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If you’d like to get the latest and greatest features in the Google app as they’re pushed out, now you can. Google has just opened up beta testing for the Google app on Android, which means you’ll get first dibs on the newest tweaks as they come out.

This news comes to us from some folks on Reddit, who noticed a Google Now card that recommended they sign up for the beta test because they have shown an interest in technology. If you don’t see the Now card in your feed, there’s no need to worry – we have the sign up page for you linked below.

So, how do you sign up? Just like with many other beta testing programs, all you need to do is head to the beta testing link attached below, then press the button that reads become a tester. After that, head to the Google Play Store, and an update to the Google app should be waiting for you. If an update isn’t yet available, that’s okay. Just wait a few minutes and an update should pop up.

I’ve just installed the latest beta version and I’m not seeing any differences so far. If you’re seeing anything new, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Jimmy Westenberg
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  • Fifth313ment

    Worked for me on one of my phones, other phone is off and charging so I ca’t tel yet. But it also didn’t immediately show in the Google Play Store under My Apps, as I had to go to the Google app and then it had a little “Update” button. What I mean is that it didn’t show an app had an update like in the list on the my apps section of the Play Store. But it updated and I only found one thing different so far, I think. In the settings, under accounts, there is an option called the “Google activity controls” and here you can enable or disable certain privacy settings. Location history can now be found here, YouTube watch history, search, voice and audio history, device information stored on the server, web activity, etc. Mine is Google app version and I didn’t have this update before clicking on the link to add the beta.

  • nanda


    i am confused..

    i updated the app, what to do now ?
    does it automatically take the feedback (will it ask us ? after sometime of usage)
    should we send feedback manually?

    as of now , i too didnt find any changes in it

  • Android

    i dont see anything new.. wasted 30 seconds of my life.

  • DaveJFT

    I thought we were all testers! ;)

    • Frank Bank

      my paid product tester sometimes they give me this stuff for free it just depends other day I had to test olive oil I don’t like olive oil but that drink it straight out the jar

  • JoshuaTheFox

    To everyone that’s confused, this is what I think is going on. I believe the first “beta version” is only to make sure that all the beta testers actually got the app, and so right now all the changes will probably be under the hood and they will push out a real beta version with new features later on

  • Edgardo A. Soto Rodriguez

    If you guys check now you will ser how you can use now Homescreen and Google Now cards and othere thing in Landscape like you do witn android tableta. I thing is just for the Nexus phones tho.

  • Leche Bubuleche

    understand how, but dont understand why… google basically wants free, unpaid testers or what? like they cant afford to employ someone for the job XD XD XD

    • Ayush Shenoy

      And it allows people to test cool features.

  • dawhoda

    anyone else’s latest google update freezing on them when using long press home key?! it does it every single time and I just deleted it and left beta till they fix it. you don’t realize how often you use Google till its gone SMH

  • rayees ahmad bhat

    I’m a beta tester, but I haven’t received any otherupdate to play services..And If I have a latest version, then I couldn’t see any difference…Simply wasting of time…