September 23, 2008, Android 1.0, the first commercial version of Android is released. Just over 3 years later, October 19, 2011, after evolving from Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb, not including Astro and Bender, Ice Cream Sandwich was announced. Along the way, Android put out loads of features and took in some 200+ million users. Today, we’re going to be breaking down two of the newest, and arguably best, Android versions (Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich). Obviously, a winner has already been chosen for this Versus Match. However, look at the competition as more of a comparison and evolution of Android.

UI (User Interface)

It is hard to miss the fact that Google was going for an improved User Interface with Ice Cream Sandwich. Just from taking a look at the search bar, you can tell that Ice Cream Sandwich is much sleeker than Gingerbread. Mainly, Ice Cream Sandwich will make it easier for users to find those common buttons and actions that were always playing hide and go seek in older Android versions. Furthermore, the animations and “typeface” have been refined to play nicely with your new 720p HD display. Furthermore, Ice Cream Sandwich introduces the new font “Roboto”. This Google creation will make reading easier and give Android a more modern feel.

By far, the most visible interface on any device is the font you read everything from websites, to emails, to SMS’ on. With Android 4.0, Google has designed a font completely from the ground up, and it looks exceptional. Dubbed Roboto, it’s a font built with modernity in mind, and looks great.

With a heavy dose of the use of intuitive gestures, and the ability for developers to add them too, Ice Cream Sandwich really is as silky smooth as its name implies.

Multitasking, Widgets, and Folders

Two of Android’s most notable and original features are Multitasking and Widgets. Therefore, Ice Cream Sandwich will be bringing new meaning to both of those features with some key upgrades.

First, the Recent Apps button lets users jump instantly from one task to another using the list in the System Bar. The list that pops up should be very familiar to Honeycomb users. Furthermore, the list will show you a thumbnail image of whats going on inside of that app for easy app-switching. If you want to get rid of recent app, just toss it away with a finger swipe.

Note! this swiping feature also works with browser tabs and notifications.

In addition, Ice Cream Sandwich now enables users to re-seize their widgets. Want a full page dedicated to Gmail? Go for it! Finally, Android 4.0 borrows iOS’s folder creation method of drag and drop. Therefore, all you have to do to create a folder is pick up and app, and throw it onto another one.

Network Data Manager

Wireless providers are starting to charge their customers an arm and a leg for less and less data. Thankfully, Google has provided us with a solution. The new Data usage controls allow for constant monitoring of your total usage by network type and application. In addition, it adds the ability to set limits on those data-hungry apps.

This is one of the more welcome additions to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as it gives you the complete breakdown on what your most data hungry apps are, which can end up saving you a lot of money. Definitely not something the carriers are looking forward to, but consider this a win for you, the consumer. Plus, it displays all of the info an easy to understand and beautiful graph, too.


Now that Social Networks are destined to completely take over our lives, Android has adapted to make sharing a heck of a lot easier. First, Ice Cream Sandwich will introduce a whole new way to look at your friends.

Android 2.3’s contact list was known for being extremely boring. The new People app in Android 4.0 offers richer profile information, including a large profile picture, phone numbers, addresses and accounts, status updates, events, and a new button for connecting on integrated social networks.

But what happens when you want to send something to the person sitting right next to you instantly?! Well, with Gingerbread, you email it to them. In Ice Cream Sandwich, simply touch phones, and given that you have an NFC-capable device, voila! The guy next to you is watching the exact video or playing the same game as you are. Furthermore, Google has left this feature open to developers. Therefore, passing game scores, initiating a multiplayer game or chat, and more just got a lot easier.

Camera and Video

Live Effects are a collection of graphical transformations that allow you to turn your friend into an alien, put them on the moon, or more all from the Camera app. For example, users can change the background behind them to any stock or custom image, for just the right setting when shooting video. Also available is “Silly Faces”, a set of morphing effects that transform facial features. For example, you can use effects such as small eyes, big mouth, big nose, face squeeze, and more. Into video chatting? All of this can be done in the Google Talk app as well.

Do you hate it when friends get into your phone? But at the same time, setting a password stops you from getting into your phone fast. Google has come to the rescue with a new revolutionary feature called Face Unlock. It is exactly what you think it is, face recognition lets you unlock your phone with your face.

Improved Speed

Although at the time, Gingerbread was a huge update to older android versions in terms of speed, Google somehow managed to make Ice Cream Sandwich faster. And we’re not just talking about minor speed improvements. “In benchmarks run on a Nexus S device, the Android 4.0 browser showed an improvement of nearly 220% over the Android 2.3 browser in the V8 Benchmark Suite and more than 35% in the SunSpider 9.1 JavaScript Benchmark. When run on a Galaxy Nexus device, the Android 4.0 browser showed improvement of nearly 550% in the V8 benchmark and nearly 70% in the SunSpider benchmark” (Android Developers).

Furthermore, Ice Cream Sandwich makes email better by adding improved auto-completion, quick responses, an integrated menu, nested mail subfolders, and as mentioned before, a resizable Email widget.

Other Goodies

Wi-Fi Direct: will make instant sharing of files, photos, or other media; streaming video or audio from another device; or connecting to compatible printers or other devices all possible for Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

Bluetooth Health Device Profile (HDP): will allow for connecting to wireless medical devices and sensors in hospitals, fitness centers, homes, and elsewhere with some help from third party application developers.


Key Android 3.x developer features, now for phones too

Core UI

  • Fragments and content loaders
  • Resizeable home screen widgets
  • Rich notifications
  • Multi-selection, drag-drop, clipboard
  • Improved screen-support API
  • Hardware-accelerated 2D graphics

Graphics and animation

  • Property-based animation
  • Renderscript 3D graphics

Media and connectivity

  • HTTP Live streaming
  • Bluetooth A2DP and HSP devices
  • Support for RTP
  • MTP/PTP file transfer
  • DRM framework
  • Input from keyboard, mouse, gamepad, joystick


  • Full device encryption
  • DPM policies for encrypted storage and passwords

Video Comparison

As you can tell, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has added quite a large amount of new features. With that being said, Android 4.0 will be eliminating many of the problems that users had with older versions while also adding loads of new features, and innovation for developers. Ice Cream Sandwich made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. However, it is far from limited to this device. Any device that comes out after, or relatively close behind, October 19th 2011 (ICS Release Date) is almost guaranteed the upgrade to 4.0. Furthermore, tons of Gingerbread devices will be getting the call for an upgrade in the near future.

Also, let’s not forget it’s already starting to trickle into all sorts of devices like the Kindle Fire, the Asus Transformer, and many, many more. Google has released the source, and it’s likely this will herald an entirely new generation of useful devices in the near future.

For a full list of new Android 4.0 features for users and developers, click here.

[UPDATE] Jelly Bean is out! Make sure to check our new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean video comparison, to see the latest features of Android!

Matthew Sabatini
Matt has been an Android fanatic since the original Motorola Droid. In addition to designing web pages, running his own company, and going to school, he finds time to write for Android Authority. Matt still owns that good old Droid 1 and a Xoom Family Edition.
  • Excellent review!! Thats something that some of us knew, but there were some points I didnt know.


  • AppleFUD

    I like the direction of ICS. . . a LOT more polished and user friendly however, I think Matias missed a few things.

    One thing I don’t like about Honeycomb is the fact that things are placed all over the screen–apps on the top right while settings and nav buttons on the bottom, etc. . . Navigation requires that you often re-position your hands = not good.

    Unfortunately they carried this through with ICS. The notifications is at the top as is search. Why not bring that stuff down to the bottom or integrate it into the persistent navigation area (there’s already hacks that do it with search)? With it at the top on large phones you are constantly having to shift your hand to reach the top, especially if you have small hands & a large phone–at the bottom you wouldn’t, just toggle open/close. Further, the rubber-band effect apple is suing everyone over should have been killed–by allowing the user to drag items down and not have them snap back you wouldn’t need to shift your hand as much to get to items at the top of the screen.

    Large screen handsets are great–they allow you to do things a lot easier however, navigating things can often take two hands.

    In other words, I think they missed some key areas to make reaching items on screen a lot easier imo.

    Some of these ideas have been implemented by custom ROMs and OEMs. I think Acer did a pretty cool skin that put the notification area toward the bottom. Nonetheless, the ideas I’m talking about have been touched on by others. . .now if Google would just bring them together :)

  • Tangwrangler

    More like webos, nice.

  • Ajireghunath

    iam using xperia neo v. If i made a backup in mcafee security, is it possible to get back that files after upgrading to android 4.0 and which one will get more battery life?????

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to restore these files after upgrading to android 4.0. By the way, you can use Total Commander app to do the backup…

  • I like the features of face unlock screen
    although it could be cracked by using photos but google has now released the newest version, so let’s please feel the sweetness of ice cream sandwiches ^_^

    • Xesor

      Ive seen it on movies where you cut off the head of the person to unlock the machine, I hope they do come up with a better way to protect the machine.

  • Ajireghunath

    ehi hw can i download videos from youtube in android

    • Moeez

      use the app called TubeMate

    • Tube x also good youtube video downloading app.

  • Jim303

    As a previous user of Nexus S (since dec 2010) and now moving onto Galaxy Nexus, i note a few differences not covered here:

    – No ‘silent mode’ toggle on lock screen of Galaxy Nexus – much missed
    – Wonderful new Panorama mode on photo on Galaxy Nexus – very efffective, but loses the image if you try to make too wide a panorama
    – hardware ‘menu’ button is kinda missed (software ones not so clear)
    – Overall interface is more complex on galaxy nexus – feels less ‘friendly’, more geeky
    – Backlight on Galaxy Nexus is way too low in low light on auto brightness. Screen looks grainy in this mode.
    – face unlock is pretty useless in low light
    – Galaxy Nexus has nice option to set default SMS responses that are a quik drag away from incoming call screen. great for those “not now dear, i’m in a meeting’ texts.
    – Sound quality seems better through decent headphones on Galaxy Nexus
    – Large contact icons means digging out some decent photos – those sync’d from Facebook etc are too lo-res and mean your screen will be filled with lo-res images. Pixelated and looks a bit rubbish.
    – Galaxy Nexus doesn’t feel quite as nice in hand, but is exceptionally light and thin.
    – Blue instead of green highlights for Android features… i miss the green, but things move on, purely a personal aesthetic concern

  • As a user of the Galaxy SII, and very proud at that, I’m really looking forward to my update to ICS. Not so much looking into getting the Galaxy Nexus, but ICS…yes. The nexus isn’t revolutionary enough for me. Yes it has NFC, HD screen and all that, but not enough of an improvement over the GS2 to warrant an upgrade in my opinion

    • But with TouchWiz..I’m not too sure. Going to be owner of a Galaxy Note this Thursday FYI.

      • Qazibasit

        I am a proud user of galaxy note and i am happy i was not deceived by galaxy nexus. I love the touch wiz and waiting for ics with new touchwiz upgrade with new s-pen features. Vanilla ics is dull. With galaxy note i dont need rooting for my device. Enough juice to fulfil my need ;)

    • I already got ICS on my Galaxy S II but not impressed that much. Looking got get HTC One X soon..

      • Shamsan

        Gr8choice my friend, I have been reading this thread for 30 mins, didn’t like anything in it except this post….
        but One X is bad in one thing… the battery is irremovable, just like the I-phone.

      • marorun1982

        If you are international go for the one X if you north america then go one S because its faster in all benchmark anyway (north american version is dual core only)

        • Razr123

          the north American one x is faster than the international tegra 3 version.

          Do your research.

          • Theme

            You know that you are either mistaken or just a liar, don’t you. Mostbenchmarks, as well as battery life tests, see the quad core victorious.

    • roboto

      and the nexus camera isnt as good imo

  • Anonymous

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      • Hey guys, sorry about the spam. They are trying harder than ever, and it’s nearly a full time job to stay on top of it. Rest assured, we will try to do a better job!

        • KingInHacking

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          I want to add this video on my blog, with your credit. Thanks

    • Spam Hater

      Wow. STFU.

  • Uuuuu

    Why to compare 4.0 and 2.3???
    4.0 is new!!! (and better)

    • Razr123

      If you actually read the article, it is started that this isn’t much of a review, but more of a look into improvements and new features.

  • I very much look forward to get and ICS update for my Samsung Galaxy S2. New features looks and sounds amazing

    • Harshsant

      i am also going to upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 this week ….. bt should i do that?????

      • Yes, it’s worth it!

      • Flash608

        Opinions are divided. I`ve tried ICS on my SGS2 and i`m back on GB cause it is way stable and i have no problem with apps/games that are common with ICS sadly.

  • dorothy

    any idea that LG optimus black will eventually be able to get the icecream sandwich android 4?

  • I like the enhancements in ICS. The UI looks better, and many of the functional enhancements are excellent. But, Android STILL has a problem with keyboards – especially external. Google desperately needs to look into these issues, because the average shopper’s first exposure to Android devices usually includes typing. Nothing will ruin their experience (dissuade them) more than if getting frustrated by some of the many “strange” anomalies. The most common I’ve seen are:

    – The cursor will jump to another point in a text box for no reason. Open the browser, go to a news site, and try posting a multi-paragraph message/reply to an article.
    – Hitting backspace too quickly can remove all of the typing in a text box. ICS may have fixed this…
    – While typing with “suggestions” on, the cursor jumps to the end of the word; so, when you try to correct a misspelling, you have to delete the entire word.
    – The default keyboard lacks “arrows” for cursor control, and those that have “arrows” often don’t work. The “hacker’s keyboard” is good, if/when the keys work properly.

    My other pet peeves are:

    – There is a lack of uniformity/standards in the accelerometer/gyro on ‘droid devices. Tablets tend to be 90 degrees off from phones, so apps must include code to “guess” what the devices “normal” position in order to work properly. This should be done at the OS-level..
    – The filesystem needs to be cleaned-up and “standardized”, and internal storage should be accessible and not mounted under /mnt/sdcard. Linux already has a “Filesystem Hierarchicy Standard” (FHS), so why was it necessary to deviate from that for ‘droid?
    – All external storage should be mapped/mounted following a “logical” pattern – /mnt/internal1 and it being read-only for most apps is flat out stupid.
    – Tablets should be able to use phone, text messaging, etc. If my Xoom could do those, I wouldn’t need to buy a cell phone. I’d just need a bluetooth headset, or always use the speakerphone…

    On a positive note, I’m so grateful they added a way to clear all notifications, enable automatic control of wifi (we need more of this), the ability to “remove” tasks from the task list. ICS is a marked and welcome improvement- not that older versions were all bad. But Google and mob-dev manufacturers need to stop playing these proprietary games, and start working to make the platform function FIRST.

    • Guest

      > Tablets should be able to use phone, text messaging,


      You don’t have a simply, free “VOIP app”… or any “text msg” apps????

  • The commercial version of android!!

  • shaft

    Its already March, My GNote doesn’t have ICS

  • Simanta Dutta

    using ICS 4.0.3 for more than 1 month now and undoubtedly is a solid upgrade over GB…….though having problems with various apps and games which are not yet made compatible with ICS, but should not be a problem for long ’cause all developers are trying hard……..I bet after you use ICS you could not possibly go for GB……..

  • sabrina D

    Good to know about the info.

  • GalaxyS2

    I love my samsung galaxy s2 phone but this ICS is not happy with as its giving me issues with copilot & sygic. I want to go back to gingerbread. the system does feel faster with the update. may be there is a compability problem between ics & copilot & sygic

  • I installed it…and all I cansay I don’t like it at all………some of apps not working correctly. And also Scrolling is terrible, battery life also poor, with the Touchwiz skin it looks approximately equal to Gingerbread……its freeze and the text looks like….ahhhh…!!!!??? i want to go back to 2.3.6!!!!

    • Rodaz

      you should do a hard reset as I’ve not experienced any of those issues you are having and the font is still the same as the gb touchwiz unless if you have changed it in the settings but it should be the same old font.

  • Ardalan

    thanks alot.

  • Dgn

    touchwiz sux and everyone knows this..
    let android use its ui as it wants! samsuck!

  • Sandy

    i purchased new mobile called xperia neo v…. can i update to icecreamsandwich is there any issues(problems) after upgrading plz suggest me….

    • Meg

      I have the same phone
      DONOT install the Ice cream sandwich

  • Moinrock4u

    I am using SE Neo v, will doing upgrade is to this device is good.
    Shall i go for it.

    Is there any problem after updating to ICS

    • Surya

      The problems that I faced in ICE are it couldn’t handle a lot of games which GB handled smoothly like osmos HD, riptide, and the custom notification bar. However the browser experience and phonebook are awesome and are the features that I really miss after reverting back to GB. ICS is more battery hungry in neo v.

  • By_gabrielos

    too many bugs…

  • Asus

    Who is the winner?

  • AndroidVesti

    Good info, makes you wanna get the ICS update on your device asap :)

  • Yolcabvid

    Please let me know which one is better android 2.3 or android 4.0? my email:

    • enigma

      oh course…ICS is better than Gingerbread!

    • enigma

      but u need to be careful whether the apps actually supported by ICS.

      some may not work properly.

  • So far, I am not happy with the ICS update I did with my Samsung Galaxy S II. Actually, I am waiting for any bug fixes updates. There are some apps that freezes and forcing my smartphone to back to the home screen. One of which is the default browser of SGSII, whenever I use the app, it gives me a black screen, freezes my phone and brings me back to the home screen after a minute.

    • MadiLion

      Mine too!
      I absolutely hate the update!

    • Are you sure those apps are ICS compatible. I work for a shop that creates apps for android and not all apps are compatible with the new OS.

      • @Von have you read my comment? I said I am not happy and I am waiting for Samsung to release the next update to fix those issues.

        • Sarahjones472

          And Arsie, did you read Von’s comment? If the app isn’t compatible, ICS can do whatever updates and bug fixes you complain about but if the app isn’t compatible, makes no difference.

      • I resisted the temptation to upgrade before ATT notified. Good choice, I’m amazed at how much faster the phone is (Galaxy S2) AND how much longer the battery lasted (which is a major issue with the S2).

    • Mgpa08

      have you find a way to fix it? same thing happened to my phone. i need help!!! pls msg me at

      • marorun1982

        Samsung Software optimisation are shady i have no such bug on my Nexus S not on my Xoom.

    • Protokoll

      I’ve got it too. The default browser won’t even open. just goes to black screen, then back to home screen. I love the interface but that’s ridiculous. Also, with Autocorrect on, the new ‘fading effect’ between typing is an absolute mindfuck. (to see what I mean, go to Facebook (as example), use keyboard in portrait orientation, and type someone a message, watching the text.


      TO 2.3.6

      • Goukisan

        o you must be so right because you are typing in all CAPS

  • Kater100

    PLZ help I want go back to my previous

    • Rajpritish6

      Go to service centre they can revrt ICS

  • Hey guys, I have an Xperia Pro, and I i dont use the stock music player, but instead I use poweramp. But the biggest problem im facing is that when i increase the bass to max, (31, 62 and 125 hz) as well as( 500 and 1 khz) while keeping the remaining sliders at normal position, the audio starts scratching. I never experienced this in Windows Media Player, Winamp(PC), and any nokia phone. There was never distortion like this…. Ive only experienced this on android. My brother has a galaxy s2, and even there ive noticed distortion. So, i found the Culprit —> Gingerbread. So, do you think rooting the phone will improve sound quality? Im thinking of moving to ICS as the update is available. So, can i install cyanogen Mod 9 directly, or should i update to ics first? But, the thing is, will the sound quality improve if i use Cyanogen Mod 9? im really depressed with android for making an audio distorted OS… :(

  • Galaxy s3 wallpaper original
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    Beautiful HD Samsung s3 Wallpaper

  • Gggsteven

    ice cream sandwich is better cause its ice cream and a sandwich together dud

  • mel

    I’m absolutely loving ICS installed on my galaxy S captivate. It’s UI is very fluid as you said very fast…all in all great work done here…..

  • i work at EA testing mobile games and apps, we had several battery problems on it but the administration purchased a batch of extended batteries and since we can play games 10 hours straight.

    Batteries found on

    hope this helps!

    • spam side eye


  • GamerTimeUSA

    Ice Cream Sandwich is so ugly when you look at it. I hate the blueness and darkness of it Google.

  • waw amazing.
    android is increasingly improving performance. to the extent that other smartphone platform must work hard to compete with android.

  • jgadfly

    What happened to the “one finger held down” page content selection menu, that was available; from froyo to gingerbread, and the visible confirmations of the basic text editing options; such as copy, cut & paste? Is there a hidden default option and if, not, is there app and or widget to replace, this valuable function set.

  • Android 2.3 Sorry YOU LOSE

  • Manov rao

    Keep your Android phones safe and secure using CMS (Comodo Mobile security). CMS combines a mobile-optimized antivirus scanning engine with a mobile security manager to provide real-time protection against known and emerging threats on your mobile device. You can filter out annoying calls and text messages by configuring white and black contact lists or simply block messages by certain keywords

  • Brian

    I have the Galaxy Sii which I recently upgraded to run ICS. Since then I receive the message “Oooooops! I crashed but I have sent a message to the developer to help him fix the issue.” I thought it had someting to do with the call or contact feature but it shows itself at various other times. The error does not stop the phone or seem to cause any other noticeable problems. I have however noticed that calls drop out more often. I have spoken to Samsung a number of times but to no avail. They say they haven’t heard of the problem. Could be an app related but which one I do not know. Can anyone help.

  • Aaron0866

    great video thanks

  • iam using xperia neo v. If i made a backup in mcafee security, is it possible to get back that files after upgrading to android 4.0 and which one will get more battery life

  • Sarahjones472

    Dang, almost everyone’s comments makes me feel like I’m reading about Facebook everytime it updates. Get with the program people. Smartphones aren’t new and updates aren’t either. There’s inevitably going to be some glitches somewhere. Stop being crybabies. If an app doesn’t work, delete it. Move on. Try later. Or go back to your old, slow OS. Bunch of vaginas on their period. Here’s a thought, do something more productive in your life other than staring at a screen. =)

    • LOGOS

      Go fornicate yourself. The phone upgraded it’s os without my permission, now some of my apps don’t work. If you don’t think that’s worth mentioning, then you’re a certified idiot.

      • B Rated

        “The phone upgraded it’s os without my permission”
        Calling someone an idiot is more effective when you use proper grammar.

        • frank

          So I take it your an English teacher? Those who can not do teach!

          • Keith

            … and he responds with yet more incorrect grammar! I wonder if he can do it again – for the win?

    • Linux users – those familiar with open source – are going to be more understanding of the issues. The culture of the Android user base is still in transition for which Google is partly responsible.

  • N4gupta64

    gingerbread is android 2.3 not android 3.2 !!!!!!

  • Vikramkini007

    is there any problem if we convert android gingerbread phones to icecream sandwhich?

  • Abdogt

    excellent compare

  • I would definitely go with Ice Cream Sandwich. That is the way to go really. The games perform so much better on the newer OS.

  • Sivamca001

    hi im using sony live walkman.. can i update from android 2.3 to 4.0.. im little confused with the comments here?? pls someone reply…

  • Mine too!
    I absolutely hate the update!

  • Melvin Clemente8

    i have a question……..i have Galaxytab GTP1000……is it icecream sandwhich OS is compatible to my GT-P1000?

  • MidnightDevil

    I don’t believe it’s “faster” then gingerbread on the same hardware… :

    • 3ric15

      The OS is more refined so it can do operations faster…i.e. more multi-threading, simplified operations, etc.

    • 3ric15

      also, the hardware is limited by the OS, I don’t know about android but on iOS they limit the processors down a bit by the OS

      • Hugo

        On android you can install a custom ROM and have control over you processor meaning you can both underclock(for bat.) or overclock(for perf.)

    • Hugo

      Why not?
      In a PC you can get Huge differences of performance if you use a different browser ex:
      eg javascript speed is 12x faster in chrome that in IE…
      And with the same hardware.
      You also get driver updates, specially in grafic cards or SSD’s that give you big boosts.
      Sounds perfectly plausible to me.

    • Absolutely is! Consider the difference between Windows XP or Vista and Windows 7! HUGE difference!

  • Emilian

    am I the only one that has upgraded his SGS2 GT-i9100G to ICS and slows the phone, especially games…:????

  • Emilian

    I don’t even have the normal ICS home wallpaper…o the’s just like a updated version of gingerbread…:

  • Raven

    Minus the bloatware it’s totally faster. I’m running CR of Cyanogenmod9 by Hacksung where previously I had CM7. Clean Gingerbread was fast… but clean ICS is far superior, in loading OS, apps, and managing UI effects…. and I’m running an old Galaxy Fascinate. I’m still keepin up with the big boys with my ‘old’ phone. just FYI

  • denny

    Iam waiting for chocobar update

  • vijay

    ICS its a new world compare then older version android..its fast..or fabalous ..but i dont think so old android phones works gr8 with ICS because ICS new OS

  • Wendy Cole

    Really went too fast to see a real comparison. I’d like to see a side by side list of what has been added and what is notably missing in the the new version. You should try to slow down a bit when you talk and demonstrate. What’s the rush?

  • naveen verma

    can someone plz tell me if buy a new samsung galaxys3 from italy than what will be the cost for it, its cost in india is 38500.. can i get it in less from there …? mail me @

  • Hate it! Freezes the phone, it’s slowed everything down. How do I get rid of it???

    • travelsteve

      What phone?


    It is faster, but I don’t give a damn what the official story is, my pics and videos are grainer and colors are flatter on my Razor Maxx. The colors used to jump out at you and the clarity was astounding. Now, as I said, they’re flatter and look 2d-ish.

    • DamnYouVerizon

      ICS on my MAXX is awful as well. Besides the color issue (everything is now dullish blue tinted), the breadth & depth of the other issues I now have makes me want to
      Rochambeau the next ICS fanboi I come across….

  • B Rated

    Jesus guys, calm down. The ICS upgrade offers up a lot of features not present in any prior release of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich is the fastest version of Android to date. Any phone that shipped with GB will have the resources needed to run ICS, and it will be faster. Compressed processes and new kernels make software better. If your apps aren’t working, try clearing your cache or data. Core system-wise, there are only improvements over Gingerbread. I have a Google Nexus One, an HTC Sensation, an HTC G1, an HTC G2, an ASUS Transformer, an ASUS Transformer Infinity, a Samsung Galaxy S 2, a Samsung Nexus S, and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. On 8 of the 9, ICS ran better than what the device shipped with. The exception is my HTC G1 that came with Android 1.0 in early 2009. The phone has almost no resources, and still ICS was comparable. Everyone complaining about the ICS update, please kindly shut up. ICS is already out of date (Jelly Bean rolling out on my GNEX HSDPA+). Technology moves forward and gets better. Deal with it.

  • Della

    this is really mind fucking ,i just need to rolll back to android version 2.3.4 .if u think it really suckz just thumpz up guys

  • Tim M

    I have tried to upgrade my S2 skyrocket to ice cream sandwich twice and both times it locked my phone up. The first time ATT flashed phone to get gingerbread back but now they say they won’t mess with them anymore and will mail me a new phone in a week or 2. Anyone else having this problem ? Any advise?

  • crystal

    Has you update it? It goes well?

  • David

    It is good, ice cream sandwich in fact I’m running cyanogenmod9 android 4.0.4 on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket [unnoffical with over locking] but two things hold true gingerbread uses less ram and also is much easier on the battery all my gb rooms have better battery then any of my cm9 or miui roms

    • David

      Or the official pics which is worse then the cm9 roms

  • For Real

    ICS on my Razr Maxx: Now get 2 of every email; When I delete emails, they magically reappear in my inbox 15-20 min. later. Keep deleting, even the Trash bin, but keeps happening, every day, all day. Used to be able to tap to resize wording to fit screen. Won’t let me anymore. Have to keep finger on screen to manually move it back & forth to read damn screen. Used to see in Notifications the Yahoo or AOL icon (use one for business, one for personal), now it’s just an ugly generic email icon. Checked off names in Contacts for Favorites, but won’t show them all in widget. (no, I didn’t go over the limit); Battery drains MUCH faster now.
    ICS update sucks and so sorry I ever installed it. For the money we pay for the phone, plus the monthly bill, we should have option to uninstall the damn thing if we don’t like it. Turned my awesome phone that I absolutely loved and did everything I needed it to do w/NO problems whatsoever into a $300 piece of —- that I can’t stand using anymore. Thanks Verizon/Motorola or whoever, for nothing. Keep your updates. I’m going w/another carrier/phone.

  • koko
    Android suck but all die hard fan will keep using android and be a die hard fan and keep talking shit about ios.3gs still got latest update and also going get the ios 6.but you all can think wisely know the truth.just keep in mind and think wisely.

  • Baldy

    When i updated my Samsung i9000 Galaxy S to Gingerbread i had ALL SORTS of bugs that didn’t exist in Froyo.WLAN would lose connection every 10 secs witch made streaming videos impossible not to mention u couldn’t download anything bigger then 100 kb…Not only that but it also kept waking the screen up from standby for no reason..the screen blinking on and off like insane.Since Samsung is a crap company they refuse to update it to ICS..not to mention that my newest update was 2.3.5!Not even 2.3.8 and i have a international carrier no nothing..
    Installing CyanogenMod SAVED my life.Phone is 10X faster and more responsive now and all the bugs are gone + it fixed the AWFUL WORST I EVER HEARD audio quality.

  • Wiziner

    Gingerbread works well bt ICS is jst WOW…guyz get 2 anAsus Tf nd xprience it man..i did

  • JannyD

    I wish I could get Gingerbread back on my RAZR..Adobe Flash Player or others don’t work on ICS..No one so far including Verizon an Adobe has the fix it so it will work..All this great phone n software n can’t play a dumb video..Frustrating..disappointed..Does anyone know how to resolve the problem?

  • Exorcist74

    why not just say I love ICS and save 8min of your life

  • I have a sony Ericsson Mini Pro and because it is a 2011phone with a 1 GHz snapdragon processor Ics des not run perfectly. I understand that it was made with google phones in mind, and those phones have more ram then the 2011 sony phones do so I cant complain. Ics looks like a amazing OS but for now, I will stay with Gingerbread

  • jgrant746

    I’m so glad my life isn’t as complicated as so many other folks. I check the weather, the stocks, my email and make a phone call. Bodda Bing, Bodda Bang, Bodda Boom! Everything is golden. Apps? Don’t need ’em much! I think they’re more for the younger set.

  • Olay Haber

    Mine too!
    I absolutely hate the update!

  • mjp

    Ice Cream Sandwich sucks and theres no way to get rid of it.

  • Rip

    How do i roll back to Gingerbread

  • Rip

    I cant get wi-fi after the service centre upgraded without permission to ICS. W-fi cannot be configured. What is to be done??


    I HATE ICECREAM!! I just got a new Sony Xperia ion with the Android Gingerbread OS. I was TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH MY PHONE. A month and a half after my purchase, I recevied an update from Sony announcing ICE was avaiable. I did not immidiately upgrade because I was leery of what would happen (this is my first smart phone). Nevertheless, I talked it over with several ICS users with Samsung phones and was convinced to upgrade. Two days later, I realized that some very important pictures had been deleted, phone features such as screenshots and work email exchange (+others) no longer functioned, and all my contact pictures and information is all jumbled. I contacted my cell phone provider for help but was told that once you upgrade, you cannot revert back. I am very devestated and unhappy enough to want to buy a new phone AS IF I HAVE THE MONEY TO DO THAT! How you link those beans????? I even tried to make a plea/compaint with Android but MYSTERIOUSLY, there is no link for that on their website.
    MORAL OF THE STORY: Upgrading is anot always great!

    • android botman

      moral of Your Story: seek help first and ask questions to your oems so that this tramatizing experience will not ever happen again.

      it really pays to ask and dig further rather jump in without Totally knowing your actions.

  • what is the disadvantage of this phone ?

  • just updated my s2… :D

  • witillos

    Hey bro you should be using same model of phones for this test. dain.

  • robin

    I have a galaxy tab 7in running honeycomb and battery life would be almost a week of light usage, upgraded to ICS and battery life 2 days . I have a galaxy note and if out of office all day the phone is dead by mid afternoon. No matter how good the phone is when the battery is dead the phone is a paper weight. Lets get some perspective on these phones, we need a phone to last all day. Going to buy myself Motorola Razr maxx hd as a christmas present hope that lasts off day.

  • sasa

    Comparison of 2 different smartphones that have different versions of the android is like a puddle compared to the ocean. Fail for the video.

  • Wow! After sitting idle on BlackBerry for a while, this looks like a revelation to me!!!

  • Jeebus

    One day, Samsung has the ICS upgrade link for Blaze; the next day, it’s “Page not found”. WTF, Samsung?

  • android botman

    this video compares how the old os fares with the new os which in this case is android ics. technology is always moving forward. while it depends on user experience and some not totally seeking help just jumping in not prepared, please ask so that you dont get lost. there will be updates if users shall provide constructive feedback to android and the world shallbe a better place.

  • Adriano Parreira

    bullshit 4.1 is fucking slow and full of errors its a big piece of shit

  • Adriano Parreira

    look i have a galaxy y and a galaxy star and gues what
    galaxy y is as weaker phone whit 2.3.5 and galaxy star have better processor and better ram but is always failing and have 4.1 soo dont buy a phone whit 4.1 because is a big shit