ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7 review (video)

by: Joshua VergaraAugust 28, 2013

memo pad hd 7

ASUS is a name we should all know by now, especially with the success of its Transformer tablets and being Google’s partner of choice for the insanely popular Nexus 7. Now, we have the ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7, a budget tablet that take cues from the Nexus 7 (2012). Just how well does it perform, though?

asus memopad hd 7 aa design

As a 7-inch tablet by ASUS, it’s not surprising that the MEMO Pad HD 7 takes a few cues from the Nexus 7 (2012). The MEMO Pad HD 7 can be best described as the fully plastic, slightly heftier version of the original Nexus 7 from 2012. It’s so alike that even the button layout and speaker grill placement is basically the same.

asus memopad hd 7 aa back

As I said, this is a fully plastic device, and while I wouldn’t call it a poor build, you’re certainly getting what you pay for. After all, this is a budget tablet, coming in at $150.


Looking at the front, we have the 7-inch slate with a respectable bezel around it, and while it’s not as thin as we’d really like it to be, it’s certainly manageable. You have your front facing camera centered up top along with the ASUS logo centered on the bottom.

asus memopad hd 7 aa design thickness

Around the sides you see that this tablet is pretty thick. It’s like two parts glued together. Button layout is on the left side and the microSD slot on the right. I found the buttons somewhat odd because they lie at an angle on the back and thus feel weird to press. Anyway, USB and headphone ports are up top. Around the back we have the rear facing camera.

asus memopad hd 7 aa design in hand

In the hand, this budget tablet toes the line of comfort by being almost larger than a one hand grip allows. It is actually well balanced — it isn’t light or heavy by any means — and while the plastic might allude to how cheap the MEMO Pad HD 7 is, it actually feels decent in the hand, as it lacks a slippery touch. Ultimately you get what you pay for with the MEMO Pad HD 7 but what you get doesn’t feel too bad.

asus memopad hd 7 aa display

The HD in the name for this MEMO Pad HD 7 means it is packing a display capable of 1280×800 resolution and 216ppi. While quite a few tablets out there sport less resolution, there are plenty others that are capable of more, so the MEMO Pad HD 7 sits pretty squarely in the middle.

asus memopad hd 7 aa display specs

As an IPS display, the MEMO Pad gets nice and bright colors, along with a nice amount of vibrancy. Viewing angles are better than most, and while pixel density might seem a little low, it doesn’t make as much of a difference when the screen is some distance away from your face.

asus memopad hd 7 aa display text

Usually when the tablet is brought in closer, pixelation gets really bad. However, in the case of the MEMO Pad, its kept to a minimum, which definitely makes this performer an easier buy.

asus memopad hd 7 aa performance

While the build and the screen are the better parts of this tablet, performance is where you begin to see that this is really a budget tablet. Built in is a MediaTek MT8125 chipset with a quad-core Cortex A7 clocked in at 1.2GHz, and graphics are handled by the PowerVR SGX 544MP1.

asus memopad hd 7 aa performance spec

For a cheap tablet, you shouldn’t expect much out of the MEMO Pad HD 7, as you just aren’t going to get cutting edge performance out of a budget tablet like this. Scores in AnTuTu keep things pretty low, and in practice, I did run into very common instances of stuttering, even in the general UI.

asus memopad hd 7 aa performance antutu

Games are hindered quite a bit, and the stutter can get increasingly bad, impeding your ability to play. Multitasking isn’t helped by the 1GB of RAM — doing too much makes the stutter worse. For simple tasks, this aptly named MEMO Pad HD 7 could do a decent job, but anything more than that and you’ll see it struggle.

asus memopad hd 7 aa hardware sd card

One thing the MEMO Pad HD 7 excels at is storage with the inclusion of a microSD slot. While cloud computing is something Google really tries to push with its Nexus devices, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy with the extra native storage available via that microSD slot.

Aside from that, you get the standard stuff here — WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, but no GPS or NFC. It’s about as barebones as you get, which basically justifies that $150 price point. Nonetheless, that microSD slot ASUS threw in really sweetens the pot.

asus memopad hd 7 aa battery

The MEMO Pad HD 7 sports a 3,890 mAh unit, and while it isn’t very high in capacity, it was able to handle 7 hours of video looping.

asus memopad hd 7 aa battery power saver

Power saving certainly helps in this regard, as ASUS added in its own Power Saver to help you get the most longevity. Ultimately it will survive a day’s work — perhaps just barely depending on how much heavily you use it.

asus memopad hd 7 aa camera

Honestly, cameras on tablets are hardly ever impressive. Rarely will you find flash diodes on tablets, and that usually tells you a thing or two about quality.

asus memopad hd 7 aa camera app

Coming in at a mere 5-megapixels, the MEMO Pad HD 7’s camera isn’t exactly the talk of the town. The app has a good amount of filters and scene modes on top of Panorama and HDR.

As for picture quality, well, it’s pretty much what you would expect out of a tablet like this, though it’s pretty good for pictures in a pinch. Colors are a little muted and lack some vibrancy, while the sharpness leaves a little to be desired in shots with some depth.

asus memopad hd 7 aa camera 1 asus memopad hd 7 aa camera 2

When it comes down to it, it’s just what you would expect out of a cheap tablet like this.

asus memopad hd 7 aa camera 3

asus memopad hd 7 aa software

If you were looking for stock Android in this cheap tablet, it’s the exact opposite in this little performer. ASUS doesn’t spare any expense in the software department, adding in a myriad of its own tweaks and extras.

This Android 4.1.2 version of ASUS’ own UI comes with a lot of preloaded additions that you may or may not need, and their are certainly a lot of them. Aside from the Power Saver already mentioned, built in apps include a Movie Studio for editing recorded video, and there’s even a couple ASUS branded creative apps like Artist for drawing and Studio for gallery editing.

asus memopad hd 7 aa software shortcuts

Some of the biggest changes are in the general UI, such as the power widget in the notification dropdown that gives access to some most used settings in a rather garish purple color. Holding the home button will open an arch of shortcuts, which can all be customized.

asus memopad hd 7 aa software small apps

Finally, an extra button on the left of the soft keys gives you access to small overlay apps that stay on top of anything you’re already doing. You get a lot of tools but I can’t help but think that the sheer number of additions just further bogs down a tablet that is already struggling to perform well.

asus memopad hd 7 aa price

As I’ve mentioned before, the ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7 has a price tag of $150, which is a great price for a decent tablet like this. It’s likely that, with a little surfing, you’ll be able to find deals to lower that price even more, too.

asus memopad hd 7 aa conclusion

The ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7 is a decent tablet, but beyond that, you’re not getting any real advancements. It’s a simple tablet on the outside, but when you start getting into the software, you notice ASUS did all they could to make a great user experience, but in doing that, they may have slowed it down more than anything.

asus memopad hd 7 aa new nexus 7

If you could shell out an extra $80 you could get a much better performing tablet — the Nexus 7 (2013). The only real downside is giving up expandable memory. However, on a budget, shelling out extra money sometimes just isn’t possible. In that case, the MEMO Pad HD 7, can give you just what you need, but if you’re looking for anything beyond that, you may regret your purchase.

Another benefit to getting the Nexus 7 (2013) over the ASUS MEMO Pad HD 7 is that you’ll get a tablet that can stand the rest of time in such a competitive and fast market. Looking at the MEMO Pad, there’s not going to be much to boast of in a year from now.

More importantly, you have to weigh the options of saving money or, quite simply, having a much better time elsewhere.

Brad Ward contributed to this review.

  • mrjayviper

    nicely written review. thanks

  • Adam S.

    Actually the MeMo HD 7 does have GPS capability. I disagree that purchasing this tablet would not give you anything in the future. I purchased an ‘outdated’ netbook for basic portable needs four years ago and it has done well for my needs. I’ve recentlypurchased 2 HD 7 and have been very pleased so far with their capability. With current trends tablet manufacturers seem like they want you to purchase a new one every year. I can see myself very easily using this tablet for at least 2 years and being happy with its service. The way I look at it $150 is not much to spend over a couple of years of use.

  • Lynn Pritchett

    i cannot play movies (Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu, YouTube) on my new Asus Memo Pad HD 7. Is there an upgrade I need, or should I return the tablet.

    • Paulo Lopes

      I don´t understand why, with me isn´t a problem playing all you mentioned.
      And what concerns me in this reviews is that N7 bla bla bla. I own both devices N7 (2012) and the memopad, and tell you I prefer the memo pad, because has removable storage, and something that nobody talks about and the N7 doesn´t have MIRACAST! The reviewer knows what this is? And what this means? I´ve a samsung smart tv and can tell you folks that the miracast connection from my memo 7 hd is better then my screen mirror from my galaxy s4. The tab is real close to N7 in performance N7 2012) and has is advantages in some points. The negative and real point against the N7 is the plastic cheap construction and no usb OTG support for now. The rest the tab is the same as N7.

    • Ginger

      Did you ever get anyone to reply as to why you can’t get Netflix?

  • donald

    It seems that most reviewers are bending over backwards trying to find something bad to say about this tablet, I’ve had one for over a week now and I am delighted with it, my wife has a nexus 7 (2012) and honestly I don’t see any difference in them performance wise, they are both great. The difference is the Asus HD 7 costs less and gives you a lot more, rear 5mp camera, micro SD slot and more, one reviewer said it creaks when he holds it, that’s absurd, it feels solid in the hand and no creaking. I think some of these reviewers are doing people an injustice with some of the things they are saying, but there are some great reviews such as CNET UK and Expert Reviews, check them out. I can’t believe I got a tablet this good for $149.

    • Joske

      You took the words right out of my mouth !

  • BFS

    It has GPS!

  • Notatechie

    I just won this device thanks to NELCO! I’m looking at it as my Android on steroids and I love my Droid! I’ll write a proper review when I’ve messed around with it for a few more days but so far, I agree with the majority, it’s worth the price and it performs as advertised.

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I wish you guys did a review of the Hisense Sero 7 Pro.

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