Samsung Galaxy S5 triumphs in battery life tests

by: Robert TriggsMarch 31, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 gold back cover battery 2

Battery life is an important but difficult to gauge aspect of modern smartphones, especially when it comes to devices with powerful processors and large power hungry displays. The Samsung Galaxy S5 might not have the largest battery on the market, but it’s scored some impressive results in a range of battery tests which have appeared online.

The first set of tests were conducted by, who recorded the amount of time that each device could last performing various tasks, including talk time, internet browsing, and playing a 3D game. The Galaxy S5 consistently lands at the top of the results, when compared to the iPhone 5S, LG G2, Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, and the Nexus 5.

All the results below are counted in minutes (click to enlarge).

Galaxy S5 Talk Time Test Galaxy S5 Internet Browsing Test Galaxy S5 Gaming Test

The second set of results comes from Korean website playwares, and compares the Galaxy S5’s battery consumption at the maximum level of display brightness. The first set of results displays the peak brightness achieved by each handset, measured in nits which is the unit for visible-light intensity. The results are pretty much the same across all handset models. The second test compares the battery life of each device at 230 nits on a white screen, with WiFi on and off.

 Max Brightness Brightness Battery Test

It’s worth noting that the first set of tests were conducted with a lower display brightness of just 120 nits.

The results show that the Galaxy S5 can best many smartphones that have larger battery capacities. When it comes to gaming, Samsung’s chip lasts longer than all the competitors by quite a margin, and has an impressive talk time of 1500 minutes. This is matched only by the LG G2 and Galaxy Note 3. In the display test, the Galaxy S5 can only be beaten by devices with much larger battery capacities or lower resolution displays (fewer pixels to power), another impressive showing for Samsung’s latest flagship.

Much of the smartphone’s success in these tests comes from its power efficient components. Samsung’s AMOLED display is quite battery efficient compared with LCD, Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 801 chip also does a good job at balancing power consumption. The Galaxy S5 also features an Ultra Power Saving Mode, which can offer up to 24 hours of battery life on just 10 percent of battery. Battery life certainly isn’t going to be an issue for the Galaxy S5. Impressed?

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  • Bone

    No surprise, AMOLED screens were always efficient, Qualcomm actually progressed better in low-power solutions than maximum performance, and Samsung toned down TouchWiz a bit, using usage specific hardware algorithms.

    So with all that said, Qualcomm’s always-on functions and AMOLED’s ability to light individual subpixels, I’m wondering why Sammy hasn’t introduced always-on notifications, think like the S-View cover’s small window of information, which would light up whenever you pull it out of your pocket, move from desk, there’s a new mail, notification etc. Add the also SD800+ supported always listening function, also missing from these phones. Really strange.

    • Usephe

      Yeah AMOLEDS are a little bit more efficient, but assuming that they power only 2/3 of subpixels of an 1080 p LCD they should be way more efficient, not just a little. You also generally got lover highest brightness on AMOLEDS and if you do they will burn in.

      • The-Sailor-Man

        Don’t repeat old myths about AMOLED.
        This new developed AMOLED display. Read this:

        • mobilemann


          he’s responding to this comment:

          AMOLED screens were always efficient,

          It’s very relevant. And AMOLEDs were no where near as efficient a generation ago.

    • mobilemann

      “No surprise, AMOLED screens were always efficient”

      no, they weren’t. (says display-mate, and every other site) LCD’s i believe still hold the edge on power efficiency, and AMOLEDs are getting better, but it’s ALWAYS been LCD regardless if you have a black background (although, that genuinely made me laugh a few times.)

      • you might need to check recent displaymate SAMOLED review on GS5

  • Jusephe

    The gs 5 is rather the same as others… So where is the triumph ?

    I would even consider Android smartphones ashamed compared to iPhone with half the battery size but pulling off very competitive results.

    • MasterMuffin

      iPhone also has much smaller screen, less pixels, less power and probably nothing running in the background…

      • Jusephe

        Well 4″ display is about 36% smaller and 44% smaller battery that more than makes up for smaller display. The pixel density is interesting though, while it’s lover than the 1080 p flagships the galaxy S4 got an pen tile display which effectively reduces sharpness by a third (293 ppi) and it’s still a mystery if SGS5 is pen tile or not (on par or much higher than iPhone 5S).

        Less power ? You mean processing power ? The A7 CPU is better or at least not a distant second to any ARM processor including snapdragon 801. And the GPU ? On par with leading phones in open GL ES 2 (T-Rex HD) and blows away the competition on the most stressful open GL ES 3 test (Manhattan) with comfortable margin of victory even over SGS 5, everything hugely awesome for 6 months old SoC build on a 28 nm samsung process, which is actually quite bit behind compared to TSMC 28 HPM (did you notice the snapdragon 800 vs exynos octa 2 power drain ?). I don’t know what phone you are using, but unless you have an i7 plus nvidia graphics combo in it you just couldn’t complain that the iPhone has “less power”.

        PS: Of course nothing is running in the background on all phones… It wouldn’t be a battery life test that way.

        • Guest

          iOS doesn’t allow apps to start up and run in the background the way Android does. There is almost always more stuff running in the background on an Android phone than on an iOS device, where that is relegated mostly to 3rd party apps. I doubt the testers did much hackeryon the devices, as that would defeat the purpose of the test by skewing the results from anything that would resemble “real world.”
          The Galaxy Note 3 will likely improve with KK update slightly and especially with the update following, which, if anything is indicative, it will receive the more efficient TW overlay as a backport.
          I have heard fantastic things about the camera on the S5, so I may Edge upgrade to it when it’s released, from the Note 3.

          • mobilemann

            iOS 7 called, and can automatically update in the background. Your post is fud.

            (Not to mention your comparing future samsung software to shipping OS, and I think the camera is pretty bad on galaxies (having owned a gs3 and currently using a note 3))

          • illregal

            iDevices still dont multitask.. Theres a nice gesture controlled task switcher.. But thats it.
            If I’m downloading something in an app, and leave that app. The download stops.

          • mobilemann

            why do you consistently talk about shit you know nothing about? in iOS 4/5/6 all apps could background, it was just time limited for 10 min. iOS 7 allows apps to restart background processes.

          • illregal

            I have an iPad air.. I haven’t found one app that continues to do what I’ve asked it to. Like android would once you’ve left the app. I know a little something.

          • mobilemann

            then why do you consistently spread false information about iOS? They have always been able to run in the background for 10 min.



            I’ve read your comments, you’re a cheerleader.

        • MasterMuffin

          Power hungry is what I ment >_<

          • communicationbreakdown92

            The saddest part is, apple controls both hardware and software, so you’d think the optimization would be off the charts to make the iphone last longer than any other phone on the market. I mean seriously a dual-core chip, paired with a 4″ 640p display, a very simplistic and plain OS, AND apple’s everpresent vicegrip on both hardware and software.

            The iPhone really is a triumph in underachievement.

          • Andrew T Roach

            Yeah such a failure while millions are still using fully functioning iPhone 4’s that are 4 years old.

          • communicationbreakdown92

            Did I say failure??? Where did I write the word failure?!?!

            I said underachievement… Read my comment more carefully. Every year the iPhone was released from the iPhone 4 onward (and especially the 5,5S,5C years) the flagship apple device has always paled in comparison to the competition, in battery life, multitasking, features, specs, etc. Simply put, apple controls both the hardware and software aspects of the iPhone and yet underachieves and does not fully take advantage of this leg-up they have on basically any other manufacturer that uses android.

          • mobilemann

            The saddest part, was your comment. It’s absolutely false, and a side effect of basing ones ego on phone platform, which is equally pathetic.

            The worst part is, people who are like this, have no idea what is capable on other platforms, and generally use their devices for Facebook.

            Have fun kid.

          • communicationbreakdown92

            You state that my comment is absolutely false, but do not provide any evidence to support your claims. Where in my comment did I go astray oh noble mobile tech guru?

            Your simplistic attempt at belittling my comment and making me look like I am technologically ignorant is sad as well. I don’t base my ego on any platform. I do know what I can do on iOS seeing as how I’ve owned both iPhone 4 and 5. iOS is boring, plain, and limited in functionality.

            I’m simply stating facts here, iPhone is a phone for the masses because of the pre-school level of simplicity it garners, yet many seemingly simple tasks are much more complicated in iOS than they are on android. Why do you own iPhone mobilemann? I’m willing to bet it’s because most of the people in your contacts are iPhone users as well. Going along with the masses isn’t always the best thing to do.

            Now excuse me while I go use my android device on Facebook for 5 hours because that’s totally what I do all day.

          • mobilemann

            I don’t have to make you look technologically ignorant. You do that yourself.

            i love how i have the burden of proof and you have the benefit of assumption (because your a child)

            Your stating preference. I have full home automation, plex media access (plex) with both google now, (via the xposed api) and siri (via siri proxy) integration, (which i even contribute too!!) meaning i can just ask my phone or tablet to play the last john stewart.

            I have a network of PTZ ip cameras at my house, my servers also run 3 web sites, IMAP mail, cal and carddav, VPN, apache, sickbeard, sab and couchpotato. (probably 20 other services as well, that i can control purely from my mobile device).

            so yeah, iOS can pretty much do whatever my android can, sans superficial stuff, that one day, when your done on facebook, you’ll understand.

            Was that to complicated for you? Like iOS?

            /fucking cheerleaders

    • I actually dissapointed with my iPhone 5 battery life. It never last a day even on standby. But still I prefer iOS than Android.

      • Andrew T Roach

        iOS 7 devastated battery life on the iPhone 5. I noticed the difference over months of use.

        Disable all animations and background app refresh, and tweak your notification settings. Battery life gets much better.

        • communicationbreakdown92

          Hmmm for an OS that touts simplicity and fluidity as its selling points, iOS 7 seems to be having a lot of the maintenance issues earlier android OS’s were having back in the days of apple fans making fun of android users for having to monitor advanced settings in order to improve battery life.

          Look mate, I get it you love apple but the simple fact is that apple could beef up the battery just a wee bit to where it’s not a pitifully low capacity (by today’s standards) and couple that with truly useful optimization of the software and you’d have the iPhone destroy all other competitors on battery life. Why is it that the 5S has been tested to actually have a bit worse battery life than the iPhone 5??

          Honestly if apple’s iPhone 6 has a beast of a battery that lasts up to 15 hours on-screen time and 3-5 days standby then I would jump back onboard the apple ship immediately because the single most important feature to me is the battery life of a phone. What good are features and bells and whistles without any charge left midway through the day.

          I used to own an iPhone 5 and the battery life was horrendous even on iOS 6 compared to my S4. I would commute to my university about 2-3 hours roundtrip 3-4 days a week. During which time all I did was listen to music (stored locally, not streamed), send some text messages, read an email or two only if it was important, and take 1-2 phone calls. If I charged my iPhone 5 up to 100% before I left at noon and got back home at 6 or 7 I’d show up at home with at most a 25% charge. How is that quality battery life??? No games, no videos, no web browsing, no streaming of multimedia content, no facetime, no skype, no facebook, and yet there I was with a quarter of my battery left from just texting and listening to some tunes.

          If apple can figure out battery life, and go above and beyond that of competitors then I’m more than happy to go back to iOS but until then the luxury of owning a phone that allows me to carry around a spare battery is one I cannot pass up.

          Oh and don’t bother asking why I don’t have a DROID, basically I despise Verizon and the con artists that run the damned company.

          • mobilemann

            look guy, we get you hate apple because you own another brand, but in the real world?

            I’ve gotten 2 days on both a iPhone 5 (don’t have an s) and a note 3. You could watch the videos, learn how to do it too. but your a platform cheerleader.

            I use 3 apps to re-create apple’s basic battery protections scheme, wake lock detector, greenify, and xposed (for a mod that allows xposed to work anywhere.

            all this to get apps to behave their background control.

            grow a dick and stop being a cheerleader, they are both fantastic platforms, If you didn’t mock one, people wouldn’t question that you even know how to use them, kid.

          • “What good are features and bells and whistles without any charge left midway through the day.”

            I actually prefer having nice features, fluid animation, bells and whistles with short battery life, instead of laggy, unpleasant, lack of features I needed OS even with all day battery life. What’s the point having smartphone with all day battery life, but serve no purpose and pain to use? Might as well used a Nokia dumb phone then.

            In terms of user experience, nothing beats iOS for me. Maybe only TouchWiz on GS5 and MIUI which come close.

    • Timmy

      Perhaps you read the charts upside down. I’d hardly say the iPhone was competetive…oh wait, it did well in internet browsing. My bad.

      • Andrew T Roach

        The other tests were talk time and a white screen runtime test. Web browsing is the only test that is even applicable to actual use.

    • Andrew T Roach

      It’s really the browsing speed that makes the difference. The 5S absolutely crushes all Android devices in web benchmarks. Safari is still WAY ahead of the curve as far as rendering speeds go.

      Faster rendering and loading = less work = more battery life.

      At least for web browsing. Talk time is unaffected by software and a static screen runtime test are capacity tests nothing more.

      • Mo

        “Faster rendering and loading = less work = more battery life.” :D
        I usually do reading most of the time during web-browsing. Maybe 5% waiting time for downloading the web-content… but rendering time? is making the difference? come on… :)

  • Timmy

    ** tests results sponsored by Samsung.

    • chaki-

      Yep they finally catching up with the competition. But those results are far from the daily usage experience.
      And one more thing. Why is Apple always in these tests?
      Phone that’s targeting old people with its own simplicity doesn’t belong here ;)

      • Andrew T Roach

        Because the iPhone is the best selling device on earth?

        • Mur

          Lol what are you crazy Andrew?
          EDIT: nevermind it appears you are correct.

  • Groud Frank

    The anti Samsung trolls will not be impressed mostly because this is yet another area the S5 in its brilliance will outshine their precious all metal phone that will take decades to get a firmware update or their IP68 phone which will become obsolete after 6 months.

    • Jesus

      I agree with your points, but… Samsung’s got the IP68 certified phone. I think you were meaning the IP58 certified phones (the Sonys)

    • communicationbreakdown92

      Yeah there’s a lot of hate on this of all Galaxy S devices, but I think it is just something that is sadly a normal part of being at the top. However HTC, has vowed updates for its devices within 90 days of a major release.

      I agree with you in that the S5 is a brilliant phone, however, I highly doubt HTC will be so careless in updating its phones. Particularly the M7 and M8 (HTC Ones). Don’t forget that the HTC One (M7) received the kitkat update before the Galaxy S4 on virtually every major carrier, and I have no doubt it will be the same case with the M8 and the S5. HTC just has way too much riding on this and last year’s flagships. I’m sure they’ll also be updating the Desire as well, because given how horrible Samsung’s midrange phones are they could really dominate this market.

    • malcmilli

      takes a troll to know a troll i guess

    • illregal

      2 things.. The HTC has better battery life then this. With a smaller battery.
      And HTC is faster then samsung with updates.

  • tony solinan

    Well I had waited long enough,I needed a phone as I am using a €40euro,phone the last few months,so within the next few weeks I will collect an LG G2,I ordered online, well my brother did it for me,as he has the tech to order it for me,as here where I live only 1shop sells it and its cost is €580 for a 16 GB model, thats about $700 or more for the LGG2, 1shop that sells it is
    ARGOS?a British store here in R.O.Ireland,other Irish stores don’t sell this and other mobiles,that other countries can get,what we do get we pay the most money for them?

  • Joshua Hill

    Korean based test and no Sony devices, coincidence?

    • Jesus

      …or maybe they’re just not popular in South Korea?

      You also don’t see Motorola in the test; it isn’t popular there.

      Also in US based tests, you wouldn’t expect VEGA phones; they’re non existent. Same with SHARP phones.

      “Coincidence?” Nice try at instigating racism.

      • Joshua Hill

        ‘Instigating’? No the Koreans and Japanese did that. Although me perpetuating that racism is not cool. Thanks for kind of pointing that out. Apologies to anyone I may have offended.

        • Jesus

          Heh… of course, “racism is not cool”.

          You (and others) simply need to realise that the US market isn’t representative of the international market… and that not everything’s related to racism.

          Kudos for the apologies… Decency on Android Authority, we need more of that.

          • Fernand

            Now kiss!

  • communicationbreakdown92

    Ok so, this may be the pivotal feature I’ve been looking for to help me decide on the GS5 or the HTC M8, look I get that the HTC M8 is gorgeous and whatnot but I value features and usability over looks. Sense 6 is smoother and nicer than TouchWiz without a doubt but I almost always switch launchers every few months or so. The fact that this phone has great battery life AND gives you the option of carrying a spare or two around is invaluable to me.

    I used to have an iPhone and while the build quality is astounding on the iPhone, I love my plastic “cheap”, “crappy” Galaxy S4 any day. And I know that android is the main difference between the two and that the HTC One runs android as well but I don’t know if I can look past a fantastic battery life and the option to carry a spare. The only thing that’s still keeping me on the fence is the fact that the M8’s base option is 32GB while the S5 has the crappy 16GB model.

    Also the speakers don’t really matter to me as I almost never play music using the speakers on the phone, it’s either earphones, or stereo/car aux for me.

    Not to say the M8 isn’t a fantastic phone, but for me, I think it’s going to be the S5 in all its plastic fugly glory. Haha.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      S5 is not ugly at all man. Do not follow the Apple propaganda,
      Besides S5 frame is fiber-glass,
      Only one journalist wrote the truth yet. He said that on the presentation(WMC) the journalists there, DIDN’T KNOW if the frame was metal or not , even holding S5 in the hands(so?). At the end they asked the Samsung staff , and find out that it’s fiber-glass. But most of them don’t write it. You know, why. No articles yet about the new Wi-Fi , too

      • communicationbreakdown92

        I think it’s pretty ugly compared to the HTC One, but that does not matter to me. Buying a smartphone is not a beauty contest, the S5’s overwhelming advantage for me is the removable battery, I don’t even really care about the IP67 certification. Being a VERY heavy user (typically 4 -6 hours of onscreen time per day, because of school, work, and personal use) the removable battery is absolutely crucial to me.

        Hell I’d probably even get it even if the gold was the only option. But you’re right it isn’t as hideous as the haters make it seem. I also did not know about that, and yeah Wifi MiMo appears to be very promising! But again for me it all comes down again to the battery, I love my Galaxy S4 so much because of it. Because I can be on it all day and when the battery craps out on me, I don’t have to be chained to a wall plug for an hour or two, all I do i pop out the dead battery and take the spare out of my pocket and pop it in. Instantly back to 100%… Now THAT is luxury!

      • illregal

        The frame is not fiberglass.. Its ordinary cheap plastic that they use on everything. Also fiber-glass(alloy) isn’t a thing.
        Alloy refers to metal. Fiberglass is strands of glass stuck together with a resin/epoxy like coating

  • The-Sailor-Man

    So we know now about the great battery life

    We know also about the GREATEST display EVER in professional test:

    Next test must be PROFESSIONAL test about the great new tech Camera
    And greatest new Wi-Fi

  • Vincentius Phang

    testing against last year model
    sponsored enough samsung ?
    no OPPO Find 7, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8, LG G Pro 2

    • Kyle

      Is the Oppo even available for purchase?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Why is this impressive compared to year old devices? This is ridiculous. Compare it to the M8,the Z2 and the GPro 2

    • Andrew T Roach

      Why? The 805 barely outperforms the 800. May as well compare them since the SoC’s are practically identical.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        There is no 805 in this conversation.

        • Andrew T Roach

          Haha my bad. The 801 is what I meant.

  • kirakira

    haha xz1 big battery, no endurance. shame on that stupid old tech display.
    however, something’s suspicious there.


    many tests have shown how that device excels in talk time. it’s a fail in browsing and video playing but it’s excellent in talk time.

  • Frankfan2112

    Why does the chart show the G2 as only having a 2,610mAh battery? I thought the G2 had a 3,000mAh battery. Does the Korean version have a smaller battery than the U.S. version?

  • gog

    thats pretty weak, its on par with an lg g2 that has an LCD instead of an AMOLED

    and its worse than an LG G flex which has a much larger screen

  • Piterson Massenat Desir

    um what? based on the charts, the note 2 beat the g2 in a battery test? LOL! whomever has used a G2 or has followed G2 information, they know the G2 has battery life than even beats the Note 3 lol.

  • Angrygraduate

    £250 for a Lg G2 or £500 for a S5

    snapdragon 800 vs snapdragon 801

    an extra £250 for a tiny increase in processor performance, yeh right lol!