Android Device Manager web interface is live, try it now

by: Bogdan PetrovanAugust 7, 2013

Android Device Manager web interface

We’ve told you on Monday that Google has begun rolling out Android Device Manager, an app that lets users locate, ring, or erase their lost or stolen Android devices. At that moment, the app, part of the Play Services frameworks, needed a web interface to be useful, but it now looks that Google has just flipped on the switch.

To try the new service, visit, where you will be presented with a map and a simple interface that lets you manage your device. Before you can use the erase functionality though, you need to activate ADM from the Device Administrators section in Settings>Security.

Trying out the app, I found it quite intuitive and fast. Ringing my phone was almost instant – the alarm sounds for five minutes at max volume, unless the power button is pressed on the device.

Locating the device was just as easy, though. without active GPS, the location wasn’t very precise. Once I activated GPS on the phone and refreshed the location, the web interface displayed my accurate location.

You can also erase your phone as a last resort measure to keep your precious personal information away from prying eyes.

  • theiowakid

    Mine seems to be active but its not showing any devices…. am I missing something?

    • Did you get ADM in Settings>Security>Device Administrators. Maybe the rollout didn’t come for you.

  • Dr Tashique Alam

    doesnt seem to be working yet, keeps saying no active devices :/

    • Richard Vella
      • Dr Tashique Alam

        I did see the instructions. Thing is i don’t even see the android device manager option inside Google settings, even though i got them inside the settings>security>device administrators a couple of days back. Am i missing something or maybe the roll out inside Google settings haven’t reached me yet?

        • Dan Da Costa 丹尼尔

          Same problem for me

        • districtjack

          You will not see an icon for this in your app drawer. It is only under your device administrator settings. Check mark the box beside ADM and press activate. Then go back to your browser and go to . you will have to sign in to your Google account from that page. Bookmark the page and you are good to go.

    • dogulas

      Mine shows my device, but is unable to locate or interact with it at all.

  • Simon Craddock

    Working nicely on my Nexus 7 and HTC One. Handy free backup to Cerberus.

  • adg

    question: wouldnt this only work if your phone had data or wifi connection?

    • ziplock9000

      That’s kinda what a phone does.

      • monkeypox69


  • Xperianss

    News on August 08, 2013 : goo .gl/XD5qYG


  • dogulas

    It’s not even locating my device, although everything is enabled and active. Android Lost is way better I’m sure since the features are so limited, if less visually appealing.

    • Rafael

      i have the same issue, i got all the settings marked and still is showing that it cant locate the device

  • Andrew

    This is ONLY for paid Business or Educational accounts!!!

    Everybody else gets a very nice message:

    “Google Apps Device Policy is only available for Google Apps Business and Education customers. Please log in with your Google Apps account to access this page.”

    I am on GoogleApps for Domains account, which used to be free, before Google plugged it.

    • STK10

      Works fine for me in australia and im neither of those things. Just a standard Gmail account.

      • Andrew

        It works for you because you are on simple gmail account. I am on original, the very first kind of GoogleApps account – Apps For Domains.

        This is the price of being an early adopter of google technologies. Google just changed its mind, now they would gladly get rid of all who is still on original GApps fo Domain.

        • Thanks for this info. I am one of those who got gmail account by invitation.

  • PuzzledObserver

    Not working.

  • OMGgary

    Working fine for my devices, which is amazing since I live out in the boonies.

  • A

    Nice one Google!

  • End in sight


  • Deano

    I have a Motorola Xoom WiFi and followed the instructions, but it couldn’t locate my tablet. I also tried the ring function, but the tablet didn’t ring. I tried using SeekDroid and it located my tablet in less than 5 seconds. So, I’m guessing that the functionality of the device manager is being rolled out in stages, rather than it working for everyone immediately.

  • Sjg

    not working on my Samsung GS3 :(

    • When I checked out this morning, I found it was updated silently on my S3. Immediately I activated the ‘Android Device Manager’ which was added at the ‘Settings/ Security/ Device administrators/’.

  • Mike Kister

    So you need to keep your GPS on all of the time? What a battery drainer.

    • ziplock9000

      When GPS is turned on, it’s not always active.

      • Mike Kister

        Ok, thanks! All I know is that my phone advises “requires more battery” when GPS is turned on.

  • districtjack

    Works great on my phone and on my original© Nexus 7. I got the ADM before I new how to use it. Google has now published instructions on how to use it at their Android site.

    With GPS enabled, it is very accurate. (about 50ft)

  • I tried it just now from the web. I found “location of phone”, “ring for 5 min”, “erase data”. Good enough – thank you android.

    Samsung application has “lock phone option”, “change sim alert option”.

  • monkeypox69

    Won’t find my device – tried it several times.

    Won’t ring it either.

  • Valtheus

    NIce! Now they can locate me and my Samsung from more internet places!

  • David C

    Located Asus Transformer but will not ring, will not locate SG3.

  • Rafael

    i think it works on recent phones…..i am trying to find mine and it doesn’t work, even tho i have all the check marks on the settings

  • memo

    Works fine with my sony xperia z

  • Deano

    As I mentioned in a post 3 days ago, I suspected this was a service was being rolled out. Today, I checked it again and it’s working fine. So, if you’ve followed the instructions and it’s still not working, try it again in a couple of days.

  • Mio Hai

    Does NOT work on Wi-Fi only phones! You MUST BE CONNECTED for any locator service to work. But I bet my bottom dollar that Google knows EXACTLY where my Nex 7 is, Wi-Fi or not.