best non-freemium Android games
It’s true that the very best Android games cost money. Unfortunately, not everyone has money to spend. There are many reasons why this can be the case, but suffice it to say that there is a market for games that are totally free. The good news is that those of you who can’t afford games are in luck because there are great options out there that cost nothing. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the best free Android games with no in-app purchases. Please note that many of these do have in-game advertising to support the developers.

chess best android games with no ini-app purchasesAI Factory Limited

[Price: Free]
AI Factory Limited is a developer studio that specializes in making board games and card games. Their collection features things like Chess, Spades, Checkers, Euchre, Reversi, Sudoku, Solitaire, Gin Rummy, and even Go. All of these titles have versions that are completely free. They are also fairly minimal and should run on low end devices as well as high end ones. It’s not the most complex collection of games out there, but it’s a great starting point and a one-stop shop for those classic style games.

chess free android games with no in-app purchases

bombing bastards touch best android games with no in-app purchasesBombing Bastards: Touch!

[Price: Free]
Bombing Bastards: Touch is a puzzle adventure game that is similar to the old Bomberman games. You’ll play as a character who sets off bombs to kill bad guys so you can make it to the next level. It’s not a huge game, but it does come with 30 total mazes, a ton of items and power ups to collect, and five boss fights for a little bit of added challenge. Some have had issues with the controls, but once you get passed that the game is actually pretty fun. Bombing Bastards: Touch is free with ad support.

buff knight best android games with no in-app purchasesBuff Knight

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Buff Knight is an RPG runner and one of the more simple Android games on this list. In this title, you’ll go on a run with your hero and make it as far as you can. Based on how well you do, you’ll gain experience which you can use to level up and then hopefully make it a bit further on the next run. Unlike most runners, this one actually does have an ending. You’ll be able to replay the game with items that you unlocked on previous runs. This one has a paid version that removes advertising and adds cloud saving, but otherwise the two versions are virtually identical and you can play this one for free if you want.

doom and destiny best free android games with no in-app purchasesDoom & Destiny

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Doom & Destiny is a jRPG that will have you crawling dungeons, exploring cities, and leveling up your characters. It features a ton of content for being a free game and it includes over 20 hours of story line along with around 20 hours of side quests that you can go through. That includes over 700 locations, 500 items, 200 special powers and spells, and over 300 bad guys to defeat. Doom & Destiny is shockingly deep for how inexpensive it is. You can grab it for free with advertising and there is a $2.99 option if you feel like you want to pay ad free at some point.

fighting tiger liberal best android games with no in-app purchasesFighting Tiger

[Price: Free]
Fighting Tiger is an action fighting game with a lot going for it. In this one, you’ll be playing the part of Gin and your goal is to save your girlfriend and leave the gang that you’re in. It plays a lot like a standard fighting game, except you’ll be fighting multiple opponents at once. There are a variety of moves to learn or you can pick up weapons to fend off your opponents as well. It’s an older game which means it doesn’t have that smoothness that modern games do, but it’s also completely free.

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gamestart best android games with no in-app purchasesGameStart 2015

[Price: Free]
GameStart 2015 was created as a sort of promotional game for the festival of the same name. Hilariously, it’s actually pretty good. The game is a side scrolling platformer and shooter where you’ll be tackling various levels with various characters and various weapons. It has retro graphics, but also features popular characters from a few other games. The real GameStart 2015 may have passed, but for now, their little game is a fun little time killer that’s still worth picking up.

it's a space thing best free android games with no in-app purchasesIt’ A Space Thing

[Price: Free]
It’s A Space Thing is a relatively newer shooter that was released in 2016. This is an arcade style shooter where you play the character on the bottom and your job is to kill the bad guy at the top of the screen. It features simple controls, intense game play, and five boss battles to play through. It also features local multiplayer where you can play the bottom character and someone else sits opposite of you and plays the top character. Add in the retro graphics and you have a pretty well rounded experience for a free game.

Lego best free android games with no in-app purchasesLEGO

[Price: Free]
LEGO has a shocking number of Android games that are completely free to play. A few of the better ones include the LEGO Nexo Knights series, the LEGO Ninjago series, and many of the LEGO Star Wars series games are completely free as well. Each game has its own set of mechanics, but most of them are action-adventure games that have fighting or shooter mechanics baked in. Many have unique ideas, like being able to scan real world toys to grant yourself powers (sold separately, of course). They’re generally kid friendly as well, which makes them great games for them.

Mekorama best free android games with no in-app purchasesMekorama

[Price: Free with optional in-app purchases]
Mekorama is a minimal, atmospheric puzzle game where you must solve puzzles to reach the next level. The game features 50 levels overall which is a decent length for a game at this price. Each level can be rotated so you can work your way around it and find your way to the end. It boasts a relaxing game play experience and it’s a surprisingly small game (5.2MB) which makes it great for lower end devices. When you go to the Google Play page, you’ll see that it has in-app purchases. However, these are simply donation options if you want to send the developer money. The whole game is entirely free to play.

nova 3 freedom edition best free games with no in-app purchasesNOVA 3: Freedom Edition

[Price: Free]
NOVA 3 Freedom Edition is the completely free version of the famous NOVA 3 game. For those who don’t know, NOVA 3 is a first person shooter with a sci-fi theme and tons of stuff to do. It features a campaign mode where you’ll have to reclaim the Earth from a race of hostile aliens. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play games with up to 12 players total across seven multiplayer modes. It’s one of the best shooters of all time and this version is completely free.

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quizoid Best free android games with no in-app purchasesQuizoid

[Price: Free]
Quizoid is a free quiz game that can actually compete with other games in this genre. It features over 6000 trivia questions in total that are spread out over six levels. Questions are added and removed in updates to help keep the content fresh. There are 17 topics that you can play through, two game modes, and you have lifelines to help you answer questions you may not know the answers to. This one is also playable offline which is a plus for many people. This is about as good as it gets if you want a quiz game that is also completely free.

quizoid Best free android games with no in-app purchases

remixed pixel dungeon best free android games with no in-app purchasesRemixed Pixel Dungeon

[Price: Free with optional in-app purchases]
Remixed Pixel Dungeon is based on the open-sourced Pixel Dungeon game. It comes with a ton of features and plenty of things to do. For those who don’t know, Pixel Dungeon is a dungeon crawling RPG that is among the most difficult games out there. The remixed edition adds additional features and game play to round out the experience. It’s entirely free and the in-app purchases are donation options just in case you want to give the developer money. If you want to play the original, you can download the regular Pixel Dungeon by clicking here.

remixed pixel dungeon best free android games with no in-app purchases

Cube Escape best free android games with no in-app purchasesCube Escape series

[Price: Free]
Cube Escape is a series of puzzle games by Rusty Lake that are all entirely free. It’s a hybrid between the hidden item and puzzle genres that has you finding clues, putting together puzzles, and figuring exactly what is going on. There are currently eight games in the series which means there is a ton of content to play through. The graphics aren’t anything special, but everything is so quirky and offbeat that one tends not to care. If you’re interested, the first game in the series is Cube Escape: Seasons which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Stickman Dismounting best free Android games with no in-app purchasesStickman Dismounting

[Price: Free]
Stickman Dismounting is a goofy little simulation game where your goal is to utterly wreck a stickman. Each level will have you trying to creatively smash your stickman to earn more points. It uses the popular ragdoll physics system so you’ll be able to see and appreciate how much damage you’re doing. It’s a fairly violent game for how simple it is, so that’s something to keep in mind. Otherwise, it’s a fun little time killer that won’t cost you a dime.

survive best free android games with no in-app purchasesSurvive

[Price: Free]
Survive is, as you may have guessed, a survival game. In this title, you’ll be tasked with staying alive for as long as possible. It uses a similar system as The Sims where you’ll have to keep an eye on various stats to make sure you remain healthy. Your end game is to survive long enough to get back to civilization. It features minimal, flat graphics that work pretty well with the premise and you’ll be able to track stuff like high scores as you complete the game. It’s a good time killer, especially for older and lower end devices.

survive best free android games with no ini-app purchases

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  • Sri Sainath Adusumilli

    Chain Reaction

  • nick

    How could you not mention Pixel Dungeon?

    • JosephHindy

      That’s why I ask for people to comment :) I think I also forgot Buff Knight (the IAP is just unlocking the full version).

    • Quint’s Sharking & Seashells

      Play Store says it has in app purchases.

      • jani jokela

        only for donation, the game it self is free

    • Portnoy

      It has in-app purchases.

  • R.G. Etienne

    The Dumb Ways To Die video cracks me up big time !

  • Chris Flowers

    Although not free, Battle Heart: Legacy is such an underated RPG with a one off price and no horrible IAP.

  • Anmol

    Action for 2-4 Players….
    Very good game but has some irrelevant inapp purchases.

  • zakaos .

    I have this game I created for february, with no in app purchases,
    if you have android please give it a try,

    could use some ratings.

  • Chris Joe

    ohhh amazing it was when you get free Android games

  • Crocodiles

    I recently developed an app of my own. I think with a little work it can top the apps here. Please download it and let me know what you think :)

  • Ouro

    Little Inferno by Tomorrow Corporation

  • Zombie Hunter

    I REALLLLY wanted yo download some of these. But I dread applications that REQUIRE device ID, Call information, and that includes call history which shows numbers of all calls. Can you recommend games that won’t have that requirements?
    Can you help me find where to download games that are off the google grip?
    I downloaded a solitaire game that has 250+ card games and it was NOT IN THE GOGGLE PLAY, and it was FREE, and it has NO PERMISSIONS. That’s the application type I’m after. Buff and Lego could have had their games on my device but I’m VERY VERY paranoid ….ahem I mean CAREFUL, with what permissions I allow to my privacy.

  • Jimmy

    This game is also free without in app purchases and no ads.

  • Dawid

    Skywarp have “in app purchases” option

  • shehroz malik

    hey guys try orbit jump, a very nice and entertaining game for android and iOS. i am sure you guys will like it. :)

    Here’s the link

  • MattIsComingEveryoneGetsBanned

    ingress has inapp purchases, YOU FCKIN POS

  • Satyan Patel

    Plasma Sky. An awesome top down SHUMP with no in app purchasing, no ads and really free.

  • Oliver

    Dumb ways to Die. I love it!

  • Expectations
    Thumbnail: Mortal Kombat X, INJUSTICE
    After visiting: Chess.

    • PromethianKnight

      Read the title of the article again…
      It says “with no in-app purchases”. MKX and Injustice have those….

      • Well, it’s not necessary. You can still play the game unlike Asphalt 8, after a certain level, no progress. I’ve finished playing the game all the achievements.

        • DarkLight251

          The title says no in-app purchases, as in no options to purchase anything at all.

          • You should belong to iOS. Well, the thumbnail also depicts a sense of hardcore games than… well.. chess. And hence, the joke. Even League of Stickman is better.

          • DarkLight251

            Haha, very funny. Now shoo…

          • PromethianKnight

            *sigh* Lets try this again…..
            The article says “with no in-app purchases”, not “apps with bearable/non-intrusive in-app purchases”.
            I play MKX and Injustice all the time they’re great, BUT the article is about games without in-app purchases, as in no options to pay a sum of money to boost coins/energy/gems/diamonds/potato…. NOT games that have bearable or unnecessary in-app purchases.
            Also, this article’s main point is not “hardcore games”…. Read.The.Title.AGAIN!!!!

          • Sigh, you don’t have to explain.

          • JosephHindy

            The game depicted in the thumbnail is NOVA 3: Freedom Edition which is, in fact, a free to play game with no in-app purchases. The screen is, in fact, from a game on this list.

            When you get down to “paying no money whatsoever”, the idea that there are gonna be 15 games like NOVA 3: Freedom Edition (which was only made free after 4 years of success) is setting one’s expectations a little too high. HQ games like that don’t get done for free lol.

            These games are for people who don’t want to:
            1. Spend a dime
            2. Deal with people who spend many dimes to gain unfair advantages.
            3. Play games that don’t adhere to the “new normal” that is freemium.

            I personally don’t mind freemium games but there are tons of people who do, this list is for them.

            P.S. If you don’t think Chess is a hardcore game, then you’re not playing against the right opponents in Chess. Grab that AI Factory Chess game and put it on max difficulty. Have fun getting stomped like you banged the game’s girlfriend :P

  • RiTCHiE

    You only pay with all your data :P

  • B12

    Nova has “in app purchases” and there are way more free games that are better then this list

    • blake whitlow

      really like what? i want a good action RPG the only one ive found was Implosion but it doesn’t work with android 7

      • B12

        hmm… – Kritika: the white knights – Darkness Reborn – Evilbane (one of my favs) – Marvel Future fight – Dark Ares – Angel Stone …. name a few. some of these have have different elements to them but for the most part there Action RPG’s. you already mentioned Implosion. that game was a disappointment I think..i was pumped to play it…and when I started it, it flopped for me

        • JosephHindy

          Okay here’s the thing:

          If you scroll down in Google Play and the price range is “$0.99-$99.99”, those games are disqualified from this list.

          Also, check the version of NOVA 3 that I linked. The Freedom Edition is completely free, with no in-app purchases.

          • B12

            my comment wasn’t directed towards you or the original topic. it was directed towards Blade Whitlow….and super easy way to deal with the in-app purchases is simply don’t purchase them. fact is if you want a quality game on your device, I highly doubt you’ll find one with no in app purchases. like I said don’t purchase them, problem solved. no thanx on the nova link…already played it finished it so…=/

  • When I try to listen to a sample of a song it takes forever to start playing. Is it the same with the service? I don’t have that lag with Spotify.

  • Quad Derrick

    This is a site owned by google trying to show us that only by paying you will get a good game ? DEATH TO GOOGLE AND YOUR CAPITALISTIC VIEWS ON GAMES ! GAMES ARE MENT TO TO SPREAD JOY ! NOT MAKE MONEY ! Information stealing lying rascals with no shame nor knowledge about half decent behaviour at all.. MONKEYS !

    • JosephHindy

      What on earth are you talking about? Lol, were you expecting Skyrim level games without having to pay for it? Calm down man, totally free stuff is tough to find.

      • Quad Derrick

        what im talking about ? what planet you live on ? here on this planet Google has taken over gaming industry for android phones totaly, , its not that its just hard to find good games, its the fact that google tryes DELIBERATELY to make it hard to find the good games by manipulating searching results, for one fact. The list about googles capitalistic crimes goes on and on. i can NOT be calm with assholes like this loose and idiots like YOU defending them ! GO TO YOUR ROOM!

        • JosephHindy

          If people actually bought and paid for these games, they would be at the top of the search results. Google is simply putting up the games that make money. Everyone knows that. If people actually bought games, they would be there too. Don’t blame Google, a business that’s designed to make money, for making decisions that make it money. The public votes with their wallet. Buy games, don’t yell at people in comment sections. That doesn’t help anybody.

          • Quad Derrick

            “if people just buy game it will rank higher in googles lists” you so brainwashed by capitalists,, throwing money at things are not the way to vote for things. Unless your brainwashed by washington dc. ofcourse. You are too young to know what the gaming industry once was,, once there was good LEARNING games that was not DESIGNED TO MAKE MONEY as you say it yourself,, they were free,, and you LEARNED something (exept gathering money) from the games.. TIM. The Incredible Machine is a good example of this,, this was a free game for computers where kids LEARNED shit for FREE ,, it was developed by people wanting to be nerds and explore.., unlike your shitty google games thats designed to make money and make people think about money all day.
            You have just NO idea what games are SUPPOSTO be.

            YOU are what is wrong with the world today Joseph, you are too young to know what the gaming industry once was, please do not interfer in the fight with google, you WILL lose. kiddo..

          • JosephHindy

            Oh ad hominem, that’s so adorable. Trying to say horrible things about me personally because your argument is quickly falling apart.

            The hilariously ironic part is you’re complaining about capitalism and “making money” on a list of apps that have literally have no cost, in-app or otherwise. Most of them have advertising, but the people who made these have to eat somehow and they’re hoping that making games puts food on the table. That’s not “the evil capitalist pigs”, that’s called “entrepreneurship”.

            So listen here, Fake Name No Profile Picture. Computers have never been free. The Internet has never been free. Video games have never been free. You’re referring to a time when your mommy and daddy paid for everything. Kids never learned “for free”. You just like it better when someone other than you has to pay for it. Everything has a cost and if you don’t pony up, then you’re asking someone else to do it for you. No one on this planet should have to pay for you and all the CAPS LOCK YELLING and SILLY INSULTS will never change that.

            If you want a good game, you’re going to have to pay for it. You can’t subsidize fun like you can with education and healthcare. That’s silly. And stupid.

          • Quad Derrick

            … your so wrong at so many points my head just hurts,,,
            just to annoy you , sure theres good games for free, its just , like you actually said yourself, “totaly free stuff is tough to find” i hope it angers you when i mention PIRATE BAY for one source, and other p2p software that will allow you to search for good free stuff, dc++ , amule , and morphis , a software made by sam maloney , the guy that the cops shot ….. death to filthy capitalist trying to fool themself and others..

          • JosephHindy

            Why would it anger me? I don’t have an emotional connection to any of this, I’m just trying to deliver facts. You apparently take things that don’t belong to you and call for people’s deaths so who’s the emotionally unstable kleptomaniac in this comment section right now?