Alphabet is now the world’s most valuable company, toppling Apple

by: Kris CarlonFebruary 2, 2016


Alphabet Inc.’s first quarterly earnings call yesterday was pretty impressive. Not only did the newly formed holding company manage to outperform early expectations, the subsequent spike in stock market activity pushed its market cap above Apple’s, making it the freshly-minted world’s most valuable company.

Alphabet’s debut earnings call revealed a positive start to the conglomerate, with a profit of $4.9 billion on $21.33 billion in revenue for the quarter. This result outperformed early forecasts of $20.77 billion, producing a share price of $8.67 (compared to earlier estimates of $8.10 per share, based on the lower prediction).


Not surprisingly, the stock market responded favorably, resulting in a 9% increase in Alphabet’s stock, pushing its market cap to $568 billion in after-hours trading. Meanwhile, Apple’s market cap was listed at $535 billion, meaning the world’s most valuable company is now officially Alphabet, just six months after its existence was first announced.

Some analysts are already calling this a passing of the torch from Apple to Google.

Of course, if you look at the NASDAQ right now you’ll see things have stabilized a bit, but as of the writing of this article, Alphabet’s market cap was listed at $527 billion, once again behind Apple’s $535 billion. It may take a few days for the market to stabilize and the full picture to be clear, but some analysts are already calling this a passing of the torch from Apple to Google, in much the same way as Apple dethroned Microsoft back in 2010.

Do you think Alphabet will retain the title?

  • saksham

    what does alphabet sell ? -_-

    • Gangsta101


      Excellent question!

      They mine the most precious material of all time. Our Data!!!

    • sans

      Your information, among other things.

    • smokebomb


  • Jude Ghang

    Take that in you balls Apple.


      Cook takes it …balls deep

    • tiger

      Don’t look now…the market has stabilized…and Google #2….

  • Srivatsa Ramesh

    deserves to be #1

  • HotelQuebec

    RIP Apple. Thanks to the sicko running it to the ground.

    • saksham

      said the guy with an apple logo as a profile pic

    • tiger

      Maybe you need to look at the Android landscape…who is making money as Android OEM?

      • vegiisan

        Nobody cares about that, we only care about the Android/Google ecosystem, individual OEM’S vendors mean nothing. If you didn’t notice, the article was about Google vs Apple, not individual OEM’s vs Apple. Seeing as I use Nexus only and that OEM changes every year, few fuxks are given over profit made by them.

        • tiger

          And who makes Nexus devices? Remind me.

      • retrospooty

        Why do people get so hung up on how much money the companies that make our tech make? Arent you more concerned with what their products do for you? I couldnt care less how much money my phone makes the OEM or any associated vendor they use… I care what it does for me… To that, Android wins by a large margin (for me)

        • tiger

          Well, if the OEMs don’t make money, then they cut corners or simply stop making the product(s) you love. You think OEMs run on pure love and not profits?

      • Hans Pedersen

        “Yay! They’re ripping us off and getting insanely rich doing it! We love you, Apple!”

    • tiger

      Don’t look now…the market has stabilized…and Google #2.

  • Google Is taking over