Best Android apps for Bible study

July 3, 2012

The saying, “there’s an app for that,” is certainly no exaggeration. The Google Play Store has almost every facet of life covered and if you think your niche has been neglected, all it takes is typing a key word into the Google Play Store’s search function to find what you’ve been looking for.

Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to do away with our clunky physical objects. Your bulky camera? Leave it at home. Your heavy medical or law text? Leave it at home. And now, you can leave your Bible at home too, and take a light virtual version with you on your Android phone.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best apps to make studying the Bible easier.


The Bible app allows users to listen to an audio dramatization of the Bible, and even see video segments from the Jesus Film Project. Moreover, this app also has the most number of translations in the world, which means that a wider range of users can be reached. And, it doesn’t stop there. New languages are regularly added to cater to the needs of more users around the globe.

The app proves to be a very handy companion for all-time convenience in listening to or reading the Bible. No additional Bible downloads will be required for this, though you need Internet connection to access the Bible’s audio.

With the Bible app, you can also share random Bible verses with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email. With this app, you’re finally a tap closer to your desired bible study guide.

Daily Bible

Nothing’s more fun in studying the Bible than being able to share it with others. The Daily Bible provides its users with multifarious ways to enjoy themselves while studying. From daily verses down to the selection of your favorite Bible document to be shared with several networking sites, everything has been made easier by the app.

You may choose what Bible topic or verse you’d like, and Daily Bible will show you results in no time. It also has its daily devotional feature which allows you to listen to Biblical Christian Devotions from a list of devotional podcasts. You can save a specific podcast of your choice and listen to it offline.

Don’t worry if you’re not easily contented with a single Bible version because the Daily Bible provides you with several versions like KJV, NIV, ESV, and many more.

BibleReader-KJV Bible

Here comes another amazing way to study the KJV Bible in full convenience and ease. Not only does BibleReader-KJV Bible provide you with an advanced search mechanism, it also comes with a back-up copy which you could store on another device with the help of Olive Tree’s free cloud back-up service.

The app allows split-screen viewing for easier navigation, and gives the user immediate access to downloadable files. This may range from more than a hundred free titles to over 600 popular Bible study products, which you can purchase within the application.

What’s cool about this app is the fact that Bibles are stored on your Android phones and are not dependent on network connection. You can enjoy offline access anytime you want. You can also create your notes, highlights, bookmarks, tags, and ribbons, and transfer them all to your devices.

If you fancy speed and variety in searching related resources for your Bible study, then BibleReader will prove to be one of the best app you could ever ask for.

ESV Bible

The ESV Bible app for Android phones is a natural hot pick by Bible users for allowing offline access. The app allows fast page navigation for convenience. You may jump from one footnote to another, or check a different verse, and jump back to your original footnote immediately. It also allows you to randomly browse the contents of the Bible by scrolling it either in landscape or full screen mode. You can even resize the font to suit your preference.

ESV Bible also proves to be a good way for interaction, as it is easy to share selections with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t bogged down with many advertisements, which makes it easier for users to navigate its tools.

With ESV Bible, you don’t just read and learn about the Bible–you also enjoy.


They say the real message of the Bible isn’t in what we just read. We have to go deeper and understand what lies beneath its words.  If you aren’t satisfied with just reading and listening, and you’re looking for more of what you can really get from the Bible, then Bible-Discovery is just the right app for you.

Equipped with the cross-referencing feature and transliteration of Greek and Hebrew words, users can now easily browse simultaneous pages which could help them compare info from their current study to those which had been done before.

A quick bookmarking feature is also available and since bookmarks on this app can easily be handled, bookmarks of different categories make it possible for verses to have different colors. This way, users will find it easy to remember important bible verses, which might be of reference to them in the future.

Commentaries are also available, and you can download more than 90 Bible translations. Bible-Discovery doesn’t just give you convenience while studying the bible. It also helps you widen your grasp of the Word’s meaning.

Remember Me Bible Verse Memory

When things start to get out of control, the last thing you’d want is to forget what you intended to do, and end up doing something unnecessary.

With Remember Me Bible Verse Memory app however, you don’t need to worry about forgetting things. This app gives its user the luxury to set daily reminders for all purposes. This doesn’t mean that we completely set aside the obvious fact that we’re talking about Bible study apps here. Remember Me caters to the huge demand of Bible study users; from random retrieval of Bible scriptures online, to an intelligent review system that gauges your study’s progress.

Remember Me collections can be exported to an SD card. This way, you’ll get the assurance that every important thing you like to remember is taken care of.

Crossconnect Bible

A free opensource Bible that allows you to listen to your Bible anytime and anywhere with any verse, the CrossConnect Bible app has its Bible word search, which provides you a more convenient way of searching for info inside the Bible by simply providing relevant keywords on your desired topic.

You also get to listen to the sermon interrogation of John Piper, powered by, and freely access offline Bible texts. If you feel like modifying the appearance of the font, the CrossConnect Bible app allows you to customize its font color to your liking.

It includes a Daily verse widget, which gives you updates on Bible verses everyday. Aside from its uniqueness, it’s also very helpful in satiating your everyday desire to have something new on your dish.

With CrossConnect Bible, you’ll get your daily dosage of spiritual nourishment in a fun and simple way.

KJV Bible

If you’re looking for an app that gives you extensive ways of exploring and studying the Bible, KJV Bible is practically one of the best picks for you.

It has extensive online search engines, through which users could find references for their study. Complimenting its wide coverage of information is a feature that allows users to share and bookmark topics of their interest. The app is equipped with user-friendly navigation and a verse-locating feature which allows users to easily pull out the info they need.

This means you don’t need to browse all the books, chapters, and verses in the Bible. With KJV Bible, everything is made in just a matter of a tap. With over a million downloads, the app proves to be one of the favorites in Bible studies.

If you’re really up to something easy and is packed with all the needed information you want, then KJV Bible is just the right pick for you.

MySword Bible

There are times when you feel like you need more of what you can get from something as important as the Bible.

MySword Bible will surely be your best companion for your study sessions. Equipped with a Bible version verse comparison feature, the app gives you alternative info guides on things you want to know. You may also do cross-referencing via Treasury of Scripture Knowledge for better overview of the Bible’s contents. Commentaries, devotional books, dictionaries, and many more are available with this app.

If you’re up to personalizing your own page, MySword gives you the luxury to do that. You may select your own color scheme or theme. Font size can also be adjusted to make your reading more comfortable.

With MySword at hand, you can enjoy Bible study in an environment of your choice.

CadreBible-Bible Software

If you love a feature-packed Bible app, plus a quick way of searching related materials for your study, then CadreBible-Bible Software is the right app for you.

It is an offline Bible app that contains large libraries of electronic Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, dictionaries, and short stories for kids — all in one app. It has a sophisticated search feature that allows you to explore all the available features of the app without any hassle. You can create notes and sessions for each Bible study which you can easily modify in the future.

Aside from its variety of Bible-related features, CadreBible also is equipped with numerous custom settings that allow you to change the font color and size of the text, customize themes, auto-rotate screen, or keep the screen on. You even have the choice to show or hide icons from the screen.

With CadreBible app, everything you’ll need for a convenient and efficient bible study is now made possible.

So, if you’re all fired up to begin your study session in a whole new different way, then the apps mentioned above are your best buddies. It doesn’t matter where you are. With these apps on hand, studying the Bible could be as easy as how you want it to be.


  • steve

    Are you kidding? This is supposed to be about technology, you know, factual stuff and not about the reality-challenged. I’m amazed and saddened that you cater to this section of the lunatic fringe, they are already full of themselves without you helping them.
    It wad nice reading your RSS while it lasted but goodbye Android Authority.

    • Logan

      Seriously dude? They list the best apps for all purposes all the time. Best weather, best music, best games and so on. This is about reality. The reality that these are the best actual apps for the purpose of reading the Bible. It’s not saying you have to believe what the apps promote, just that they are the best for what they do. If a game has someone killed but it is the best game, they aren’t actually promoting killing by listing the app. Even then, augmented reality is technology and in itself states that it isn’t reality. Get over yourself.

      • Brandon

        +1 Logan.

    • AndroidVesti

      They are trying to make everyone happy even if it means posting stupid stuff. Besides, why would you even need an app to study the bible? Just read it damn it and you’ll see how idiotic it is…

      • WWJD

        Forgive them for they no not what they saying… Luke 23:34

      • John Judge

        Clueless #3

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      you’ve probably never met an actual rational and intelligent religious person, have you? my sympathies, man. :(

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    along the same lines as astrology apps, sure its the best of this particular style of app. but should come with a bullshit warning.

    “If you believe any of the above as truth, please seek professional help”

    • swtrainer

      so, as long as we drink the will you subscribe to, its ok. but otherwise, it must not have any value.. .its not that you don’t believe in god, but that you apparently think you are god.

      • RellikZephyr

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        i have no intentions of telling you what to believe, but if you believe something clearly wrong, against ALL evidence and try to convince other people its true, i will call you on it

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          +1 for you bro.

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          hey look cool guy it’s a metaphor do you get it yet do you see what i’m saying

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            that’s unkind. you are not the author of his spiritual path and cannot therefore judge his destination.

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  • Brent

    Thanks for the review.well done. Another up and coming app is Logos Bible. They have been in the PC space for years, and have a very good iPad app. They just released the android version.

    • D.

      BTW, I am sure that Jesus would be an Android supporter over an iOS if asked!

  • D.

    Thanks for a helpful review. To the haters, yes, there are rational and intelligent people out there who love technology and are Christians. You would be surprised how many, in fact

  • Troy Van Marter

    Thank you for this review. With so many apps available it is helpful to have this short list of meaningful apps. I also really like the app – Read, Listen, See – from the ministry of Faith Comes by Hearing.
    The FREE Bible app with the most translations in the world! 600+ languages including dramatized Audio! And now The JESUS Film Project too! Over 25,000 Five-Star ratings! READ the Bible, LISTEN to the Bible, and SEE the Bible as never before with anyone in the world.

  • Mark

    It’s amazing how many people hate anyone who thinks differently than they do.
    I guess Tolerance is just a buzzword to many of them.
    If you don’t want to believe in God, that’s your decision… no need to despise those who do.

  • Michal

    Very extended overview of recent Bible applications for android. Yes, next in mind come popular logos, which now has its android application and my favorite andBible.

    I would also like to suggest Bible lexicon for more in-depth Bible study and closer to original languages. It is free and available on google play

  • jneider

    With all due respect to both the religious and non-believers, there are many reasons to use a Bible app for entirely secular reasons: examples include history/archeology & literary references. Lets focus on what app has the best UI & content and skip criticizing the Bible or making assumptions on why people are using the app.

  • WAS

    Good list. Here is one more suggestion for the list: And Bible

    My favorite for Bible study without distractions. Great and fast offline features, including search.

  • ernie

    Am lookin for an app that I dont need yo depend on connection with server, as well as being able to jump from place to place as my pastor likes to do and be abl to return to original verse. Does any one know of an spp that does that?

  • Doug

    Has anyone found a solution to loading onto his/her Android device the eBook Life Application Study Bible NLT (New Living Translation)? This is the eBook released by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. in July 2011, not the Tecarte, Inc. NLT Bible app released in December 2013. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 on which this eBook “bombs out” with “Unfortunately Google Play Books has stopped” every time I try to load it. Any advice or suggestions?