times. The subscription service is also really good if you happen to be looking for a Pandora replacement or want everything all in one spot.
google play

Google Play Music

jetAudio music playerjetAudio Music Player

[Price: Free / $3.99 with in app purchases]

More features than you can shake a feature at.

  • Loads of features, including plugins to help improve audio and a 20-band equalizer.
  • The graphical design is a little dated but it still looks good.
  • There are a lot of features still available in the free version.
  • Pebble compatibility.
  • It's a paid app with in app purchases.
jetAudio is the first music player on this list that has a ton of features. More than any regular person will ever use but no one can deny that a big, long feature list always looks really good. You can try it before you buy it which is nice and the interface looks pretty good.
google play

n7player musicn7player Music Player

[Price: Free / $4.49]

Something a little bit different.

  • Unique user interface is easy to use and a refreshing change from stagnant boxes.
  • Functions well as a music player and has all the standard music features that you'd want.
  • Old school. Free and paid versions available.
  • High number of supported audio formats.
  • Music may stutter on mid range, low range, or older devices.
  • Okay so you have access to some features for a 10-day trial period, then those features get locked but the app is still free to use unless you buy the unlocker app or buy via in app purchase. Sound complicated? We thought so.
n7player is the first music player on this list that tries to think outside the box a little bit. The app’s interface revolves around multi-sized artist or album names and it brings with it a very bold and different design. As a music player it functions as it should and you can use a free version of the app indefinitely. That’s always a win.
google play

neutron music appsNeutron Music Player

[Price: $5.99]

A solid offering even if it doesn't look that way.

  • The UI is easy to move around. You'll have no trouble figuring out how to work this one.
  • A metric ton of features, including a 32/64-bit audio processing and DLNA support.
  • It's high rating means most of its customers like that they bought this app.
  • Large number of audio formats supported.
  • UI is a bit outdated.
  • No trial version available.
Neutron is among the highest rated apps on our list in the Google Play Store and that means it’s managed to please most of the people who use it. The UI is a bit outdated but the feature list is long and it’s a very solid music app. You’ll have to buy it outright though because there is no trial version available.
google play


PlayerPro iconPlayerPro Music Player

[Price: Free trial / $3.95]

It's been a solid choice for a long time.

  • UI is simple and easy to use. It doesn't look bad either.
  • Pretty much all of the standard music player features including a large number of supported files.
  • Some out of the box thinking like gesture and shake support along with lock screen widgets and simple tag editing.
  • Trial version available so you can try it before you buy it.
  • Latest string of updates have broken some things for many people.
  • Interface is geared more toward tablets and phones.
PlayerPro is another very highly rated music app that a lot of people seem to enjoy. You can demo the features in the trial version before buying it and it comes with a standard, block-based interface with tabs for navigation. With a number of great features and some out-of-the-box stuff available, it’s a solid choice.
google play

PlayerPro screenshot

Poweramp music playerPoweramp

[Price: Free trial / $3.99]

Among the elite.

  • All the standard features you'd expect in a music player.
  • Some out of the box stuff like OpenGL-based album art animation, tag editing, 10-band equalizer, and more.
  • There is a high level of customization and theming available, including skins downloadable from the Play Store.
  • Plays most of the popular audio codecs.
  • A lot of people are having problems with Bluetooth support (right now anyway).
  • If you use custom ROMs, some of the audio processing can be messed up.
Poweramp is among the elite in the music player genre. It’s the one most people recommend and that’s because it has been a solid music player with a lot of features for a very long time. Its 4.7 rating on the Google Play Store is the best on the list. People trust it and bloggers recommend it.
google play

Rocket PlayerRocket Music Player

[Price: Free / $3.99]

Modern features packed in a busy interface.

  • Lots of features and audio codecs support.
  • Chromecast support.
  • Integration with iSyncr lets you use some iTunes features.
  • Some unusual but helpful features like the ability to bookmark your progress in a track (works well for podcasts).
  • Integrated video player.
  • Even if you can theme it, the interface is still very busy with a lot of small text.
  • Not all features and widgets available for all devices.
Rocket Music Player is home to one of the busiest interfaces we’ve seen on this list but don’t let that fool you. This app is packed with features, integrates with other apps, and seems to work fairly well. It’s one of the ones our own readers have recommended to us in the comments below. See? We listen. The only big issue is that it’s been removed from the Google Play Store so the Google Play button will actually go the official website where you can download it there.
google play

Rocket Player

Shuffle+Shuffle+ Music Player

[Price: Free / $0.99]

Simple, yet functional.

  • Google style interface mimics Google Play Music, which was a good design.
  • Standard features like gapless playback, tag editing, and a 6-band equalizer.
  • Cheaper than most of the competition.
  • Folder whitelisting helps keep your music collection.
  • Developer tells people when features get broken. For instance, tag editing doesn't work on Android 4.4. Heard that from the dev. Transparency matters.
  • If you need something more loaded with features or theme support, this isn't for you.
  • Some resource-related bugs and force closes on some devices.
Last and certainly not least on our list is Shuffle+. This music player takes a more simplistic approach and has only the features needed to make it a good music player without any of that other stuff. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of features, though!
google play

Wrap up

As always, if we’ve missed a great music player, please leave us a comment to let us know!

  • DeAno Jackson

    The only problem I have with players other than Play Music is that they don’t link to my Google Music account, making them totally useless.

    • JosephHindy

      You bet, that’s why we used only non cloud based apps :-)

      Those are for another day!

    • Guest

      Problem solved with GMusicFS. You can find it over at XDA.

    • Adrian Robinson

      Have you tried GMusicFS? My Google Music library is mounted in Neutron MP.

    • Arturo Raygoza

      HA so much for your cloud


    I have media plus.

  • PowerAmp rlz!

  • poweramp>wipedata>poweramp>wipedata>poweramp>wipedata… :D

    • luigi

      forever trial version, me included :D :D

  • Neutron Music Player is the Best Sounding Player out of all of them even beats out PowerAmp

    • Adrian Robinson

      Neutron MP never gets any love. If audio quality is important to you, hands down, Neutron MP is the best. With that being said, I would like to see a refreshed UI design. The Pioneer CDJ UI is growing old.

      • JosephHindy

        Neutron was actually really close to making the list. It was 4.5 like sensor, but sensor has like 7000 more reviews :(

        I’ll start doing honorary mentions again because neutron would’ve made it there. Sorry guys!

        • Don’t forget to use “Noozxoide EIZO rewire PRO” with Neutron, combined it sounds even more amazing, even though its not a music player, its a audio modeling processor, I think it deserves a mention as well, it makes the music sound a million times better with it on :)

  • Grimmjow

    The first player, Fusion, is actually made by an Indian phone OEM called Lava. Difference being that unlike Samsung or HTC, they released their music player on the play store.

  • PowerAmp is the best music player ever! one of the reasons I can never leave android

  • Forgot to include Neutron, the _best sounding_ player!

  • i tried couple of them and noticed that player pro actually does the job the best for anyone who has a lot of songs, listed by albums but also listens to a lot of different one hit wonders.it may be a bit uglier than poweramp but its more functional and i think it has better equalizer and more options. would recommend it to everyone

  • Scott Elsdon

    Do any of these allow you to exclude folders from the listings, I’m sick of having my podcasts, etc turning up within albums and artists on poweramp ( or maybe I shoudl RTFM)

  • ray01000101010101

    I prefer double twist where I can skip songs with swipe gesture while driving, and I can stream songs to my Apple TV and syc music with the doubletwist desktop app.

  • luigi

    overall feature Poweramp still rules.
    but I prefer PlayerPro now, its equalizer sounds better than Poweramp.
    will try Neutron next, if they ever fix that ugly interface :D

    • A music player is for listening to music, it doesn’t have to be flashy, and the sound quality you get with neutron is outstanding, worth the ugly UI, and you get used to the UI after awhile anyways.

  • Music Player Remix.

  • Saurabh

    why is ttpod missed out from the list…!!

  • Arsenal™

    Poweramp Kickz AZZ! zPlayer is unique though

  • Garry DeWitt

    >Google’s own Play Music app is one of the best music players on Android.

    speaking as someone who uses it at least once a week, it’s terrible. Sadly I need it to access my google music library.

    • S2556

      hopefully that will change an I/O

  • blarelli

    Poweramp if for no other reason, it is the only one I found that would play all the different formats I could throw at it.

  • Don Mills

    Since there’s no Amarok for android, my vote goes to Songbird.

  • pagaopi

    tinyurl.com/d2tf87t fhshd

  • tademao


  • Gustavo

    I am kinda new with Android (jan 13), and I do not enjoy the stock music player because it stops the music whenever I get a notification, maybe it is a setting I activated and haven’t found to undo it, so advice from other users is 100% accepted. I will try the Neutron player as most people here agree it is the best. But, really, if anyone could help me with my issue -above- it would be awesome. Thanks!

    • Neutron is the best Sound Quality wise, but the UI takes sometime getting used too, but once you’ve become used to it, you’ll love the music player

  • tademao


  • Alterac

    I use Winamp, i like the interface and the features. Crossfade, ReplayGain. Its quite a simple interface, and no clutter.

  • I’m glad to see that PlayerPro is included in this list. They update regularly with a large amount of themes and customization options.

  • Mark Rowland

    Yo!!!! Fusion and PowerAmp is the best music player for me Neutron is For 1ghz up like galaxy Y 4.1 version Galaxy Ace2 and Galaxy S 1,2 and S3

  • Carlos Alberto Castillo Oporta
  • jd


  • John

    Hey guys! I’m using a Smart Music Player (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nullapp.music.smart). It is very cool, light with folder browser and it supports remote control which is great for me.

  • Youcef

    In my opinion ttpod should not only be on the list but should also be ranked as number one due to its incredible set of features, nothing is missing with it, its user interface is also the best you can have very customizable too, it let’s you have a lockscreen type of interface to switch songs or stop playing them, changing skipping songs etc by double tapping the earplugs button or shaking the device to browse to the next song, in top of that it let’s you download music and lyrics and it’s free, what would you need more than that? Give it a try and you’ll fall in love with it.

  • shahrey

    You forgot to mention the Jet Audio Plus music player..it has a lot of feature that you can get in other music players..

  • filipgai

    hey…i guess i am in the minority here. i want a player that does NOT download album art. i hate having to scroll down through hundreds of album art images to finally be able to select a song. i also don’t like the idea of having my player go out and download stuff. is there a player anyone can recommend that you can inhibit this downloading of album art?

  • andro lover

    If I were you I would consider “Music Folder Player (original)” (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cyberniko.musicFolderPlayer)
    it’s very good when your MP3 TAGs are not good.

    It displays the music by files / folders, it’s free and has a ton of features… a must have for me

  • ben

    Why you didn’t mentioned these apps: http://techzend.com/music-playing-apps-android/

  • Arturo Raygoza

    rocket player is where its at

    • droidtomtom

      I agree, discovered Rocket Player after trying all the players above in the article and in the comments.

  • fredphoesh

    For me it seems WHAT MAKES a great music player of MP3 and other digital media, is it’s ability to bring life to the music by adding Biographies, Reviews, Lyrics, Cover/Fan art. In this day and age, with always connected phones, there is NO excuse for NOT having these valuable additions to the music. When listening to Spotify on my PC and using Spotimote on my phone, I absolutely LOVE having Artist info to read while listening. Other programmes that have this ability are MixZing… though it seems to have been neglected for a while. Mixzing can also play internet radio, and gets album art for each radio track as it plays… Can any of these you recommend do those things?

  • Jakub Vantroba

    Rocket Music Player been my favourite for a while now

  • a671

    And what about nexmusic ? Just simple, beautiful and free ! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.locomain.nexplay

  • _X_

    Samsung Music player is great…. Especially the one on my S5….Google Music is too cluttered!

  • JSo

    Until other music apps can access Google Music and the All Access part of it, I’m stuck with the Google Music app. Not that that’s a bad thing at all.

  • John Jonathan Salud

    Walkman is the best :)

  • heman

    Fusion one of the best music player

  • databoy2k

    Missing Media Monkey. If you use it on your PC (and if you’re not, then you should be), it has wireless sync that allows automatic conversion or any other number of huge benefits. The pair is more than worth the price of admission.

  • ren

    musixmatch’s quite good too imo

  • Paco Inurreta

    Any of these apart from PowerAmp that works with Bluetooth?

  • Wayne Peterkin

    Neutron does have a trial version….

  • Walkman Fan

    These pictures say it all!

  • Marko Man

    Come AA. You don’t know beat music player?

  • Will S.

    Which one has the best music widget?

  • itzvarma

    PowerAMP is THE BEST player, been using it for 3 years now .. it never disappointed me.. with great support and themes .. it simply rocks .. i also love the look and feel of Sony’s walkman player!

  • Łukasz M

    N7Player also has the DLNA/UPNP Chromecast and AirPlay extension (Toaster) and iOS version.

  • Orawate

    MIXZING.You really missed this one.Missed it by far.

  • darwisbong

    poweramp is my choice
    jam tangan pria

  • sdjtv

    What about Apollo?

  • Foxsprout

    If you need something simple, AIMP may be an option. I personally like the sound it produces even though it’s still in beta. Expect a bug…

  • Terence

    I’d like to add that Google Music is quite capable as an offline player too. There is an option that allows you to view and play music “On Device” only making it just as easy to play localy saved music or cloud based music… I love the fact that purchased music is just added to the cloud for listening instead of taking up memory on my phone BUT, I also still have Unlimited Data on Verizon. I could see the cloud becoming a big problem for those who are now restricted…

    Sorry I’m a bit late, hope this helps someone…

  • joseph

    i like musixmatch…neat ui,inbuilt music id and lyrics search,and it allows editing of metadata and cover art…

  • roneyk

    Download Stylish Android Mp3 Player from MickyAppz


  • perro del bien

    I like GoneMAD Music Player. It has many features like 10 band equalizer, it’s compatible with Bluetooth, album art downloader and it’s very customizable. It even runs fine on old hardware.

  • Crutchcorn

    MediaMonkey is a GREAT Music app. (I only wish the interface could be better or themed.) Campanion to my MediaMonkey windows software that helps me organize my 80,000+ music library

  • Sam Scott

    Music Blues(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.musicblues&hl=en) is best music player with ability to download or stream any songs. I just started using it and loving it.. superb app.. everyone must try it.

  • Jack Simmons

    CloudAround? It plays local and cloud music. It has all of the extra metadata like artist art and caching, preaching, offload playback. It looks sick! I asked about FLAC support and they say its coming soon. That’s the one thing its missing for me. Mixzing is pretty good too!

  • DONT

    Music player which specialized on tablet interface = Select! Pro Music Player

  • Da Fuq

    Am I the only one around here who is using VLC player? :D

  • myprecious27

    If you like folder navigation, not tags, Music Folder Player is better than any of those mentioned in the article.

  • Abhijith

    Where is Noozy?? It has got amazing quality, but a sick UI, It should be in the list. Noozy combined with Noozxoide blows out even neutron in terms of audio quality!

  • Michael

    What about NRG Player? It’s free and awesome: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mrgreensoft.nrg

  • I Hope This should serve the best for people who are looking for the top Recent Music Players for Android.

  • Ramakata Oblonsky

    Unfortunately there are not so much offering for audiophiles, who more interested in quality music than fancy user interface. I found my player as well recently switched to listening mostly DSD files in dff, dsf and also SACD images. So far I found only one player capable to do it, it is Kamerton. However if you know some other player capable to playback DSD encoded music, then share it with me as well.

  • Monk

    There is a 5 day trail version for neutron music player:

  • yankovik

    musixmatch is the best. very modern, easy to use and loaded with features without over complicating stuff unlike the rest of them.

  • Mazen Amr

    musiXmatch the best

  • Carlos Alberto Castillo Oporta
  • Renault fan

    Recently discovered this new one, how awesome does it get!

  • Chet

    DoubleTwist has some of my favorite features (beautiful interface, 2 touch all song shuffle, easy navigation from shuffle to individual album/artist) but it outputs absolutely horrible sound quality (Very low bass, muted mids and heightened treble).

    If you want an equalizer you can give them $9 for their “Pro” package. Either they have no understanding of audio mixing or they deliberately made their free app sound like absolute garbage in order to drive sales. Either way, they won’t see a single cent of my money.

  • Carlos Alberto Castillo Oporta
  • Ankit

    Bitsy Music Player

  • ankit

    Btisy Music Player

  • Faizan Fateh
  • badre zouiri

    what about https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itconnect.inc.musica&hl=en
    Part streaming music service, part peer-to-peer network, Musica is one of the most unique music app on android. Musica the music listening service is free. There are no restrictions on viewing your location or time.

  • BBunsen

    doubletwist won’t sync via USB on many recent Android devices, so you have to pay to get the wireless function, and Shuffle couldn’t find the music files on my Nexus 5.

  • psychosane

    This one has an interesting way for playing around with playlists (mosic9): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.memosaic.mosic9

  • Brett

    Hey I use a FlipBeats to experience the music. Why these guys are not reviewing it? FlipBeats is the BEST MUSIC PLAYER Ive been using this for almost three months and I love the way it flips the songs… even my friend think its coolll


  • Canton

    YYy isnt Flipbeats on the list!!!!! its has an awesome interface:) its super great.

    • jaydeedoubleyou

      Here’s a word of unsolicited advice, when you spam a comment board with the same repetitive rhetoric throughout you not only run the risk of coming off as a complete tool, discrediting yourself and your comments in the process, but you actually do to the product you’re supporting a disservice through it’s association with your feeble, thinly veiled shotgun approach to marketing and promotion. Instead try posting a short, smart and succinct product pitch focusing your efforts on creating content that is as compelling and engaging as possible and then move on. Less is more Canton. Seriously.

  • Sam Tomy

    Do you need a good music player for Mac? I’m using a free media player, which can play music smoothly. Besides, it can support almost all media categories and formats, including DVD, VideoCD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc. It can play not only movies, videos, audios but also musics and photos on MacBook Air, Pro, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro, with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. http://www.macblurayplayer.com/mac-media-player.htm

  • DustenDusk

    I’m using Lenovo phone and it has Lenovo Music player preinstalled on it. I have been trying many music player instead, but so far none was as good as lenovo music. It can both play my local music as well as streaming music online. Plus i can even download the mp3 file altogether with lyrics and album art as well. It has function to display lyric on the desktop. There are many sound effects to choose and on top of it, it include cutomizable equalizer, channel balance, bass boost and surround sound. Basically there’s nothing more can i ask from a completely free music player? Simple and feature-rich. You guys should maybe try it out too. Btw, it isn’t available on google play. peace


    Musixmatch is good

  • Sheena

    Star Music Player

  • Gia Annabella

    AnyPlayer is one of the best, simple to use
    Apparently new though.

  • Christian C.

    It’s not shuFFle+, it’s shuTTle+.

  • I’ve been using Poweramp for 2 years and it’s the best, that $4 worth it

  • John

    I use VLC Media Player for my music (as well as videos). Works brilliantly (Android, PC, and Linux)!

  • Serhii Pukhov

    What about Daily Songs app? It’s not a common player but it helps to track and listen new music releases.
    It’s in active development phase and I’ll be glad to hear some feedbacks)

  • Khalil Kitar

    This one is good too : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kkitar.kitar.vibesleeping&hl=en you can stream and download music and relaxing nature sounds for free and mix them together.

  • Tesia Liao

    As far as I know, the best Android music players is listed
    in this tutorial. You can take a look at it.

  • Muzigrid

    If you have large number of songs on your mobile
    (like hundreds or thousands!), use Muzigrid . It places all of your music
    folders as well as playlists on a grid. You can give unique icons to them,
    create more playlists and play multiple playlists/folders at a time. Being able
    to access entire set of folders/playlists at once makes it very convenient to
    place songs in appropriate playlist, as opposed to building one playlist at a
    time. It is also loaded with features such as Tag Editor, Equalizer, Crossfader
    and many more!

  • khushi aggarwal

    The Solo Music Player is a newly launched music player on android. It is beautifully designed, fulfilling all your requirements. It is a minimalistic and easy to use music player app.
    A New Soul For Your Music…!!
    check it out…!!!

  • All these players are good but I personally
    like Google Play music more because of its simplicity.

    There is a new simple player called WhatsSong (whatssong.com)
    where you can play as well as see what

    your friends are listening too.. it is quite interesting.

    Download it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.songsdroid

  • bindiya anjani

    A new music player for android with elegant UI..
    It has all the features one need….
    Solo Music Player
    Try this…https://play.google.com/store/
    Stay musical…

  • Den Watsons

    MyAudioStream has to be mentioned here also. It plays and streams FLAc and all th epopular formats.

  • Shirley Knott

    Pi music player. Very good.