15 best camera apps for Android

by: Joe HindySeptember 1, 2016

dslr pro best camera apps for Android'
Cameras on smartphones are a much bigger deal than they used to be. Companies are chomping at the bit to make their cameras more reliable, work better in low light, and add features that people want. Many will base their purchase decisions on the strength of the camera. Of course, the experience has the potential to be improved with the right camera apps that could add additional features that make things work a little better. Here are the best camera apps for Android!

BestMe Selfie best camera apps for AndroidBestMe Selfie Camera

[Price: Free]
BestMe Selfie Camera is a free camera application for those who love to take selfies. The app includes 125 real-time filters, stickers, and emoji along with vignettes, blur effects, selfie stick support, and more. It’s an effective app, especially for people who often share their photos to social media and it’s about as good as it gets for selfie photos. The developers have also expressed that things like Android Wear support and real-time filter for video are coming soon so keep an eye out for that! The same developer crew also does HD Camera, which is a pretty decent camera app as well.

Get it now on Google Play!

BestMe best camera apps for Android

Camera FV-5 best camera apps for AndroidCamera FV-5

[Price: Free / $3.95]
Camera FV-5 is a camera app that is quickly growing in popularity. It’s known most for its manual camera features, including adjustable settings for exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO, light metering, focus, and white balance. This is similar to how DSLR cameras do things and it can give photographers better control over what their photos are going to look like. It also suppers RAW, lossless PNG, and JPEG files, a live RGB histogram, and various overlays and crop grids. It’s effective and powerful.

Get it now on Google Play!

Camera JB best camera apps for AndroidCamera JB+

[Price: $1.99]
Camera JB+ is a remake of the stock camera from Android Jelly Bean. It features a simple layout that really lets you just point and shoot like you could back in the old days. It includes camera, video capture, and panorama mode along with things like live effects, burst mode, picture quality settings, and 4K video support (if your phone camera supports 4K). It’s a good experience, especially if you need something really easy. The developer has also done Camera KK (KitKat) and Camera ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) if you’re interested in those.

Get it now on Google Play!

Camera MX best camera apps for AndroidCamera MX

[Price: Free]
Camera MX is one of the older camera apps that has been around for awhile but has managed to remain relevant. It boasts a bunch of features, including a Live Shot mode, scene modes, support for 16:9 aspect ratios, and it has a variety of photo and video editing tools that let you adjust things like brightness, rotation, contrast, saturation, temperature, and others. It doesn’t have the manual controls that more serious photographers look for, but it’s more than good enough for non-pros looking to get a good shot.

Get it now on Google Play!

Camera Zoom FX best camera apps for AndroidCamera Zoom FX

[Price: Free with in-app purchases / $0.99]
Camera Zoom FX is another one of the camera apps that have been around for a long time. It was good back then, but has improved over time by adding things like manual camera controls (ISO, focus, shutter speed, etc) and RAW capture support. On top of that, it has HDR, time lapse, 360-degree panorama photos, live effects, and a variety of post processing effects to make your photos really pop. It’s a good mix of “pro” and “Instagram” and should be good enough for people who want manual camera stuff, but also want filters too.

Get it now on Google Play!

candy camera best camera apps for AndroidCandy Camera

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Candy Camera wasn’t around a couple of years ago, but it’s already one of the most popular camera apps ever with over 100 million installs. Feature-wise, it’s pretty decent and includes a ton of filters with simple swipe gestures to switch between them, various editing tools (including unusual stuff like concealer and lipstick options), stickers, collage mode, and more. It could definitely use some manual camera controls and RAW support, but it’s still pretty decent without them.

Get it now on Google Play!

candy camera best camera apps for Android

cardboard camera best camera apps for androidCardboard Camera

[Price: Free]
Cardboard Camera is about the only competent 360-degree photo camera available right now. It’s meant to be used with Google Cardboard and allows you to take 360-degree photos that can be viewed in VR. The app itself will help you take the photos and also provides a gallery that lets you find and view your 360-degree image content. It’s completely free to use and while VR photography is a tad niche, it’s really nice that there is a decent app to take those kind of photos.

Get it now on Google Play!

Cardboard Camera best camera apps for android

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cymera best camera apps for AndroidCymera

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Cymera has been around for a while and currently boasts over 200 million downloads. Popularity aside, the app has some decent features including a ton of filters, stickers, and you can brush or draw on images that you take. It comes with a photo editor that includes some unique features, including editing tools for skin, hair, eyes, and more to make selfies really pop. It doesn’t have manual camera controls which is bit of a shame, but everything else works very well.

Get it now on Google Play!

dslr pro best camera apps for AndroidDSLR Camera Pro

[Price: $2.99]
DSLR camera pro tries emulate the experience you’d have on a DSLR camera. It comes with the general manual camera controls, including ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and a live RGB histogram. On top of that, it comes with some unique stuff like a two-state shutter button function where you press to focus and then release to take a photo and the ability to use the volume rocker as a shutter button. There isn’t a free version, so you’ll have to buy it and try it inside of its refund time, but it’s a positive experience overall.

Get it now on Google Play!

dslr pro best camera apps for Android'

go camera best camera apps for AndroidGO Camera

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
GO has a ton of apps and one of their more recent forays has been into the camera apps market. Ironically, given how “bloated” many of their apps can feel, GO Camera is actually rather simple. It comes with real-time filters, HDR mode, a lens blur mode, and filters specifically for those who like to take selfies. It also comes with a built-in photo editor that comes with some basic tools to patch things up if need be. It’s simple, easy, and it works pretty well.

Get it now on Google Play!

go camera best camera apps for Android

google camera best camera apps for AndroidGoogle Camera

[Price: Free]
Google Camera wasn’t always one of the best camera apps, but it has been improving dramatically over the years. It features a simple interface that should be easy to use for just about everyone. It comes with a few features including auto-HDR+, slow motion video capture, SmartBurst (burst mode), lens blur mode, wide angle mode, panorama mode, and photo sphere mode. It’s not overly feature heavy, which is great if you need something simple and clean.

Get it now on Google Play!

Google Camera best camera apps for android

manual camera best camera apps for androidManual Camera

[Price: $2.99]
When Android Lollipop came out, it included the camera2 API which allowed for stuff like manual camera controls. At the time, no camera apps actually used it until Manual Camera came along. This app is very simple and really only includes a camera interface that lets you use manual controls. That includes shutter speed, focus distance, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation. It also has RAW capture. It has virtually no other features, which makes it a great option for photographers that don’t want any nonsense. The only downside is that there isn’t a free version to try first, but there is a free compatibility test you can run to make sure the app will work on your phone.

Get it now on Google Play!

manual camera best camera apps for Android

open camera best camera apps for AndroidOpen Camera

[Price: Free]
Open Camera is one of the only fully featured and free camera apps that is also open source. It includes quite a few features, including auto-stabilization, manual camera controls, various camera modes to take specialized shots, voice controls, and it even has support for some external microphones if you’re looking for something more professional. Again, it’s completely free, open source, and it doesn’t even include advertising.

Get it now on Google Play!

open camera best camera apps for Android

paper camera best camera apps for AndroidPaper Camera

[Price: $0.99]
Paper Camera is a long-time favorite camera app for a lot of people. It’s a relatively simple app that takes a picture of your subject and gives it a filter that makes it look like a drawing on paper. You can adjust the contrast to make the images colorful or black and white if you wish and there are also brightness settings depending on how bright you want the image to be. It’s not really useful for anything else, but it’s a unique filter that very few camera apps get right. The only downside is that there is no free version to try first.

Get it now on Google Play!

paper camera best camera apps for Android

snap camera hdr best camera apps for AndroidSnap Camera HDR

[Price: Free trial / $1.99]
Snap Camera HDR is another app that can cater to both amateurs and pro type photographers. It includes all of the manual controls , RAW support, 4K video recording, and HDR mode. The app also comes with some fun stuff like various shoot modes, photo and video quality settings, and a photo editor that allows you to make some basic edits. It even includes some unique settings, like turning on your camera LED for low light video recording. It’s simple, but effective, and there is a trial version you can try before you buy it.

Get it now on Google Play!

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If we missed any of the best camera apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! This is an update of a formerly written article, so check the comments for some suggestions from our readers! To see our complete list of best app lists, click here.

  • fotodanz was pretty good, but i guess will be eclipsed by cinemagram now.

  • s-jerry

    OK, we all know that the best camera is the one you have with you and that’s your smartphone camera. But, we also acknowledge that phone cameras are for snapshots, not serious photography. Based on the volume of camera apps I see offered, phone cameras (apps) are for making your lousy snapshot look cool by adding weird filter effects and then sharing your garish photo with friends.

    Trust me, these photos are not cool or worthy of sharing with anyone. But, then these same folks buy a real camera that also takes lousy photos. Many take snapshots; few are photographers.

    • Cormachio

      get over yourself for fuck sake

    • TruthTrumpsMorons

      LOL. Another moron who thinks equipment makes the photographer. A person who understands framing and composition with a webcam will take more engaging photos than an SLR kiss-ass who hasn’t a clue regarding the basics of photography.

      And for the record, the reason the “weird” filters were ever introduced is because professional photographers spent years developing those subtle styles via the use of exposure, film stock and post-processing. The effects you’re seeing on current camera phones (including those found in Instagram) are the same looks employed by photographers for decades in the pre-digital era. Back then, they were acclaimed and praised for giving “character” to their prints. Nowadays, douches like yourself call those SAME effects “hackey.”

      Who are you to decide which photos are worth sharing? Is my photo of my girlfriend walking in the forest with our dog using a warm filter any less worth sharing than your ham-fisted stark black and white photo of an off-centered chair next to a door with peeling paint in Tuscany? The answer is no. Any photo is capable of being great, and anyone who takes photos is capable of being a photographer–it’s about content and commitment to the craft, not the tools.

      People, S-Jerry is just another in a long line of dinosaurs who can’t accept that current digital camera technology has made it possible for the average smartphone to POTENTIALLY take the same quality photos one can take with a digital SLR. Do apps like these make you a better photographer? Not directly, of course – but seeing how they work, and seeing what they produce may encourage you ro learn more about the real, fundamentals of photography (framing, composition, content, subtle lighting, etc.). When you start to get that stuff, these apps will only enhance what you take. Don’t let his narrow, jaded viewpoint stop you from enjoying taking photos with your phone.

      The one thing he may be right about, however, is that some of the apps listed here are not that great. If you’re looking for a great camera app for TAKING photos, try the default app on your phone, followed closely by apps such as ProCapture and Vignette. Your best bet is to simply take the photo, and process it in post, though, and the best apps for that aren’t even listed here: Aviary, Pixlr Express, Snapseed and PS Touch.

      Happy Photos!

      • Robert Leonardo


      • Dewk

        Well Said!

      • Norminator

        I love you.

      • TruthBasher

        Think you lost the argument when you started name calling, however what you’ve written has to be the biggest load of shite I’ve read about photography in a long time. You cannot in any way compare a smartphone/tablet against a dedicated camera, even a camera costing half the price of smartphone will take a better picture. Nearly all special effects pre or post are mostly used to hide the inadequate proficiency of the photographer or the equipment used or to make a boring photo appear more interesting. Try blowing up a photo taken with a phone and you loose quality before you get to A5 size, whereas the same photo taken with a medium priced camera will get you A4 and possibly A3 it all comes down to sensor size and the lens used not the number of megapixels. Also how often do you see photos taken by good photographers in sports/wildlife magazines shot with a smartphone…never ? So the next time read a book to increase your knowledge base before you start spraffing off about a subject you know nothing about.

        • Michel M.
        • digitalzen

          Well, my friend Tim Ryan, who freelances for National Geographic, does what I would call professional work with an iPhone camera. He loves his filters, too — and he’s made a lot more money making photographs (as have I) than most of the authorities on this thread.

      • digitalzen

        I have to agree with the applicable content. However, I think the effectiveness of the comment would have been vastly improved if it showed a little of the respect that the OP lacked. As it is, it’s just another rant, albeit fairly accurate.

  • nishantsirohi123

    I still feel that clicking pictures right through the filters actually is a loss
    it is better to click a picture first and then edit it using filters

    although i found one app called sleek camera that took great pictures in worst of the lighting conditions

  • raghava snapdeal

    I love paper camera among these. Any way thanks for sharing awesome stuff


  • mrjayviper

    snap camera user here and I’ve tried/paid for others like camera fx/vignette/etc.


  • Moebiuzz

    Snap Camera should be in the list, this app improves the stock camera of my phone in all the ways. Not with filters or add-ons, the raw photo before filtering is much better than the stock app in contrast, brightness and saturation, photos are clearer and I can add HDR capabilities. A must, in my opinion.
    I have installed permanently Snap Camera, Camera 360, Instagram, and stock app.

  • Paul Troy

    Tried them all and i think the best of all is camera jb+

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    • Sadia Nusrat Toma

      I think Nikon D3200 is the best camera I have ever seen. I got a new lists of DSLR camera of 2015 here

    • thelastguyX20

      Too bad it doesn’t work on Lollipop right now :

  • Leonardo Rojas

    No one of these can take panoramas but are among the best??? O.o

    • beboo

      focal take panoramas and Photo Sphere

  • Bone

    The 4.3 stock app does a pretty nice job on the Nexus 4, very underrated app, I don’t need any further option 98% of the time (2% being manual ISO setting in extreme cases). I use lg Camcorder for video recording however, cause it does 20Mbits instead of 12, and result is much better with no constant refocusing.

    • Samsul Plur

      oh thanks The 4.3 stock app does a pretty nice job on the Nexus 4, very underrated
      app, I don’t need any further option 98% of the time (2% being manual
      ISO setting in extreme cases).tas wanita murah
      tutorial merakit komputer I use lg Camcorder for video recording
      however, cause it does 20Mbits instead of 12, and result is much better
      with no constant refocusing.

  • le_lutin

    I’ve just released simple (free) camera app that some might be interested in. It basically enables you to overlay a “before” image on your camera viewfinder, so that you can take perfectly aligned “after” pic and then turn it into a animated gif transition.

    Here’s the link to the play store listing:

  • Andrea Manconi

    Vignette is still there, and it’s still unbeatable for quite everything.

    • Albin

      I wouldn’t pay money for filters or frames, which really are a dime a dozen. For my older GB phone with its mediocre camera Vignette provides a range of controls that compete with those on my Canon p&s, it leaves settings in place so they don’t have to be reset each time, it’s tiny, and bless the developers’ souls it moves to the microSD.

      • Andrea Manconi

        exactly, and quite NON of the others in this comparison can compete.

        • JosephHindy

          Camera FV-5 had some serious issues when i first wrote this list a couple of years ago but it seems to have fixed them. It will likely be on the update when I get around to writing it :)

  • nishantsirohi123

    paper camera is free through amazon store. Also honorable mention of PicArt… it has a great camera app in it.

    Pudding camera is also good, you can have lot of fun with it

  • J.M

    Try out Snap Camera HDR
    This is a good camera Application plus good video application records 1080p at 100FPS relatively new but gets updated frequently!


    • George Av

      It doesn’t work :/ bought this app a while back and then returned it since the HDR didn’t work at all. Horrible faded gray colours instead of good looking bright strong crisp colours. Also as an fyi, in that image comparison you posted, the Galaxy s3 looks WAY sharper and has better colours too.


    LINE CAMERA is annoying me

  • George Av

    these are not camera apps. DUH these are idiotic effects that 12 year old girls use.

    • TruthTrumspMorons

      Not true in the least. These are camera apps that allow for post processing.

      And, I’ll just cut and paste what I wrote above regarding those “filters:”

      “And for the record, the reason the “weird” filters were ever introduced is because professional photographers spent years developing those subtle styles via the use of exposure, film stock and post-processing. The effects you’re seeing on current camera phones (including those found in Instagram) are the same looks employed by photographers for decades in the pre-digital era. Back then, they were acclaimed and praised for giving “character” to their prints. Nowadays, douches like yourself call those SAME effects “hackey.”

      I know it’s tough to accept that the world of technology has allowed the general public affordable access to powerful cameras, whereas in the past, only the hobbyist or professional bothered to spend the money to buy an SLR–change is tough on anyone, especially photo snobs.

  • richiem

    I’ve had many paid camera apps on my note 2, all are really good in there own way.
    “Vignette” – has excellent picture quality and many editing features…
    “A better camera” – fairly new, but very impressive…
    “Snap Camera HDR” – This is my #1 camera app, an android 4.3 user interface with loads of extras from settings to editing and picture quality is top notch. I’ve rated it 5
    stars on the Google play store. All paid versions and remain on my phone.
    A final comment – “There’s only one way to find out”…

  • wosuqog25

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  • GregD

    I also tried many camera apps. But they all just have fancy filters & effects etc., but are VERY INCONVENIENT. So the one I stick for is “DSLR Camera” (it’s the name of the app ;)). It’s the most convenient & powerful app I ever saw. I think stock camera should look like this ;)



    • Mark Zeaker

      Thanks for pointing me to this app! I just bought it, and so far looks very promising :) SGS3


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  • John Doe

    Not quite a camera app, but take a look to Collagics Photo Mosaic

  • Rick Cooley

    I am looking for an android camera app that has one feature that the iphone has but the android camera apps don’t. It’s the availibility to shoot video at 120FPS. Anyone know of one?

  • sourav

    my favorite is instafusion app.i like its blending and masking features…https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techbla.instafusionfree

  • raj

    a better camera is the best camera app and, cymera & 360 ultimate provide best editing options. if you really want to rank camera apps try A BETTER CAMERA first.

  • Stosh Seb
    • Amin Armani

      Wow totally agreed! And thats what i use currently on my phone!

  • OhYeah

    where is snap camera??? every time joe hindy omit this beautiful app from his list. -_-

  • where is camera fv-5 ?

    • Blackyx007

      I was hoping to see that camera app as well I’m using it for some time now and there new app for videos is good as well :)

  • Peter

    i have used many camera apps and for me PROCAPTURE Pro is the best. it has a lot of features and it deserves to be on this list

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      that’s off as well for now.

  • Mark S

    pro capture is a solid app. Lately I’ve just been using google’s camera. I don’t use any filters. 98% point and shoot and 2% photoshpere

  • Juan Manuel Tastzian

    I could also recommend “Camera Awesome!” (paid. Also known as “Camera!”), “Focal” (free) and “Camera FV-5” (paid), with its video counterpart “Cinema FV-5” (paid).

    Both with a lot of options not found in other apps (at least by me).

  • Shoen

    Hey JOE HINDYAside from Camera360, which of these Camera app does took picture by tapping the screen? I find it so convinient ’cause ma fone doesn’t have ddcated key. I need to replace my native camera app as I always fumbling with the onscreen shutter. tnx!

    • Albin

      Best to visit the developer’s site for full instructions on the more complete and complex apps. Some of these really replace stock controls with much better ones, while others are mainly editing tricks or treats. I’m sure, like Vignette (what I use) several will let you set a screen tap and also set “anti-shake” so it will not trigger while shaking from a tap. Good documentation and support is a real plus for serious camera apps.

      To JH: on these “permanent” best-of lists it might be helpful to identify the new ones when the list is reposted.

  • Yall apparently have no tried the Lenovo Super Camera!!!

  • Shiplu Ahmed

    I have bought over a few hundred dollars worth of software for cam and photo. The best top two cameras are missing.

    1. A better camera – Just amazing! Put white balance on cloudy and you the best photo/video.
    2. Camera FV-5 – The fastest cam on android, feels like real point and shoot interface

    Honorable mention – Candy Camera

    Trust me, try these cams, there are free editions. You will be taken

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    Google Camera works perfectly for me. Of course, I don’t use extra features. But for snaps here and there, it does the job wonderfully.

  • Doni Hermawan

    is no one mention Google Camera…?

    yeah, its poor and hard to use the features…

  • pravin007techno

    among all android apps, i like to use different apps for different features. hope you to like these apps.


  • I choose OpenCamera :) #niceApps

  • well, android default camera still the best for me


  • Elena Abramov
  • Mom of 2

    I love snapping pictures of my children on my phone. I have a DSLR but for day to day I like using my phone to capture the moment. I have a Samsung s5, which is a great phone but I find that if the children are not perfectly still all my photos are blurry! My s4 seemed to have a much better camera! I don’t care about all of the filters, I just want a camera that will capture clear images quickly. Please help!!

  • sofiene mrabti

    try this apps looks amazing but need some improuvements:

  • Madhur

    Try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madv.futurecam its free with all options for photographers

  • Madhur

    Try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madv.futurecam its free with all options for photographers. Still in early stage but is promising.

  • Avedhesh Vyas
  • HoodCouture

    I like the app Camera MX the most. Imho the beste camera app , because it has everything you need for free and also does , so I feel, better pictures qualitywise

  • Toyz

    I use Perfectly clear it is awesome. It actually improves the picture quality

  • great list of apps…
    going to try some of them.

  • Have a look at “Photoxor Calculations & GPS”. It is a tool for exposure calculations, depth of field calculations, circle of confusion calculations,
    and also provides GPS tracking and sun and moon ephemeris calculations.

    I first developed this tool set for myself, but it is now available for free on Google Play

    Blog: http://photoxor.blogspot.com.au/

  • Divin Divakar

    better camera. it actually makes the picture look so awesome.

  • GreenMachine

    I liked the MagicPix Pro Camera app on Google Play. I thought the light on feature for video recordign was quite cool.

  • The Brake Fast Club

    Does any damn android camera have manual audio controls?!

  • Margarette

    What about “A Better Camera”? Its better than my own stock camera app (OPO)

    • Anonymous

      Only when it works, which isn’t that often… (It’s always 90% off for a reason)

  • Fawzi Breidi

    my favorites are “better camera” an “camera 51”

  • Manol Chalakov

    “It doesn’t necessarily have the feature set that a professional might be looking for”
    TRUST ME! A professional photographer will never choose a phone to do his jobs.Are you serious?These apps are just fancy effects over the photo.They can’t do anything about the fact that phone cameras are still sh*t…and I’m not even comparing them to DSLRs.

  • George Lafiatis

    How can you not mention Manual Camera?

  • Champak

    ” A Better Camera Unlocked “

    • Anonymous

      Keeps crashing in my Optimus G when I use “zoom”. Taking Panoramas is also a good way to (eventually) crash the app.
      Lost too many pictures with this app, some were actually kind of important…

  • Champak

    ” Camera51 – a smarter camera “

  • thelastguyX20

    It would be very nice if you can stop autoplay on your video every time I have to load this page. You shouldn’t go about forcing people to watch the video again and again…

  • justpassingby

    what is the best camera app for taking best photos, i mean i dont really care about filters.. the best app for taking photos which produce uncompressed photos leaving much details.. i own a htc one x plus and i heard that it compresses the images to lesser size while processing and losses details.. i bought a camera app from app store and was a rip off as it took photos only at 5mp at max.

  • Eddie

    Can you make a review also from SliderCamera Pro or Free?

  • haydar

    camera fv 5 is the best and not in the list? you must be joking.

  • hany

    Line camera has changed it’s name to aillis and it’s not as good as before with especially with samsung mega 2.0

  • Mrabti S
  • Rob Ladida Jackson

    is their a camara app where i can call out “action” and it would record my video and “cut” as finish??

  • Simon Peter

    For me Camera MX is top of the notch

  • Ed Bride

    Sprint users or testers: Does any of these apps (or any other) allow me to override the Sprint settings on my LG LS970 so that the shutter can be silenced? Lowering the volume or setting the phone on Silent does not work, the camera apparently has its own audio output app. This is a function of Sprint, which says that their policy about camera sounds is a result of their concern for privacy. Big deal, I have a digital camera that’s half the size of my smartphone, and it is always silent; it’s only a minor inconvenience to download pix to my computer.

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Really needs a update.. Missed some of the best… FV-5 for example.. Open Camera is also updated.. Samsung’s S4+ camera is still best for point and shoot with MODES that offer great features and options.. FV-5 offers a free DSLR full featured camera.. MX is still very good but Open Cramer a is a run for the money…..
    STILL LOOKING FOR.. DSLR features with a MODE option for HD, PANA, BURST, Etc… (02/16).

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Really needs an update.. Missed some of the best… FV-5 for example.. Open Camera is also updated.. Samsung’s S4+ camera is still best for point and shoot with MODES that offer great features and options.. FV-5 offers a free DSLR full featured camera.. MX is still very good but Open Camera is now a run for the money…..
    STILL LOOKING FOR.. DSLR features without a MODE option for HD, PANA, BURST, Etc… (02/16).

  • 韦永志


  • Denys

    I’ll recommend to try Facey Camera

    This app has unique features that don’t have other apps. Also cool photo editor.

  • neiliewheeliebin

    Open camera is awesome for macro shots

  • Daggett Beaver

    Vegans should love Camera FV-5, since it has raw suppers.

  • Arttu Laitinen

    I can say what isn’t top camera app; ProShot. Force-closing carbage. Even failed to save pictures I took of my family at a party. Would have been nice memories.

    But FV-5 delivers. Seems kinda bug free, unlike many other cameras. I want one that can shoot RAW.

  • The _one_ feature I want is slow shutter.
    I see several talk of manual controls, but I’d love to be able to get a sunset, or night sky shot with a 30 second exposure (on a tripod, of course) because, as they say, the best camera is the one you have with you, and I always have this one with me.

  • Mark V. Carney

    Why does an article with a dateline of June 6, 2016 have comments from three years ago?

  • [OPEN CAMERA] is highly recommemded if one is seeking a camera without limitations. It is my personal favorite when capturing shots on my Windows Lumia 1520 and 920, as well as on my Samsung Note 4. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy getting great quality apps at a free price?

  • Mr. X

    Wonderfull Powercam is a great awesome app with colorsplash, blur mode, many real time effects and many more, why is that one not on the list? its one of the best camera out there for the android (4.0 and over)? (powercam video need 4.4)

  • Raja Saad

    why dont you try you cam perfect its awesome

  • PaaLã Shã Bachã

    where is camera360 ultimate , u fools

  • Somu Padma

    Thanks for the information.I tried MX Camera and found it great.It is like a pro camera.Important of all it could mute the camera click sound.All its features are more than one can seek and think to ask.Its flexibility for image and video resolution & size control is really good.Fed up with many other camera apps.Comparitively the only feature it lack ref to my Auxus 4x proprietary camera app is the PIP feature in which front camera too work to include taker in the frame as PIP.My sincere thanks to this site & reviewer.