Android TV Set-Top Box

by: Darcy LaCouveeJanuary 21, 2011
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Good day to you reader,

We have just received some great images of some upcoming Android TV Set-Top Boxes. They all are, essentially, Android in a box. Featuring USB reader, and SD Card support, they all have Android 2.2 baked in.

Android TV claims to be a TV tuner box, a Media player, a game console, an internet box, and aims to provide a great internet TV experience.


  • Watch Digital TV and Local Multimedia on android 2.2 embedded system
  • Digtal TV receiver
  • supports ATSC/DVB-T/ISDB-T/D-TMB/DVB-S/DVB-S2/DVB-T2 on an Android embedded system
  • HD Media Player
  • Video playback up to 1080p resolution Connects high-definition TV via HDMI interface
  • Supports HDMI 1.3 digital audio/video interface, supports 720(50/60Hz)/1080i(50/60Hz)/1080P(50/60Hz)
  • Online Music and Video, Send & Receive Email, Instant Message, Google Products
  • Flash video supported
  • Support most of Web2.0 Social Network, share infomartions with friends on Facebook, Flicker, Twitter. Uploading files onto YouTube.
  • An Android APK installer
  • Installation of third party applications.
  • Wifi/Wired network connection
  • 2.4G Wireless Remote Operation
  • Support Internal HDD and external HDD, Support 2GB NAND and up to 32GB TF Card.

Check out the images for more info! Looks like these things are going to be pretty cheap and awesome. Stay tuned!

Check out Geniatech for more info. We will update this with a review as soon as we get our hands on one! Do you want one?

  • Charbax

    I filmed this at CES, check my site, I’ll post the video soon.

  • Marcus germany

    Hey guys, nice box report.
    Where can i purchase this Android box ?
    I need a box with DVB-T support Europe

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hey Marcus,

      I contacted Geniatech and am awaiting a response.

      I’ll post an update asap. It is Chinese New Year in, well, China, right now, so it’s party time for them. I’ll give them a bit of grace but check back soon.

    • Angus Lu

      We are a manufacturer of Android TV Box from China. Our product is Android 2.3 and the Android 4.0 is coming soon. Our box is more stable and better experience.

      Please visit our company website .

  • Marcus germany

    Hey Darcy,
    i contacted geniatech, but its 3 weeks ago – no response.
    I found another box link:
    Android TV box JT220.
    Icontected the guys yesterday and the answered within 4 hours !
    …email with documents and more – very nice service.
    I can buy the box now, the price is 160USD ! payment via paypal.
    But the box didnt have DVB-T :-(((

    I hope the new year party ends now :-)

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hey Marcus,

      I see you’ve been proactive in your quest to find the perfect solution for your cool media setup. You know, it might be worth the wait. Google is hard at work to open up the floodgates for Android TV Set Top boxes in 2011, and the perfect one might be just around the corner. They certainly deserve the party they are having though ;)

      I got the response that their office will open up on (ouch) February 9th.

      I’ll keep you posted!

    • Jeryan Edwrads

      If you can get it I will buy it from you cause I can’t find it anywhere

      • esi

        search on ebay, you will find it

  • kevin

    is it support CA when using DVB-T?

  • esi

    hii i have some review about Android TV box too , you can check on my lenses

  • Androidbox has a very similar device running android 2.2

  • VET

    Does any know these player play content off the USB drive, like, AVI, MKV?


  • Anonymous

    I buy one in with free shipping

  • Aussietaff

    I have asked Geniatech numerous times by email “Where can I buy a Enjoy TV Box in Australia, they are so keen to make sales, they do NOT answer!!

  • Javi Rodicio

    Android TV Box ATV2000 “is the law” now:

  • Zack

    My question may look stupid, but, since we can install .APK applications on these boxes, how are we going to control them? Android application are mostly touch enabled applications. I don’t think we can really control a touch screen application with a simple TV remote. I’ve seen that some boxes are mouse compatible, but to play Android games, a single point interaction device (mouse type) can’t be enough. Anyone has more information about that? A new Android set-top box may replace my always bugged WDTV Live :).

    • Android TV

      Geniatech ATV2000 has a “Fly mouse Keyboard”, it’s very smilar than Wii control. Also can connect your mouse and keyboard by USB port. Even a joystick wireless with gravity sensor can be used for play 3D games. Check the “Fly Mouse Keyboard” here:

      • Zack

        Thanks a lot for your answer! So I’ll try the the remote that comes with the ATV2918.

  • N_lee_soon

    I just got an Android TV Box 2.2 from eBay, I tried to connect to my house wifi with802.11N WPA – AES Wireless IP Address : , but it failed, anyone can help?

    My wifi can connect to iPhone, iPad, laptop but not this tv box.

    When I turned on my iPhone 3G Personal hotsopt, it can be connected! Very weird.

    • Jiggen

      check the ip address. shoild be 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x

  • Ong Chor Yew

    cool,a digital converter box which is multiple standard which can be use around the world and with extras

  • World
  • GRL

    Hello: I have an Android TV box and so far so good. But no MANUAL ! It is a ‘MyGica Android TV Box Basic V1000’ and I am struggling with the set-up, etc, as there is no help and no internally stored manual. The links to ‘User Manuals’ on the MyGica website do not work.
    Any advice from anyone?

  • androidappuser

    A new google TV box just released in market call “iGoGo TV – Android TV box”. looks nice and it includes TV mount to mount on top of LED/LCD TV and moreover built in webcam and mic for Skype call also built-in WiFi

  • Sese Ngadise

    ye ye i have try Android TV BOX too, you must have greet processor to run all google application

  • Squallwcm

    is it possible to play online gaming with this android tv box?

  • Goon

    Seeing android tv box in one chinses

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  • esi0411

    ye you can check at this too for android TV Box

  • Bahaa Chouman

    i tried to install asphalt hd 6 on the android tv box it does not work it tells me incompatible version did any one tried installing some big games like asphalt and 9mm and nova and fifa 2012 and other games that work on andriod tv box becouse the only game working is angry birds

  • Cherish Hu

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    Pls feel free to contact me for more details .

    Cherish Hu


  • Kelvin

    Android TV Box, Android Mini PC R&D factory looking for cooperation.

  • Janet

    Hi my Android smart tv box is not working it will not go passed MBOX
    Can anybody help