15 Best Android Widgets

by: Joe HindyMay 12, 2016

DashClock Widget best Android widgets
Widgets have been around for a long time on Android and we’ve no doubt you’ve used a few in your time. As Android has evolved, so have widgets and now most of them are re-sizable and some of them can even be customized. If you like widgets, but haven’t check out what’s out there in a while, then let us show you the best Android widgets available right now!

amber weather widget best Android widgetsAmber Weather Widget

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Amber Weather Widget has widgets that can look good on almost any home screen. That’s because it has over 90 Android widgets packed in and most of them are re-sizable and customizable to fit your needs. The app itself is an alright weather app. It contains seven day forecasts, various weather reports, severe weather alerts, and it’s available in 30 languages which is always nice. The widgets come in the form of in-app purchases, although you do get a few in the free version as well.

Get it now on Google Play!

1Weather best Android widgets1Weather

[Price: Free / $1.99]
1Weather is probably one of the best weather apps available and its Android widgets are pretty decent as well. It invokes the old style “flip clock and weather” style that used to adorn HTC Sense devices and it’s configurable so clicking on the clock will put you in your alarm app of choice and clicking the weather portion opens 1Weather. There are also weather only widgets that deliver a good amount of information. It’s free to use with the paid version being there for ad removal.

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battery widget reborn best Android widgetsBattery Widget Reborn

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Battery Widget Reborn is about as good of a battery widget as you’re going to find. It provides a single, circular battery gauge widget that can be re-sized to just about any dimension that you want. The app itself also comes with battery information, shortcuts to things like WiFi and Bluetooth settings, and it even gives you charts so you can see what your battery activity looks like. It’s a simple premise, but effective and the widget can be customized to fit whatever your theme looks like.

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beautiful widgets best android widgetsBeautiful Widgets

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Beautiful Widgets has been around for a long time and it’s one of the go-to apps for widget lovers. It has a ton of Android widgets, including a flip clock and weather combo, various toggles, battery gauge, and just weather widgets. Most of them can be lightly customized to help match your theme. The larger ones, including the flip clock widget, have an assortment of skins that you can choose from to entirely change the look. There are more widgets here than you can shake a stick at and the pro version is relatively inexpensive.

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calendar widget best android widgetsCalendar Widget

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Calendar Widget is an app that contains, you guessed it, tons of widgets for your calendar. The widget itself is actually a single widget and it’s a month view. However, the app contains a ton of themes to customize the experience. You can make it look more like a Google app with flat, Material designs or go crazy with something colorful. Most of the themes come as in-app purchases and some people won’t like that, but if you can find the theme you want, you can get the experience you want with just one payment.

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circlelauncher best Android widgetsCircleLauncher

[Price: Free / $1.00]
CircleLauncher is a widget with a purpose. That purpose is to give you a button on your home screen that lets you launch apps quickly. The widget sits on your home screen and then when you engage with it, it will show your favorite apps, contacts, or even website bookmarks. It supports icon packs which is a fun feature and has a few customization options to make the widget more fun to use. The free version is decent, but the pro version is cheap in case you really like it.

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circlelauncher best Android widgets

DashClock Widget best Android widgetsDashclock Widget

[Price: Free]
Dashclock Widget is one of the more enduring Android widgets out there. Even people who stopped using widgets still use Dashclock. It’s a simple, clear widget that displays information like the weather, your unread Gmail count, your next alarm, and other data. What makes this one interesting is that there are a a bunch of extensions built by other developers that can improve and increase the functionality of DashClock. It’s simple, but potentially powerful and it’s completely free to download and use.

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DashClock Widget best Android widgets

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Elixir 2 best Android widgetsElixir 2

[Price: Free]
Elixir 2 is a system monitor application that contains about all of the system monitoring widgets that you could ask for. The app displays all kinds of data, including hardware info, battery, storage, CPU, memory, WiFi and Bluetooth status, audio, and a lot more. What’s more is that you can pick up an optional (and free) widget add-on app that adds even more Android widgets for you to use. The add-on app has widgets for some obscure stuff like SD card mounting, haptic feedback toggles, USB debugging toggles, and even volume control. Both apps are totally free and worth checking out. The only downside is that they don’t always look overly great.

Get it now on Google Play!

Elixir 2 best Android widgets

Google Keep best android widgetsGoogle Keep

[Price: Free]
Google Keep is a simple and effective note taking application that’s connected directly to Google Drive. With it, you can make text notes, list notes, and even voice notes if you want. It also gives you the option to share notes with others and collaborate. It also comes with a simple set of widgets that gives you the ability to create notes quickly. For note taking apps, what you really want is something that works quickly because jotting down a note should be quick. Google Keep does it as good as anyone and it’s completely free.

Get it now on Google Play!

Music Player Remix best Android widgetsMusic Player (Remix)

[Price: Free / $3.99]
Most music players apps have a very mundane set of Android widgets. Usually it’s a four by one, a four by four, or some variation that has pause/play and skip buttons along with some album art. They’re all functional, but Music Player (Remix) has a little something extra. This app lets you pull up a live widget from the bottom of your screen at any time (and over any app) so you can manage your music without having to open the main music application. There’s a free version to try out if you’re interested.

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Music Player Remix best Android widgets

Music Player Remix’s widget can appear over other apps.

Power Toggles best Android widgetsPower Toggles

[Price: Free]
Power Toggles do exactly what the name of the app says it does. It provides a bunch of toggles to manage your various modes, including WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, flashlight, and you can even add your own custom app shortcut if you want. You can create Android widgets quickly and they work pretty well (except on Lollipop for right now, see the Google Play listing for more details). It’s true that quick settings exist to make apps like this useless, but some people like having that stuff right on the home screen for their convenience. It also comes with Tasker support which is nice.

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Slider Widget best Android widgetsSlider Widget

[Price: Free]
Slider Widget provides a very simple widget. It creates a widget on your home screen that gives you quick access to your brightness and sound settings. It has icons along the top which you press and then a slider will appear. Moving the slider changes that setting. Thus, you can change your ringtone volume, click screen brigthness, and adjust that on the fly as well. There are four widget sizes and the color can be changed to match your theme. It’s simple, but it works.

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Slider Widget best Android widgets

Tasker best android widgetsTasker

[Price: $2.99]
Tasker is a hell of a powerful application, even if you’re not rooted. With this, you can create tasks, widgets, and processes that do virtually anything, any time. It’s an app that was designed for tinkerers and power users, but anyone can get into it with a little patience. The learning curve is steep and merciless, so don’t expect to just pick it up and run with it right away. You can create Android widgets that do all sorts of things with this. Check out our Android Customization series for some ideas!

Get it now on Google Play!

Tasker best Android widgets

uccw best android widgetsUCCW

[Price: Free / $5.00]
UCCW is another widget application that allows you to make your own widgets. These kind of DIY Android widgets have been featured in tons of customization posts and you can make some really unique creations using this tool. It features various shapes and sizes to make design easy and then you can add functionality in at your leisure. It’s built in a way that allows most people to pick it up quickly and it’s a good option if nothing else looks good to you.

Get it now on Google Play!

zooper widget best Android widgetsZooper Widget

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Zooper Widget is another DIY widget app that lets you take control of what goes on your home screen. Unlike UCCW, this one has a slightly sharper learning curve, but it’s nothing that a little time and persistence can’t overcome. On top of that, a lot of people release their Zooper Widget creations to the public which you can then use to customize if you don’t feel like making your own. It can be a lot of fun to use and it’s definitely worth a shot.

Get it now on Google Play!

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  • thartist

    Hmmm… HD Widgets is not only paid but stuck between Gingerbread/Sense. Wouldn’t ever give it a try.
    On the other hand ClockNow looks amazing and is free! (and i didn’t know of it) Thanks!

    • Mark Nemeth

      It has a new addon called Colourform which brings modern and simplistic themes to HDW.

  • 윌 스튜어트

    Surprised Multicon wasn’t mentioned :O It’s a great widget that lets you put more apps on the home screen, it’s also very easy to use I highly recommend everyone try it:


  • StoosUpstate

    Found your article on Taptu. Used the card widget for months now. Its the shizzz. Good info

  • SeraZR™

    Really??? UCCW ??? It should be on the top!

    most of the awesome screens on mycolourscreen use UCCW;endless possibilities!
    i surprised to see that missin

    • Dan000

      If you like UCCW, you’ll love Zooper Widget – it’s much less clunky and you can do pretty much everything UCCW can do.

      Oh, and it doesn’t keep running when you stop using it like UCCW does.

      • SeraZR™

        yea i already tried it and it is simply fantastic!! Although there are somethings u can’t do on zooper (hard to explain :P)

        • JosephHindy

          These are also in alphabetical order lol, not in order of importance.

        • mobilemann

          can you trigger tasker tasks from UCCW? Cause that’s the coolest thing about zooper

  • Bjajjull

    UCCW? Desktop Visualizer? Minimalistic Text? That’s all you need to make an awesome homescreen.

  • SeraZR™

    Zooper Widget pro?

  • Neilio Riddokaczech

    You mentioned that there are many many widgets. And you showed a couple good ones. However, it seems to me that 98% of widgets end up being nothing more than a giant button to open an app. I can’t stand those widgets. I wish developers would spend more time on widgets.
    I’m excited to go try that calender app. I hope I can use it without opening an app. Thanks!

    • Neilio Riddokaczech

      Only the paid version gets the month view. Nope. Not paying for something I dont even know works.

  • BJRCollins

    I have had the full BW set for some time, and no matter what device or even using the most basic of features, it’s beautiful alright, for about two hours. After that one might be forgiven for thinking their device is stroking out. Is this a case of it’s good because that’s what “they say?” shame because in its prime it was gorgeous.

  • Few more excellent widgets for mighty Android users http://www.androidtoapple.com/2013/06/top-10-android-widgets-of-2013.html

  • Benjasin

    AIX weather, beautiful widgets and minimalistic text imo

  • mobilemann

    zooper + tasker = the only useful widgets. have fun with your giant clocks tho!

    • JosephHindy

      That’s a really good recommendation, but you don’t have to be so caustic and rude about it.

      • mobilemann

        Sorry its just how I am

  • Sequoia46.2

    I like Power Toggles for system toggles, Minimalistic Text for custom text info widgets, Simple Calendar Widget for an agenda style widget, and Simple RSS Widget for RSS feeds that open in the browser.

  • Grail0375

    Event Flow Calendar Widget is a free alternative to DigiCal. You can also customize the look and fonts.

  • Jayfeather787

    Dash Clock Widget!!!

    • JosephHindy

      That one is kind of a gray area. These are meant to be home screen widgets and dash clock is pretty much only lock screen. Different function different list ☺

      • Jayfeather787

        I use it on my home screen.

      • Azeem

        It is used on homescreen as well.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Chronus does almost everything… clock, weather, calendar, rss feed, even Facebook all in one widget or separately.
    Recent updates have made the widgets in GReader Pro the best I’ve seen in news app.
    While I love some of the more recent Twitter client apps(Talon, Fenix) Falcon Pro is still the gold standard from a scrolling widget perspective

  • Nick

    Dsshclock widget

  • Elromon
  • Azeem

    Dashclock Widget.

  • sholling

    Let’s not forget Folder Organizer and Executive assistant. Folder Organizer allows you to organize and group your apps by type/function. Executive assistant unifies your calendar app, your email app, and your text and messaging apps into one place with previews.

  • fredphoesh

    HD sucks the crap out of battery life. I keep on trying it, but keep on removing it… never seems to improve this major flaw.

    • JosephHindy

      Lower the weather refresh rate and don’t set geolocation (set it manually). Boom, battery issues gone.

  • Tor Schjølberg

    Top widgets for 2014 developed In ancient history

  • Sunny

    missed out the great
    Today Calendar Widget.
    Best widget imo

  • Govind Bhanushali

    Add “Any Text Widget” to this list : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhanu.anytextwidget

    very Simple, nice design app for making Text widgets for android, app
    have all the basic function requested.. Developer made it clean app, not
    lot of confusing options, only the important function to make simple
    text widgets on homescreen and lockscreen.

  • Basil Alias
  • Here is our new Android application, Unique Widgets


    I thought you might find it useful to add to list

  • Kami no Tsurugi

    I like the Yahoo! Weather Widget a lot. It shows me the time, lets me add cities I’m interested in, the weather of course, and amazing new daily wallpapers! It’s amazing, and I recommend it over every other Weather App.

  • Niloofar Tavakoli
  • Jigar Pansiniya

    I am using this great “To – Do Wigdet” app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iprospl.todowidget&hl=en.

    It has many options like alarms, moving tasks to different dates, sync with multiple devices etc. and a very good flat design and best part is easy to use.

    I will recommend this app.

  • John Smith

    QuickLook All In One widget is the best I’ve found so far. Best balance of ease of use and customization (Zooper is an overload). Nohting gives you all the key content as quickly: news, weather, calendar, and my favorite: real-time stock quotes. All I need!

  • Arcendus

    These are all pretty hideous.

  • ori

    Anyone knows of a free ‘ram optimization’ widget that will ‘clean’ the ram with a click on a widget. Something that doesnt take more than 1×1 or 1×2 blocks.


    • Gabest

      Clean Master widget is pretty nice

  • Lipsoka

    fckin autoplay vids, IT’S FCKIN NIGHT AND EVERYONE SLEEPS, you fckin pos

  • Supratim Chakraborty

    No mention of OnTime Dynamic widget

    • JosephHindy


  • For weather widgets, I like the widget sets included with eWeather HD. There is every size and use imaginable and each are extremely customizable to match your themes. You can also back them up and transfer between devices.

  • phatmanXXL

    Is it normal that every widget makes my phone overheat, rocking a gnote 5 and the widgets make my phone too hot to hold and slow too.

    • Hans Pedersen

      Nope. Not necessarily. I’ve got 2½ pages of widgets on my Galaxy Note.
      The ‘necessarily’ part in the line above is because bad widgets can drain a lot of power and force the processor to run an a permanent high speed. You can see under power management (battery) if you have any apps that uses more power than you’d expect it to, if shows up as a top energy user even though it’s technically not doing much.

  • sholling

    Add HD Widgets, as a former long-time Beautiful Widgets (Pro) user, I just find HD Widgets a bit easier to use. Both are outstanding though. Add Weather Timeline as well.

  • npras42

    Internet opinions are like arseholes… everyone’s got one.

    I’m still putting my 2 cents in though! :-p This is a terrible list:

    1) Zooper (March 2015) and UCCW (July 2015) have not been updated for a long, long time and are essentially dead with ongoing serious bugs.
    2) Beautiful Widgets is a massive battery drainer (and the widgets are not very attractive in appearance).
    3) The weather extension on Dashclock is not working at this current time.
    4) No KWGT in the list – its not perfect either but deserves to be on this list.

    • Re: “opinions are like……”

      I have two by the way! ?

    • Isham Trivedi

      Thank you for sharing your arsehole, in these dire times. ;D

  • Jim

    I’ve recently rediscovered Zooper (Pro). Did a search for skins and no problem getting the widget to work.