Apple Music Amazon Alexa Skills

The Apple Music for Android app may still be in beta but it’s getting some nice new features in the latest update. You can now save tracks to an SD card for offline listening, see the full schedule of Beats 1 shows and enjoy better browsing for compilations and composers. Music videos are still listed as “coming soon” though.

If you’ve already got the beta app installed there’s nothing to do as the latest version is already in Google Play. You can manually update it of course, but it will do so of its own accord soon enough. If you don’t already have the app and want to check it out, hit the install button below on your phone to grab it and then sign up for a free three-month trial.

Apple Music has over 30 millions songs in its database and all the hand-curated playlists you’d expect from a premium music streaming service. Beats 1 and the multitude of streaming radio stations are two of the biggest draws for Apple Music for Android, but there are plenty of Google Play Music and Spotfiy aficionados that would disagree.

What music streaming service do you use? Have you tried Apple Music for Android?