Asphalt 7: Heat now available on Google Play

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 26, 2012
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After a long, long wait, Android gamers can finally rev up their virtual engines in the hottest release of the summer – Asphalt 7: Heat. The latest installment of the hit series developed by GameLoft has been teased for many weeks now and suffered several delays. The game was released on iOS more than a month ago, forcing Android fans to look with envy on the other side.

Asphalt 7: Heat has hit Google Play today and garnered close to 200 reviews already, most of which give it a glowing 5-star review. The app is compatible with Android 2.2 and upwards and goes for an affordable $0.99. My hope is GameLoft will have better success at monetizing the new Asphalt than Madfinger Games had with their Dead Trigger, which they were forced to release as a free title due to the “incredible high piracy rate”. Good developers make any platform tick, and we are all behind supporting and rewarding devs, especially when they produce amazing titles like Asphalt 7: Heat.

Asphalt 7: Heat offers six game modes, including King of the Hill, Elimination, and Paint Job (earn points by smashing your opponents — pure fun!), which ensures a high re-playability. When looking at the graphics in the trailer below, it’s hard to believe that it’s a mobile title, especially one that costs just 99 cents.

The new game will give you the opportunity to try out over 60 cars, ranging from exotics to classics, and of course, an AMC DeLorean of Back to the Future fame. After you select your ride, you will be able to push it to its limit over courses in various locales, including London, Paris, Miami, Rio, and Hawaii.

Will you be trying out the new Asphalt 7?

  • Hitman

    thanks for the info man

  • Paradise

    Again lack of support for many devices. What else we can expect from Gameloft.

  • MikeLinley

    I am one of many who have Asus Transormers with Tegra 3 which this game is incompatible with. Gameloft will not get our money, I guess.

  • Nascar Dog

    Works fine on my Nexus 7.
    Only problem is that you must be connected to WiFi to start the game.
    You can turn off WiFi once the game is running though.

  • Nobody

    Thanks for the heads-up on the wifi dependency. They are arrogant to assume everyone always got an internet connection!

  • Himmat Singh

    Not comp on my Acer A510 Tegra 3 tab. Wtf

  • Just bought it for my s3 and played once. So far I could tell looks amazing. So its worth the price

  • tito