Android Pay no longer works with latest root methods

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 1, 2016

Android Pay

One of the major drawbacks of rooting your phone these days is losing access to certain apps. Ones that work with secure data, such as your bank details, often won’t run on rooted devices, although that hasn’t stopped the development community from finding ways around this. However, it seems that Google is now wise to the latest trick and will be updating its server side system to prevent rooters from using app like Android Pay.

Highly regarded developer Chainfire came up with a root method that avoids tampering with the /System memory partition, meaning that the method didn’t trigger SafetyNet detection used by apps including Android Pay. This weekend through, Google appears to have begun rolling out a server side update to counteract this exploit, which is disabling use of SafetyNet protected apps even when using this root method. As this update is being applied to the off-device servers, there’s nothing that root users can do about it. The jig is up, at least for now.

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With increasingly tight security, app restrictions and regular Android security exploits that need patching, rooting seems like more of a hassle these days. Fortunately, users who want to regain full access to apps like Android Pay can simply unroot their device or even go back to a stock ROM image.

  • TechGuy

    Maybe if Google sorted out some basic problems with standard Android, people might not root. Number One on my list is the disregard Android has for retaining basic file date/time attributes when copying/moving.

  • Bill Blandford

    I read yesterday that if you’re still rooted with a pristine system you can disable root temporarily in supersu app every time you want to use pay

    • Remodel Guy

      I’m running Cyanogenmod 13.1. This did not work for me. Installed Pay under root. Would not let me add a card. Removed root, reboot, tried again. Pay would still not let me add a card.

    • 640k

      for the uninitiated – pristine includes no modifications to the build.prop file.

      • Bill Blandford

        Right. And NOT CM

  • andrew cowsar

    Why does Google care if we root and use android pay?

    • DDD

      Because it’s a security issue. There is a ton of potential for someone to find an exploit and investors aren’t going to be too happy if someone manages to steal money through Google Pay.

  • Bob Garon

    I have never used Android pay and just pay normally with my bank card so this doesn’t really affect me, but I hope they fix it because I would like to use Android Pay someday.

  • adevx5

    I don’t like this new direction google is taking. I use Android because of the freedom to flash roms, become root, use a system level ad blocker, use powerful backup tools like Titanium Backup, freeze or remove system apps like SIM Toolkit (STK) to prevent the telco from spamming me with full screen SMS. The list goes on. If they continue down this path I might as well lock myself into the Apple ecosystem.

  • Captain Jack

    Never used android pay as it’s not available in my country and I don’t think it will be available any time soon here.
    Had Google gave the options of theming device, many users won’t root it.
    Simple options of giving users control to change font, icon pack and themes would be great.

  • Tommy Peel

    Custom ROM+Root > Android Pay…..

  • RiTCHiE

    Android pay these nuts! Nothing beats root.

  • Zahir Mulla

    If the nexus 6p screen was accurately calibrated and didn’t have a ridiculous yellow hue I wouldn’t need to root it, oh yeah and better audio processing like I’m using viper4android

  • jrod3737

    Or I could just, you know, use these magic things called credit/debit cards, cash, and sometimes checks. Last I checked they still work and their acceptance hasn’t degraded at all in the past 15 years.

  • Bill Blandford

    When given the choice between a Jetta Turbo Diesel and a Chevy with OnStar, I pick the Jetta.

  • Abd

    It does work. Just disable superuser then enable it later. This is from Xda:
    ” the Safetynet checks will currently pass if you go into the SuperSU app and turn off the checkbox for “enable superuser.”

  • s2weden2000

    Good …

  • John Cones

    Root vs. Android Pay? Root wins by a mile.

  • VulcanNetworks

    TouchWiz + Android Pay vs CyanogenMod. Gotta go for CM!