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The Beats by Dre are some of the best known headphones on the market right now, thanks to intensive marketing, celebrity endorsements, and word of mouth promotion. But as anyone following the electronics industry can tell you, the most hyped product isn’t necessary the best, and paying the greatest amount of money doesn’t ensure you will receive the absolute best headphones experience.

It’s always good to try out any headphones for yourself before shelling out your cash, and ideally that means forgetting for a few minutes about the brand on the box. Today we’ll try to do just that and cut through the hype surrounding the 2014 Beats by Dre Studio wireless headphones.

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The Beats by Dre headphones were first released in late 2008. Created by Monster in collaboration with Dr. Dre, they were primarily promoted through endorsements by hip hop celebrities and product placement, and soon became known as a fashion statement, rather than a premium audio setup.

I’ve previously owned a pair of first generation Beats by Dre headphones, and, let me tell you, people comment, ask to listen, and even give me awkward fist pumps because I’m wearing Beats. It seems like there is a silent camaraderie when purchasing Beats headphones, with other owners and people who just envy you.

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The first generation of Beats by Dre is on top

Bravado aside, the Beats by Dre headphones have always been an attractive buy. In the beginning, they came in just two color schemes, black and red and white and red, but with newer versions more colors appeared in the markets, from lime green to Boston Red Sox blue and red. Beats by Dre also offers exclusive colors that only certain celebrities have, which make these headphones even more desirable. Overall, the marketing team at Monster have managed to emulate the success of Jordan shoes, with limited quantity, limited time colors, and visible exposure from celebrities.

The Beats by Dre wireless headphones come in a rather large box; some may argue it’s overkill, but when spending nearly $400 dollars on a product wouldn’t you want something that was overkill? The box sits tall and bold with its Dr. Dre red and black color scheme. Once you cut through the plastic wrapping, pull off the red lid, up front and center you will see the Beats logo on top of the headphone carrying shell. This headphone carrying shell is made of hard rubber, and has a black and red zipper. Inside you will find the headphones.

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Under the shell, you have the additional accessories, which include:

  • USB 2.0 charging cable
  • USB power adapter
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • RemoteTalk cable
  • Beats cleaning cloth
  • Quick Start-up Guide

Each peripheral is individually wrapped in a black paper letting you know what each cord is. All the cables are wrapped in thick red rubber. Although I did not pull and tug on the cabling, they appear to be extremely durable. One thing to note is that these headphones no longer come with a ¼-inch adapter, which is strange.

Beats Wireless By Dre Review Hands On AA-3

2014 model on the left

The wireless Beats by Dre are a Bluetooth headset, and like with many Bluetooth headsets, battery life is one of the most important feature. There is a battery built into the headphones this time around, that allows for charging via microUSB. Auto-off, a feature that many users requested, is present on this model – when the 3.5mm cord is not inserted into the set, the headphones turn off automatically after ten minutes of idle time. Thanks to the rechargeable 20-hour lithium-ion battery inside the headphones, you no longer need to fuss around with AAA batteries.

These headphones allow for a wired listening experience as well, which makes it easy to listen to music on a device that may not have Bluetooth. The set comes with two cables, one that is a regular 3.5 mm cable with a right-angled tip, and also a 3.5 mm cable with audio controls and a mic.

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These headphones are smaller, sleeker, and less squeaky than the previous gen and there are many esthetic changes compared to the first gen. The 2014 Beats by Dre bring back the folding design, and instead of having visible screws, this time around the screws are covered, which gives them a sleeker appearance.

The power button and USB connector are located on the bottom of the right headphone. On the left side, we have the 3.5 mm connection, while on the cup we have the Bluetooth the mute and volume buttons.

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The cups are padded with soft leather that gently covers your ears. This alone shields out sounds from the outside. The stitching is visible and adds a subtle design element. Previous iterations of the Beats by Dre had some major sound leakage issue, and you could easily make out the lyrics within five feet. From the sound of things, this is still an issue on the new generation.

The new Studio feature is a dual-mode noise-cancelling circuit. One setting is set to be customized for music listening, and the other setting is created for shutting off the sounds around you. This is called the Beats Acoustic Engine, and it uses DSP (digital signal processing) to ensure the headphones are producing an accurate sound signature. The sound cancellation method that Beats uses works as expected. If you have tried other headphones that use a similar method to keep the outside sound out, you know that it does not make the world around you silent, but it does a good job at cutting out most of the sound. With music playing and noise cancellation going on at the same time, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better solution. If you want to hear your surroundings, you can press on the Beats button on the right ear cup, that will fade the music and deactivate the cancellation in a very sleek way.

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You can pull each headphone down to expand the size, and each time you do so, you hear a nice click to let you know you that is expanding. On the USB power outlet, the prongs flip out and snap into place, the plastic is shiny and the color on the paint really pops. The little things like these, makes the Beats by Dre Studio headphones that much more enjoyable to look at and use. Overall, things are much more tighter this time around compared to the first generation.

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The lightweight construction of the new Beats by Dre Studio allows for an easy wear. The ear cups are soft and feel nice as well; these ear cushions, or, as I call them, “ear pillows”, are the best I’ve ever worn. The headband has a large cushion wrapped around it, and all three of these things combined create an enjoyable experience. But there is one thing in the comfort department that stops the Beats from achieving perfection. The ear cups can get hot easily, and may cause discomfort if you are doing any activity that generates any heat. I’m not speaking about a full on workout, but a brisk walk around the mall could cause them to heat up. The ear cups are not ventilated at all, being designed for comfort first and foremost, and this shows. On the flip side, the Beats by Dre Studio headphones are made to be worn for long periods of times. Overall, I can comfortably wear them for several hours, even out and about.

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There’s no getting around this, the Beats Wireless are for bassheads. When putting them on, you instantly feel the music, you feel the thump of the bass, and also hear every note. Although the Beats do not produce an accurate sound signature, they still provide an enjoyable experience. Truth is most music listeners don’t even understand the difference between mid’s and high’s when referencing their favorite song, and honestly, they don’t care.

Doing an audio test on using a standard laptop with a Realtek audio card wired, generated the following results:

  • the bass extension goes down as low as 20hz
  • the treble extension was able to come in at 17k  – for reference, a high end pair of headphones or audio system would come in at 20kHz for treble
  • dynamic range, which is the ratio between the loudest signal you can hear and the quietest, comes in at 115 dB, which is a respectable amount.
  • All the other quality control tests were passed with no issues.

The tests confirm what I actual hear when listening to my favorite songs. My subjective experience is the new Beats are extremely heavy on the bass, while the treble has issues reaching the higher levels at times.

With the previous pair of Studios, the bass was exaggerated and also rattled sometimes, but I can happily confirm that this is not the case this time around. The bass is smooth, and only pumps when appropriate. But, just like with many other headphones, how you truly feel about a pair of headphones always depends on what you are listening to.

Beats Wireless By Dre Review Hands On AA-9

When listening to Ellie Goulding – Lights, around the 50 second mark, when the bass kicks in, you can truly appreciate how the lows kicks in, without the jarring and rattling sensation that you’d get from the first gen. Also, during the chorus, she sings from both channels in a different key, you can easily differentiate between both keys in each ear.

I attempted to listen to a more vocally intensive Collide form Leona Lewis, that’s when you can have a bit of discomfort. Leona Lewis in the song reaches a pretty high octave during the chorus, and, if you are not careful, it can really hurt your eardrums. There is a piercing sound that is caused by the treble, that you won’t experience with other headphones and earbuds within this price range.

Also, the vocal sound is not as clear as you would expect from headphones within this price as well.

Beats Wireless By Dre Review Hands On AA-13

And finally, we’ll play a rap song. Since these are beats by Dre, I will test using a Dr. Dre produced song, In Da Club by 50 cent. The first note of the song is a deep bass hit, and that sets the tone for the whole song. A few measures later the horns come in and shortly after a guitar comes in, and all combine to make a smooth instrumental. It sounds balanced, and fills both channels in perfectly. When 50 starts rapping, it’s not jarring as you’d hear with a vocalist, but it blends in smoothly. The vocals are loud and clear, while allowing you to hear all the parts of the beat in the background.

It feels that the Beats by Dre Studio 2014 are optimized to make you feel like you are at a live show, not a mixed down recording session. That would explain why many people enjoy the sound that these headphones produce.

The wireless component works as advertised, with little impact on the battery. The headset provides you controls that allow you to adjust the volume strictly for the set. If you long-press these same buttons, they allow you to skip and go back a track.

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Even before this review started, you probably had an opinion on these headphones, whether it’s shaped by media or your own personal experience.

The wireless Beats by Dre Studio 2014 are what I thought they would be. They’re an upgrade to a pair of headphones known for their bass and live performance type of sound.

These headphones do not skimp when it comes to the accessories, the appearance, and the overall feel. You do not feel cheated after spending extra money for the brand. And that’s the thing, you are spending some money on the name, just like other products out there. You end up paying more because it has a Beats logo on it, point blank, period.

Within this price range, you are able to find other headphones that can achieve the same results and yet provide a more balanced sound. But this may not matter – some people just want a concert type of sound, which is fine. There are times that I’d prefer to hear music in this fashion, like when working out or just looking to zone out in some music. The Bluetooth wireless connectivity makes it incredibly convenient to use out and about, and the headphones can easily be charged via USB micro.

Everything you loved or hated about the Beats, it became better or worse. Ultimately, it’s your decision if these headphones are good for you. But, your mind was already made up. Right?

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  • Beats have the best designs, period. The sound quality is not bad but not the best either. This is what I have to say; Beats design + Audio Technica audio = A winner!

    • Daniel James

      Audio Technica isn’t even that great in terms of audio. Also, Beats look like childish plastic toys. You want a nice looking pair of headphones? The AKG K545, V-Moda M-100 or Sennheiser Momentum are beautiful headphones.

      Picture of K545:

      Picture of customized M-100’s:

      Those easily look better than anything from Beats.

      • tien35

        those pairs look like shit anyway

      • stan zorin

        Quote : “Audio Technica isn’t even that great in terms of audio.”

        That is a meaningless general type statement, on par with ‘General Motors cars are not that great.’
        Which ones ? Audio Technica has a line up of dozens of different headphones at different price points. Naturally, the more you pay the better the sound quality.

  • Mayoo

    $379.95 … no thanks.

  • Alex James Simon

    $235 for Sennheiser HD558s and a Schiit Magni headphone amp… Count me in. :D

  • Alex James Simon

    Review the Sennheiser HD558s, I love mine. :D

  • cycad007

    Over-hyped over-priced POS from Dre/Beats

  • Shubham Singh

    One has to understand they are not regular headphones they are beats by dre . They provide attention that no headphone can provide. Expensive yes they are because you are paying for the brand and that makes then inaccessible to a lot of people and that adds to their charm.

    • Daniel James

      They are not worth the price, simple. Also, Beats are not that expensive. There headphones that easily cost over $1,000; some $5,000.

      • Shubham Singh

        Yes there are headphones much expensive better sounding but how many made into a popular accessory

        • Daniel James

          Headphones are for sound, not fashion accessories. That is what you buy JEWELRY for. Only a pure idiot would buy a headphone for looks alone.

          • Shubham Singh

            I dont want to get into “Headphones are for sound” but that would be under statement as there are better Gaming systems than alienware but still they have huge fan following and same thing can be said about a lot of things my point was beats are eyecandy and at the sametime they sound decent. We both will agree that they are not the best proposition for money and i will consider a entry level bose headphones on any given day.

          • Daniel James

            Don’t even get me started on Bose…

          • Alex James Simon

            The simple argument is that beats whether someone thinks they sound good or not, is that they are overpriced, it would be fine if maybe their highest end ones were a max of like $200. He is correct you shouldn’t be looking for headphones as a fashion accessory, get a necklace if you want a fashion accessory, there are much cheaper alternatives to beats, that sound way better. My Sennheiser HD558s cost me only $135, and they a praised as a great music headphone, as well as a gaming headset, due to the tight bass, and sound separation of them, by Audiophiles. I was even able to get a headphone amp to go along with them for $100 more.

          • Mag1

            Also some people buy clothes because it’s cold and clothes keep them warm. Come on, nothing is bound to a sensible logic that would otherwise make us into robots or machines that think. What’s the point to look good?

          • Alex James Simon

            Yes, it is fine that they look good to some people, but you shouldn’t buy headphones for looks alone, to me that is complete waste of money. The first thing to consider is how they sound, then you should really do some research on them, on anything actually to see if they are actually worth $379 or whatever they cost. If these were any other headphones other then beats, they would probably be worth $50-$100 on sound alone, all you really should worry about when buying headphones, looks should be a bonus, and not raise the price by double or even triple. My Sennhieser HD558s which look sexy (not portable do to construction of them) cost $135 at beastbuy, not only are you getting a headphone with a audiophile grade, but your also able to hear where even instument is coming from do to being open back ( google it :) ). Got a Schiit Magni Headphone amp ( google it :) ) with it $99 more, a headphone amp will sound better then any other source for headphones. Besides with wireless the sound quality actually is degraded more because of the way the music gets to the headphones.

          • youbroke

            You hating like crazy! You just can’t afford them…say it! I’d spend 400 again if I needed to, these headphones crack, you mad because you can’t afford them, if u hate them so much why u all over the comment section spewing that BS bout some sennheiswhatever and a amp, get a life broke ass.

          • Alex James Simon

            Yes, yes I am :) and no I can’t afford them, and why would I want too?

          • teehee

            The old last ditch you’re broke argument, allow me to help out here, you’re calling someone broke over the Internet while you’re quite probably a lower middle class moron with a GED, who lives in a rinky shutter of a row home, but it doesn’t matter because you “have one expensive piece of garbage”, just like the welfare idiots who get to eat steak every night but live in gutters. Besides you’re grammar says it all, even auto correct can’t save this level of stupid. Get a life, you piece of moronic garbage, get a life, instead of being an Internet gangster.

          • Saskie

            It is, “your” grammar, not you’re. One should be careful when correcting others when you also have errors.

          • Komrad

            so it someone wants a portable headset that works well for listening to music at work and home, sounds good on their gaming console , and is wireless, what would your highness suggest they get?

          • Alex James Simon

            Sennheiser HD449s $70 on Amazon, the 558s sound incredible, can’t recommend them for portable use since the cable is a 6.3mm cable, needs an adapter for portable use. Also open headsets need a quiet environment. But the 449s are closed back and have a 3.5mm cable they isolate as well wouldn’t recommend wireless headphones sound through Bluetooth sounds worse then wired.

          • M_thoroughbred

            these headphones might sound good for you and probably others but what makes you think that others will like the sound they produce. What you hear or how you hear it may not be the way others want to hear it. You probably haven’t even tried these to even make a real opinion. Its like a kid eating something for the first time and before he tries it he says he doesn’t like it. And as far as they being over priced well I have news everything is over priced now a days.

          • stan zorin

            Plainly and well spoken.

      • Shubham Singh

        Yes there are headphones better sounding and much more expensive but the none of them are a fashion accessory like the beats.

      • s.zorin


  • Jayfeather787

    Over priced crap but nice review! As far as noise canceling over ear head phones go, I would recommend the Logitech UE 6000. Those are not really noise cancelling but the active “noise cancelling” mode has a big bass boost but no real noise cancelling. The Bose quiet comfort series I have heard are excellent quality, but Bose products to me have always seemed a little pricey. The best headphones (studio grade, not consumer grade) are the Audio-technica ATH M-50 hands down. Best audio quality and only ~180 bucks on Amazon. Conclusion: Never by beats. Just jewelry (someone said that below, and it is very true, most people wear it around their necks anyways). For the best beats solo replacement that also looks nice, I recommend the Sol Republic Tracks HD. I have a pair of Beats Solo and is it crap.

  • Nathan Buffington

    Its just like designer purses, and fancy shoes. They are all the same, but its the name brand that’s fancy. You guys don’t need to cry about it. Its pop culture

  • apianist16

    Ummm, not for me. Wireless is nice, but c’mon, not everyone wants to “feel the beat.”

  • Coy Walker

    V-Moda Crossfade M-100 are great

  • thr33phas3

    It appears that people buy Beats headphones to show that 1) they have a lot of money (or want to look like they do) and 2) that they do not know how to spend it wisely.

  • Can you guys do a review on the headphones from Sony, the Sony MDR-1RBT?

  • Pobrecito hablador

    A bit overpriced.

    I’d have added wireless charging. Wireless charging is very convenient for all sort of accessories and headphones, that otherwise you’d need to connect to a cable. Just leave them on the charging pad and you’re ready to go

  • margarat smith

    maybe not as good sounding as the sony mdr-1 or bowers & wilkins p7, but they do look better than most of the other headphones Also a key point is that alot of beats headphones users are into bassy music and these headphones are very good for that kind of music

  • Glenn

    What is the wireless range of these headphones?

  • sh0gunofharlem

    Dunno why all the hate. I don’t own these headphones, but I have used them. There are no suggestions so far that have the same features as these headphones. The AKG headphones seemed pretty nice, but they aren’t wireless. AKG does have the K845BT headphones, but they aren’t noise canceling. Are there alternative headphones that have:
    Wireless (BT)
    Noise Canceling
    Track control from headset
    Decent to take a phone call on
    I can’t find any if there are and none of the suggestions in this discussion meet those requirements. Beats may not have the best sound, but it’s good enough and I have heard a lot worse.

  • Dude

    Overpriced Hype: Just because the kids on American Idol use them does not mean they are the holy grail of headphones.Just a fad that will soon pass. Besides I could never wear them in public if I did own a pair for fear of getting my skull caved in or robbed at gunpoint over a set of headphones.

    Most people who buy beats are not audiophiles they buy them to show off as a status symbol just like an i phone.

    Many here may not be old enough to remember when people were being beaten and gunned down for Nike Jordan Shoes and sports Jackets.

    • M_thoroughbred

      “Most people who buy beats are not audiophiles they buy them to show off as a status symbol just like an i phone” so now I have to be a audiophile to listen to music smh!

  • stan zorin

    Quote : “Truth is most music listeners don’t even understand the difference between mid’s and high’s when referencing their favorite song, and honestly, they don’t care.”

    A – Even an idiot can hear when the treble is weak, when a singer sounds as if singing from behind the closed doors. Even moderately intelligent individuals “understand” when sounds that are supposed to be there are missing.
    B – Which ‘listeners’ do not care ? Not those who listen to music, only those who listen to noise masquerading as music. The jungle drum bang and bass thump for them and not much else. Those of the subculture mob do not care about the tonality, they do not care if vocals sound murky or faint. The Beats are made right for them.

    • S.Zorin’s Black Daddy

      Eat a banana and chill homie. Stop flinging your poo all over this blog.

  • Mehrab

    I listen to all kinda music but Justin timberlake and lana del ray are my favorite singers would I have problems with the clarity? Can it please me ?

  • Geriko

    Thanks for the nice review and also the other comments (good alternatives).
    The Beats looking good, but in my opinion there are other brands with a better sound quality.
    I bought them as refurbished in germany ( so I don’t pay that much.

  • Femi

    I have the v-moda XS. I was looking for a good portable pair of headphones. However, I can’t stand wires after using Jaybirds bluebuds x for so long.

    Any suggestions on a decent pair of wireless headphones that are also portable? I looked at the Bose soundlink on-ears, but they don’t sound as good in wired mode, which I will use occasionally. I don’t need perfect sound, Just wireless headphones with at least good enough sound and wired capability.

  • Young D Baby Konte

    Hi my beats studio wireless stop connecting to my Bluetooth its invisible and the power is on. I lost my beats cable and I’m trying to listen with a no beats cable but the sound isn’t coming out. I need help

  • s.zorin

    Poor Kevin, he does not know how to judge the quality of sound and how to evaluate headpones. The Beats are worse than this review’s evaluation. They are just good enough for dogs.

  • Komrad

    You obviously never had a pair of beats. They have the best sound , build quality, design , and features over any other headphones in it’s class.