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One of the best things about Android is the ability to customize your experience. You can do so by downloading one of the many, many apps from the Google Play Store. You could also go another route and theme your device. We’re not talking about just changing your background, but real, awesome theming that makes your device look totally different. Here are the best Android themes and best apps to help you theme your device! Do keep in mind that theming is highly subjective and what is great for some may not be great for others. Leave a comment with your favorite Android themes and home screen setups!

best android themes workshopBest Android Themes Workshop

[Price: Free]
Best Android Themes Workshop is a developer group that makes themes generally for C Launcher. There are a variety available that cover a range of colors and styles. Some of the highlights include Dragon Magic Game Totem, Night Street, and Saturn Space. Most themes include an icon pack, wallpapers, and some advanced theming elements to make it all fit together. All of the themes from this developer are free and it won’t take long to make your device look awesome.
Please note, you’ll need C Launcher to run these themes!

dlto best Android themesDLTO

[Price: Free]
DLTO is another developer group that is responsible for Atom Launcher. Alongside their famous launcher, they also have a strong selection of some pretty stunning themes. Like our previous entry, they run the range in colors and styles so there is something there for everyone. The highlights include Black Mechanic, Metropolitan, and Horizon, all of which have their own styles. Each theme is free and there are dozens to choose from.
Please note, you’ll need Atom Launcher to use these Android themes!

DLTO best Android themes

ginlemon best Android themesGinLemon

[Price: Free]
GinLemon is the developer group behind the highly respectable and successful Smart Launcher. On top of having a launcher that is already fairly unique, the developers have also released a slew of themes for their launcher. Some of the better options include SLT Metro, SLT Ubuntu, and SLK Futura. These themes aren’t as comprehensive as others, but they add a little extra flair to a launcher that already does things differently. As per the norm so far, all of these themes are free to use.
To use these Android themes on your device, you’ll first need to download Smart Launcher 3!

ginlemon best Android themes

launcher 8 best Android themesLauncher 8

[Price: Free / $4.99]
Launcher 8 by Xinyi Network is a unique launcher that emulates the look, feel, and interface of Windows Phone 8. This may seem like a step backwards for many people but there are those who enjoy the simplicity and organization of the Metro (tile) layout and Launcher 8 allows Android users to engage with that. Much like Windows Phone 8, you can create custom tiles, change their sizes, and their contents. You can even put widgets into tiles to create a kind of live tile. It’s fun and definitely something different. You can try the launcher out for free!
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KLWP best android themesKLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and KWGT Kustom Widget

[Price: Free / $3.50 each]
KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker and KWGT Kustom Widget Maker are two apps by Kustom Industries that allow you to make your own live wallpapers and widgets. They both operate with a WYSIWYG editor and comes with a ton of templates, components, and various other tools to help you make your own thing. This is great for people who have super customized themes and want widgets and wallpapers that go well with them. It’s also great for tinkerers who want something unique and special. Both apps have free version that contain most of the features with paid version adding that little extra (including the ability to import skins from other users). Hit the button below to check out KLWP and click here to check out KWGT.

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May 1, 2017

nova launcher best Android themesNova Launcher

[Price: Free / $4.99]
In many cases, people are trying to get a more stock Android feel from a device running an OEM skin such as Touchwiz. In those cases, something like Nova Launcher is perfect. It has a stock Android feel to it which can then be customized even further using the settings menu, a healthy selection of icon packs, and various other elements. It’s a bit more DIY compared to many on this list, but Nova Launcher can definitely get the job done and make your device look awesome!
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nova launcher best android themes

themer best android themesThemer

[Price: Free]
Themer is an increasingly popular launcher application that has a metric ton of themes that you can enjoy. It comes with 400 themes that represent a variety of styles and UI types that suit almost every need. On top of that, each theme is 100% customizable so you can create things that are even more unique. It’s powered by Zooper Widget (which we’ll talk about here shortly) and comes with additional features such as icon pack support, app icon gestures, and more. The learning curve is a little steep and you can screw up your theme pretty badly, but otherwise it’s a lot of fun to use. The only downside is that it hasn’t been updated in a while so it may not work with the latest versions of Android.
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uccw best Android themesUCCW

[Price: Free / $5.00]
UCCW is a customizable app that lets you do a whole bunch of stuff. The entire app is based around a “what you see is what you get” editor that lets you turn your creations into actual, functional widgets for your home screens. On top of being highly customizable, the community has created a variety of skins that you can use to give yourself a head start. The only caveat is that there is quite a learning curve and you’ll have to spend some time learning how this all works before you start pumping out really awesome stuff. It hasn’t been updated since 2015, but a lot of people still use it.
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zooper widget best Android themesZooper Widget

[Price: Free / $2.99]
Zooper Widget is another DIY widget creation tool that allows you to create your own widgets that do the things you want them to do. Much like UCCW, there is a “what you see is what you get” editor that lets you add a bunch of design and functionality, including weather, battery info, progress bars, date and time, clocks, and a whole lot more. This app is so powerful that the developers built the Themer app (listed above) from this app. It’s a lot of fun and worth a shot, but beware of the learning curve because it is rough. It also hasn’t been updated in a while.

ztart best Android themesZT.art

[Price: Free]
Last and certainly not least is ZT.art, a developer studio that has created a ton of themes for GO Launcher, GO SMS, and other GO apps. The themes range from subtle and colorful to aggressive and monotone. Some of the better ones include Eternally, Obsidian, and Fairy, all of which are free. In fact, most of the themes for both GO SMS and GO Launcher are free and there are dozens upon dozens to choose from.
Please note that you’ll need GO Launcher to use any of these Android themes!

best Android themes

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If we missed any great Android themes, tell us about them in the comments! Also, if you’re a bit new at this, you can find a plethora of tutorials on Reddit and XDA-Developers. Both sites have some pretty hardcore theming threads! To see our complete list of best app lists, click here.

Joe Hindy
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  • EngineerGunter

    CM13 + DEEP DARKNESS + Nova Launcher. I’m set on themes ;)

    • JosephHindy

      Yeah, writing this for “non root” users was a total pain in the rear end. You can do so much more theming with root and especially with CM lol.

      • EngineerGunter

        Well, the next logical step would be to make a parallel post for root users and modders!

        Nice article, BTW.

        • JosephHindy

          That’s a long, long, long post with a lot of stuff to do lol. That may be a series of tutorials.

          • EngineerGunter

            I hear that! It has taken me about 6 years of relaxed modding/tweaking on Android to get where I am now. And I still feel rather inadequate compared to many people.

  • Marco Agas

    Haha there’s my Zooper video. Wow, feels like just yesterday I was doing those tutorials. Good times.

    • JosephHindy

      Hey that’s the one they’re using as their demo on Google Play, that’s where I found it, anyway :)

  • Surya

    Shouldn’t KLWP be mentioned somewhere there?

  • Hamza Tronbati

    i like zooper widget but i think hir developper stop working on it ! last update on march !

    • JosephHindy

      I usually give developers an 18-month leeway on stuff like that (sometimes you just don’t need to update), but if it becomes apparent that he’s gone for good, the app won’t remain on the list :) I shall check again once I update.

  • chillin2025

    I’m gunna check out the windows 8 launcher!

  • Gooberry

    Yeah, 10 best android themes and no KLWP…u gotta be kidding me. What a joke.

    • JosephHindy

      And that’s why I ask for suggestions, although I would likely sooner put that in my live wallpapers list ;) …it could find a home here though when I update the list.

      • Bill_Surowiecki

        OK Joe, Im going to second this.
        There are some crazy theming possibilities without the need for root.

        First off there is Lightning Launcher, which allows for theme outputting in the same way as Themer, but with a way more robust set of tools. Hell you can even write custom java code for it if your capable.

        Next, why the hell does Kustom never get ANY love at this site?
        Kustom Live Wallpaper and Kustom Widget are basically Zooper for the post material design introduction.

        I worked for Themer like Marco above, and ran the community for Zooper. Kustom kills these products in every way.
        Marco has done a few videos for it already, if you have not checked it out yet, put it on your to-do list.

        Putting it in a Live Wallpaper list would not really be the way to go, as Kustom is a Live Wallpaper in name only.
        In function its in interface design tool, IE its meant for theming. Live Wallpapers on the other hand are for turning your desktop into an aquarium.
        Want a custom build responsive desktop with material based animations, then live wallpaper is the only option outside of a purpose build launcher. Widgets as their framework exists now will never be cable of this because they are not capable of updating fast enough to display animations

        Want some info on it? Reach out to me, Marco, or even the dev Frank.

        • neonix

          Amen to this!

        • JosephHindy

          Kustom Widget was my bad. They have 10k downloads and are relatively new…AND the developer never sent my ass an email :P Combine all those things and it’s easy to miss something new coming out.

          As for the LWP comment, i was referring to the “make your own live wallpaper” which fits more into a LWP piece than a theme piece, but I can see it on both sides of the fence. Like I told the other guy, these lists get updated multiple times a year and I will look at these newer options then :)

      • neonix

        I agree with Bill that KLWP is much more of a theming app than it is a wallpaper. But I would say add Kustom Widget then instead of Zooper Widget. It’s like Zooper, but hasn’t, ya’know, been abandoned. :P

        I think with the halt in Themer/Zooper’s development, it’s a disservice to keep recommending them to readers—especially in the wake of KWGT and KLWP. Eventually those apps will stop functioning fully and users who had jumped on them today will have to switch over to an alternative. You’d be helping them by suggesting the best one available from the start.

        • JosephHindy

          Well this list is set to be updated again in a few months and I’ll take a closer look at them then. I tested both Zooper and Themer and they seem to work well for the time being. Since Themer is totally free, I’m not really hurting (or helping) anyone by keeping it on the list for now. Sometimes, developers will take some time off from a project to do something else (look at ADW launcher) and come back. It’s better to be safe than sorry :)

          I will take a look at all of these suggestions when it comes time to update and I appreciate the feedback, thank you!

          • neonix

            That’s true. I suppose it’s not abandoned for certain. I’ve actually read that MyColorScreen (the Zooper/Themer devs) went out of business, but I haven’t been able to verify that, so it could have just been hearsay.

            Either way, I think you will agree with us once you’ve spent a little time with KWGT (and KLWP) and see why we believe they belong on these sort of lists over Zooper, regardless of Zooper’s development status. The fact that it’s not been updated in 10 months just makes the argument a little stronger.

            I look forward to the update!

          • Bill_Surowiecki

            In truth I stopped using Themer after I left the company.
            With that said, Themer is not the product of A developer. Its company run. MyColorScreen, the original theming site was purchased and formed into a company.

            To my knowledge they have not stopped work on the project. With that said, their purchase of other apps such as Zooper, Media Utilities and others which were brought into the Themer app caused many of these apps to stop being updated. IE use themer instead.

            Media Utilities is a big one. Its basically broken in the new versions of Android, and there is no plan to fix it. It works in Themer, but the stand alone app no longer receives updates. This means a TON of Zooper widgets that are dependent on it, will no longer work as intended.

            When I helped Frank, the developer of Kustom with his launch and community creation, music integration was one of the first things we talked about. I knew Chris the dev of Media Utilities was under a contract with MCS, and could not build any competing product. A few months after that though he was free to do as he pleased. We brought him in to help with Kustom. There was a discussion about whether it should be stand alone again or baked in. We went with baked in to prevent the Zooper type of situation from happening again. Chris being the kick ass guy that he is, rewrote the code from scratch, and handed it over to Frank, gratis.

            I see you also talking to people about Zooper and its lack of updates. Its been a while since Ive spoken with him, but I also know this dev. Last we spoke he was still under contract with MCS, but it was up for renewal. Im not sure what came of that, or what is coming or if there are any plans. I should reach out to him.

          • JosephHindy

            Holy cow thank you for the update! It’s a lot easier moving forward knowing what’s going on! Perhaps I’ll put “MyColorScreen” as a single entity on this list like I did the other themer devs (I knew Zooper + Themer were both done by MCS). And I’ll certainly look more into Kustom. Thanks for the info!

  • kilometerss

    Samsung S6 + Nova launcher + minima (dark gray + oranges) + Desaturate icon pack + Zooper widget app + GentleBlack Samsung theme = image

  • J.j. Evans

    Theming is one thing for rooted devices, and probably simple. But for unrooted devices – whether because people don’t want to root or (more unfortunately) a particular device *CAN’T* be rooted (ZTE Warp Elite is a prime example)…custom launchers and launcher themes may be the only viable option.

    Oh, and I don’t know if they’ve been truly abandoned, but it’s been well over a year since Themer was updated (10/2015), and it doesn’t seem to work at all anymore.