10 best Android MMORPGs

by: Joe HindyFebruary 2, 2016

Dungeon Hunter 5 best android MMORPGs
MMORPGs are funny things. They have the ability to put you in a vast world filled with thousands of other people and you can play them almost infinitely without reaching the end. Their following is huge and vastly loyal which made creating a list of the best Android MMORPGs very difficult since experiences can vary so greatly. However, we think we have a solid list here and if we missed any, feel more than free to leave your suggestions in the comments below! Please note, all of these games have in-app purchases that allow you to get better equipment and special items. If you’re averse to pay-to-win, please be aware that there are few (if any) subscription model based MMORPGs like World of Warcraft for mobile, yet.

Arcane Legends best Android MMORPGsArcane Legends

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Arcane Legends is an older MMORPG that has been very good at staying relevant despite its age. The game is pretty standard at its core. You’ll have three classes to choose from, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. There is co-op play as well as PvP modes so you can play and engage with other players as well as various PvP game types to keep things interesting. The developers have done a good job of updating the game to keep content fresh and there are a ton of things to do.

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avabel online best android MMORPGsAvabel Online

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Avabel Online is another MMORPG that has been around a while and, as such, has amassed quite the maturity level. Much like Arcane Legends, the developers have been consistently adding content over the years and there is a ton of stuff for players to do. You can build and develop characters as well as engage with co-op and PvP modes. The big thing that Avabel can do is engage players in massive 1000-player battles that can get quite ridiculous. There are a lot of elements to this game and most people seem to really enjoy it as a whole.

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Brave Trials best Android MMORPGsBrave Trials

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Brave Trials was originally a reader-submitted suggestion and it turned out to be one of our favorite MMORPGs. You create and develop a character with a variety of upgrade paths to make them act and battle how you want. Much like others, the developers have consistently added in new content to keep things fresh and that gives newcomers a ton of stuff to do. There are also a variety of game play modes, including quests, PvP, Party Trials, and more. The graphics are a little more cartoon-like than most, but they’re still quite enjoyable.

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celtic heroes best android MMORPGsCeltic Heroes

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Celtic Heroes is an MMORPG with a Celtic theme (obviously) which gives it a bit of a different flavor than the predominately fantasy-based games that are on this list. It has a lot of the same elements, including a campaign mode, quests, guilds (clans), tons of skills to learn and loot to gain, and the all-important PvP. There is also a trade system so you can give and get equipment from other players which isn’t as common as you’d think. It’s a solid game overall.

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dungeon hunter 5 best android MMORPGsDungeon Hunter 5

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Dungeon Hunter 5 is the latest in what is arguably the most popular MMORPG franchise on mobile. Since it is so new, it hasn’t had the chance to mature as much as others but we expect more content and bug fixes to come over time. Otherwise, it’s essentially what you’d expect out of an MMO. There is a single player campaign, co-op mode, and PvP as normal. The game also includes a fairly in-depth crafting system, a special emphasis on elements, and daily/weekly events for players to attend.

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Eternity Warriors 4 best Android MMORPGsEternity Warriors 4

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Eternity Warriors follows Dungeon Hunter as among the most popular MMORPG franchises available on mobile right now. This one has a larger focus on single player campaign which is great if you want something like an MMORPG, but not quite as social. That said, there are guilds you can join, PvP battles to be had, and more. The developers promise new events each week to keep things fresh and updates have already begun adding in new, permanent content, character classes, and more.

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forsaken world best Android MMORPGsForsaken World

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Forsaken World is another newer MMORPG and this one is still rebounding from a rough start. In terms of game play, it’s your standard MMORPG with single player campaign, PvP, and co-op modes and there are plenty of quests and missions to go through and enjoy. With this title, you can also capture and train mounts to help make travel less tedious which is good news since the game uses an open world concept. It’s pretty decent and should get better as time goes and they iron out the experience a little more.

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order and chaos 2 best android mmorpgsOrder and Chaos Online 2

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Order and Chaos 2 Online is the sequel to the intensely popular Order and Chaos Online game that a lot of people loved. This new game uses an open world concept, thousands of quests and missions to embark on, and its own crafting system to help improve your equipment. You can choose between five races and then between five classes which is more than a lot of games allow and it has all of the standard MMORPG features like PvP, co-op, and more. It is a newer game which means there are a few bugs, but the developer updates have been frequent and things are starting to look really good.

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toram online best android MMORPGsToram Online

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Toram Online is another one of the more obscure MMORPG titles, comparatively speaking and this one is rather unique. There isn’t a class system and character development is left solely up to each individual player by using the game’s skill system. Add to that the ability to customize your weapon abilities and this is one of the more customizable MMORPGs that we’ve seen. The graphics and game play give it a Final Fantasy (jRPG) feeling and comes with a campaign mode that can be played with other people (co-op). It’s a unique title and something a little different.

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warspear online best android MMORPGsWarspear Online

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Warspear Online is last, but certainly not least on our list. It’s been around for a while so it’s had a chance to round out the rough edges. Players can start by picking one of four races in two alliances and then choose from one of 12 classes to play with. The game includes over 1500 missions and quests along with more than 150 achievements, crafting abilities, PvP battles that can go from two on two to five on five, and a lot more. It’s a solid experience and one worth trying out.

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  • Alex James Simon

    Brave Trials is my favorite game right now! Only spent $1.99 in it, and have been playing it for over 2 months now. Haven’t hit a paywall yet.

  • Maki

    What exactly are the in-app purchases on these? Are they there to advance your character or just for beneficial items? I am weary of playing MMORPG games that have in app purchases because it would then feel like you can basically pay to be more equipped and further along than everyone else.

    • Alex James Simon

      In Brave Trials they are to purchase gems, which can be used for various things, all the items can be get in game through play. You get a ton of gems just by playing the game, they also give you certain bonuses depending on how many gems you buy, I have only bought $1.99 of gems, and been able to play for over 2 months without hitting a paywall.

    • JosephHindy

      Well you have to remember that none of these are brand new and you can only be “so powerful”. You can probably buy your way up there but keep in mind that there are other people already up there and you’ll be up there with them and not facing the same people as before. So if you buy stuff and make your way to, say, lvl 25 5 times faster than others, you’ll just be stacked up against other lvl 25 players. Thus, it’s not really all that likely that these are “pay to win” since you’ll always be in the company of other people who are just as powerful. Whether they earned that rank or not is up to personal interpretation but we’ve come a long way since the days of buying your way to victory.

      • Dannyjayfuller

        This man speaks the truth. I’m a hardcore Avabel player and in its early days out of beta, pay to win was rampant. Now, you can pay for nice looking stuff, useful items and buffs, but when you hit the PVP floor, all bets are off. Since it’s an action game at that, it all comes down to skill. My level 29 Acolyte met and struck down a level 57 warrior(without healing, mind you; unwritten PVP rule) on multiple occasions.

  • Bran

    I am surprised TibiaME did not make the cut. This is a very likeable retro game which was actually the first MMO on a mobile platform. The game is free with in-app purchases. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cipsoft.tibiame&hl=en

  • Dede

    You need to add WarSpear on the list.

    • JosephHindy

      Noted! Thank you :)

      • Marcin Wójtowicz

        WS is the biggest P2W of all games here

        • JosephHindy

          The concept of pay-to-win is based on opinion.

  • wezi427

    Every single one of them is, Free with In App Purchases, I say no thank you. I get it that it’s the way they make their money, but I’d rather pay a larger amount knowing that I will not have to deal with these nickel and dime purchases. I know many will disagree, but it’s my opinion.

    • JosephHindy

      Pretty much all of these don’t require any purchases to play and enjoy and, comparatively speaking, a few IAPs here and there is cheaper than a subscription service would be. Remember, there are 10s, if not 100s of thousands of games in the Play Store and you gotta get people on your game by any means necessary.

      • wezi427

        I understand, but I would rather buy a game or app outright. Most of these free with in app purchase games want want access to too many special permissions. I understand that you get these with some of the games you pay for, but in my experiences it’s not as intrusive.

        • JosephHindy

          You can’t do that with MMOs. Their whole business model is “keep them playing” which they can only do by adding more content later and then charging you for it. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Final Fantasy 14, and pretty much all of the big dog MMos either use a subscription service (which would show up as an in-app purchase in an Android game) or use in-game purchases to drive revenue. It’s literally no different at the top, the bottom, or anywhere in-between. I couldn’t even find an MMO that was “pay once” because that’s a poor revenue model for a game that people are supposed to play for years.

          • wezi427

            I don’t mind paying for a game and added content that is released later. I don’t mind paying for new characters. I’m talking about the BS of special powers and things of that nature.

          • JosephHindy

            What I’m trying to tell you is that well over 95% of MMOs operate on that model or charge a monthly subscription (which, let’s face it, is the same thing). The idea of MMO pay strategies is to keep you playing so you keep spending money. If you want “pay once then done”, you’re in the wrong genre because MMOs haven’t been that way since the 90’s back in the days of Warcraft II, Starcraft, and Diablo II.

          • xJeallen3x

            No, a monthly subscribing is not “the same thing”. With a 12-15 dollar monthly subscription you get everything the game has to offer. You can easily spend 10 times that a month in micro transactions just to level up or get some gear just to find out that someone else has better gear cause they spent more money. The micro transactions are the only way that these games can make money because in reality none of them can hold a candle to any game with a monthly subscribing so instead they draw people in with “free to play” then let the play until they hit the inevitable “brick wall” where if you don’t start spending a small fortune you’ll get nowhere in the game. So no, it’s nowhere near the same.

          • JosephHindy

            I’ve been playing mobile games as a profession for 3 years now. I haven’t hit that “brick wall” once. I’ve hit points in games where it’s needlessly tedious, but at no point was I unable to continue. I think a few bad apples got too much press and now it’s become a stereotype. Sorry, but those games don’t really exist anymore. I’ve literally tested every game on this list personally.

          • xJeallen3x

            You’re either full of crap or….. well, you’re just full of crap. I also have played many of these ptw games and they are PAY TO WIN. You spend a bunch of money on in game weapons/armor/gear/skills/gems/whatever and you win, if you don’t you get barrel rolled by those that do.

          • JosephHindy

            No, you have the OPTION to buy those things.

            Hilariously, it’s because you can’t win these games. They go on forever, there’s no ending credits roll. You’re paying to play better, but at no point are you finishing anything so “pay to win” is literally wrong.

          • JosephHindy

            You’re drawing parallels you can’t possibly prove. How do you know that they couldn’t “hold a candle” to those other games? Do you have any stats to back that up? Or are you just having a knee-jerk reaction to what I said because it doesn’t fall in line with what you personally think?

          • xJeallen3x

            Yeah, but you have a flat rate you spend each month instead of a micro traction for every little thing and noone has advantages over anyone else just because they spend more money.

          • JosephHindy

            That’s not true at all. People who play more often, people who utilize certain character builds, and people who grind down on game exploits (e.g. broken mechanics) will have the advantage. There doesn’t exist a game on this planet where casual gamers are on equal footing as hardcore fans. That disconnect will always exist.

            I think flat rates each month has their benefits, but ultimately, when you pay every month for something, you play it like it’s your job because you paid for it and it almost mentally cons you into playing it more often. At least with IAPs, you can put that game down or put it away without feeling like you’re wasting your money. You can play a couple of months without investing anything to see if it’s worth investing in first.

          • xJeallen3x

            Yeeeeeah, you go ahead and keep telling yourself that.

    • takes the words right outta many of our mouths

      i get sick of these games that promote the idea of free, then back you into a corner where if you don’t spend a small fortune on $99.99 boxes, you’ll both die and never live to see your research levels actually complete because it takes years…

      (yes, I’m looking at you Game Of War)

      it s just gotten pathetic.

      • JosephHindy

        You do realize that MMOs never actually end right? They just temp cap until an update lets people go further. The idea of an MMO is that you play for years. It’s not a game you can beat in 2 months and move on.

    • Kshaw Alenz

      I agree with you but look at Order at Chaos Online. Thar was $6.99 with a monthly fee and it still had the same overpriced runes. I’m sad the way all gaming now takes that same aproach and people are ok with it… Although there are a few games who do the IAP right where it’s truly optiona or you earn it playing.

      • JosephHindy

        People aren’t “okay with it”. People have never been okay with paying money for games. This is how developers make money and you’re supposed to vote with your wallet. If it’s too expensive, move on and don’t give them anymore money :)

    • Nicole

      I like play leauge of angels. you can play with me


      • Edward Hutchinson

        League of Angels sucks. It’s a rip-off of all the new mmorpg style of games out there. One click and the game will do everything for you. Game for lazy people.

        • Deek Nuts

          lol I read League of Angels as League of Legends and wondered why it was far fetched off with the next statement.
          I was about to rage fag and be the most dumbass piece of shit alive.

          Thank god Im human

  • Gmunk3y

    I didn’t see TWOM (The World of Magic) I’ve played it for years and still hooked

  • JustReadinTheComments

    no kritika online?

  • Nabeel

    Can anyone expand MMORPG

  • You missed IZANAGI online. It’s pretty new and probably the best mmorpg on android this year.

  • Oliveira


  • Although the content is significantly less, I believe Celtic Heroes is way more social than any of these games.

  • Zealot

    Celtic Heroes!

  • DooMeD

    I would also like to see Celtic Heroes added to this list. I’ve been playing for a year now, and I love it. I’ve spent some money in the game, but the in app purchases are for 15 minute boosts or fashion items, nothing that is pay to win that would make a person with money better than a person on welfare. New things are added 4 times a year based on seasons. Huge community. There are 2 things that I dislike about it, it is for both android and iOS, but they are seperated so I cannot play with friends that dont have android. The game lacks in storyline, and not many quests in the end game. I’ve played all of the above games, and Celtic Heroes is the only one I am still playing to this day.

  • Phil Johnson

    What I would greatly prefer to in app purchases would be a humble monthly our annual subscription fee. In app purchases are becoming a massive taint on mobile gaming.

  • Steven Williams

    you all seem to ignore the fact the major difference between in app purchases and subscriptions is most in app purchases revolve around tempting players with items that give advantage over others and pay to win. where as subscriptions such as WoW don’t give anything advantageous it’s equal balance.
    yes yes some are not pat to win but 90% are and I’ve tried and learned from years of experience. I’ve also played online games back since Aoe 25 years. 100% of all mobile in app purchases games development have a complete lack of understanding of making 100% balanced games where players enjoy game. they focus purely on making cash and making nearly anything good in game a cash item. so only people willing to purchase enjoy game. others who say they enjoy it only enjoy being a second rate citizen in game. they aren’t vip. there’s so much wrong with in app purchasing I could go on for long time. hate it. by the way the guy who wrote these reviews obviously has not tried the games he reviews.
    1. ragnarok online is hacked so badly right now there is no such thing as parties . no point being support class. everyone uses hacks to lvl. I see 32 hackers in 10 minutes playing which I recorded. they all even admit to hacking openly some even helped me by instant killing all my quest mobbs the servers are dead.
    you really should not post positive reviews of shit games…you waste people’s time who go to download them only to reach a point when they realize everyone’s hacking and no one will ever party with them when they reach impossible quests to do solo. so they are stuck unable to proceed or forced to also use the hack .

    • JosephHindy

      So you say 15 games are crap because of one game? Anecdotal evidence is shaky at best and you’re waving around a lot of generalities based on the experience you had in just one game. This is like those people that had a bad experience with one Freemium game and assume that they’re all the same.

  • Allison Lee
  • Floockde

    Too bad Toram Online isn’t here. The game doesn’t have a class system. You can create your character however you like. :P

  • ก็อดซิลล่าน้อย เอ๊
  • Hei

    Celtic heroes isn’t as good as avabel

  • Justin Wood

    One game that gets very overlooked is Toram Online

  • Saket

    Iruna! :D
    Its pretty good!

  • pawces

    Order and Chaos 2 has good graphics..and that’s about it. The devs don’t give a rats rear end about the player base. Imagine playing this game for months, collecting super rare materials to craft your long awaited end-game gear, only the latest update changed all the recipes and you now have to collect hundreds of other stuff and your old collection of materials becomes junk.

  • Samrq

    Don’t give a crap for ANY of these crap titles. It’s all P2W, meaning at some point in game, you MUST spend cash to progress.

    • Dejtemir

      I’m playing Storm Of Wars since the beginning about 6 months ago and I didn’t spend any money on it. Enjoying it fully as I’m getting in game free gems daily (daily quests) also I’m getting dozens of guild gifts every day (many contain speedups and gems). Great game with great concept and awesome support. I think it deserves to be listed here as one of the top games.

    • DeadlyChas3r

      m9 have you tried toram??????????????

  • SaRPeR

    Kritika should be in this list as well.

    • Prince Jinichi

      Kritika is great but i hate when it comes to update and patching too long and wasting of time.

  • Bill

    Forsaken World Mobile is a ghost town, servers are empty, dungeon and event queues take forever, only benefit you can bot and forget about it for awhile. Big money players are gods tho if you are into major cash burning.

  • Nao Tomori

    ya kritika is the best of ’em all

  • Dunayl

    that negativism guy on warspear is surely an idiot… hope you read this and start behave

    • Justin Wood

      Warspear is good but extremely p2w, not only that but the gameplay is dull and the quests make you go back and forth for hours on end just to complete one quest.

  • Kritika’s gameplay isn”t the same as the ones on the list

  • Vio Laff

    Just look up School of Chaos!

  • CRT

    Try The Infinite Black! A space game with a great community, soon to launch on steam as well

  • mrjagger24

    Why can’t we have mmorpgs that aren’t free an don’t have in app purchases, I would happily pay once or have a simple subscription

    • JoonHoKim

      Unfortunately, I think you’re in the minorities… That’s why the devs stay away from that and WOW sub is at all time low. I would prefer subs as well.

    • JosephHindy

      It’s not sustainable that way. No one on mobile is paying subscriptions for games (and laugh at the very idea) and pay-once is a horrible business model for “play forever” games.

      • blakewhitlow

        guild wars 2 went pay once route and it worked out really well for them. ik its free to play now but only because they have an expansion out as well.

        • JosephHindy

          No, they went F2P because the pay once model wasn’t working anymore.

          • blake whitlow

            OR they just knew that new players wound’t want to spend possibly up to $ 120 dollars to get the full experience of the game. plus i would think that it worked out well for them cuz they did get enough money for a expansion and it was b2p for 3 years all without resorting to P2W which they still haven’t done unlike some other games (cough BDO cough ) so in that sense alone i think that it was an amazing accomplishment for mmos even today its probably in the top 5 f2p mmos out there.

    • Neel Gupta

      “Order & Chaos Online” tried to go the subscription route… and failed !
      Since then no Android MMORPGs dared to require subscription for gameplay.

  • Stephen Foster

    Stellacept Online yo. It’s like Phantasy Star Online for mobile. Surprised ya’ll didn’t include it

  • DeadlyChas3r



    1. Open world (Hell, you can go anywhere you want)

    2. 3D graphics with 3rd person view

    3. Amazing Community (LoL rauku ppl still role-playing in chat as ever)

    4. You have lots of fun and if you get yourself a Decent guild, omg say goodbye to your time and you are gunna get addicted to this game

    5. Lvl cap 100 (LOL)

  • Ким Шахов

    kritika is great
    but it would be AMAZING ( same with other slashers ) if it would have an open world
    just immagine how it would be great to play kritika/taichi panda/ darkness reborn in open world

  • lord dragon

    arcane online is awesome but somewhat new so not as many players

    • Google Glass

      Arcane Online is decent at best and not recommended for seasoned MMORPG players. Infact, the game has a low RPG seasoned player base and the reviews and chat support that claim. Movement, fights, and potion usage in a fight is optionally fully automated. Start a quest and the character will automatically move to the needed location and automatically gather/fight/ect. The only time you need to button press is to talk to the NPC and most times you needn’t even return to the NPC to complete the quest. There is even a auto-hunt mode that enables the character to fight everything around him/her automatically when selected. Since mob respawn is extremely quick, you can go to an area, enable auto-hunt and fight all day or until you die. You even gain experience and gold when you aren’t playing. Good for new players to the MMORPG genre or lazy people. Because of this, the game has a high teen player base and chat can get annoying. Chat can be disabled however.
      There is the increasingly more common VIP system in place with each VIP tier enabling higher levels of benefits such as increased experience or gold gained. However, most packages aren’t worth buying. Ruby is the premium currency and many activities cost more ruby than necessary when you add up the dollar amount of rubies you are spending for the activity. Bundle chest only give you a chance to get something really good out of four options. I’m not wasting my money($15-$30) on a CHANCE to get something good. This issue need to be reworked but the game is fully playable without spending money.
      Open world isn’t party friendly. You can party up and go through an entire quest line only to get to the boss and have to disband because the boss can only be fought solo. All that work with a group to get to the end and do it solo.

  • ZeroCool

    Try Darkness Reborn…. It’s addictive

  • LanGamer

    Can’t believe Iruna isn’t here o.o

    • Neel Gupta

      Toram Online & Stellacept Online are even better !
      Toram Online is like “Iruna Online Version 2.0”

  • Suggestion

    Brave trials is fun the game mechanic is good only the update and service are not good. IOS already closed so think carefully before you start (I’ve invested so much in the game and now countdown for its closing sigh).

  • groovepounder

    The Infinite Black and Rings of Night, both made by indie studio Spellbook. Both are F2P, no P2W, no adverts, no intrusive permissions, crafting, trading, player driven auction house, pvp,, clans, open sandbox, many chat systems devs often in game and take on board suggestions by players. mighty fine games.

  • Mock098

    Tai chi panda should be on here