Android 4.0 ICS update heading to HTC Rezound

by: Bams SadewoAugust 2, 2012
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Following our last report on the possible arrival of Android 4.0 for the HTC Rezound four days ago – it looks like Verizon is finally ready to send that scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich update for your handset.

Several sources have confirmed that the 299MB OTA update has been pushed out by Big Red to many thrilled owners of the HTC Rezound. According to those who have gotten the update notification and made the jump to ICS, the firmware of the phone has now been bumped to version 3.14.605.12.




It may take more than a couple of days – or weeks even – for the OTA update to hit all phones, so there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t see it today. You can always check for the ICS update manually to see if it will somehow make the OTA come sooner.

So enjoy your ICS treat and count yourself blessed that the HTC Rezound won’t have to go through the same ordeal like the HTC Desire HD, which to be fair is a year older.

Any luck in getting the update notifications on your phone? Do share your joy with the rest of our readers below.

[Update] According to Android Police, Verizon has updated the support documentation for the HTC Rezound, thus officially confirming the update.

  • some joe

    really? where’s the verizon or htc link?

  • neutral943

    How come the screenshot of the phone in this article already has ICS, but is getting the ICS update on the screen?

    • Leaked version installed then get ota? Is that possible?? I have .5 leak installed, no ota yet for me. will it happen?

      • matt

        i want to know the same thing. i have a leaked version and yet to get the ota

  • getting a software update on my Rezound …

  • Ben

    Finally! getting this update as i type! so excited!

  • William

    I now have ICS on my Rezound! Yay!

  • My phone got it just be patient people. Phone is a lot more responsive and that dreadful launcher with the phone personalize and app drawer is gone :)

  • Jophase

    Getting ics now. Did a check for new software and the firmware popped up. About f@&$ing time

  • JUst got my upgrade, easy, full update. no fireworks tho lol

  • dave doo

    I hate it! Hate hate hate it! It feels as if something else has taken over my phone.

  • dave doo

    I hate it!

    • caaey

      Only thing good is the antennas other than that I hate my phone now