10+ best free Android games with no in app purchases

by: Joe HindyFebruary 11, 2015

Lego Bionicle best free android games with no in app purchases
There is no doubt that the very best games on Android do cost you money, sometimes you just don’t have the money to spend. Just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you should be left out in the dark when it comes to quality games on Android. In this roundup, we’ll look at the best free Android games with no in app purchases. It is important to note that free games usually don’t get the attention that paid games do, so don’t expect the moon.

chess best free android games with no in app purchasesAI Factory Limited collection

[Price: Free]
First up is AI Factory Limited. These developers have released a handful of card games and board games for you to play free of charge. Some of the titles include Chess, Hearts, Backgammon, Checkers, Four In A Line, Solitaire, Reversi, and plenty of others. There are some apps that cost a buck or so but the majority of the collection is totally free with no in app purchases and they provide a good baseline of time wasters for casual gamers.
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chess best free android games with no in app purchases

buff knight best indie android apps and android gamesBuff Knight

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Buff Knight is an infinite runner-style game with RPG elements. It features 8-bit style graphics and unlike infinite runners, you do eventually “beat” this game although there is an infinite runner mode as well. There are items to unlock and plenty of monsters to slay. It’s not overly deep in terms of story but it definitely offers more than many time waster games. It’s also extremely easy to play and that makes it accessible for casual gamers. On the Google Play page, it does show in-app purchases, but what the developer has done is put the free and full versions in one app and the $0.99 IAP simply removes ads. The entire game, all of its elements, and everything is available in the free version and even the advertising isn’t annoying. It’s a great free game.
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hidden scenes best free android games with no in app purchasesDifference Games LLC collection

[Price: Free]
Difference Games LLC, much like AI Factory Limited, have released a bunch of free games with no in app purchases. Their collection consists mostly of hidden-object puzzle games that include their Hidden Scenes series and Hidden Mahjong series. They’re occasionally heavy on the advertising but hey at least there are no in app purchases.
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hidden scenes best free android games with no in app purchases

Doom & Destiny best free android games with no in app purchasesDoom & Destiny Free

[Price: Free]
Doom & Destiny is a retro style jRPG that embraces old school 8-bit and 16-bit graphics along with a goofy story line and a fun premise. You play as four normal nerds who are sucked into a world where they must become heroes and save the day. There is a paid version that removes ads, but otherwise this is entirely free to play and contains roughly 40 hours worth of game play if you include side quests and additional stuff.
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don't tap the white tile best free android games with no in app purchasesDon’t Tap the White Tile

[Price: Free]
Don’t Tap the White Tile is an addictive casual game where you must quickly tap black tiles in order to progress. You either win the level eventually or lose when you tap a white tile. It’s a vastly popular game and it’s been seen at such tech events as Google I/O and others. It’s easy to get into and you can put it down when you have to which is what defines a good casual game.
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dumb ways to die best free android games with no in app purchasesDumb Ways to Die

[Price: Free]
Dumb Ways to Die is an adorably morbid game where you must help out dumb people who are unintentionally trying to kill themselves. It’s a casual game with a bunch of mini games where you defend people from their own silly actions. For instance, you’ll need to tap away piranhas who are trying to eat a person’s genital regions or defend a guy from wasps (ostensibly from a nest he hit). It’s a fun little game with a humorous premise. Also, if you have three minutes, check out the YouTube video (if you haven’t already).
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glow hockey 2 best free android games with no in app purchasesGlow Hockey 1 and 2

[Price: Free]
Glow Hockey 1 and 2 are both air hockey style games and pretty much everyone knows what air hockey is. The tables are crafted out of colorful neon graphics which gives it a bright minimal touch. The games also feature offline multiplayer mode for those who may be wanting to play with friends in a place where there’s no web connection. They’re simple games but good ones.
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glow hockey best free android games with no in app purchases

freecell solitaire best free android games with no in app purchasesHarpan LLC

[Price: Free]
Harpan LLC is another developer that focuses on free card games. Unlike AI Factory Limited, this developer doesn’t have quite the selection. That said, the games are solid. There is a basic Sudoku game, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, and regular old Solitaire. If that sounds like a selection you can get into, the button to get them is below.
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freecell soliatire best free android games with no in app purchases

Ingress best free android games with no in app purchasesIngress

[Price: Free]
Ingress is probably the best free game out there. It’s a GPS-based game where you must travel to portals, hack them, defend them, and otherwise battle over them against other, real life people. It has a very loyal following all over the world and it’s a great way to meet fellow Android users. There is also a feature called Missions that are essentially in-depth scavenger hunts that you can go on if the portal hacking thing just isn’t your thing. It’s a huge game and chances are your city has some people playing.
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Lego Bionicle best free android games with no in app purchasesThe LEGO Group collection

[Price: Free]
If there is one developer that should be universally applauded for raising the bar on free games, it’s The LEGO Group. They have a rather large collection of games and most of them are free with no in app purchases. Some notables include LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Star Wars, among others. The button below takes you to their whole collection. These are also great for kids since they can’t accidentally drain your credit card on in app purchases and the LEGO brand is generally inoffensive, which is great for parents.
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Lego Bionicle best free android games with no in app purchases

skyward best free android games with no in app purchasesSkyward

[Price: Free]
Last on our list is a casual game called Skyward. In this game you control two dots and you try to make your way up the puzzle without falling off or being left behind. It has simple mechanics and an easy scoring system. Some may be offended that the graphics are inspired by Monument Valley while others may enjoy the art style. It’s about as well designed of a casual game as you’re going to get for free.
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Wrap up

If we missed any great free Android games with no in app purchases (and we probably did), let us know in the comments!

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  • Sri Sainath Adusumilli

    Chain Reaction

  • nick

    How could you not mention Pixel Dungeon?

    • JosephHindy

      That’s why I ask for people to comment :) I think I also forgot Buff Knight (the IAP is just unlocking the full version).

    • Quint’s Sharking & Seashells

      Play Store says it has in app purchases.

      • jani jokela

        only for donation, the game it self is free

    • Portnoy

      It has in-app purchases.

  • R.G. Etienne

    The Dumb Ways To Die video cracks me up big time !

  • Chris Flowers

    Although not free, Battle Heart: Legacy is such an underated RPG with a one off price and no horrible IAP.

  • Anmol

    Action for 2-4 Players….
    Very good game but has some irrelevant inapp purchases.

  • zakaos .

    I have this game I created for february, with no in app purchases,
    if you have android please give it a try,

    could use some ratings.


  • Chris Joe

    ohhh amazing it was when you get free Android games

  • Crocodiles

    I recently developed an app of my own. I think with a little work it can top the apps here. Please download it and let me know what you think :)

  • Ouro

    Little Inferno by Tomorrow Corporation

  • Zombie Hunter

    I REALLLLY wanted yo download some of these. But I dread applications that REQUIRE device ID, Call information, and that includes call history which shows numbers of all calls. Can you recommend games that won’t have that requirements?
    Can you help me find where to download games that are off the google grip?
    I downloaded a solitaire game that has 250+ card games and it was NOT IN THE GOGGLE PLAY, and it was FREE, and it has NO PERMISSIONS. That’s the application type I’m after. Buff and Lego could have had their games on my device but I’m VERY VERY paranoid ….ahem I mean CAREFUL, with what permissions I allow to my privacy.

  • Jimmy

    This game is also free without in app purchases and no ads. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FourSwipe.Load_Shedding&hl=en

  • Dawid

    Skywarp have “in app purchases” option

  • shehroz malik

    hey guys try orbit jump, a very nice and entertaining game for android and iOS. i am sure you guys will like it. :)

    Here’s the link https://goo.gl/aeJXSL

  • MattIsComingEveryoneGetsBanned

    ingress has inapp purchases, YOU FCKIN POS

  • Satyan Patel

    Plasma Sky. An awesome top down SHUMP with no in app purchasing, no ads and really free.

  • Oliver

    Dumb ways to Die. I love it!