Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update now rolling out to international Samsung Galaxy S2

January 23, 2013


    People can’t be too happy with Samsung’s software updating “efforts” since the still very popular Galaxy S2 was supposed to get the Jelly Bean bump back in November 2012 and ended up being left to ICS dust until now, but at long last things are moving forward.

    According to Sam Mobile, the Android 4.1.2 upgrade is being pushed out to international versions of the GS2 as we speak, starting with devices in Spain. Though we were expecting the new software package to be made available only via Kies, numerous users are reporting they’re able to pull the update OTA (over-the-air) as well, which is always good news.

    Even better news is the massive changelog, which might just make this the biggest update ever to hit an Android device. As you probably know, the S2 came out with good old 2.3 Gingerbread on board, being later bumped to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Galaxy S2-2

    However, the ICS leap didn’t tweak the original UI, leaving it all to Jelly Bean. That said, expect a drastic makeover of your GS2 now, starting with the welcomed addition of the TouchWiz Nature UX that brings this oldie on-par with the S3 and Note 2 goldies.

    Besides the interface revamp, the already traditional Project Butter enhancements should up the phone’s performance a notch or two, not to mention all those new features that’ll be added like Google Now, Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play.

    On top of it all, you’ll get some new previously GS3-exclusive widgets, a new lockscreen with customization options, an overhauled notification bar and two home screen modes. The entire upgrade should rip you off of around 1 GB of storage, but trust us, it’s worth every effort or sacrifice, so don’t get shy on us now.

    Galaxy S2

    While Spanish folks should be already kicking it back with their newly reformed S2s, don’t panic if you can’t update your phone just yet. As usual, these things come out in waves, so depending on your carrier you might have to wait a couple of days or so.

    Meanwhile, the updating process should start in other European countries any minute now, as well as in Asia. As for North America, it might still be a while there, though people can certainly start dreaming.

    Before wrapping it up, we want to say one last thing to all the haters that are ready to jump at Samsung’s throat for the delayed upgrade. What other two-year olds released with Android 2.3 have got a taste of Jelly Bean until now? Exactly.


    • RarestName

      Meanwhile, Galaxy Note users cry.

      • Androidx

        noooo! they can run custom ROMs based on 4.2.1 :) and S2 users still on 4.1.2 :D

        • RarestName

          But most people don’t want to run custom ROMs :3

          • CS

            Most? Who told you that? :P
            You’re just saying without any proper reason.

            • RarestName

              Maybe based on my personal experience?

              A lot of people that I know own Android phones. Almost every Android phone that I see are running the stock ROMs. Whenever I ask them what custom ROMs they are running, they’d reply with “what’s a custom ROM?”

              On the train, I often see people rocking a Galaxy Note or Galaxy S III with their TouchWiz UX and the wallpaper isn’t even changed.

              So far, only one Android device (Galaxy S II) that I’ve seen runs CM9. The rest are running stock ROMs, and only one or two phones are rooted.

              Also, the devices nowadays carry enough features, and they also do not want to bother with flashing and rooting stuff on their phones. They just want phones that work for them.

            • Arch Thor

              Totally agree with you, not that custom ROMs are useless (I think they bring something new even to new devices), but if we check sales and stuff you will see that most (buyers) don’t know some features that we (the initiated so to say haha) so what would they do with Google Now? What would they do with Multi-Window? I have a friend who just bought an iPhone 5 and was impressed when I showed her that it had the AppSwitcher. Sometimes we see the updates coming and going (Nexus devices) and feel left out (S II) but maybe it is better for the maker to launch a new device rather than updating the rest of its current devices (just to be clear, I DO NOT agree with Samsung decision on software updates being so rare and take so long I am an S II user myself , but it is a point that should be taken into account)since it might make more money.

        • NicholasMicallef

          um… I have an S II running Android 4.2.1…

          • Simon_K

            Me too.

    • Kurt Andersen

      Nexus S came with 2.3 and already got a taste of 4.1.2 ^^

      Not all people who are annoyed with Samsung’s delayed upgrades are Samsung haters, you know?

      If they want to produce 10 variants of one phone, they’d better darn well give the updates that we paid for.

      • MasterMuffin

        ? I didn’t quite get the point of your comment and of course a nexus gets the updates first!

      • Adrian Diaconescu

        Okay, let me rephrase then, how many non-Nexus 2-year olds released with Android 2.3 have got a taste of Jelly Bean until now?

        • RarestName


        • Kurt Andersen

          None :)

    • John Allan

      Nice :D m/

    • Aziz Farhi

      Galaxy note users are still waiting for the awesome new features this update will bring. including Multi-Window :D..Worths waiting if you ask me.

    • lollicup04

      When will Note users on carriers get the update>? I thought that Note users were suppose to get the update before the end of January 2013. Im getting impatient D;

    • Charbel Youssef Mansour

      I have a samsung galaxy note 2. I didnt get the update of android 4.1.2?

    • nickt0tz

      I’m from the Philippines. When will my SG Note N7000 taste that Jelly Bean? Anyway, ICS is still good so I’m waiting patiently for the next major update.

    • Amanda

      I have the s2 and I’m 02 when will I get the update