Android N easter egg 2

Those of the obsessive-compulsive inclination are looking like they’re just going to love the pants off of Android N. Ever since the Recent Apps display got the Material Design overhaul that turned it into an endless parade of virtual cards, more meticulous users have been frustrated by a lack of a stock “clear all” feature that would let you swipe away all your recent apps simultaneously. Now the Google gods have smiled upon these frustrated few by implementing that exact feature. Hop over to Recent Apps on a device running Android N, and you can obliterate all those lingering cards in a single satisfying rush. Ahh.

android n clear all button recent apps

That’s not all Android N is bringing to the (fastidiously arranged) table for organization freaks. Folders have also gotten a new look that’s such a no-brainer it’s amazing nobody thought of using this before. The way folders are currently done kind of mimics the Recent Apps display in that the tiny icons show a stack of the contained apps in a neat little row. While this may be aesthetically pleasing, it’s also uninformative as all get out. You only get the top sliver of each icon, so seeing in a glance which folder contains what is kind of a headache. Android N solves this problem neatly by making the folder icon a kind of ‘window’ into a grid arrangement of the contained apps. Still pretty tiny, but these icons are much easier to interpret in a glance.

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android n new folder look

All in all, Android N is shaping up to be a pretty great step in the Android evolutionary line. It’s definitely bringing some awesome new features like freeform multi-window support, but it’s also tweaking old standbys like the examples above. Some are even speculating that the new version of the OS might be attempting to solve the problem of the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem.

While we wait for the final version of the OS to roll out much later this year, stay tuned to Android Authority for all the updates we see in the developers’ preview along the way. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts about the new “Clear all” button and the new look folders have gotten in the comments below!


Download Android N developer preview 2 here!

April 28, 2016
  • Neel


  • vmxr

    Can you post a full screenshot for folders and startscreen

  • John Doe

    If they added a 3d touch option you could just press on the folder to see what is in them .. And NO I do NOT love apple!!

    • Marc Perrusquia

      They can’t just “add 3d touch” that uses force touch tech underneath the display. You need dedicated hardware. It’s only really Huawei and Apple using that.

    • Josef

      Dont see the practicality of force touch when you can just tap it

    • subm

      Why you have to press so hard when you can do the same with a simple gentle tap.

    • Jaime

      Samsung had a great implementation in galaxy S4, S5, Alpha, Note 3 and 4 where you only needed to hover you finger above gallery folders to get a sneak peek. I miss that…

    • WTF

      That’s the most counterintuitive thing I have ever heard. Is it easier just to tap to know what’s in them. Or is it easier to force touch to first have a peek then apply more force to open it and then use it.

      • John Doe

        Thanks ..

  • vmxr

    Looking good

  • David Petrik

    I have the latest preview but for some reason I dont have the new folder icons, its strange.

  • mdarch07

    OK, I’ve been a Samsung user for a few years (S2, S4, S6 Edge and now S7 Edge) and I can’t believe the complaints I’ve read over the years about Touchwiz, and then see all the headlines about fantastic new features that come to stock android with each new edition, only to be astounded that they weren’t actually part of it already. A Clear All option, really, it doesn’t already exist in stock? And seeing the icons in the folders? And then recently all the excitement about the System UI tuner letting you re-arrange the quick settings dropdown area. Unbelievable.

    • Daggett Beaver

      LOL – I know, right?

      Nexus Fanboy: Hey look at what my Nexus with Android N does now, cool, isn’t it? That’s because with Nexus, I always get the latest Android first. When do you think you’ll get these hot new features on your Samsung phone?

      Me: Three years ago.

      • Piyush

        Yeah, they’re asking the wrong question. They should ask, “When do you think you’ll get these hot new features on your samsung phone *without making it frustratingly slow?* ” :)

        • Anon

          weird, I have both an S5 and S6, neither are slow
          I have 319 user apps on my S6, you must be doing something wrong

          • MattPortland

            Neither my Note5 or S7 Edge are slow.

          • Piyush

            They’ve continually improving, no doubt. But even until Galaxy S6 Edge, it has been pretty slow after a few days of use. Heck, the ones which are still on display in the stores were slow and laggy. Haven’t tried the S7 yet, so can’t say about that.

        • No Gods

          Yep. Samsung fanboys will never admit it but touchwiz is still lag city. I know, I just returned an S7 edge and it was pretty bad.

          • saksham

            looks like ur just faking about buying it galaxy phones outperform all phones except iphones

          • No Gods

            Yeah whatever you say truth hurts fanboy.

          • MattPortland

            Yeah about every review online says differently than you. If what said were true it might hurt, but since it’s obviously false, we’re.

          • MattPortland

            And look what I found here that you posted. And I quote:

            “Returning mine today but I can’t disagree. It is simply amazing. However not perfect. The glass back is ultimately what drove me to return it. Just smudgy, greasy and gross. Samsung would have had a new customer for life if they had not done that.” – No Gods

            Not one mention of lag just that you disliked the glass back. In fact, I do believe that reads “It is simply amazing.”

            Caught your lying ass. GTFOH

  • joey crofts

    All these “new” features that already been on TouchWiz for a while now. Why everyone hatin on the wiz?

    • MattPortland

      Because it’s fashionable to bash Samsung these days. “Nexus Master Race” define themselves by their phones so they need to put other devices down.

    • saksham

      ikr theres multi window font condensing quick toggles in notification shade and some other things

    • Wilson Chan

      bloatware…………… samsung………………….
      that’s why ppl hate it

      • saksham

        one day ur nexus phones will also have the ‘ bloat ‘ as google is just copying features from samsung

    • The Prophet

      agreed, but unlike TouchWiz, Google`s pure android was always fast and while Google “copied” features, Samsung did not even mind to copy smoothness :)

      • MattPortland

        Spoken like someone who hasn’t used the latest Samsung phones. I get it, I do. Samsung used to be horid, but that isn’t the case anymore. I don’t know why people can’t see that Samsung has improved ten fold over the last 14 months.

        • The Prophet

          once you`ll see 1.5gb free ram of 4gb, you won`t say same… like me

          • MattPortland

            I don’t need to worry about free ram. That’s not much of an issue with Android and it hasn’t been for awhile. Android handles all that. What matters is real world performance and neither my Note5 or S7 Edge suffer from lags or stutters. Just the occasional dropped frame and all phones do that. I don’tdon’t worry about checking to see how free RAM free there is because it’s not a worry.

          • Daggett Beaver

            Linux (and Android) manage RAM automatically, and Linux, in particular, deliberately fills up RAM for performance reasons. It’s those stupid programs to free up RAM that cause performance problems.

            Also, features require resources. Stock Android always had the performance edge because it lacked features. Now that Google is adding what Samsung has been providing for 3 years, stock Android will require more resources, too. Fortunately, the hardware has improved to the point where it won’t harm performance. And that’s also why the latest Samsung phones with all those features aren’t laggy (that, and Samsung removed some features nobody used).

        • Brandito

          I don’t think Samsung is lacking in sales so what’s with all the fanboi pressure to buy their phones?

          • MattPortland

            Did I tell you which phone to buy?

          • Brandito

            Basically, the way your waving your phone boner around.

          • MattPortland

            Yeah, you’d like my boner. I don’t give a flying rats ass what you use.

  • Android N is getting even uglier.

  • No Gods

    Those folders look hideous. Plenty of OEM skins have done them similarly for a long time and I never liked it. You know how I know what’s in my folders? Two ways: 1. Because I’m the one that arranged them.
    2. They have freaking labels.

    I have literally never once looked at a folder and wondered what was in it. I use folders to put all my frequently used apps on the home screen without cluttering it with a bunch of icons. If I just wanted a bunch of tiny icons I could have done that several ways already. This stinks.

  • Jaime

    Its similar to the way folders are in touchwiz, but touchwiz does it better by showing 9 apps inside the folder.

  • Bryan Dickson

    I updated this morning but my folders look like they always did – not like your screenshot…

    • mptpro

      same for me. All other improvements are there, except the new folders.

  • Meh, the clear all position is the worst one, google could have choosen. Nobody will like to clear all in the upper right corner.

    And the new folder look worse than the old ones. :/

    • Android Developer

      you mean upper-left, and it is good that people won’t click on it. It usually does more harm than good.

  • Shubham Dhurve

    What about the Vulkan API, you didn’t mention that.

  • PAUL E

    I use to be a samsung guy until I tried the nexus 6p, I didn’t realize how laggy my s6 was until I used a nexus phone.

  • Ibrahim Aurakzai

    I hope they don’t number this version of Android as 7.0. The change is too less, it should be something like 6.1

  • Brandito

    What’s the draw to having a clear all button for recent apps? Is it just an ocd thing? I have an innumerable amount of recent app cards right now and couldn’t care less, they’re not doing anything that would make them worth clearing.

  • Android Developer

    Clear-All feature is almost useless, and does more harm than good. I’m a bit disappointed that it got added to vanilla.
    At least it’s a bit hard to reach it.

  • Kevin Davis

    finally, something as simple as clear/close all

  • Choda Boy

    “Folders have also gotten a new look that’s such a no-brainer it’s amazing nobody thought of using this before.”

    Actually, Samsung did YEARS AGO. All the Samsung and TouchWiz hate, but the wonderful “new” features in Android N are just copied from Samsung. Will the bloggers finally offer an apology for the bias against Samsung and TouchWiz? (I doubt it.)

  • Jura

    But… but… didn’t I just finish reading like 5 articles in the past week alone all saying never to “swipe away/close all button” apps? (drains battery, performance impacts, etc)

    Da fuq?