Android Beta Program will deliver N preview OTAs straight to your phone (Update: General Mobile added)

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 11, 2016

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Update #2: The General Mobile 4G Android One device has been added to the list of devices that can run the Android Beta Program.

Update: The Android Beta Program is now open!

Aren’t interested in manually flashing your device, but are still interested in trying out the new Android N preview? By heading to the link attached below, you can simply select which of your compatible devices you’d like to have access to the Beta Program, and that’s it. Once you press the Enroll button, an OTA should be sent out to your device in just a few minutes.

Like we told you earlier, there are a plethora of known issues with the preview so far, so download this early build at your discretion.

Sign up for the Android Beta Program

Original post: Google just dropped a bomb on us: a very early preview of Android N has just been launched, and we’re now scrambling to wrap our heads around everything. For now, we have a high-level look at Android N (still unnamed), but one other very cool bit of info that surfaced is the launch of an Android Beta Program.

The Android Beta Program will allow users who are interested in trying out Android N preview to receive over-the-air updates for every preview release, just like they would get any other update. Up until now, users who wanted to test various preview releases had to flash each image separately; the new Beta eliminates the friction.

To be clear, Android Beta Program is meant for developers only – in fact, Google warned that the program is meant for “adventurous developers” and that it recommends testers to install the Beta on a secondary device. That means that, should you take the plunge, you should expect a fair share of bugs and other issues, potentially including some that could render your device unusable.

We won’t know for sure how stable N preview is until we install it on our devices later today, but we don’t recommend getting onboard unless you’re comfortable with the risks of running beta software.

Here’s how it works, as per Google:

To enroll in the program visit the Android Beta Program site. You’ll see all of the devices registered to your account that are eligible to enroll in Android Beta.

Choose the devices you want to receive the Android N updates
Click Enroll, read and agree to the terms of service, and then click OK
Once you’ve enrolled, your device will soon receive an update. In most cases, you will not need to do a full reset of your data to move to Android N, but it’s recommended that you back up any data you don’t want to lose before enrolling the device.

As updates are delivered to your device, we recommend downloading and installing them as soon as possible. You’ll want to stay current with the latest changes in system UI, behavior, APIs, and features.

At the conclusion of the Developer Preview, your enrolled devices will receive an update to the official Android N release.

You can un-enroll your devices from the Android Beta program at any time from the Android Beta site. Before un-enrolling, make sure to back-up your data on the device.

The regular method of installing Android N will remain available. Factory images for Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 (LTE), Nexus Player and Pixel C are already available here.

Google said that the Android Beta Program will go live later today. For now, the link to the program page returns a 404 error, but we will update this post as soon as it becomes available.

Thoughts on Android Beta?

  • vmxr

    more Features More, MORE

  • Csendes Marcell

    I like it, its simplier and way better! Performance great as always..

  • Roy Stevens

    This is awesome. Now we’ll be able to test the new OS without having to flash.

  • BigD

    For me the biggest issue is not having to flash the preview, but having to flash the final version once the preview is over. Hope the program gives ota for that too.

    • BigD

      Ok nevermind, I read too fast.

  • Shahul Hameed Akbar

    Why is my Nexus player not showing up as an eligible device? I see only 6P. Does anybody have a clue?

    • salvadorge1984

      Mine is not showing either, did u find a solution?

      • JustinCrouch


  • Ryan Cavitt

    It’s live the page is live.

    • Jktje

      Works great. Got the update within seconds after registration

      • JustinCrouch

        Same here

  • hurricaneport

    ix there an app drawer?

    • Lukuh

      I think there is still one yes

  • Colton Blumhagen

    Still probably won’t get it. Makes me wish I had a spare device to test with.

  • Damon Yang

    wechat can not . a lot of app is not work . why can not rollabck ?

  • Tom Z

    I really wish they would add the Nexus 7 to the list… That is the only Nexus device I don’t rely on for a daily driver and would love to play with Android N.

  • chillgreg

    Working fine for me. Very few bugs, nothing serious. New bits and bobs are nice and it’s definitely faster all-round.

  • Lukuh

    Wow I really want to get a Nexus RIGHT NOW.

  • M.C.

    No, its not generally available! Most users encounter a message saying “Unfortunately, there are no eligible devices associated with this Google account.”. This is an embarrassing for this giant called “Google”. Even the developers of custom ROMs can provide OTAs, but it seems Google is a noob at this approach.