Apple Music for Android gains a widget and other commonsense features

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 25, 2016

apple music widget

Apple is beefing up its Music app for Android, with the latest update bringing a widget, better playlist management, and usability improvements.

The release of an Android app for Apple Music raised quite a few eyebrows last year. Many viewed it as a silent admission that Android is just too big and too prevalent to ignore, even for a company as powerful and rich as Apple. While Apple clearly wanted to put its best foot forward with Music for Android, the app itself arrived as a beta.

Following the addition of microSD card support last month, Apple is now taking advantage of another Android-specific feature. Version 0.9.7 of Apple Music finally adds functionality that many users have requested since the beginning – a homescreen widget. The widget is a basic 4 X 1 unit with just the essential playback controls, album art, and song title. It looks quite similar to Spotify’s widget and it works as expected, save for the favorite button, which sometimes didn’t depressed when I clicked it a second time (though this issue could be due to my Nexus 6P running Android N).

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Another big feature in the update makes it easier to create custom playlists, as you no longer have to add tracks to your library before you can insert them in a playlist. You can also tap the name of the currently playing song to jump to the album, and get a peek at what’s on the Beats 1 station from the Radio tab. If you have iTunes gift cards, you can now redeem them from the app, instead of having to do it from the desktop – that said, you still can’t sign up for a family plan from the mobile app.

We have to give Apple credit for creating a real Android app, instead of porting the iPhone app with all its iOS design particularities. Apple Music still feels somehow slow in my use, but it’s good to see Apple adding new features and generally treating Android as a first class platform.

You can try out Android Music free for three months. Download it below.

Download Apple Music
  • Ojojoj!

    No Chromecast support no apple music

    • Android Developer

      Is there maybe an app that casts the device’s audio even if the audio isn’t from the app itself?

      • Ojojoj!

        Unfortunately no application cast apple music to Chromecast.
        Den 25 mars 2016 20:50 skrev “Ilija Obradovic” :

  • Radeczki Gergő

    lol, I just realised that my new phone(Nexus 5X) can install the app. I’m going to try it out

  • datkidpatrick

    “You can try out Android Music free for three months. Download it below.” android music has a ring to it…. we all know what you meant tho…

  • T.J.

    The widget is an almost exact copy of Play Music’s widget.

    • C Lo

      LOL. I’m looking at the Google Play music widget right now and the Apple music widget is similar however, trhe functionality of the widget is somewhat different. The thing that annoys me about the Google Play music widget is you have to swipe down to provide the thumbs up/down and that is after you unlock the device. The Apple music widget is much more functional since you don’t have to swipe down on the lockscreen widget in order to “love it” or not.

      • T.J.

        It’s a good thing you edited your post. I don’t know how you can say they look nothing alike.

  • abhisheksaral

    Apple music is a great option for people in India as we don’t have Spotify and Google Music. I use it everyday and love it even though it has quite a bit of bugs.

    • sri charan

      And its cheap too…120rps….

      • Rizwan Azad

        Rs 120 is cheap?

        • Peeta Mellark

          haha NO! I have my own streaming service I started… It’s in Beta, but it’s currently down right now. I have some troubleshooting to do. Audify Music Beta is available on the Play Store. It’s multiplatform, and has no ads, unlimited streaming on demand, unlimited radio, unlimited skips. Again: It is down right now. Site & App loads endlessly.

        • sri charan

          Compared to the $10 most users pay it is….

  • balcobomber25

    I have been using it for about 2 months now after Apple was giving away 90 days free. Overall it’s not that bad of an app but I still prefer Google Music.

  • C Lo

    I wish the Google Play Music widget was as good as Apple Music’s. Stupid thing makes me unlock my device before I can favorite or un-favorite a song, sort of defeats the entire purpose.

  • simpleseer

    Good service for finding good music but a horribly buggy app. If your primary method of using apple music is going to be the android app I don’t feel its worth the subscription fee

  • Apple Music on android!! Great feature. hope we will enjoy it.