Need for speed – What’s the fastest Android browser?

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 18, 2016

We use our Android devices for everything nowadays. Calling, texting, checking email, scrolling through social media – you name it. Among those who take their mobile web browsing seriously, the choice of browser app is very crucial.

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What makes users prefer one browser over another? Several considerations include feature sets, aesthetics, and of course speed and performance. To help you find the right one to suit your needs, we subjected 10 of the best Android browsers to a series of tests and benchmarks to find out which one is the top performer.

So which is the fastest Android browser? Continue reading to find out.

Aims, method, and limitations

Our aim for conducting these tests is to provide extensive (but not necessarily exhaustive), objective and measurable data, helpful in deciding which Android browser to favor for daily use.

We tested the following specific browser versions:

  • Google Chrome 49.0.2623.105
  • Dolphin Browser 11.5.5
  • Mozilla Firefox 45.0.2
  • Naked Browser version 1.0 build 112
  • Opera Browser 36.1.2126.102083
  • Puffin Browser
  • UC Browser 10.9.0
  • InfiKen Labs Flynx Browser 2.0.1
  • Ghostery Browser 1.3.2
  • Mercury Browser 3.2.3

As of this writing, the browser versions listed above are the most current.

Test device used

The browsers were tested using a Nexus 6P running stock Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

nexus 6p review 2 aa (11 of 30)

The Nexus 6P was factory reset before these tests took place. We didn’t install any other apps on the phone aside from the browsers and a system monitor app for determining memory use.


Before each test, the Nexus 6P was rebooted to ensure that the tests ran on a clean slate. Browsing data, history, cookies, and other browser app data were also cleared before each test was run, except in the cached page loading test. We wanted to minimize the possible influence of other apps or data upon the test results.

Also, to improve data accuracy, we ran each test or benchmark three times and computed the arithmetic mean or simple average of the three recorded results.

Areas tested

Our series of tests covered these general areas:

  • JavaScript and overall browser performance
  • Page loading speed
  • Memory consumption

Browser performance

To test JavaScript and overall browser performance, we used the following popular and well-known benchmark suites:

  • Sunspider
  • Mozilla Kraken
  • Browsermark
  • Peacekeeper

These tools measure browser processes, such as page loading, JavaScript performance, HTML capabilities, etc., and represent the browser’s “performance” with a numeric score. Scores will vary from time to time, even when the same benchmark is run on the same device.

SunSpider 1.0.2


We first conducted the SunSpider 1.0.2 JavaScript Benchmark, designed to test the core JavaScript abilities of the browser. Measured in milliseconds, a low score means faster/better performance.


Puffin Web Browser aced the SunSpider test, while the next fastest contestant was UC Browser. That’s an amazing lead time, though. The fastest browser beat the second fastest by 577.3 milliseconds.

Sadly, it seems the slowest browser here is Chrome. I know… I couldn’t believe it either.

Mozilla Kraken 1.1


After SunSpider, we ran Mozilla Kraken JavaScript Benchmark 1.1. Like SunSpider, it measures the browser’s JavaScript performance through the use of “different test cases extracted from real-world applications and libraries.” The benchmark is developed by the Mozilla Foundation.

As with SunSpider, the score is in milliseconds; smaller score means better performance.

image (3)

Registering the shortest time in this test, Puffin continued to stay on top, while Dolphin managed to stay lowest in rank. Firefox got second place, with Chrome now taking the 6th spot.

Browsermark 2.1.3

The third benchmark, Browsermark, measures overall browser performance. Browsermark checks performance in these areas: general (e.g., page load time, screen resizing, etc.), JavaScript, CSS, DOM, and graphics (particularly WebGL and Canvas performance).


The race this time is not about who gets the lowest score but about who gets the higher score.

browsermark (2)

This time Opera was top performer with a score of 2431. Chrome came in second. Meanwhile, Dolphin really fell behind in this more thorough benchmark.


Next, we ran the Peacekeeper benchmark suite. This well-known and frequently used browser benchmark measures “overall performance” by testing the browser’s ability to handle commonly used JavaScript functions. Its individual tests include those for rendering, HTML5 (WebGL, video, web worker, game, Canvas), data arrays, DOM operations, and text parsing.


The averaged scores are shown below. Higher score means better performance.


Once again, Puffin is smoking the competition… by far. It’s 5349 is far above even the second best contender, which is UC at 1497. Meanwhile, Dolphin is falling behind with a measly 938 score.

As we can see, though, most browser stick between 1300 and 1500. Curiously, Chrome falls behind with a 1256 score. I guess our favorite browser is not the best performer, after all.

Memory consumption


Memory consumption is another crucial factor in browser selection, especially among users of low-range and mid-range Android devices having limited memory. Our last set of tests measured how much memory was used by each browser.

No open page

We first measured how much memory was consumed by each browser running without any open tab or page.

To ensure result accuracy, we cleared the browser cache first, then rebooted the Nexus 6P before launching the browser. If the browser had popup dialogs, “tours”, or “getting started” prompts, we first dismissed those. Then, we terminated the browser and relaunched it. Only then did we take a reading of the browser’s memory use. Three readings were taken for each browser, the averages of which are shown in the graph below.


Dolphin Browser used the least memory (45 MB). The second best was Naked Browser, with Chrome and Ghostery tied for third place. And Chrome is known for being a RAM waster. Let’s see how it performs once tabs start opening up, though. Also – wow, Opera! No page loaded and already using up 99 MB.

5 open tabs

Which of our 10 browsers uses the least memory even when multiple pages/tabs are open? This was what we wanted to find out in the next set of tests.

The procedure for this set is similar to that for the zero-tab test earlier. First, browser app data were cleared, the device was rebooted, browser startup dialogs were dismissed, and the browser was terminated and relaunched. Then, 5 real web pages were opened one by one in the browser while observing a 7-second delay between tab openings. After the last page has loaded, the memory use of the app at that point was recorded. Three readings were taken for each app and then averaged.

From top position in the previous test, Dolphin Browser slid down to fifth place in this test. Taking its place was Chrome. Crazy, right? We all thought Chrome was the worst with RAM. I suppose that is only the case with the desktop version!

Meanwhile, we seem to be finding out that all that Puffin speed doesn’t come without its sacrifices. It came in second to last. And Flynx is using up 658 MB of RAM!


After conducting all the tests for this post, we affirmed a notion that we’ve always held to be true: “the fastest Android browser” doesn’t exist in an absolute or universal sense. But it seems Puffin is kinda getting there. That is, if you have the RAM to spare. I was definitely impressed, and am going to start using it from now on.


Other popular, solid and stable browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, and UC registered variable performance scores in the different tests. They weren’t the fastest performers in our tests. They weren’t even the most lightweight in the bunch, although Chrome did show memory usage that stayed within the lightweight half of the list.

Hit the comments and let us know which browsers you like! Do you have any browser you think is the fastest? If it’s not on this list, please go ahead and share it with us!

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  • John Garlits

    I think Chrome might be faster on the Moto X due to optimizations. There may be other examples where a browser works better depending on the device used.

    • lag is real on lagdroid

      samsung said no to butter smooth. we need more lag to prove
      that our professional 8 cores is still not powerful enough. in 2014 , we will
      increase to 16 cores and wait for lag fix in the next android 5.0

      • John Garlits

        Dude, Samsung is not all of Android. Troll be gone!

        • mjolnirxz

          dont feed the troll

          • apianist16

            Yah, we just like to downvote them. :)

    • WebSurfer

      Opera is fast.

    • Mrinal Shimpi

      Samsung internet 4.0 is best for samsung s6!

      • Clint

        Samsung browser is trash, and always will be trash. Samsung needs to stick to hardware that doesn’t require an OS.

  • Rob Watkins

    I use Chrome and Chrome Beta depending on the device.

    • lag is real on lagdroid

      You know that android sucks? Let’s be honest, Lag, Stutter,
      Force closed are all u need?

      • Renato Paredes Araújo

        What in the hell are you doing in this site? Troll.

  • Jayfeather787

    Awesome comparison Android Authority thanks! I am using AOSP browser in kit kat, and everything is working fine. Not that fast, not that slow, ok

    • Thank you Jayfeather787 – we had these beautiful dynamic charts before, but sadly, they don’t play well with the new design. This took a lot of work. Glad you appreciated it!

      • lag is real on lagdroid

        android has malwarezzz and lagzzzzzz. sold mine alrady coz
        it suckzzzzzz

        • Jayfeather787

          You suck. It doesn’t lag you must have had some crappy Huawei from 2007 with a 600 MHz single core processor and 256 MB RAM. If it had malware, its your fault, not Android’s.

          • tocsin

            Don’t feed the troll, you have encouraged him, should’ve ignored him. Thanks a lot now that he knows he can get a reaction he will probs do it again

          • Jayfeather787


    • lag is real on lagdroid

      2014 already, we don’t need cheap plastic toy from Samsung

      • Jayfeather787

        Where did I mention anything about Samsung?

  • Flash Gordon

    Mobile browsing is about smooth scrolling, adobe flash and memory footprint so Dolphin goes straight to the 1st place for me (naked following).

    • filaos

      Flash ???
      It’s 2014 dude.

  • Laszlo Demeter

    I don’t really trust this tests. In my phone Dolphin is flying, is even faster than Google and I have plugins like Lastpass installed. It’s faster on opening pages and is faster on scrolling. Then Chrome have issues like the impossibility to login into Disqus account with Twitter.
    Was the Dolphin test done with Jetpack enabled? I don’t think so!

    • lag is real on lagdroid

      Htc said to samsung: “cheap plastic is not fantastic my
      firend” :)

  • Bedjam Rivera

    I know 2 browsers that deserve to be tested. Lighting Browser + and Adrenaline Browser are both very fast and lightweight. In some of my tests even faster then Chrome, Firefox, Naked, and Puffin.

  • Bedjam Rivera

    Dolphin always used to be my go to browser. Unfortunately it always used up so much memory on my old phone and I removed it multiple times. I used it on my Nexus 4 for a few days and it started to do the same thing. Waisted more memory then it needed and slowed down terribly. Chrome, Firefox, Lightning+ are 3 that work wonders for me. And a new one called Mercury browser isn’t that bad either.

  • I wonder how Lightning browser would have stacked up as that is my browser of choice and the fastest one IMHO of all the ones I’ve tried.

    • MasterMuffin

      Lightning is pretty evem with Naked browser in my experience

  • Juan Losada

    I actually enjoy Opera, felt it was faster and smoother than Dolphin in my N10, because Chrome used to reboot my tablet once in a while. I do use Chrome in the N5

  • swtrainer

    With the exception of Baidu, I’ve tried and used all of them. But the one I have found most useful is Angel Browser. Things I look for in a browser: 1) a close button; 2) a direct, one click access to Bookmarks; ability to lock the address bar in place – I hate having to scroll up to get back to the address bar. The closer to a desktop experience in the browser… The better.

  • Data

    I’m surprised Dolphin Browser came low in these tests; Its incredibly fast of my phone….

    • Tom Z

      I used to use Dolphin all the time, and loved it.
      It started really slowing to load in the last year. I have stopped using it and switched to Chrome. I’ve tried clearing the data and cache, but that didn’t help.

  • Izwan Rahman

    I’m with Next Browser, although I’m a hardcore Maxthon on desktop. fast can be measured but most of all I crave for satisfaction, which can be a bit subjective.

  • najiy91

    please dont use mozilla kraken as it will be bias,has the same mozilla name,and lack of trust from users.

  • najiy91

    elmer montejo-do you enable reduce data usage in chrome?please reply.

  • najiy91

    correction-hot loading=cached page.and please correct mispelling.

    • You have a quick eye! Thanks for catching that germ. Typo now corrected. :-)

  • blairh

    I’m using Habit. It’s terrific. Sad it’s not on this test.

    Of these tested, which have the option for a bookmarks icon that remains on the screen?

    • lag is real on lagdroid

      is 8 cores enough for fithting the lagg in samsung crap?

  • kexek
  • checkit

    Dolphin, boat and UC all spy on you. You have to be crazy to use those browsers

    • queeblo

      Exactly, and also Baidu, Maxthon, Next, and Puffin. Just look at the permission requirements and the (crappy) privacy policies. Most of this list should be disqualified as spyware.

      • Sox05

        So which browsers don’t spy on you?

        • Joaquin Padilla Rivero


          • chalkcl

            And too bad it doesn’t have a good performance.

        • FurionStorm


          • Marty

            Wait til Opera is handed over to the Chinese. See if commies can resist spying on you.

          • balcobomber25

            The Americans, Koreans, Europeans, Japanese etc are no better when it comes to spying. They all do it.

          • The Focus

            Sure. No matter the country, but culture, race, religion, it’s just a matter of the availability of tech and chances. Everyone is keen on spying.

          • ODearie

            Man you were right.

          • The Focus

            Hey, I have this bloodyy problem with opera. It doesn’t show comment sections. It’s just blank where the comments sections should be. Sad though, it’s a very fast browser. Love the ad blocking and minimal usage of data. But I use Chrome most of the time. But it consumes a lot of battery life in fact it’s the biggest battery eater on my phone.

        • Techn9cian46

          Almost all of them do, the difference being that ones like Chrome pretty much let you know they’re tracking what you do on the browser and explaining why it makes for a better experience

        • laup nomis

          Firefox, with privacy addons, and ‘startpage’ as search engine; is about as reasonably private as its possible to be if you live in NSA or GCHQ…..oops sorry slip there, I meant USA or UK.
          Ghostery is okay-ish too.
          Its better to act as if you are being watched on line at all times. That’s because even if you’re not being actively watched, what you’re doing is being recorded and can be watched later.
          Its rather sad, I’ve just re-read what I’ve written and it reads like the sad ramblings of the paranoid schizophrenic, and I’d love to live in a country where to say such a thing would be the case.

        • Naked Browser.

        • nick

          Lightning browser is open-source.

      • s2weden2000

        how about looking at androidcentral podcast where Jerry explains for the user how permissions work…

        • balcobomber25

          Many are very confused by permissions.

    • joseph

      Its on my documented evidence that uc has indeed do somethings that is in appropriate basically settings get reverted back to default because uc with the use of its so called cloud service. They tinker using that but I still use uc because of porn etc. Hahaha I’m poor and I’m rooted I send fake data to uc. Lols. I reported the problem to uc via logcat and screenshot. I got no reply maybe they don’t understand english. damn chinese hackers

    • Say What??

      I’m surprised Boat Browser wasn’t included in the test, it’s very fast.

    • Choda Boy

      I used to use Dolphin because there were LastPass and Xmarks plugins until I used the Amazon shortcut and noticed they had inserted themselves in the URL. NOT COOL.

    • redowan nafi

      chrome for life

      • LAMBDA471

        chrome doesnt even have adblock on mobile, so its useless

    • LAMBDA471

      And Chrome doesn’t?

  • Lee Sze Yong

    I use Opera Mini as my “first” browser. It doesn’t support Flash, and some website layouts get affected, but it really is fast. One great feature is that it doesn’t refresh the previous webpage when you go back. Yet another speed advantage

  • Iwan Haniyoto

    Firefox now more slow dan using big memory consumption, uninstalling from my android. Now I’m more conservative, only use Chrome as default browser, because sync with my google account, easy to use.
    But after reading this article, I’m interesting to try Puffin, and back to my old favorite browser: Opera.

  • deepen915

    chrome all day

  • Android Developer

    It’s weird that Firefox uses so much memory.
    I’ve tested many web browsers on this website on desktop mode:
    most web browsers fail to show all animations when I scroll all the way to the bottom, having too much memory being used.
    only the newest Opera (beta) web browser can do it (and iphone 4 safari web browser), while firefox almost can (scrolls about 80% till it crashes).
    if you wish to test it out, do it on a similar device as i’ve tried – SGS3 with stock samsung based rom , android v4.3 , with 1GB of RAM .
    this test won’t show anything special on devices with 2GB of RAM.

  • Renato Paredes Araújo

    I don´t care about the speed. I care about the smoothness. That´s the most important thing for me. Dolphin is the smoother on my Nexus10.

  • Tim

    There is so much wrong with these benchmarks.

    – Please, start all your graphs from zero. You are bloating the differences up to a completely different scale by cutting parts off. A difference of maybe 10% can be made to look like it’s twice as bad, or worse.

    – Stop using Sunspider in general. It’s an outdated benchmark that isn’t worth crap these days.

    – “Perhaps this behavior had something to do with Puffin’s use of cloud servers for pre-processing and data compression”. It’s very obvious that Puffin is executing the JS on a server and not on the device. That makes comparison worthless.

    – “Although it placed last in the cold loading test and second to the last in the hot loading test, Dolphin registered the biggest drop between its cold loading and hot loading times at 3.861 seconds. This could possibly mean that Dolphin made the most significant and advantageous use of its caching mechanism among the other browsers in this group”. No, it means that Dolphin had the most to win. Other browsers couldn’t even win 3.8s, because it’s lower than their cold load time. You should compare the speed-up percentage.

    – Firefox has a higher base memory usage, because it has to load up Gecko, while Webkit/Blink (which all other browsers of that list that I know use) is already loaded by the OS. Here too you should compare the rise of memory when more tabs open, not only the exact numbers. You’ll see it performs about the same as other browsers, but just comes with a higher base cost.

    In general: people, please don’t base your browser choice on a handful of benchmarks a guy has executed without actually knowing what he’s doing. Use the browser you like best for its user interaction. Most of the speed difference will probably be negligible in daily usage anyway. You can use them to get to know new browsers and give something else a try, but don’t jump on conclusions based on this badly written story.

    • daysofdre

      Give this man a job AA.

      • Anonymous

        I think he already has one… hence why he is is apt to defend the more “mainstream” web browsers.

        • Tim

          Nope, I’m just a student with an interest in web browsers and Android. I never said you should use a mainstream browser. I mostly think that benchmarks don’t really matter that much, it’s more about the experience a browser gives you. Maybe they’re even bad in some way, because they can deceive unknowing users. But since I know that that’s a lost battle, I wanted to make sure to correct the biggest flaws in this article. Especially the graphs that don’t start at zero and scores that are obtained by executing the code on a third party server are very unscientific.

          In fact, I don’t even see why I would want to defend the more mainstream browsers. More competition means that browser developers have to invest more resources to keep up with each other, which means that there’s more innovation. And who wouldn’t want that?

          That aside, I’m flattered daysofdre wants me to become a writer for AA, but I’m not really interested at the moment, my studies are taking up enough time already ;)

          • S K Jain

            I agree with you. Use Dolphin or UC browser. Such analysis is waste of time. Baidu, puffin….what the hell!

        • Anonymous

          When you said “Use the browser you like best for its user interaction.” I thought to myself “Well, what if we want to use it for something more?” You are pretty much telling everyone to throw their hands up and just forget about it like we don’t have a choice in the matter. Honestly i know people (including myself) who could write better code than the majority of these people. It’s all about $$$ and “what better ways can we keep tabs on these people”.

  • adamos

    Im waiting for new test. Which browser have the best data compresion

  • Ahmet C.

    I have 3 browsers I use on mobile. Firefox (rarely), Opera(mainly to read news than browsing. My main browser is Sleipnir. I recommend to everybody.

    • Nate Wilson

      Thanks for the tip. Sleipnir actually looks pretty awesome. CNET has a 5/5 rating!

      • Ahmet C.

        No problem. Sleipnir is especially good for large phones as its gestures and the way it handles tabs make one-handed browsing easy.

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    Boat. And it’s not even close. I used to be a huge Dolphin fan, but not after I found Boat. It fared well in these tests also.

    • BAMrom

      + it has floating browser option! :))

      open source FTW!

  • Mf Lye

    it’s so sad that everyone forgot the AOSP browser.

    it’s the best i have used. very battery friendly.

    • justsaying

      Naked Browser is basically the Android browser without all the bloat.

      • Fiip

        what bloat?

        • justsaying


        • Android Developer

          I guess it depends on the Android device you use.

    • s2weden2000

      puffin and naked are pretty much aosp..aaight…

    • MJ

      Yeah, no need to mention a browser that is not in development anymore and is not secure. #facepalm

  • Albin

    A lot of times the synthetic specs are less noticeable in actual use than other considerations. If navigation is clumsy or it hogs resources, what’s a few milliseconds? I’m using Dolphin as default because it can run completely from the microSD, including the cache, and cleans itself up on exit. But Dolphin fails on some sites, for which Opera Mini works, though with more resources.

  • Primalxconvoy

    I use dolphin as I can set a homepage and sort bookmarks into folders (something which chrome and Firefox lack). Dolphin has got many other features but it’s failings for me are it’s inadequate copy/paste, poor text imput (in chat boxes, some words get stuck together when they hit the far right part of the box) and the fragmented releases at the Google play store (unlike most apps, Dolphin has a completely seperate app for Japan, with the English language version only able to be accessed via a web link).

  • Mars Attacks!

    There is an amazing browser called Octane Browser in Google Play. It has super high ratings and quite honestly (I’m using it right now), I have never seen such a fast browser as this!

  • arkej

    I’ll stay with Dolphin. It supports LastPass addon and has the best UI (tab bar, speed dial).

  • John Perez

    Why didn’t you test dolphin with the Dolphin Jetpack added to it?

  • gommer strike

    Fastest browser?

    The plain jane one that came with your phone. No, not Chrome. The one that just says “Internet”. And yes I know it doesn’t exist anymore, past Jellybean on Nexus devices.

    • Guest

      Well said buddy, “Internet” is the fastes, no doubt.

    • Kasnadi Ajisuksmoyo

      Well said buddy, “Internet” is the best.

    • vosg

      It’s also the most stable one.

    • chalkcl

      This, a thousand times.
      Tested lots and lots of web browsers, and the stock browser is always the fastest in a way or other. It really surprises me how Chrome can’t defeat it, when it comes to performance.

    • rochr4

      It’s ‘’ it is default one in AOSP based roms like slimrom, check this:


      • Péter Friedrich

        The only problem is that since 4.4 I think it’s chrome based too. That means no text reflow, no flash support, no invert colors.

    • hackintosh777

      Doesnt exist on my Moto X. And i don’t wanna root it.

  • Jaun Lombard

    The standard internet browser on my galaxy is very nice to use…wonder how it stacks up…I use chrome for all the shared tabs and bookmarks, but do internet searches on my standard browser!

  • Blowntoaster


    somewhere in the comments people were talking about spying and privacy.

    please do a test on that as well, as it is nice to have a fast, stable, low memory browser, but one that is secure is just as important. guess one can sort of use BitDefender’s Clueful and network traffic tracking apps to determine that as well, but professional input from you guys would be great. you know some people that can do this better than we mere mortal consumers can.

  • Thomas N Reedy

    Speed is not the primary reason for my every day browser selection. First and foremost, for me, is readability and image clarity. That is why, after extensive testing of the best rated browsers included in this article, I consistently choose the stock Android browser (currently 4.3) for my Samsung Galaxy S3-4.3. Sometimes, Chrome loads and runs faster (sometimes not) but it’s always been a disappointment when it comes to text-wrapping particularly with text enlargement and page zooming. Chrome would be my standard browser IF it had the text sizing/wrapping settings that are basic features of the stock Android browser. My second (or third) browser preference would be Firefox, but as is pointed out in this article (and in just about every browser review), Firefox is a ram memory hog–an unnecessary flaw, in my opinion (it always was my preferred desktop browser, though it seems to me that its developers forgot or for reasons that I cannot understand left the ‘fat’ of the desktop version in the mobile version). As a retired documentation and occasional programming consultant, that longstanding weakness in Firefox could be fixed at any time and, again in my opinion, could/should have been fixed a long time ago. Lastly, I do like Puffin (still have the purchased mobile app), but use it infrequently for the very reasons clearly pointed out in this review article.

  • cboy

    I think this is a thorough review of mobile browsers, and thanks for a great job.

    For those that want to compare,On IPhone 5s Safari
    The Sunspider is 418 and Browsermark is 3764. The peacekeeper is a 1734

    Also the Puffin browser is fast and available cross platform but previous commentators are correct in that it is cloud based.

  • Arbri Tota

    My opinion u should remove puffin from than test coz puffin depends all on the connection
    technically not using phone hardware but using server browsing that means u are browsing from another pc (with complete different hardware ) but this will expose ur sensitive data like mails. passwords. etc

  • dnt

    I prefer Firefox. The fact that I can sync tabs between my home PC and my mobile is a huge plus. It has a Quit button (via PlugIn) and seems fast enough on my device.

  • William Barath

    Puffin boots jslinux in 6.7 seconds on my 1.5Ghz A7 Dual-core Moto RazrHD. That’s faster than Google Chrome boots it on my Ivy Bridge I5 2.5Ghz laptop. :-O

    • s2weden2000

      change the harddrive to a ssd.. it´s time…

  • Juan Manuel Digifico

    i have used all browser and you havent test opera classic and opera mini , they can make the difference beacuase they are very fast and opera classic can adjust the text and the deskpot mode is amazing . good article

    • Brandon Campbell

      Long time Opera Mini user here too. I use both it and Dolphin, but thinking about replacing Dolphin with Maxthon or Puffin now.

  • Marc

    Opera.. The Best browser.. I just love it.. :-)

    • BoozerX

      Opera Master Race

    • Adrián Iriarte

      I use Opera Next on OSX and i love it since lots of years… but on my Moto X… i dont like any browser… I have used all. I liked CAF chromium, but wasnt updated and not realiable. Opera on Android is good but aaaarg, not enough… needs a lot more and to unify all the opera versions they have.

      Now i use chrome beta, is very good for passwords and so on, but i havent found my perfect Browser on android…

  • dan

    Puffin is the Best. You can still play flash using Puffin, like watching online movies. Unlike in Dolphin you still have to install adobe flash to make it work. The rest are useless anyways even chrome especially on watching online movies using Kitkat.

  • Denincali

    I use Puffin as my main browser on my Ipad mini RT. Happy to the app in apple store. I wanted a browser that has built in Adobe Flash. I can honestly say it is much master then the Safari browser that comes on all IOS devices.

  • Ethan West

    I use Maxthon. Love it to the core. Its full of surprises and its fast. Also I trust that it is safe. Privacy is a major concern. That’s the reason I don’t use a certain browser. And guys you can actually bypass security in college with Maxthon :) I used to video chat with my gf using Maxthon, cos Chrome & FF couldn’t get past the security of her college. How many browsers can claim to do that? :D

  • Nate Wilson

    The comments are forcing me to re-consider having puffin on my phone. I’m gonna go for maxthon or firefox next.

  • Yan

    Don’t forget that Dolphin is the only one that shows flash on kitkat!

  • Ricky blaze

    Dolphin FTW!

  • Rajan Kumthekar

    Chrome is best of you are using it for a long time on your PC, just syncs so easily, but it needs a native page saving feature like the one in Stock Browser, but for me, Chrome is Best!!!

  • 01hawkeye

    I always used dolphin but pinch zoom doesn’t work on my moto x. I switched to boat. It has everything I liked about dolphin and pinch zoom works. I’m not going back to dolphin.

  • Pablo Calero

    great thanks!

  • Christopher Longo

    what about google Chrome Beta? The beta has a benchmark slightly higher than the stable version of chrome? It works better and is a tad faster.

  • Saurabh Savant

    Puffin browser is the fastest of all. I did the speed test with puffin , chrome , uc web and dolphin browser . Though the downloading is slower in puffin compared to uc web .

  • Rogerio M. Souza

    Thanks! Excellent article.

  • Muhammad Burhan Al-Din

    I appreciate this comparison. Thanks, AndroidAuthority!

  • bobby

    Puffin completely renders the webpage on their servers and then sends essentially an image file to your phone. Those benchmarks are the results their server got. They state this is in the app description. No kidding that it couldn’t open your local webpage, their servers can’t get on your LAN. You guys didn’t even try here.

  • Wolf Warren

    I oddly have been looking around for a good bowser for my Note 10.1 running KitKat 4.4. I use mostly two and one as a might go there. Firefox is first. The ability to SYNC with my NOTE 3 AND ASUS big boy at home for bookmarks and history is great and speed is good.
    Second is a Browser that came with DASHLANE password program. Fast, runns well on the Phone ad Tablet, as well as the abilility to synce all 3 uniits togeter and update passwords on all machines from one when I do update.
    Dashlane also allows me to have an online wallet, form filler, and a few other TOYS I’m still learning and exploring. Needs some work as it is not as stable as Firefox under heavy use conditions
    The thirs is the in house INTERNET that came witht he machine. Actually enjoy this one and it’s very stable and yes a bit bare bones but it is fast and stable. If I had to be nailed down to just two right now? Firefox then ASOP as my secondary

  • Justin Time

    nbp. from the beginnings. the developer also a cool guy.

  • someone

    Try using CM browser…’s sooo fast

    • Zach Chen

      Not really…

    • Adrián Iriarte

      I prefer to eat a brick instead of using CM software.

      mmmm yummy brick

  • patricky

    where is QQ browser???????I like it best , maybe you can have a try ,and UC is fogish

  • Guest

    I recently tried NC Browser Free via a friend, IMO it’s very fast without any bloatware, perfect for people like me who just want to surf and download stuff :D

  • Ketim Porta

    I have been using UC browser for two weeks and is a cheetah.

  • Brandon Campbell

    I’d like to see a similar test run on a 3 year old Froyo phone.

  • Olek

    Thanks. This article realy helped me. I like Mozilla Firefox for Android. This browser has great support for mobile video. Also I found interesting information here

  • Ray

    I use Chrome for a variety of reasons. 1. I use it elsewhere and have my Google favorites and history synced. 2. It used to work great.

    Now it is a snail. My phone is getting old but I keep it clean. Not sure what is causing the degradation in performance.

  • James

    CM Browser is wicked good.

  • James braselton

    hi. there. i use. puffin. browser. what about. testing. smart browser. and clear browser

  • Muhammad Muneeb

    gREAT INFORMATION FOR ANdroid .thanks for great information.

  • Laurence02

    Habit Browser is quite fast, and it has all them functions.

  • Justin Time

    Naked pro years ago. Best.

  • SXE-EA17

    Went through the comments and to make it short, there is no good/reliable browser on android.

  • Kevin

    In the graphic picture “no open page section”, you mention opera twice and UC disappear.

  • James Ickes

    I’ve recently switched to the Samsung browser. So far so good. Mainly because I can enable ad blockers. I don’t mind ads and get the point of them. But some sites are getting ridiculous with them, including this one. Another plus of the Samsung browser it let’s you sign in with fingerprints. I wish there was a way to sync desktop chrome book larks with it tho.

  • I use “CM Browser”, light weight and best.

  • Using Firefox Mobile with uBlock Origin and UC Browser.

    Puffin browser is fast, noted.

  • Mohsin

    Its a great test, amazing job Android Authority…once again step ahead of others

  • viktor

    I’m using Firefox a few years,and I’m pleased with it. Also I hve instaled Chrome buth didn’t try to use it. With Firefox I’m using Opera Max, to gain some space…

  • HotelQuebec

    Synthetic benchmarks are useless. Some of the most important things are ability to render pages correctly and scrolling smoothness where Chrome is king. Only thing it needs to extension support so I can use uBlock Origin instead of Adguard. iOS Safari is one of the worst.

  • Osama Abbasi

    i use firefox and was pretty happy but now it crashes alllllll the time. i opened the same site on my other browser and it ran fine but firefox kept crashing and burning

  • Abdullah Abdulaziz

    I use to love uc browser but from some reason it stopped working on my phone so I switched to chrome and it is in fact the best browser what I feel is



  • bakakun028

    I am pretty sure I’m the only one who uses palemoon

  • Alief Patria

    I think there are more browsers on Android than on this list; you should change it to ‘Fastest browsers available on Play Store’. I use Samsung Browser 4 on Note 4 and did my own test. The result puts the browser in the second place on every benchmark.

    One thing tho; I think it’s interesting to see battery consumption during those tests, it may differ but I may be wrong

    • Amit Majumder

      Exactly. And That content blocker support is awesome

  • Amit Majumder

    Samsung Internet 4.0 is the best. with content blocker support and fingerprint web signing support

  • Mrinal Shimpi

    No doubt puffin is better in terms of loading pages but still it don’t give a familiar environment for browsing!

  • Diego Kaku

    Dolphin, real full screen and ad block!

  • johnadams123

    The Samsung Browser is pretty fast and responsive. Have two tabs open currently and it’s currently using 100 MB. 104 MB with three tabs.

  • saksham

    lets be honest we all use browers for that porn

  • das

    samsung browser is the fastest ans best for me ,much faster and feature rich than chrome shit

  • TheJeebus

    Something fishy going on. The difference is too big.

    • Tom Smallwood

      I agree, since Puffin is so laggy on Nexus 6P (especially compared to chrome) and scrolling is rubbish, it’s gotta be like VW’s emissions test hack but for browsers…

  • Dany Bouffard

    Has anyone compared these with internet browser on samsung phones and see if its better or not ?

  • Zabih Cino

    Sadly Android stinks when it comes to browsing

  • Sai Sreekantt M

    always chrome…clean straight and cloud

  • dh33r4j

    Firefox is my favourite. And it’s because I get to install uBlock orgin on it.

  • Gajendra Prajapati

    No Adblock Browser, Damn!

  • Marty

    “What’s the fastest Android browser?”


  • I use CAF Browser with implemented adblocker and optimized for Qualcomm Devices…

  • Zach Chen

    You guys forgot to test the incredibly fast RSBrowser!
    If you have a Samsung phone, you can’t beat the overall speed and fluidity of the Samsung browser.

  • Arttu Laitinen

    Tested Puffin, and althou it may load pages 0,001 sec faster than Chrome, the responsiveness is not. Scrolling feels so slow and laggy, zoom level is all over the place every time u open new link, and the overall looks make you feel it’s 2001 or something. So all specs aside, Chrome just feels faster and definetly more high quality.

  • Arttu Laitinen

    Puffin: Horrible responsiveness. Scrolling is slow and laggy. Looks like 2001. Zoom level is all over the place every time I open new link. Althou it may load a page 0,001 sec faster, overall Chrome feels faster and more high quality.

  • balcobomber25

    The three fastest IMO are Apus, Dolphin and Meizu’s Flyme Browser. But my favorite is still good old fashioned Firefox.

  • davey

    im sitting here with my samsung browser… not to be a fun boy or anything… samsung browser is actually my fav browser so far.

  • Larry

    Octane benchmark scores 30% higher on the Samsung browser than it does on chrome or anything else in my phone. Haven’t benchmarked anything else though.

  • Ricardo Mendes

    I don’t understand… I ran sunspider in chrome in the same conditions on my nexus 6p and always got between 610 and 620ms. Something seems fishy on these results…

    • Ricardo Mendes

      And with kraken I got 3880ms…

  • Jeff Murillo

    The new samsung Internet with ad block is really fast, it’s day and night compared with chrome

  • Steve Brain

    Interesting.. Still going to stick with Chrome for its synchronised bookmarks, tabs, user logins and comfort of browsing. But it’s nice to know which one to use IF I wanted a browser that didn’t have these features (or much of any features for that matter)

  • Keg Man

    Even if another browser is faster than chrome, the ease of use between pc to phone with all of chromes auto fill and what not is way to convenient to give up

  • Mohit Shelke

    Puffin is definitely a new discovery for me…gonna try it asap!

  • frankelee

    Hey from 2016. Guess fucking not.

  • Rohit Raja

    Yeah ..ive been using puffin…my phone had come preinstalled with it… never had to download any other browser….

  • tersagun

    Chrome this, Chrome that…

    A title of “Chrome vs other browsers” would be a better match for this article.

  • Nonya

    The Samsung browser on the S7 beats Chrome using html5test . com

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    No Apus Browser included?? This is my main browser since two months and I love it! Replaced Dolphin with it, it’s much faster and lighter also have better UI. Apus Browser is better than UC, Firefox, Chrome and others. Try it, trust me!

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    I don’t care about these synthetic benchmarks, measure the actual speed of page loading the good old way with a stopwatch!

  • Karly Johnston

    6P should score below 400 in Sunspider. Those are like SD801 scores.

  • You forgot TugaBrowser. Runs amazingly on my 6P. It is opmitimised for Snapdragon processors, and includes ad filtering, night mode etc

  • !n$!$!on*

    naked browser ftw :)

  • Joetech78

    Chrome for main browsing, firefox for night mode browsing. Don’t need anything else.

  • Stefan Lehnert

    There are really some browsers mentioned here, nobody should use (at least if you are concerned about your privacy). Of course, everybody has to decide for himself, but I think its not a good idea to promote apps that are known for not protecting your privacy in this well-known website (which is read also by people, which dont know so much about things like this).

    In my opinion, Firefox is the best browser (you can control your privacy and there are lots of add-ons). But, sadly, it feels very laggy. Now I use EC Browser (yes, EC, not UC!). Its fast, lightweight and at least let you control about cookies, javascript, flash, etc.

    I just can recommend EC Browser and I would be happy if it would be included in a test like this in the future!

  • HeyRadar

    You should redo the test using midrange hardware (quad core, 2GB of RAM), and entry level (dual core, 1GB of RAM)

  • danishkhanjatoi

    hey guys what about google chrome extension? why nit for android?

    • Richard Riker

      because they are meant to be universal, so they have to port the framework in a way that all existing extensions still run and don’t make the browser instable…and not killing the ressources.
      They already talked a few times about that topic but it was always “some day in the future”, so that definetely has no priority to them.

  • Tom Payton

    Aren’t the additional features of Chrome and the direct connection to your Google account a trade off for the minimally reduced browser performance? Especially since it isn’t a memory hog? I’m asking because I haven’t used most of the other browsers…

  • Akhil Kumar Patnaik

    Apus browser is another one I found to be very quick but not if you’re concerned with privacy.

  • David Kinlay

    I am using Puffin Browser on all my devices, pity that they can’t develop one for Windows 10 laptop

  • Will Taylor

    I use Snapdragon browser based off Chromium, and it seems ridiculous.

  • Kalindu Herath

    I love using opera mini. It’s the smoothest browser for me

  • Sakib Mohammad

    Which is the best browser for loading and download speed big file?

  • The Web Expert

    Due browser is quite fast tho.

    • The Web Expert

      Sorry, I meant du browser..
      My keyboard autocorrect

  • Ben Favored Son

    I truly believe that after all these years Android users have evolved to being more discriminating with how they view and choose their browsers. Although speed will always be tantamount among the factors why a browser is chosen. But also convenienceplacement, uniqueness or how certain features are executed within the browser, aesthetic value /on how the browser looks from icon/toolbar/placement design to the total look be it minimalist or ones that are crammed with so much info it looks like the NYSE stock page complete with ticker tapes but upon closer look you realize It’s just one of the regular Japanese browsers with nothing to do with the stock market (they love to cram everything in there). But for most users I believe that Security, Privacy, and how flexible the browser is to connect or to work with Tor, Mullvad etc. etc.

    If a browser is blazing fast yet falls short on security and privacy why bother when there’s Lightning browser that can work with Tor seamlessly and with ease. Fast too.

    Another is Via which with every iteration keeps getting smaller and smaller. It’s amazing at only 256kb when I checked last. I’m not surprised if it is now even less.

    Naked Browser for old school tinkerers who likes to DIY addons like adblockers and readability by themselves. The Dev welcomes this kind of mentality. Send him an email about your query and he directs you how to proceed. Great fun and satisfying projects have been my experience with this browser.

    I failed to mention that Lightning looks so good rendering readability on smartphone. Many many browsers to discover at the Market. You realize the similarities of many of them but it’s how the features are executed, how the browser looks and how it is offered for free or with premium features, etc. etc.

    I can even surmise that nowadays, blazing speed but short on features is a definite dealbreaker. And over a browser that is still fast, or even faster in the right situation, with the ease of use like import/export of bookmarks, working with security and anonymity plugins/apps, good readability features, small sized app size, acceptable ram management (spewing ram excess and taking on in fast and efficient manner not to cause stress) is the way to go.

    It would be great to see more factors in how browsers are sized up, measured and compared. As I said, blazing speed can now be a dealbreaker for many Android users. After all, what can a regular android user achieve in 10 seconds using a particular browser which another browser can also achieve in 11 or 12 seconds?

    BTW, the above mentioned browsers are what I’m using right now with Naked Browser being the keeper browser. They are all below 1mb in app size. I’m just fascinated at how nimble yet powerful these browsers are.

  • Manju Natha

    Yes surely. Once you install the UC browser, all other crap UC apps will be installed automatically without asking your permission. It is a Chinese spyware app.

  • Bruce the Moose

    Puffin is the best. Chrome and Firefox are tied for worst. All the others are nearly as bad. I don’t even have enough RAM for Puffin, and yet it still performs very well.

  • Mario I/O

    I’m testing JumpGo browser and I’m surprised by how it is fast even on an old Galaxy Nexus!

  • Matthew Davis

    Nice post and helpful too….
    Other then these, M Browser at BETAPAGE is also a good option for you. It provides best internet browsing experience ever with fastest speed and is a fast, secure and small sized browser for best web surfing.