samsung case-mate

Case-mate is having a Summer Clearance event that slashes 60 percent off of all its cases and covers, with the exception of custom and designer models. To take advantage of this limited time off, all you need to do is enter the coupon code “P85Z3N4” at checkout. Case-mate mostly focuses on iOS devices, but there’s a nice selection of cases and covers for Samsung devices, including all the popular ones, and the HTC One M7 and M8. The product selection covers a wide array of tastes and needs, from sporty and heavy-duty protection cases, to high-end leather ones, and colorful…

swing copters (4)

The new game from Dong Nguyen, the guy who made and subsequently killed the global phenomenon called Flappy Bird, is here. It’s called Swing Copters and it’s pretty much the Flappy Bird concept moved to the vertical. Oh, and it’s harder. A lot harder. Insanely harder.