14 best Android email apps

by: Joe HindyJanuary 17, 2015

Email is one of the oldest forms of internet communication and one of the few from “the good old days” that we still use today. Email has evolved quite a bit since the old days but how we use and process emails has changed very little. Despite that, some still seem to be able to do it better than others. In this roundup, we’ll take a look at the best Android email apps.

AOSP Email best Android email appsAOSP Email

[Price: Free]
The good old AOSP Email is first on our list because it’s a classic and has been around since the earliest days of Android. Of course, it’s been updated, refined, and redesigned multiple times since it was first created and that’s why it’s one of the best on the list. It supports pretty much all of the most popular email clients and has a clean design that is easy to use. It is important to keep in mind that this is a very basic email client. If you need something more feature rich and powerful, this is not the one you should be using.
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AOSP Email best Android email apps

Aqua Mail best Android email appsAqua Mail

[Price: Free / $4.95]
Aqua Mail is an email client with a little bit more power and a lot of peripheral features. It allows for Exchange and IMAP accounts but also allows integration with Office 365, OAUTH2 for Gmail, and it has support for Tasker and Light Flow along with a number of other apps. It’s been updated with a fresh Material Design look that helps keep it with the times in terms of design. The pro version allows you to set up more than two email accounts and removes the promo signature from outgoing emails.
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aqua mail best Android email app

blue mail best Android email appBlue Mail

[Price: Free]
Blue Mail is another simple but elegant email solution that supports a metric ton of email accounts including Yahoo, Gmail, iCloud, Office365, and others. It has a simple interface similar to AOSP Email with a few unique tweaks here and there. Along with the standard features, you can also do a bunch of other things like set quiet hours for when you don’t want notifications, set emails to send at a later time or date, configurable menus, and a lot more. There are even some security features like locking up your personal emails.
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blue mail best Android email app

cloudmagic best emails appsCloudMagic

[Price: Free / $4.99/month]
CloudMagic burst into the scene a little more recently than others. It has some Material Design elements but remains fairly minimal and that helps it feel more efficient and useful. It supports multiple accounts from a number of email providers and all of the standard features. Its most unique feature is the integration of various tools like Todoist, Asana, MailChimp, Pocket, Evernote, and others to help include your emails more fluidly in your workflow which is really useful. It recently updated with a new subscription model that wants $60/year for a few additional features but the free version should suffice for most.
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Mail Wise best Android email appsEmail for Exchange – Mail Wise

[Price: Free with in app purchases]
One of the more difficult features to get right for most email apps is Exchange support and this app aims to be the one that Exchange users should use. It’s not perfect but it’s solid and reliable and uses a message-style email thread system that makes email conversations easier to read. Despite the focus being on Microsoft Exchange, you can also add other email accounts. It’s completely free with the in-app purchases being optional developer donations.
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Gmail 2015 best Android email appsGmail

[Price: Free]
For many, the road need go no further than Gmail. It contains the latest in Google’s design standards and comes complete with Google Now and Google Drive support. It’s frequently updated, provides a stable experience, and evolves every time Android does. Recent updates also allow for Microsoft Office support, the management of multiple accounts, and Android Lollipop optimizations. Most people who have just a Gmail account for their Android devices don’t need anything more than this.
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inbox by gmail best android email appsInbox by Gmail

[Price: Free]
Inbox by Gmail is a different take on email from Google and the same team that brought you Gmail. It features heavier integration with Google Now along with advanced label management and a “newsfeed” style email layout. When it first debuted, a lot of pundits found it confusing and too “in your face” to be useful, but as the platform has grown, so has the positive opinions about Inbox. It’s a solid email application and a must-try if you also use Google Now heavily.
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K-9 Mail best Android email appsK-9 Mail

[Price: Free]
K-9 Mail is one of the oldest email clients on Android and has garnered considerable respect over the years. It still utilizes an older, minimal interface that’s almost similar to Reddit but it manages to be easy to use and efficient. It’s also open source which is great if you’re a fan of FOSS. It has a basic set of features which is good for those of you who don’t need anything complicated or overly powerful. It’s also totally free.
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K-9 Mail best Android email apps

Mail.RU best Android email appsMail.Ru

[Price: Free]
Mail.Ru is an enigma. It’s not a name that gets thrown a lot in the email game but it has silently amassed over ten million downloads to date and has accumulated a 4.5 out of 5 rating in the Google Play Store. It has multi-account support, advanced search, notification filtering, and a built-in spam filter. The interface is clean and looks a little bit like an older version of Gmail which isn’t bad at all. It’s totally free and has a decent design and feature set.
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MailRU best Android email apps

mailbox best android email appsMailbox

[Price: Free]
Mailbox is a reader recommendation and we found it to be pretty good. The UI is clean with a mix of Material Design and some proprietary design choices. Aside from that, you’ll find direct Dropbox support because this was developed by Dropbox. Most of its unique features stem from that relationship so Dropbox users should definitely give this a try. On top of the Dropbox stuff, you’ll find the basic email features along with some more advanced ones like auto-snoozing conversations. There are some bugs here and there but it’s worth a shot anyway.
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mailbox best android email apps

myMail best Android email appsmyMail

[Price: Free]
myMail is a slightly antiquated email app with a decent list of features. It supports most popular email services including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, and even AOL. The interface is a tweaked Holo which means it’s easy to navigate and use. There isn’t much that helps this one stand out other than its wide range of supported protocols and decent interface but sometimes that’s all people need. This is also the official email client of my.com and you can use extra features if you have a my.com email address.
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mymail best Android email apps

nine exchange best android email appsNine Exchange

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
When we first published this list, our fans went nuts that we forgot this app and we can’t blame them because it’s pretty awesome. As you’ve likely ascertained from the name of the app, Nine Exchange deals with Microsoft Exchange along with other Microsoft services like Office 365, Hotmail, Outlook, and other, non-Microsoft servers. It has all of the basic features with some extra stuff tacked on for good measure. You can go down in the comments section to see just how much people like this app.
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nine exchange best android email apps

WeMail best android email appsWeMail

[Price: Free]
WeMail was released in late 2014 and with it came some unique ideas. The main feature is its interface. It uses a modified Material Design, sorts emails by sender rather than chronologically, and shows emails in a messaging format. This gives the email experience an entirely different feel than normal and for some, it’s really good. Also included is the ability to search messages and attachments separately, one-touch voice emails, and access to all files you’ve ever sent or received to others. The only major downside is that it doesn’t work with as many email services as these others.
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yahoo mail best Android email appsYahoo Mail

[Price: Free]
Yahoo Mail is last on our list and it remains one of the best ways to use Yahoo Mail. Other than the basic email features, Yahoo has also integrated a news section in with email so you can literally check your mail and read the news at the same time which may be a nice feature for some. Obviously, only Yahoo users can use it and much like other official apps, Yahoo Mail users can simply do more than they probably could in other clients.
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Wrap up

If we missed any great Android email apps, let us know in the comments!

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  • name

    where is acompli?

    • JosephHindy

      Too many issues. People are reporting bugs, lag, slow downs, and various other problems. It’s probably great on iOS, but they haven’t made it good enough on Android yet. I’ll revisit them the next time I update this list.

      • quick2learn

        Great article; thanks for your research and summary points. Love that the article spawned so many additional comments and suggestions. I especially appreciate the author for participating in the comments section. Any way you might consider putting the top 5 or so in a table to compare features? My request for your re-write / update.

  • IncCo

    Is Mailbox no good?

    • JosephHindy

      Dropbox was lazy with it. iOS cloned, doesn’t really work that well…no real reason to use it unless you’re hardcore Dropbox yknow?

  • MG

    This list is lacking without Nine – Exchange ActiveSync

    • Zain Ajam

      Nine is the best email app for by mobile as a companion to Microsoft outlook on my computer. I use it for my work exchange account and love it

      • JosephHindy

        You guys are right, I totally missed that one. It will certainly be added on the next update to this list :)

        • luminelx64

          When it come to Exchange ActiveSync, Nine is the BEST.

          Also, the Blue mail icon on your list isn’t for the latest version. They’ve added exchange ActiveSync features to the latest version.

          • Jeffrey Spaggot Muntley

            Wow so many NINE shills here.

          • Krishna Murthy

            Can someone provide me the link for the app you guys are talking about? i am looking for an app that works best for office mail

        • Super Meat Boy

          I also love Nine. Server-wide search is the way to go.

    • Phil Schaefer

      Came here to say just that. Super worth it!

    • Toni Foertsch

      yeah, definitely missing.

    • dcdttu

      I was about to comment about Nine, glad other people agree. I freaking love Nine, especially the variable sync options.

    • philemon_loy

      I was happily using Nine for my work email (company hosted MS exchange) but was prompted by the article to try Blue out. I like the interface marginally more. But it was much worse for battery use. And it doesn’t seem to have the full suite of exchange support (can’t find the calendar). After one day, I went back to Nine.

      • evo34

        BlueMail is the single-worst battery draining app (non-GPS category) I have ever installed. Amazing that anyone uses it.

    • jed1923

      totally agree, great app…but Nine isn’t free

    • ducksonetime

      Oh, mate – thanks so much for the recommendation. Nine Exchange is the best exchange mobile client I’ve ever used.

    • SweKiwi

      SO many thanks! This actually made it work my workphone and work e-mail.
      The built-in e-mail app is so underwhelming in comparison.

  • DamonZ28

    I’ve been using MailDroid for over a year, works great for me. I have Gmail, Hotmail, Charter, and exchange emails all set up. I’ve tried some of these others, didn’t really work for me.

  • ShawnPete

    I’ve used Enhanced Email for years. It has mulitiple account capabilities and works with a wide range of email clients. It has the ability to create and sync folders. You are able to set up custom colors for accounts for the app and the led notifications. It may have more capabilities, but that is all I’ve used so far.

    • JosephHindy

      I’ll look into it, thank you!

  • tech4life

    My favourite on this list is CloudMagic. I gave it a try a few months ago and once I did I never looked back. I love how everything is in one place, and that with the account you make, as soon as you log in on in it will sync all of your preferences and accounts, really good for someone like me who doesn’t stay with a phone/ROM for long.

  • Ano Niem

    My favorite is 1. Aquamail, 2. K9, 3. Blue Mail

    If I remember correctly, Cloudmail is the app that saves inlog of email-accounts of their users on their own server.

    • It’s “cloud magic” and that’s “logins”

  • alacrify

    For Exchange, I still use Touchdown – supports things like MobileIron and even though the GUI isn’t up to Android design specs, I like the way it works. And the calendar is killer.

  • Raul

    wemail is the best for me, the search function is incredible, better then google’s, and the attachments section is just … wow…everything in one place.
    BTW the developer respond pretty fast to feature requests.
    yahoo mail shouldn’t be in this list because it’s limited to one client only,even gmail supports multiple clients.

    • JosephHindy

      You could say that yeah, but if you use Yahoo Mail, the only really great client for it is Yahoo Mail. Other ones deliver the mail but you can’t do a lot of the Yahoo specific stuff. People married into the Yahoo ecosystem should probably stick to that, hence why it’s here.


    I am using a Blue Mail. It deliveries emails faster than other clients.

  • John Conatser

    i personally like Mailbox

  • scott


  • S363

    Note that AquaMail puts an ad on all outgoing mail unless you pay them $4.95, which seems like a lot. Dealbreaker for me.

    • JosephHindy

      At least you only pay once and it’s not an ad, it’s a “sent via” message and most email apps, free and paid, do it. Also, $5 isn’t that much money.

  • Mike Snyder

    Boxer? Anyone?

  • Paid Apk Android
  • Will S.

    I use K9-Mail, and what I really like is that it doesn’t require resource hogging auto-sync to receive push notifications.

    • StraightEdgeNexus

      Blue mail is much better.

    • shonangreg

      I upgraded from K-9 to kaiten, their pay version. It was my favorite email app, but it has not been updated since March 2014, well before Lollipop came out. It crashes on me, on several different devices, up to a dozen times a day. There is next to no communications from the developers. A lot of reviewers on the Play Store are complaining and wondering if the app has been abandoned.

      I want a new app, one that allows me to keep my accounts separated, not forcing me to use a unified inbox. That takes out several popular apps.

      And the gmail app? I can’t add an email account to either the gmail app or even Chrome without adding a whole new account to my device (android — accounts, not just an account inside an email app).

      I use Mailbox by dropbox, but I’m thinking about switching over to Aqua Mail for all my email.

      One note: It bothers me that some of these free apps might be collecting our email. Blue Mail, now Type Email (stupid name, btw) is an example of this. No one even knows what company is behind the app.

  • pikov

    Maildroid!!! How did you miss it???

    • JosephHindy

      It was a little rough around the edges in my experience. I may make it in when I update but it just didn’t feel “quite right” when I used it :)

      • pikov

        Can you be more specific?

        • JosephHindy

          Sadly, no. I can’t really describe it, it just didn’t “feel right”.

          • MailDroidDev

            We’d love to know what did not feel right so we can make it better. We are very good with communication, so just email us if you give it another shot.

          • JosephHindy

            When I come back to re-write this, I will do that. Thank you.

          • Anonymous

            For the business user, or simply the user who wants many features and control, maildroid is incomparable. Search needs work. But feature set is spectacular. Can’t believe it’s not on the list. Probably the best on Android.

          • MailDroidDev

            Looking forward :) We always want to improve.

  • Mark Adam

    Mailbox has to be the best app missing from this list. It started as an ios app, but it is now available for android. It’s amazing. Inbox by Gmail feels like it took a lot of its cues from this app.

  • Inbox is my #1 then Gmail, they have an email app that treats emails like a sms thread or something like that I can’t remember the name. I hate Outlook and anything associated with it.

  • paulkoan

    K9 hardly can be described as having basic features. It is really the only option for power users. Multiple identities. Folder priorities, push / poll per folder. Multiple accounts with unification. If you need all of these then k9 and maybe aqua will cover you.

  • Chris

    Gmail. no brainer here. why use anything else?

  • Mike Garcia

    I would suggest TouchDown by NitroDesk. I have been using it for years.

    • Daniel Flick

      Since Symantec bought them it has steadily gone downhill to the point of being unusable for most people. I have managed to keep from upgrading on one of my phones but once I change that device, I need to find a workable alternative.

  • Neelesh

    You missed touchdown.

  • Anggelos

    Anyone here knows of an app that can handle both email and social networks, hence you go once place to get both email and social network updates (and also replay to notifications as well)

  • Ron

    That’s a great post guys! Good job!
    Personally, I prefer using Mailwise. It works smoothly with my org exchange as well as my private Gmail, and makes email conversation much clearer. Give it a try


  • farvardinzad

    nine rules them all.

  • David Gomez

    A big one that was missed is ChiaraMail http://www.chiaramail.com. Really cool app that offers complete privacy. I have used it to send secure messages to my friends (they say not even the government can snoop on your messages) and I can change an email after I have sent it as well as send large attachments (goodbye dropbox).

  • Rick Cox

    MailDroid is also very good and has been my mainstay email app … Inbox has me intrigued with the sorting ability… Which I really like…

  • Poopik Shmill

    Can someone please tell me how to delete one mail from a “conversation” when using gmail or inbox?

  • Vivek

    Agree with most of them,I guess the editor forgot to mention the unanimous winner… Nine exchange email is the far best…

  • patstar5

    I use CloudMagic, I have email and Gmail disabled. I tried inbox by Google and deleted it. If only CloudMagic would add printing support…

  • Beshr AbdulHadi

    And what about Mailbox?

  • bandini75

    The best is NINE by far.

    No comparison with the others listed above.

  • Craig Dennis

    “Acompli” is a very good application

  • I feel the AOSP one was there for Nostalgia… it’s practically gmail, because didnt gmail get multiple account support?

  • Marius Oprisan

    Surprised Box wasn’t in that top.

  • JustaNickname

    Boxer… You should try that, too.

  • Rick Poirier

    Trying to find a reason not to use Nine. Can’t.

  • Type Mail

    Blue Mail is now Type Mail – http://www.typeapp.com/ – it also supports Exchange accounts.

  • Bruno

    K-@ Mail… is the best!

  • Silence Dogood

    Nine is ok, but I am tired of having to open emails twice to get to the newest one. You get a new email and it opens to a thread. You then need to click again to open the email. I also don’t always read emails in a chain, but those skipped emails remain unmarked and unread. Annoying when I keep thinking emails are there. I get an email, I want to open and read that email. So close, but moving on from Nine for now.

  • Shelagh D-B

    Frightening when the 2 top email apps mentioned no longer exist ;( they no longer have either blue mail or aosp mail at googleplay ;(

    • Vycke

      Blue mail is known as Type Mail these days, same maker, some looks but more features (added exchange support) and just a different name

    • OneMore

      Blue mail is back. The developers now support both Type and Blue Mail. This, according to an email I received from them.

  • Bobby Flint

    Great list – tried many of the options. The one lasting the most for me, and my current one is Blue Mail – https://bluemail.me.

  • J.H. Jensen

    Please telle me….

    which the email app can display a counter out on the app front – I want number 2 app

  • TundraDoubleMove

    I’d also suggest eNotify for filtering email alerts

  • Cleveland25
  • Epoch

    Nine Exchange Rocks!!!
    I was having trouble with encryption on my custom ROM CM12.1 for OnePlus One with no other exchange app (Gmail, Mailwise and others) working but Nine Exchange went through it’s own quick encryption and within minutes I started getting my emails..
    Another cool feature is the VIP notifications, which is missing on most of the other apps.

  • IJK

    Which is these works flawlessly with arbitrary IMAP servers, and can handle encryption/decryption with X.509 certificates?

  • Comment_Cop

    Im using Nine, its works with Exchange very well and its a nice clean modern interface. I recommend it highly.
    Then in second place for me is K-9. K-9 is great as its free and has good security features and other options. I find its just a bit messy and fiddly at times.

  • DJS

    K9 should be avoided at all costs. It has all sorts of shortcomings but the worst aspect of it is that there’s no support at all. If there’s no support, there’s no point having it. Numerous emails to them go completely unanswered.

  • HerbertF

    I’m new to this mobile mail business. Is there a client that works like a desktop application? Can I select multiple messages (with something like a tick box) and then delete them all? Switch between all or unread messages? Search for keywords in the header only? In other words, I want Thunderbird. (I know it doesn’t exist, but what comes closest?)

    • OneMore

      Try Type, I believe it does all of the above. Plus more!

  • Carey Vandenberg

    No Touchdown? I’ve used it every since I ditched my Blackberry a few years ago and it has been excellent on an exchange server. I’d be interested how it compares against the other sin your list.

  • Seth Thomas

    Love Nine Exchange. If you are not on an HTC Sense Phone and are using the default Android Mail app, this app really takes it up to a clean, professional and very nice application to use instead. Like it much better than the Outlook, Default Sense/AOSP app as well. Nicely done and worth the money.

  • disgusting1

    For Microsoft Exchange, I’ve found Type Mail to be the most versatile email app out there. However, It does sync your exchange contacts and calendar, which is kind of a disappointment.

  • recluse52

    Isn’t mailbox shutting down?

  • Carla Alvarez

    Thanks for this list. I have my first Android based phone ever in my BlackBerry Priv.

    I’ve used android before with my tablet, but the Priv is my first experience using it for day to day tasks. The biggest issue I’ve had is that the native email app won’t delete emails on the server. Since I have multiple emails I monitor and I get a ton of junk email, this is a huge issue as my real emails get buried under the junk. Not being able to truly delete emails has severely impacted my ability to keep up with emails on the go.

    I never had an issue with this on the BlackBerry OS and I’ve read that this has to do with the Android platform. I’ve spent so much time trying to find a solution to this, even going back and forth with the host for my domains to make sure it isn’t a server issue.

    Now I’m trying different apps solely for the purpose of deleting emails. I tried Blue Mail and I really like the interface, but it is the same thing as the native emails, deleted emails reappear in the inbox. Aquamail deletes on the server; however, selecting multiple emails was SO SlOW, I’d rather find an app that let’s me go through them more quickly. I guess I’ll start going down this list

  • eric noack

    Most of the problems with all these email clients is the ability to do a batch delete.
    The Yahoo client for instance does one at a time , not great when you have a thousand emails. The Gmail well I couldn’t find a batch delete on that one either, same with CloudMagic. If it is there it’s not obvious.
    Bluemail on the other hand has this feature so its the winner.
    I also noted that Cloudmagic does not want to connect my pop account and it fights every step of the way not wanting to connect to my Imap as well, so I gave up in the end.

  • Michael Swingley

    What about TypeApp? Been using it for about 3 yrs. Great email client!