AT&T Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow update expected today, March 14 for the S6

by: Kris CarlonMarch 11, 2016


According to a snippet of a chat exchange with an AT&T rep, the Galaxy Note 5 update to Marshmallow should begin officially rolling out today and for the Galaxy S6 on March 14. While we can’t guarantee the information is correct, if you’re on AT&T and have a Note 5 you might want to keep an eye out for an OTA update.

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – March 4, 2016157

According to the AT&T rep captured in the screen grab below, an internal portal has provided the dates for representatives, although it sounds like not everyone is telling customers the same thing. Either way, there is no reason for multiple reps to lie, so if you don’t see the OTA arrive automatically, you might want to go to Settings > About Device > Download Updates Manually to check for the update.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 Marshmallow update bryantx24

Galaxy S6 owners on AT&T should keep their eyes peeled for the OTA on March 14 (or March 15, according to some other AT&T reps) and again, can hit the settings menu to check manually. With previews of Android N now out for Nexus owners, it’s about time Samsung’s carrier partners got Marshmallow out for last year’s flagship devices. If you want to see what Marshmallow looks like on the S6, be sure to check the video walkthrough here.

Have you got the Marshmallow update on your Note 5 yet? Let us know when it comes through!

  • Chanaka Hettige

    So international version will be getting it sooner. YES!

    • Chanaka Hettige

      Got 6.0 just now! I got the international version and it was 1.4GB!

      • saurabh daga

        What about the update in india?

        • Chanaka Hettige

          If you have the international version (In my case, factory unlocked 920C), you should be getting it now. I got it last night.

          • saurabh daga

            I have galaxy s6 sm-920i

  • Dave Sobczak

    I just got an update to 5.1.1 on my Note 5

    • DaHui623

      Probably the (late) February security update.

  • got it too!!!!!

    its small tho, 42mb.

    • Paul Romeo

      Just a security update

      • of course! ARGH, i think I got too excited without thinking. Why am i getting this and not MM?!!

  • Brandon Powell

    What are the chance this rep mistook the security update for the 6.0.1 update.

    • pretty strongly. checked with 2 other people on AT&T with a Note 5….security updates. As myself.

      • Nibbler

        got my security update yesterday too….

        • they really need to edit this article haha

          • Nibbler

            they wont. *click bait*

          • so true, its making the rounds on other sites too! WTF

  • Aks

    Only S6 is mentioned here. What about Galaxy s6 Edge ?

  • Brandon Powell

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that rep confused the security update for the Marshmallow update. No update for me yet, and the fact that no other Android sites are reporting this leads me to believe we have enough a false alarm.

  • Kid_seoul1

    So is this mm or the security update?

  • Mian Adil

    what about s6 edge plus at&t?

  • Harry Schell

    I already got it a couple of nights ago. But I got Verizon

  • JC

    Does AT&T own Cricket Wireless? If that’s the case, will Cricket users get their update at the same time?

    • Taurolyon

      AT&T is the parent company of cricket, however I think it would be doubtful that they would update together. They are two different networks.

  • DrewKane

    I wonder if S6 Active users will get it the same time. At&t + Samsung = schizophrenia.

    • Marty

      Hypertensive anxiety disorder and schizophrenia. Thanks, AT&T.

  • Chris

    Security update here as well.

  • 11222

    AA site is janky today. loading comments take forever. been on several other tech sites with no issues. getting back to main page is a struggle too.

    edit: still here trying to back out to main page. screw it, off to a site that works.