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Late last year Andy Rubin, Android’s co-founder, stepped down from his position as leader of our favorite mobile OS and handed the reigns over to the capable hands of Sundar Pichai. Following this move, Rubin took over as head of Google’s robotic efforts, a position he’s occupied ever since. Today it was announced that Rubin is making yet another move, this time away from Google altogether.

According to Google, Andy’s new goal is to start an incubator for startups interested in building technology-hardware products. While the details for his new ambition are a bit vague, that’s really all we know for now. In a statement, Larry Page wished Rubin the best, and thanked him for all his efforts at Google:

I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next. With Android he created something truly remarkable—with a billion plus happy users. Thank you.

As for the future of Google’s robotic arm, Google says it remains as dedicated as ever and is placing James Kuffner, a research scientist at Google, as the new head of the robotics group.

While Rubin hadn’t been part of the Android world for about a year now, it still seems a bit odd to think of him as no longer part of Google. Either way, we wish him the best and thank him for all he did during his time running Android and beyond. What do you think of Andy Rubin’s departure from the company? Surprised, or did you see this one coming after he stepped down as head of Android?

Andrew Grush
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  • maulgandhi

    Not Andy Rubin!! What is going on at Google. People are leaving Google firm left and right.

    • AbbyZFresh

      People enter and leave companies all the time. Especially at giant companies with many divisions such as Google. This isn’t a big deal.

      • Chris

        Expect when the head is a middle eastern

        • Mike Bastable

          ban this awful racist idiot NOW…!!!!!!!!!!

        • Mike Bastable

          Come on Darcy and Co….letting this fool post here brings discredit to the site. you can also get DISQUS to block him, we cannot. You can never ignore racism, it is pernicious!

    • Sal

      Even though Google is a great company to work for let’s face it. No one stays at one company forever. They leave to pursue other things or to take advantage of an opportunity they have received.

    • Chris

      It’s sundars falut. He’s a middle eastern

      • Easy

        Are you joking? Sundar – middle eastern? hilarious.

  • maulgandhi

    Good luck Andy

  • Derek923

    Surprised or not surprised, all I want is for him to give me his technical knowhow. I want to be an Android developper.

  • PowerFluffy

    Can’t help but feel a bit sad over his departure. Let’s hope it really was on his on request.

    • BZ

      im sure it was

  • tony solinan

    I’m not sure if it was a wise decision, if he did this to maybe move on to other fields in the tech world,it is sad as he was a great force in Google analytics, and I wish him well wherever he is headed!

  • Sal

    I’m sadden that he has left Google altogether but nevertheless I wish him all best for where he goes next in the future. No matter how great a company is usually no one stays forever. They leave to pursue other fields or better opportunites. Anyways again, I wish him well with further success. Thank you making Android where it is today!

  • Chris

    Sundar threatened him.

    • Kapitull Krishnappa

      I don’t think so!

  • samposekroa

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  • BZ

    Good! Andy pitched selling Android to samsung before going to Google, imagine what would have been of Android had they not been turned down by the Korean company. Apparently this is what samsung executives said during the meeting ‘You and what army are going to go and create this? You have six people. Are you high?’ is basically what they said. They laughed me out of the boardroom. This happened two weeks before Google acquired us,” Rubin later recollects. Glad Android found it’s home with Google though.

  • Damon Adrian

    Andy Gavin + Jason Rubin = andy Rubin