Android N called New York Cheesecake internally, what about the final name?

by: Andrew GrushMarch 15, 2016

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In addition to a version number, every Android release is also associated with two other identifiers: a codename and the final commercial name – both typically named after desserts or treats. For Android L, the codename was Lemon Meringue Pie and the final name was, obviously, Lollipop. For Android M it was Macadamia Nut Cookie for the codename and Marshmallow for the final name. So what about Android N?

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While Google doesn’t necessarily “officially” announce its internal codenames, these tend to have a way of creeping out to the public, usually thanks to appearances in the AOSP repository. And to no surprise, we’re now starting to see references to NYC, or what is believed to be the codename “New York Cheesecake”.

Of course, Google has never ever picked a codename to be the actual final name, and unless they want completely troll us (which isn’t impossible), odds are the final name will be something totally different. So what can we expect from the final name? We probably won’t know until Android N releases in final form, but Google’s Sundar Pichai previously joked about the possibility of a poll to figure out what to call it… and sure enough, such a thing as made its way into the Google Opinion Rewards app in the form of two questions that don’t necessarily mention Android N, but are obviously references to it.


The first question is “What tasty food comes to mind that starts with the letter “N””, the second one asks “What is your favorite tasty treat from the list below?” with choices being Napoleon, Nut brittle, Nachos, Nori, Noodles, Nougat, Neapolitan ice cream. Nori (seaweed), Nachos, and noodles aren’t exactly what I’d call tasty treats, at least not in the conventional sense, but likely that’s more just Google getting its troll on.

The bigger question is if they are really using this survey information to help in their decision, or if it’s just Google being Google, messing with our emotions. The later wouldn’t be too surprising. Anyhow, what do you think is the most likely candidate for the “N” final name? And what do you think about the new codename? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

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  • khaled alsayyed

    It has to be Nutella ???

    • Manjula

      its more like another brand name

  • adamkopo

    Bet it’s going to be nougat

  • pcberdwin

    Nutella would be a good choice for commercialism like how they teamed up with KitKat but I think either Nougat or Noodles. Nougat would be a short simple name that goes along with all the sweets but I think Noodles are a trending snack that goes against the sweets and would be a welcome savory change.

  • Walter Paladin

    Nutella the best name

  • Deep


  • Ben

    They should go with Nut Goodie. I love me a Nut Goodie bar. :)

  • DDD

    What are the benefits of going with Nutella though? They went with KitKat solely because one of the to devs like KitKat from long before. There was no payments from either side. And they’ve shown that they don’t mind using names that aren’t that popular, like Eclair.

  • viktor

    Maybe Nugget?

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    I thought it would be Nougat, now I see it on their list. So Nougat it is. Hehe

  • Gliff

    please let is be nutela

  • Alexander Rockwell

    Napoleon is what I was originally guessing, and looks like it’s top on the list. Doubt position on the list matters, but that’s still what I’m going with. Nougat would be my second choice.

  • Android Not-following-material-design-guidelines

  • Michel Ribeiro

    Nutella it is!

  • Alvin


  • Hafiz Abdul Basit BJ

    Has to be Nutella

  • Jake Schweitzer

    nachos. has to be.

  • Eddie Hicks

    What about Neccos? I loved them as a child and still buy them when I can find them.

  • Jonathan Geraldi Joewono (Gary

    New York Cheesecake? This is Android K all over again

  • Choda Boy

    Gross, no to nutella. Bleh!

  • Roxy


  • Peter

    Android Nutella ? Android New York Cheesecake ? Are you guys 12 or something ? Honestly, the naming of Android is pathetic…

  • Chad Canning

    What about Necco?

  • Ian Lemuel Frugal


  • Kolby Bourgeois

    its gotta be Nutterbutter

  • Dakoda Koziol

    NUT ROLL! But Nutella’s pretty good too.

  • rdchase

    I am positive that it will be Nutella. That’s my gut feeling, which I trust because it was spot on with Android Marshmallow.

  • Android Nigga would bring a lot of attention.

    • And would fit perfectly on phones with black bodies :-D