You’ll have to wait until Q2 for your Asus Marshmallow update

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 27, 2016

ASUS Zenfone Zoom Hands On-21

Asus is behind the curve when it comes to Marshmallow adoption, and it looks like the situation won’t change for another few months.

Asus announced on its forums the devices that will receive the update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, sometime in Q2 (April-June). The list includes the usual suspects (Asus’ 2015 ZenFones), as well as the PadFone S transformer. Compared to the list that Asus shared in November, the only additions are the ZenFone Selfie and ZenFone Max.

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – February 25, 2016157

Here’s the full breakdown, complete with model numbers:

  • PadFone S (PF500KL)
  • ZenFone 2 (ZE550ML, ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe (ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition (ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE500KG, ZE500KL, ZE550KL, ZE551KL, ZE600KL, ZE601KL)
  • ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)
  • ZenFone Max (ZC550KL)
  • ZenFone Zoom (ZX551ML)

Asus did not detail the changes coming along Marshmallow, but we do know what not to expect from the update: Asus’ own Mail, Calendar, and Messenger apps are going by the wayside, in favor of Google’s Gmail, Calendar, and Messenger. If you happen to be a fan, Asus’ apps will still be available through the Play Store, but it looks like the Taiwanese company decided that less is more this time around.

Asus is not the only OEM taking a hard look at homegrown pre-loaded apps. Samsung famously killed off several of its apps and services ahead of the release of the Galaxy S6, while LG followed suit with its own software slimdown for the hot new G5.

For a full rundown through the Marshmallow updates situation for all major manufacturers, make sure to check our roundup, linked at the top.

  • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

    Lol even my Lenovo K3 Note is getting Android 6 before Asus.

  • adevx5

    At least they have a date, still waiting for Samsung Note 4 Marshmallow update..

    • saksham

      same here bro i literally check for updates on my s6 E twice every goddamn day day

  • Francesco Mura

    Finally. Been waiting for a date a loooong time.

  • EasyCare

    Their built-in apps updated through Play Store are double-edged swords. They basically eat up my internals just for a “Rate us 5 stars” pop-up message.

  • Kevbe Apoe

    What about the Zenpad S 8.0 (Z580CA)?

    • Jim .

      I have that unit and love it. However I doubt 6.0 is coming.

      • B_Biffington

        I have it too… and I don’t understand the reasoning for not updating it??? It’s not like its 4 year old hardware, its actually newer than the zenphone2

        • Owen Edwards

          My guess is that they have not sold enough units to justify the r and d expense of doing the testing.
          It is a shame, as this thing is an incredible unit. This is my third tablet and by far the best .

          • B_Biffington

            same here!! I had the dell venue 7k and the galaxy tab s and I love this more than those two… I wish the devs could create a rom for this.

        • Oliver

          It is unbelievable that they are not updating the Zenpad to Marshmallow.

  • Jackson

    I don’t really care about marshmallow, i just want android N. After hearing all the stuff that will come with it, like split screen apps.

    • Daggett Beaver

      You mean Android N will finally be able to do what Touchwiz has been doing since forever? Or is it just split screen, and not actually multiple windows open, too? If so, maybe Google will get around to providing that in Android Z.

      Nexus – the phone for people who want the latest Android first, and the best phone features last.

      • Jackson

        True, but I never really liked Samsungs software it was full of bloatware and a ton of gimmicks. It is nice to see those features come to stock Android. Not really a fan of the idea of No app drawer though.

        Stock Android is nice and clean, but it is missing a lot of good features that other OEM’s add in. Not a fan of the stock camera app either.

  • Asus
    PROS >>> Great devices with an awesome hardware, reasonable pricing and elegant user intersafe
    CONS>>> Their updates are a massive drag

    Happy for me, my Asus PadFone S will still catch up with Android Marshmallow, but I’m pretty sure this is the last one I’m gonna get

    • Justatechie

      I have a padfone x which is converted into a padfone s.
      This is pretty much a very great device for flexibility and the quality I have come with asus is like no other, i didn’t expect this device to perfrom this great while in L after having a bad rap with KK.
      Its great to see M coming to this device.

  • Daggett Beaver

    To quote Dr. Smith, “Oh, the pain, the pain.” I couldn’t care less when MM comes out for my Note 4. I’m not updating until others have made dang sure it’s worth the update. I learned my lesson being so anxious to get Lollipop that I took the 5.0.1 update — and it was horrible.

  • Michael Mcatee

    What about the zenphone 2e?

  • Andrew White

    Wise move by Asus, till Marshmellow issues are sorted out.
    Not an anti-Google or Asus comment. I do own a Zenfone 2 (4GB version).
    The 932MB M/M update on my G4 has caused battery problems and the Antutu benchmark score is approx. 8% less.

    • C Lo

      Agreed. In this case, I’m happy to wait for Android 6.0. I updated to CM 13 though and it’s wonderful.

  • Kio Truong

    I’m waiting, please hurry Asus!

  • LY Lee

    Where’s my Lollipop for my ZenFone C?

  • Kimyban

    any news on marshmallow for Xperia Z2?

  • vmxr

    well Motorola g2 isn’t any better no 5.1 5.1.1 or 6.0

  • It’s June and still no update.. For either of my Zenfone ZE551ML or my ZenPad S 8. Sad to see it, but it shows how Asus has little support for older models. For example: since Zenvolution was announced May 31st right before Computex, it feels like Asus focus is to push out their new Zen 3 product line.

    • John

      Same here on my zenpad 580ca, though I did get a security update last month.
      I doubt we are getting 6.0

  • Neil James

    Now in Q3 and still no update!