Android N notifications

Android N (N standing for “nut telling,” according to Hiroshi Lockheimer) is here and we’re all super excited to see it in action. But is it safe to install the Android N factory images on your main phone or tablet?

We’re flashing Android N on several devices right now, and we’ll be able to give you an idea of how stable Android N preview is pretty soon. Meanwhile, Google has helpfully compiled a list of known issues with Android N that you may want to consult before taking the plunge and flashing the new version.

First off, Google is crystal clear about one thing: N Developer Preview 1 (the initial version, released today and featuring the build numbers NPC56P and NPC56R) is not intended for daily use, especially for non-developers.

With this necessary warning out of the way, Google talks about general issues like degraded performance, battery life regressions, and compatibility issues with some apps. In fact, apps like Android Pay, that require the device to have passed Google’s own Compatibility Test Suite, won’t work at all on N Developer Preview 1.

Among the specific issues listed by Google are:

  • Voicemail playback does not work.
  • Settings controls and toggles may be slow or appear to be unresponsive.
  • In the Gmail app, direct archiving of emails included in a notification bundle does not work properly.
  • Bluetooth pairing between keyboards and Android devices may be unstable.
  • Video playback may lag and show interruptions.
  • NFC doesn’t function until first unlock.
  • Under some circumstances, the default ringtone may not sound for phone calls and messages.
  • Apps may experience crashes and unexpected UI behavior when put into split-screen mode. These are app issues that must be fixed by the app developer.
  • When an app targets a version of the Android platform earlier than N, the App may not work with split-screen toast may appear multiple times.
  • Apps may flicker while resizing.

These are some of the biggest consumer-facing issues that Google mentions, but the list is much bigger. There are a couple of specific issues mentioned for the Nexus Player (“Video playback, app compatibility and stability issues are expected on Nexus Player in this release of the Preview”) and the Pixel C (“Multi-window resizing may cause crashing”).

Will you install N preview on your device?