Doze gets much dozier [Diving into Android N]

by: John DyeMarch 9, 2016


So as you might have gathered, strives in the whole battery area of technology have not been quite as robust as we might have hoped. Although our processors are getting consistently leaner and meaner, lithium-ion batteries haven’t changed a whole lot over the years. That’s why users were elated with Android Marshmallow’s new Doze feature, which allowed their devices to go into incredibly low power usage modes when the screen was off and it was stationary. With Android N, this Doze feature is getting a serious upgrade that makes it more practical than ever before.

The first thought you might have had about the Doze feature was, “Yeah, that’s great and all, but how often is my phone truly stationary?” Even a person sitting in an office job tends to jostle and shift enough that the phone in their pocket wouldn’t be able to effectively take advantage of this perk. To really benefit, they would have to take the device out of their pocket and set it on the desk. A natural practice for some, but an act as heinous as walking around with one’s pants unzipped for others.

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That’s why the new version of Doze goes into effect after your screen has been off for a certain period of time, regardless of whether or not it’s stationary. Some additional tweaks and improvements through Project Svelte mean that the feature will work efficiently across more devices than before as well, regardless of what apps are installed.


One of the big players here is that Android has introduced a kind of two-tier form of Doze. Once the phone has been off for a while, it will shut off network access except for well-spaced periods of activity and defer any jobs to those windows. This will only go into effect if the device is on battery power. However, if the device is also stationary, then after a while it will sink into a deeper state of Doze that has no wakelocks, defers alarms in addition to syncs and jobs, and which shuts down GPS services and wifi scans. What’s more, the windows of activity are spaced even further out, allowing for maximum battery saving.


Worried about your device getting too sleepy? Not a concern. Once you activate the screen or plug it in, your smartphone or tablet will drop Doze mode entirely until the criteria are met again. The implementation with Project Svelte axes a few known battery killing broadcasts such as CONNECTIVITY_ACTION, NEW_PICTURE, and NEW_VIDEO. It’s possible that this removal may impact user experience, but only playing around with the new version of the operating system for a while will let us know for sure.

What do you think of Android N’s new improvements to Marshmallow’s Doze system? It looks to be a significant improvement on an already potent feature, but let us know your opinions in the comments below. And, as always, be sure to stay tuned with Android Authority for all the latest Android N information.

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  • Mike Tizione

    Very happy with this

  • Ivelin Ognyanov

    Sounds good.

  • Mark Kendrick

    This will be a welcome feature to whichever mid 2017 android device i purchase.

    • Haider Rehman Butt

      Or any Nexus people might have purchased.

    • brauliobo

      or just upgrade with cyanogenmod :)

  • John Doe

    It will Defer Alarms? Not sure if that is something I am looking for ..
    It would be nice if they added options for us to play with to find the perfect
    level of battery saving .. (they could show (via graph) how much you are saving (or not))
    What happens with Android Wear if BT is turned off? (Yes, I know you can use WiFi ..)
    How about Calendar events?

    just asking, I am sure you geniuses have all the answers .. lol

    • Renascienza

      An app that need to overcome doze mode (alarms, schedulers, etc) can ask to user include itself on a “whitelist” where it have the privileges to wake up. Is a new option on settings.

      If you have a connected companion device, I think that BT can be not dropped on battery save settings. BT 4.0 is not so battery hunger anymore, anyway.

  • James

    So for anybody with email or a message system that needs internet(hangouts, FB messenger, WhatsApp etc.) will this just not allow for notifications? I don’t think I’d like that very much. Also, my alarms won’t work if I happen to fall asleep before plugging in at night? Definitely not a good thing

    • Karl Dagenais

      Google Cloud Messaging still works, and can wake up apps, so apps that use it (hangouts, Facebook, messenger, etc etc) will still receive notifications just as fast.

      Also, alarms are taken into account and doze will not go back into deep sleep if it sees an alarm in the next X minutes.

      • James

        Oh cool. Thanks for the info. Glad to hear notifications will still come through and I won’t be late for work lol

      • Renascienza

        Facebook for Android don’t use GCM yet ($$$ reasons, due its volume), and it is the cause of recently fuss about (Zuckergerg testing ways to convince users to download the app from outside of Google Play).

        • Karl Dagenais

          You’re right, I meant Facebook Messenger, which does.

        • Vinicius Lima Silva

          Putting Facebook main app to sleep is a good thing, though. It is a battery killer

          • Renascienza

            Totally! :)

            I think that was just because things like that Doze mode was created.

            But Facebook, obviously, doesn’t agree. Its retention model depends on keep pestering users with notifications all day long…

            An even if you silence notifications, you can’t prevent the damn app to keep syncing, it doesn’t use the Android sync adapter service.

    • Renascienza

      Apps that *really* need to overcome Doze mode can ask the user for include itself on a whilelist.

      But apps that ask for this without really need violates the Google Play policy and can be banned (there is a list of allowed reasons to do that).

      GCM uses is allowed by default to overcome Doze, and don’t use it if you can is not an allowed reason to ask for a place on whitelist (yeah, Facebook, you are scroogled… :] ).

      • Henrik

        Apps can’t be whitelisted from Doze, only from App standby.

  • Vincentius Phang

    so how many hours can I get ? sounds good is not enough if its only 20 mins or 20% longer.

    • Renascienza

      Depends entirelly of your user routine.

      Use apps still demands energy, of course.

      The Doze mode is about save battery when you are not actively using the device.

      Old school dudes that use the device just few times a day can expect HUGE savings.

      A hard/worker user, serious mobile gamer, music lover, or movie fan, not so much. But still worth.

      Doze also saves you to manually use old tricks to save battery, like deactivate mobile network when you are not on need. Something similar is done automatically (the network keep on, but most of apps can’t access it untill you turn screen on).

  • subm

    A question about Doze. Since i havent update to marshmallow.
    If I download something big from a third party app using WiFi, then I leave my phone on the table(stationary) for few hours, will the download complete or close by doze??

    • sjesudasan

      The download will continue and will not be impacted

      • subm

        So you mean the wifi wont shut off by doze??

        • sjesudasan

          Yes. wifi won’t shut off while download is in progress

          • subm


  • So, when the phone isn’t awake we forgo a push/instant email experience, right? Funny how push email used to be important, and now we prefer battery life. So I guess it’s back to good old txts if you really want your message to get through…

    • AmbientCloud

      Push email is important if I’m there to look at the phone. Otherwise it’s not.

  • RJ

    I would not want alarms deferred. I set alarms so they will go off at the required time!

    • Vinicius Lima Silva

      The phone will “wake up” after sometime (the maintenance windows showed at the graphic). When doze notice that it is an alarm close enough, it will not enter into this deeper sleep

    • Naxx ENVY

      By Alarms it doesn’t really mean your clock alarms, Apps have alarms that fire every so often to get notifications or to check location etc, those are the ones that are deferred

  • Tom Horsley

    Doze mode was the worst thing to ever happen to my phone. I have it not plugged in sitting next to my bed every night. The alarm wouldn’t go off in the morning, critical email notifications wouldn’t show up. If I wanted to save power that badly, I’d just turn the damn thing off. Now it is going to be even harder to wake up? I hope there is a user visible setting to disable doze mode (I did manage to get my phone operational again by using adb shell commands to change some doze settings to essentially disable it).

    • AmbientCloud

      That’s not how doze works at all.

  • Srikrishna V

    Why did they wait so long to implement something this obvious?

  • Laney Ensley

    Looking forward to the update