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Samsung is testing out Marshmallow with Galaxy S6 users in the UK and South Korea, but it looks like some American users of the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy S6 Edge+ on Verizon and AT&T can also join in the fun.

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Phone-Probe is reporting that users that signed up via this form to beta test Marshmallow are now receiving the update. Specifically, a user sent in screenshots of Android 6.0 running on the AT&T Note 5 (SM-N920A).

The update is reportedly 1355.94 MB in size and has the build number MMB29K.N920AUCU2BPB1, with a kernel build number of February 2. The update appears to incorporate the February security patch, which only went out to Nexus devices and the BlackBerry Priv earlier this week.

In terms of visual changes, all the changes we’ve run you through in our Galaxy S6 beta Marshmallow overview appear to be present. This includes a return of the “squircle” icons, a brighter color palette, and changes to the notifications panel dropdown. Our Nirave Gondhia noticed a sizeable improvement in performance as well, though long term use will be needed to asses just how good is Marshmallow on the Galaxy S6. Hopefully, the Galaxy Note 5 and the other high-end smartphones from Samsung will benefit from the jump to Marshmallow as well.

No news yet on any changes in the specific functionality of the Note 5, including the S Pen suite, but we’ll definitely keep an eye out for any clues.

Samsung launched the Marshmallow beta program on December 22 in South Korea, and the next day in the UK. In Korea, the stable update began arriving to the Galaxy S6 on January 30. It looks like Note 5 users can expect the full update to arrive over the next weeks.

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  • Azlum

    After finishing the survey my first thought was… crap was that even legit? I hope I didn’t just put my IMEI number somewhere unsafe. Did you guys vet this to make sure it’s legit before posting?

    • Joshua Courtney

      Oh dang you’re right I hope I put my IMEI number into somewhere safe too. If not then Android Authority is gonna have a lot of heat on them

    • It’s real I was scared too but did it and I have it.

  • TWD247

    I got an email about this yesterday from a guy claiming to be from Samsung. I called Samsung and AT&T and nobody has even heard of the guy that sent the email nor about the program. I told him to screw off

  • The J-series, A-series getting updates?

  • Drew Sanders

    That site link looks SOOOO not legit it’s not even funny

    • Joshua Courtney

      I really hope you’re wrong.

      • Nibbler

        did you sign up for it? lol

        • Joshua Courtney

          Yeah I did it without even thinking about it. And immediately after I was like oh shit that was a bad idea

          • Nibbler

            “It was at this moment that Joshua knew…..he had fucked up”

          • Joshua Courtney

            For real tho. Why did android authority even post this.

          • It’s real, I’m on MM

    • It’s real

  • Nibbler

    The form to beta test looks so freaking sketchy. I will just wait till marshmallow comes officially to my note 5. HOPEFULLY sooner rather than later.

    • It was super sketchy and so was the email I got but I went thru with it anyway and I’m on Marshmallow now

      • Joshua Courtney

        How long did it take them to send the email. I did it this morning and still haven’t gotten an email yet

        • I signed up for this like a week and a half ago and got the email yesterday

          • Joshua Courtney

            Oh dang. The sign up site is closed now. I did it this morning so i should be getting the email by the end of next week. If they accept my request.

          • Hopefully you do. Expect an NDA email afterwards.

        • I signed up 14 days ago according to my Reddit post and just got the email yesterday.

  • This is crazy and the primary reason why I’m considering going back to an apple device. Where’s my update AT&T!! Version N is about to come out before we get Marshmallow released. The carriers have too much control on Android. Apple pushed an update everyone gets it provided your device supports it. Android needs to do the same thing.