AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Android 4.0.4 software upgrade

by: David GonzalesDecember 20, 2012

at& galaxy s2

If you’ve got an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 in your hands, then you’re going to want to check for the latest software update that’s available for it through Samsung Kies. That’s because Samsung has just started rolling out the proper Android 4.0.4 software upgrade for it, letting users go from Android 4.0 to something that’s a little higher up in the Galaxy S2 software line.

Samsung first released the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software upgrade for the AT&T Galaxy S2 earlier this year and had an official software rollout all throughout the summer. This new update brings it to 4.0.4, and although it’s no Jelly Bean, it’s still quite useful. It adds a number of new features that, to most users of modern smartphones, are sorely needed.

It’s worth noting that this software upgrade only applies to units of the original Samsung Galaxy S2 a.k.a. SGH-i777. So if you have a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket or anything of the sort, tough luck. Feel free to use Samsung Kies to download and install this software upgrade otherwise.

  • aaron karris

    update rolled through and made my phone into a useless brick

  • That sucks I’m a skyrocket owner.

    • Reginald Spence II

      Funny as the phone in the picture is a Skyrocket… That is NOT the SGH I777.

  • stephanie

    My texts wont send now since I updated this morning…

  • Mary Riedel

    I got the upgrade this morning; all seems fine. I have the SGH-i777. Perhaps another reboot will help those experiencing problems.

  • BOSS

    What are the new features???????

  • Daarkstar78

    Skyrocket already has 4.04 in USA, or at least mine does

  • TwitFaceGoogDis

    I updated my phone this morning (accidentally), and I noticed a few things changed, for example, a few menus and their icons, web browser looks a bit different, no brightness shortcut, and no screen-shot shortcut. I’m still trying to find more changes.

    • Ning

      See my comment above…I figured out the screenshot :)

  • For a minor update, this took forever to install on my S2 i777. And it appears to have killed the brightness adjustment slider that was hidden in the Notifications bar. A couple of reboots hasn’t helped. I know there are apps out there that offer similar shortcuts. Have to look into that now.

    • ressa

      Someone mentioned “Display Brightness” app. It took a few tries, but it seems to be working for me now. I didn’t fully understand the settings.

  • Jared Persinger

    4.0.4…what about jellybean??

  • ashley nixon

    You might want to change the picture as it could be confusing to people with the i777 and skyrocket

  • nikhil

    skyrocket is already on 4.0.4

  • Ning

    I figured out that in order to get screenshots, you now need to hold down the “Home” and “power” buttons for about 2 seconds simultaneously. Still haven’t figured out the brightness shortcut though.

    • Conreezy

      I just wanted to say thank you for sharing that i have been looking for about Ann hour on how they changed out so thank you thank you thank you lol

      • Ning

        No problem :) So glad I could help. I searched online for half an hour before figuring it out myself. lol :)

    • ressa

      This STILL does not work for me…this was the original way of doing a screenshot on my at&t sgh-i777, but no longer works. Neither does the volume down and power/lock button. Is anyone else not able to get a screen shot using either method?

      • ressal

        ugh, nevermind. I figured it out. I got frustrated and decided to hold the volume down, home button, AND lock/power button at the same time and something different happened. Then I tried home and power/lock again and it worked. I’ve been doing this since last night! I don’t know why I couldn’t get it!!

        • Ning

          I understand your frustration…sometimes it takes me 5 attempts before it’ll take the screenshot! So annoying :/ Wish they’d go back to the Vol Down and Power button combo…

    • This does not work for me. I have the AT&T Galaxy II and my home button is a soft key. Power and home worked originally, home and power down worked after previous update,and nothing works after this one. Also, I’m having the same problems others have complained about. Phone shuts down and restarts on its own. It literally eats my battery in record time. I have to leave it on the charger most of the day and night. I can go to bed with a fully charged phone and in the morning, it will be down to 50 or less. The backlight stays on all the time unless I turn it off. It then comes back on when a notification comes in. I bought a back up battery and it used to power my phone for a couple more hours. Now it will power up the phone and that uses all its juice. Is there any way to downgrade to the previous OS? I was planning to buy a new battery because I thought that maybe my battery was getting weak and causing the problems. Glad I found this site and can save the money. I’ll be eligible for an upgrade in 3 months.

  • melissa underwood

    this update has messed up my phone… the scrolling is jerky, programs quit unexpectedly, the phone shuts off for no reason and won’t turn on, and the battery drains super fast. :(

  • Diana

    I received this update Christmas eve – yeah…. most is ok but I have a few major issues. My battery drains super fast now (not lasting a day, when before I would get about a day and half) and cannot get me e-mails anymore. I can send e-mails (bizzarre) but not view any of them in my inbox. This happening to both my home email and work e-mail.

  • don werden

    Anyone figured out why 4.04 removed the sound from Messages. I get messages now but no sound or vibration when they arrive – and my sound features are all at the highest sound levels.Battery level drain is fast and my Galaxy SII has shut off intermittently without me doing anything to it. Crappy upgrade in my opinion.

  • nikita

    i upgrated my phone last night and im very unhappy with new version. face of logs is diferent worse,more complicated and look is vorse,also some orange frame is flashing old the time when anything going on with phone,also look of all other thing is worse…can anybody help me how to go back with the version before this?i have this phone brand new from AT and T since this october and i liked the version on that,before this i had same phone from february and wasnt that good as from october,the software…now im using phone in europe with O2 provider..thank you for the help go to “downgrate”

  • david

    This update make my phone and my wifes phone lock up a lot. Any fixes out there for that? This makes me mad. i am not updating anymore

  • Dave

    Is there any way to go back to 2.3? When my phone was at 2.3 it work best with zero problems. At version 4.0.3 it worked ok but not as good as 2.3. NOW… with version 4.0.4 the phone is garbage! It shuts down very oftern by itself. Sometimes I have to remove & re-install the battery before it will power back on! The battery drain twice as fast as it did before 4.0.4 too!

  • I have a S2 from AT&T (not rooted).

    I just did the update some minutes ago via Kies, and now my cellphone is locked.

    It’s asking me for a “Network Lock Control Key”.

    I had already updated my cellphone using Kies in the past, and it did not lock it. What can be the problem? How can I solve it?

  • cc

    Melissa UnderwoodI would like to respond to your comment. I experienced troubles with my S2 powering off and on on it’s own. I took it to a U.S. Cellular tech and found out there was something inside the phone that was up and should of been down…directly over where the power button is located. The tech then put the piece down and did a new update for phkne and bam!! My phone is working great. See your providers tech and I hope you get yours fixed to.