9 best Facebook apps for Android

by: Joe HindySeptember 18, 2014

Facebook apps
Facebook and Facebook Messenger have officially broken up. It was a move that made a lot of people mad because they didn’t want to download a separate app just for messaging. However, there is also an opportunity here. Since you get Facebook Messenger by itself, you can start looking around at other Facebook apps to take care of the main interface. There are also some other fun things you can do with Facebook. Here are the best Facebook apps out there.

Alias Facebook appsAlias Facebook Home Launcher

[Price: Free]

Facebook Home done better.

  • It's an Android launcher with Facebook features instead of a Facebook launcher with Android features.
  • It's still pretty integrated to Facebook for those who want that.
  • Automatically fetches Facebook things so you don't have to do it.
  • Allows you to do things like put icons and widgets on home screens which Facebook Home could not do.
  • Buggy for some devices, laggy for mid range, low range, and older devices.
  • If you don't want that much Facebook in your launcher then you won't like this.
  • Some people are having login problems.
  • App hasn't been updated since January 2014 and we're not sure if it's still being supported.
Alias Facebook Home Launcher is an attempt by developers to fix all the horrible things Facebook did with their Facebook Home app. It more closely mirrors an actual Android launcher experience with Facebook features baked in as opposed to a Facebook experience with a few Android features baked in. It’s free to try and it’s 4.0 rating in the Play Store is an entire mark higher than Facebook’s attempt.
google play

Alias Facebook apps

Facebook appsOfficial Facebook

[Price: Free]

Sometimes official is the way to go.

  • Despite its problems, the official app is the only way to effectively use some features. Power users pretty much have to use this.
  • They have been actively trying to improve their interface and app performance.
  • It generally works as expected.
  • Works better with phone integration stuff like Samsung's SNS.
  • The design could still use some work.
  • Various connection and login errors.
  • To maximize battery life, force close the app after using it and go into the settings and turn off the auto-play video feature. Otherwise this will eat your battery.
Of course there is always the option to stick with the original Facebook app. It’s had a long and storied history of problems but in their defense, they are trying to do better. The official app does have a wakelock problem that will drain your battery if you’re not careful. It’s also the only way to get some of the more proprietary features in Facebook. If you’re a Facebook power user then this is sadly your best bet for now.
google play

Facebook apps

Fast for Facebook appsFast for Facebook

[Price: Free]

They don't call it Slow for Facebook.

  • Small file (2MB), low RAM consumption, and movable to SD card fixes two of the official app's worst problems.
  • Customizable experience finally lets you theme your Facebook and configure your own buttons.
  • Security pin feature prevents people from snooping.
  • Push notifications is an optional add on which is nice for those who don't use it.
  • Messenger is integrated so you can go back to using just one app.
  • Buggy for some people but that's to be expected.
  • Most people seem to like it except for 'one little issue' that always seems to be different so your mileage may vary.
Fast for Facebook is an up and coming Facebook app with over seven million downloads to date. It preaches quickness over features and thus you may find some of the more niche features are missing. For casual users, this is a great substitute to the official Facebook app. It makes up for it by letting you do things like customize your experience.
google play

Flipster Facebook appsFlipster for Facebook

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Almost there but not quite.

  • Great for casual users who don't need all of the power user features.
  • Multiple font and theme options allow for customization.
  • Facebook Messenger is integrated into the app.
  • Holo UI which is a nice change.
  • Various bugs and issues reported here and there.
  • While the design overall is nice, there are individual design elements that could use a little polish such as private chats.
Flipster is a Facebook app that almost gets it right. It doesn’t have the power user features of some of the other apps but it does have some solid features such as themes. There are some problems but this is a list of Facebook apps which means all these apps have their problems.
google play

Flipster Facebook apps

Friendcaster Facebook appsFriendcaster

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Been around since good old days.

  • Has many features, including 6 themes, multi-account support, and contact syncing.
  • Decent interface. You won't be getting lost using this app.
  • Supports all the basic stuff, including chat.
  • Developers are more than willing to explain issues via their blog which is actually quite informative to how Facebook works.
  • Buggy on some devices, laggy on others.
  • Chat feature comes in a separate app like the official app.
Friendcaster has been the go-to Facebook replacement app since the good old days. It’s been slowly evolving with growing design trends and the like and remains one of the most popular Facebook replacements to date. It has more non-Facebook features than any of the other replacement apps and it even has a few themes.
google play

Friendcaster Facebook apps

MyPhotoDownloader Facebook appsMyPhotoDownloader for Facebook

[Price: Free]

Take back your photos!

  • Download many, many photos all at once. There is even a dedicated option for more than 1000 photos.
  • Perfect for anyone wanting to backup their Facebook photos or migrate to a new service.
  • Developers have an FAQ for frequent issues in the app description which we like.
  • External SD card support assuming you don't have Android KitKat
  • Some users have login problems and other network related issues.
  • Doesn't work on all devices.
MyPhotoDownloader is pretty much what the title says it is. It downloads photos en mass from Facebook to your device. This is useful for a lot of things including backing up your Facebook albums or maybe you’re finally getting rid of Facebook and migrating elsewhere and you want to take your photos with you. It’s totally free to use so why not?
google play

MyPhotoDownloader Facebook apps

Stream for Android Facebook appsStream for Android (Facebook)

[Price: Free]

Not far off from last generation's Facebook app.

  • Has most of the usual Facebook features.
  • Has a black theme if you are into that.
  • Usually pretty speedy.
  • Good for people who want to use Facebook Messenger but want a different, less heavy main Facebook app.
  • Missing a lot of newer Facebook features.
  • Design is uninspired.
  • Bugs and connection issues have been reported fairly frequently.
Stream for Android is another Facebook replacement app if you’re still looking for another one. It uses the old Facebook layout which is nice if you liked the old version and not so nice if you didn’t. It has most of the usual Facebook features and tries to focus on speed as much as possible.
google play

Stream for Android Facebook apps

Tinfoil for Facebook appsTinfoil for Facebook

[Price: Free]

Don the app version of your tinfoil hat!

  • Wrapper for the mobile site that is designed for security.
  • Blocks and prevents Facebook from doing things like track your location.
  • Free with no in app purchases.
  • As long as Facebook's mobile site works, this app works.
  • Any update the mobile site goes through is kind of like an update for this app which is kinda cool.
  • Between the Facebook mobile site and this app, there are a few issues that users are complaining about.
  • Blocking Facebook from seeing some of your information can break features (like check ins). This can be fixed by disabling the features.
Tinfoil for Facebook is a unique application. It’s a wrapper for the Facebook mobile site (a fact the app bluntly states in its own app description) but it’s not just your typical wrapper. This app also has built in privacy features that help prevent Facebook from doing the sort of weird Facebook things that make people angry. For instance, it can block Facebook from seeing your location if you choose to. If you like your privacy and don’t mind using the mobile site, check this app out.
google play

Tinfoil for Facebook apps

UberSync Facebook appsUberSync Facebook Contacts

[Price: Free]

Kill those faceless contacts!

  • Syncs Facebook profile photos to existing contacts in your phone.
  • SD or HD photo options available.
  • There are several ways to customize the syncing to your tastes.
  • Free to use with optional in app purchases.
  • It can be a bit touchy. Especially if you're syncing a huge number of contacts.
  • As seems to be the norm with Facebook apps, login and network issues have been reported.
  • No clear way to manually link contacts to their Facebook pages which makes syncing a pain for your friends who like to have stupid names on Facebook that don't match your contacts.
Last on our list is pretty much the best option for syncing Facebook photos to your contacts. With this app it’ll sync manually and comes with a plethora of features to help you sync what you want, when you want. It’s totally free so even if it doesn’t work you haven’t anything but a few minutes. If your phone book looks bad and you want to freshen it up, give this app a try.
google play

UberSync Facebook apps

Wrap up

Facebook on Android has always been a little bit quirky and there’s a good chance we missed some really good Facebook apps. If we did and you want to tell us about it, let us know in the comments!

  • vosg

    Very useful article, thanks. Checking out Fast For Facebook on my M8, so far so good.

    • AsakuraZero

      fast for facebook and flipster are okaysh share and tagging people is broken

      • vosg

        Already uninstalled. It’s not bad but nah.

  • Slikrhael

    No mention of klyph? Or klyph messenger? Both open source Facebook apps. The last five on your list shouldnt even belong on this page, they are more like addons to Facebooks official app instead of Facebook alternatives like your lead paragraph suggests.

    • JosephHindy

      I did not know about Klyph. Facebook apps are hard as hell to find in the Play Store because a lot of apps use that keyword but have nothign to do with facebook. I’ll likely add that one when I update this.

  • Michael

    Really interesting, I’ve seen other Facebook alternatives apps on http://www.thelinx.net

  • petikeke

    Pls add Klyph. I use the official FB app and Klyph side by side. Klyph is much better on mobile network and has a really nice UI (like the G+)

    • pritish

      Same here

  • bati

    Very good

  • Lachie Outhred

    Flipboard has a surprising level of Facebook functionality.

  • Kasi Viswanathan

    UberSync Facebook Contacts

  • Kuno

    Nice article, Fast is for sure the best alternative!

  • mxwp

    Looks like Facebook has killed all third party apps, though I am not seeing any news on it on the internet. Shame, since I liked and used Stream Pro.

  • I’m surprised that Facebook Lite is not on here! After discovering the app on a short youtube video & seeing others talk about it I sideloaded it & am very happy to have found it! Much faster, lighter, and has built in messenger! I’m liking it a lot! Find it online! :)

  • Yaswanth

    Metal is another decent replacement

  • Shelleyhumm

    What is the best fb app for using the share feature to many groups I share to lots of groups and I lost that app when I changed phones .. I have a galaxy note 4 now