Best Antivirus Apps for Android

by: Gary SimsMay 30, 2012

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UPDATE: We have an updated Best Android antivirus app list, click here to see.

With startling headlines like “Number of malicious Android apps grows by 2200% year over year” and “86% of all malware delivered via repackaging of legitimate apps” it is worth looking at what measures you can take to protect yourself from malware. Besides common sense items like not downloading apps from an untrusted app store or not installing apps which ask for odd permissions (like a game wanting SMS permissions), there is the option of installing an anti-virus app for your device. There are quite a few big name apps available, often for free, with optional upgrades for added functionality.


AVG is a popular free antivirus solution for Windows and is also available for Android as AVG Antivirus for Smartphones & Tablets. The basic version is free and doesn’t require any registration. Once installed AVG automatically scans your installed apps to see if you have malware on your device. Then it switches to real time protection mode which means that any new apps are scanned straight after installation to make sure that your device is clean. Starting AVG once in real time mode gives you the option to scan your data files (not apps) for malicious content.

AVG is really a suite of tools which includes an antivirus scanner. It also includes a find/locate service for a lost or stolen devices (as long as it has GPS) and the ability to lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy. There are also options to scan text messages and to switch on a safe web surfing mode which offers real time protection from suspicious websites.

For a one time fee ($9.99) you can also upgrade AVG to include the app locker – which protects apps with a password, the tuneup service – to optimize your device performance, and an app backup tool which allows apps to be backed-up to the SD card.

In a recent test by the Department of Computer Science at the North Carolina State University, AVG was able to recognize 54.7% of all the malware samples used in the tests.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

According to the Lookout page on Google Play, 15+ million users use Lookout on their phones and tablets. Ignoring any technical details, that seems to be a big vote of confidence from the Android user base. Like AVG, Lookout offers real time protection which scans all newly installed apps and also makes an initial scan post-installation, to make sure that there are no nasty apps installed.

Along with the antivirus protection, Lookout also offers a free “Find My Phone” service which helps locate a lost or stolen phone on a Google map (if the device has GPS). It can remotely tell the device to sound a loud alarm, even if your phone or tablet is on silent. By using the website you are able to locate your phone from any web browser.

There are also premium features (for $29.99/year or $2.99/month) such as safe browsing, remote lock & wipe, a privacy advisor and advanced backups.

In the North Carolina State University test, Lookout was able to detect 79.6% of the malware thrown at it.

Dr. Web Anti-virus Light

From the famous Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web, Dr. Web Anti-virus Light is a free antivirus app with less features than AVG and Lookout, but according to Android antivirus tests carried out by, Dr. Web Anti-virus Light ranked as the second best antivirus app for Android!

Unlike AVG and Lookout, when Dr. Web is installed it will not initially perform an automatic scan of previously installed apps, nor does it automatically switch on real time protection. However, once you manually update the virus database and enable the SpIDer Guard, Dr. Web behaves much like AVG and Lookout.

Unfortunately the free version of Dr. Web doesn’t include any anti-theft functionality or any secure wipe tools – but you can get these by buying the full version for $4.99. However the light version does include a couple of widgets which allow the antivirus to be enabled/disabled quickly.

avast! Mobile Security

avast! Mobile Security is free from Google Play and offers a wide range of security tools including antivirus, a  privacy advisor, a web shield –that scans each URL and warns you if it’s a known malware-infected URL– an app manager, and a large number of anti-theft options. These include the ability to control your phone via SMS and perform actions like a history wipe, phone lock, and siren activation.

Like AVG and Lookout, when you first run avast! it will automatically scan the existing apps for any malware and then switch to real-time protection mode. Some of the more advanced features of avast! require the device to be rooted. For example, the firewall can’t be used with root access and to install the hard-reset proof version of the anti-theft tool likewise requires root access.

According to the Android antivirus tests carried out by, avast! Mobile Security is the best antivirus software available today for Android. There is also the interesting point that avast! is completely free. All the functions like privacy advisor and web shield are all included in the free version and I can’t find any references to upgrading to a premium version anywhere!

Zoner AntiVirus

Zoner AntiVirus was also a good performer in the tests carried out by and like the other anti-virus apps mentioned here, it is free. Like AVG, Lookout and avast! it automatically scans your device for viruses when it first runs and then moves into a real time protection mode.

It is also a security suite and contains theft protection that allows you to remotely control and locate your device via SMS messages. It can also sound an alarm and will even notify you if the device has been stolen and the SIM switched. There are options to scan the data files on your SD card and a method by which to filter calls and messages from a user-created blacklist .

One unique feature of Zoner AntiVirus is that it allows you to send encrypted messages to your friends (if they have Zoner AntiVirus) installed. It does this by encrypting the message using a password. On the receiving end, the same password must be entered to decrypt the message.

Like avast!, Zoner AntiVirus is completely free. Although it doesn’t offer a privacy advisor or secure wipe, the other features like the task manager and permission checker may be useful.


Choosing an outright winner is difficult. These programs all generally offer more than just anti-virus protection with the majority also giving anti-theft functionality. In terms of which is best at catching malware on your device, I would suggest you try avast! and then Lookout.

If you are looking for more than just antivirus, then avast! offers the most features for free, while AVG offers the best functionality without breaking the bank.

AVG is also a good choice for those wanting advanced anti-theft features unlike avast! and Lookout. With AVG, a phone can be contacted via the web which means it doesn’t need to have a SIM card in it to receive SMS messages. This is especially useful for non 3G tablets.

Last but not least, if you have a rooted device, then avast! is a must as it can take advantage of the root access and add additional functionality which isn’t available on non-rooted devices.

  • Brandon Bergerson

    Kaspersky didn’t make the list?

    • Rafal

      Kaspersky is only a trial – maybe this discourages certain amount of people.

  • Michael

    I’ve been noticing a lot of “best” reviews have comments like Brandon’s where obvious products are absent. While it is not feasible to mention every product, how about letting readers contribute to the list and vote for the top 5 they want compared?

  • Someone

    Avast works great!

  • Kabvuto76

    Am using NQ (Netqin) on my S2. Works great.

  • Jaonea

    LBE on root is enough ^^

  • gfsdddsd

    Kaspersky is very harmful

    • Fletcheress

      I’m looking into getting an anti virus for my tablet, I was looking at Kaspersky .. pls tell me why it’s harmful …. very curious!!

  • How about NQ antivirus? Is it okay compared the rest?

  • Hari Bhatkhande

    AVG anti-virus pro. Instrument jams while software is scanning media. If the tablet is shut down & restarted same problem arises. I uninstalled the application with great dificulty. They are too busy to give support. Backup is not done on external SD card. Dont waste your money on pro like me.

  • Ajay

    Quick Heal is Best Antivirus

    • vijay

      use Handiplast instead .. lol

  • saon_bd

    I am using dr web antivirus, it works good. Kaspersky is also good but paid antivirus

  • Alex Black

    Hi ! Mister Gary, if your computer is like your phone, then it is surely hacked. Man you FAIL a lot. Did you even used those av programs to see how they perform ? OK, you have ONE reason, Avast IS the best antivirus for Android ONLY becase you listed a short list to compare, so from these ones, Avast is OK, BUT, when you will use a LG, Motorola or Samsung, etc, and you pay for it 300 or more $$, man, go with Comodo (ups ! you don’t even know it exists ? LOL). Yup, it’s called Comodo Mobile Security and really “does for free what others do for money”, or even more. Take a look ( and see for yourself, and after that I’m sure you will make another comparison.
    Have a nice and safe day !
    From Spain, Alex Black

  • sumanth

    avast works superb………………

  • Fletcheress

    I read in another article that of the anti virus “apps” Zoner was the best detecting 20% …. and in the same article they said these “apps” are nearly useless and you are much smarter to pay for a real download from either Norton or Kaspersky

  • Nandagopal

    Avg is working perfect on my antroid galaxy o

  • prajesh chester

    Lookout is really a good application …….. i had 2 malware applications in my tablet which was imediately installed by lookout…..its worth downloading.

  • what bout Quick heal

  • Melody

    I had Avast on my Stratosphere I now have a Galaxy and I am putting lookout on it, however I am going to give it some time before I go back to avast because Lookout states it will send random emails to contacts which I am NOT okay with